July 7th, 2013

The Earth Calls a Summit

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Summit on July 27th 


After the recent 6% increase in Spiritual Death due to the July 2nd Vibrational Shift in the Source Resource Grid from a 3.0 to a 3.7, it has become apparent that the lack of preparation among humans on the Earth is putting them at high risk of astronomically high Spiritual Death Rates in the upcoming August 8th Shift – which is a Shift to a 6.0 Vibrational Level.


Of the 6% who died, a disproportionate number of the Spiritual Deaths occurred on the Earth where beings have been largely tuning out Source warnings to prepare and continuing on in their Personal and Cultural Stories that deny what is really happening on the Inner Plane because this content doesn’t have a place in their static Stories about the nature of life.


Beings from outside of the Earth Plane are very concerned about the apathy of humans since the rise in Spiritual Death Energies, particularly the very materialized Spiritual Death Energies that beings on the Earth would produce – since the Earth is the most material energy environment in the Creation – could create a Fragmented Field of Energy that could fragment their less material habitats and cause massive Spiritual Death even for those who survive.


The Fragmentation Field from the Earth would destabilize the Energy Field of neighboring Energy Fields, causing them to fragment. This could set into motion a domino effect that could spread throughout the Creation, eventually generating so much Spiritual Death Energy that the Support Field that sustains all of life could fragment. Even though the Support Field after the Shift will be at a higher level of Vibration, it can’t sustain an influx of very low vibrations without fragmenting to the point of disintegration. 


This could lead to the loss of the Original Creation and all the beings within it prior to any chance they might have had to prepare to transition into the Perfected Habitat of The Source Perfected World.


Beings outside of the Earth Plane are not the only ones concerned. The Earth as a being could also lose her spiritual life if there was too high of a concentration of Spiritual Death Energy.  She has called an Inner Plane Summit of all life forms on the Earth for Saturday, July 27th at 8:00 am PDT.  In this Summit she is prepared to announce her unwillingness to continue to support any life that is unwilling to prepare for the Shifts and to, therefore, choose Spiritual Death for themselves and for all others.  


Since every physical organism living on the Earth derives its basic energies of life from the Earth, her withdrawal of her support would result in physical death.  Physical death does not create the kind of volatile energies that are generated by Spiritual Death when the Soul unlinks from the Suit.  In her eyes, physical death is preferable to Spiritual Death and she is prepared to withdraw support from those who turn a deaf ear to her request that they act in a responsible manner with regard to their own spiritual well-being and the spiritual well-being of herself and all others.

Her decision to withdraw support is in keeping with upholding The Standard of Heaven which enjoins all beings to do "no harm".  If she continues to give energy to beings who are willingly doing great harm by allowing their negligence to cause the death of all of life throughout the Creation, then she is aiding and abeiting the harmful behavior.  The Source has asked her to refrain from withdrawing her support in the past to allow beings a chance to learn and evolve, but this is the final hour and it is within her right as a being to withdraw her support from those who are personally abusing her by taking her energy and using it to create a situation which could lead to her Spiritual Death as well as the death of all forms of life on the planet.

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When I was reading this post, the words..."doesn't have a place in their static stories about the nature of life" seem to be very important. Most theories we get in schools about the nature of life and evolution of life are still based on old theories which had their importance of course, but only for the levels of nature where they are discovered or maybe for some part of life. There are people who are trying to urge leaders to take into account what recent theories (some of them almost 100 years old) are telling us. Even that seems to be very difficult because our economy is based on the old ones.

When we accept that the earth is a very intelligent being and treat her with the utmost respect she deserves, this is still a big step further but so much needed.

In my own twenties and thirties, I studied in my "alternative life", laws of nature. In fact, I never realized that nature itself changes, that structures evolve even though I knew and hoped that the time for awakening was there. In fact, I was hoping that something would change the world fundamentally, but didn't have a sense what this really meant.

I would like that everyone on the earth, and specially our responsable (political) leaders would take time to reflect on the consequences of not taking action and about what it would be if they decide to stand up for nature and the creation as a whole. I feel that following these written Source Communications and giving them a chance to be part of every life, would be a big step forward in the awakening process of us as human beings, that is very needed at this point in time.

hilde | Belgium

When I read of the Earth's concerns about humanity and their negative effects on her, I was reminded of something that I've come across again and again, and that is the suggestion to send our toxic energy down into the Earth in order to clear and energize ourselves. Many spiritual seekers/innovators teach it as a part of deep breathing. The idea is to take deep cleansing breaths, and to send everything gathered up in each cleansing breath into the Earth via a tube that runs from the crown chakra to the root chakra by extending that tube deep down into the Earth. The belief seems to be that this is a way for us to connect to the Earth, and that the Earth can easily process all this energy and is just waiting to receive and transmute it for us.

It always felt wrong to me, and I kept thinking that as spiritual seekers we relate to the Earth as a living, sentient being, so how could it be friendly and respectful to send toxic anything into her? We don't want to pollute the Earth with physical toxic substances, so shouldn't we also be taking great care not to pollute her with energetic toxic substances?

It turns out there is an effective alternative. It's an easy, built in way that anyone can use to detox daily (or many times a day) and it doesn't involve the Earth at all. It involves the Recycling Chakra, which is located above the head, and sending any toxic energy quickly through the central channel of the body, out the top of the head and into that chakra.

I'm hoping Sherry can comment, since it's such a useful energy practice. There have been some changes in the last few days, and there may be details in the way to use it that are important to know.

Gail | United States


I am glad that you have brought up this misguided practice. Injecting toxic energy into the Earth causes Spiritual Fragmentation in her Suit and is a violation of The Standard of Heaven to do “no harm”.

She is already suffering greatly from the toxic energy that humans are generating on the surface of the planet.

She is in need of support from the humans in order to survive the intense and relentless attacks of the Negativity who are seeking to create her Spiritual Death through Fragmentation so they can usurp her Suit and use it to attack and harvest the Suits of the beings on the Earth who are connected to her energies.

To provide information on how to release toxic energies without harming the Earth, I have posted a Source Communication in Did You Know which is entitled: Recycling Toxic Energy .

Sherry Daniel | United States

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