August 3rd, 2013

Source News Report on The Total Abundance Flowstream, The Universal Heaven Agent Network Summit, and The Total Abundance Intervention

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In this Source News Report, I will recap the highlights of what has happened in:

  • The Love Connection Webinars that prototyped the work with The Total Abundance Flowstream 
  • The Universal Heaven Agent Network Summit that ushered in major Source Interventions to help the masses to awaken and prepare for the Shift
  • the new Source Solution, The Total Abundance Intervention, which is enabling beings to rapidly achieve the levels of Spiritual Integration that are required to survive the August 8th Shift by addressing the problem of the work of the Negativity in their Suits and in their communities to accelerate the Disease of Fragmentation.



The Total Abundance Flowstream 

The first of The Love Connection Webinars was focused on bringing in the Flowstream and helping beings to learn how to board the Flowstream and get connected to the 6 currents that enable them to manifest Total Abundance. For a description of this event, I refer you to the post of July 18, 2013 entitled: The Total Abundance Flowstream Arrived July 16th.


The second Love Connection Webinar, on July 18th, was focused on helping beings to learn how to work with the Materialization Process that manifests Total Abundance.  The process was similar to the process that the Prototype Communities have used successfully for thousands of years.


Unfortunately, many of the beings who had entered into the Flowstream, having accepted the terms of The Correct Exchange System, had Negative Identities in the Fragment Clusters of their Suits that seized the opportunity to work with the powerful manifestation energies of the Flowstream to create mutations instead of following the lead of the Source to create only what was of Heaven.


After the end of the Love Connection Webinar on July 18th, I had to change the technology of Manifestation to exclude beings from the Manifestation Process at its most critical level in order to avoid overburdening The Total Abundance Flowstream with the mutations that were being created there. While the Flowstream could destroy the mutations, this was a drain on its energies and was compromising its ability to perform optimally.  The Negativity was hoping to work through those in the Flowstream that had Negative Identities to slow down the momentum to destroy the Flowstream, and then be able to move in on all who had been traveling in the Flowstream to capture them once again in their Harvesting Net, from which they had escaped when they entered into the Flowstream.   The shift in the technology of the Manifestation Process prevented this from occurring.


Many in the Flowstream were dropping out of the Flowstream due to their lack of Correct Exchange with the Source, which is what enables a being to stay in the Flowstream.  I had instructed the Flowstream to allow beings a certain number of dropouts to occur before terminating their ability to come back into the Flowstream. Beings were making mistakes in the Correct Exchange, dropping out of the Flowstream, and then getting back on when they corrected their mistake and were ready to try again.  Many were nearing the end of the number of dropouts they could sustain before being unable to re-enter the Flowstream.  The Negativity was working through the Suits of many on the Flowstream to encourage the maximum number of dropouts so that the Suit would re-enter their world and their Harvesting Net.  They were also hoping to tax the energies of the Flowstream by all of the additional energy required to deal with a dropout and help the dropout to get back in and get back up to the right momentum within the Flowstream.


It was more than apparent that many Suits were so influenced by the Negativity onboard their Suit that, despite their agreement to honor The Correct Exchange System in order to enter into the Total Abundance Flowstream, their moment-to-moment choices were to return to old behaviors that were self-centered and violated the need to contribute correctly to the good of all, which is what balances the exchange with the Source.


In the final Love Connection Webinar of the series, which occurred on July 26th, The Total Abundance Template was given to those who were working with the supportive energies of the Flowstream correctly. This Template enables the Suit to stabilize its orientation toward supporting Total Abundance and only Total Abundance. It helps to organize Team Work among Heaven Agents throughout the Creation so that the projects that build Total Abundance in the Universal Community can get done.  In the Webinar, masterful Team Work was getting done at levels that far exceeded Team Work in the Universal Community prior to that time.  The Template was empowering Suits to understand the true essence of Total Abundance.


Once The Total Abundance Template began its work to support the structures in the Suit that would promote Total Abundance, any Negative Identities in the Suit, including the Story Character, and any negative implants or programs, began to attack to defend their territory.  The Heaven Agent Identities in the Suits of those in the Flowstream were hard-pressed to defend their Suits against this internal riot going on, and to stop the aspects of the Suit that had been countermanned by the Negativity from firing at it, at the Source, and at anyone supporting the work of building Total Abundance in the world.


It soon became apparent that the Heaven Agent Identity in the Suit needed another level of support in order to win the battle against the aspects of the Negativity that had taken over Fragment Clusters in the Suit.



The Universal Heaven Agent Network Summit

The search for additional levels of help had been going on concurrently with the Love Connection Webinars in The Universal Heaven Agent Network Summit, that began its Webinars on July 19th after the trouble had evidenced itself in the second of the Love Connection Webinars of the series. The focus of The Universal Heaven Agent Network Summit was to bring about The Awakening that would enable beings to make a decision to live an Integrated Way of Life while there is time to do this prior to the August 8th Shift.


New Universal Interventions to enable the Suit to Awaken from the traps of the Negativity were brought through, which helped the Heaven Agent Identity in the Suit to gain strength over any Hell Agent Identities co-existing in the Suit.  This set the stage for the work of the July 29th Summit Webinar, when the majority of beings throughout the Creation made a decision to live an Integrated Way of Life in the semi-conscious range of their awareness. This range, while not fully conscious, is very close to the range of the conscious mind.

For this level of awareness to make the decision to enter into an Integrated Way of Life meant that all of the deeper levels of the consciousness had to be supportive of it as well.  This meant that a foundation for Heaven Consciousness had been successfully built from the Core Level of Consciousness in the Suits, which is the level that first petitioned the Source for a Source Solution after the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel, through the other layers of the unconscious mind to the semi-conscious mind, which provides the conscious mind with content.


This was a remarkable turnaround for humans especially. Prior to The Awakening Intervention, only 4% of the population was making any attempt to prepare for the Shift, as compared to 80% of the beings outside of the Earth Plane. 


Due to the July 2nd shift that took the Spiritual Death Rate up to 27%, and then a Shock Wave initiated by the Negativity that backfired and killed those most heavily networked to the Negativity, the Spiritual Death Rate went up to 39% on the Earth Plane. Others outside of the Earth Plane were not as damaged by this Shock Wave. With the step up in attack on those who didn’t make it into The Total Abundance Flowstream, the Spiritual Death Rate was nearing 39.9% by the start of the Webinar on July 29th. 


Humans were beginning to get the picture on some level of their awareness that something serious was going on, and that they better find out what they needed to do about it.  When I met with the masses on the Earth and throughout the Creation to hear them out about why they weren’t taking any action and what they needed to understand in order to take action, they began to bring the picture into focus and make the decision to seek Source Support to live an Integrated Way of Life.  


This enabled them, on July 30th, to take action on the decision that they had made to live an Integrated Life to board a Spiritual Vehicle/Ferry that I provided them that ferried them into Source Reality, leaving behind the Hell Reality where scarcity and death and destruction abounded. They had a short period of time to take action before the Ferry took off, leaving them behind.  Fortunately, nearly 99% of the population in the Creation made this transition.


In this Source Reality, they reached another level of understanding similar to what was attained by the Prototype Communities when they had entered into Source Reality after Awakening and making the decision to live an Integrated Way of Life.


In Source Reality, it is far easier to understand the Connection to the Source, since this is the only Connection that makes sense.  The members of the 13 Prototype Communities, that I did not visit in person, commented that this is when they gave up their Self-Centered Way of Life, that was fragmenting them, and became very naturally Source-Centered, since it was obvious to them that in being Source-Centered they were at peace and as they were created to be.  It was also obvious that this was the path to Total Abundance and to a life that was Heaven.  They also commented that it took some time for them to get their bearings and realize how to Hold the Line for Heaven and create a new way of life that was Source-Connected.


While the masses moved into Source Reality and I could see the loveliness of it manifesting in the vegetation of the Earth, the buildings, and the man-made things such as cars, I could still see that the humans were barely awakening to the promise of Heaven that can manifest in such a Reality.  I was concerned about the slowness of the realization process of what had happened, given the fact that the 13 Prototype Communities took 100 years after they reached this stage to put the picture together on every level.  While they got enough of the picture into focus in 29 years to build a Miracle Economy, where all of their material needs were manifested directly from the Spiritual Level of Reality to the Physical Level of Reality, there were understandings about what it all meant to Live Heaven socially and personally that took them 100 years to grasp.


When they had finished their 100 years of evolution, they created the Prototype for what became the first Total Abundance Intervention.  This Intervention was what locked in their understandings so they could Hold the Line for Heaven at every level within themselves and in their Community so that the highest level of happiness was possible for all.


This Intervention was invaluable to them and has given them the structure to always Hold the Line for Heaven at the highest level, something which was not possible for them prior to the advent of this Intervention.


I have been working to replicate this Intervention outside of the protected, secluded Spiritual Space of these Prototype Communities.  Only today has this Intervention become powerful enough to operate anywhere in the Creation, even under the worst circumstances.


Given the struggle that beings are having with their inner demons and with the very advanced tactics of the Negativity that is pulling their strings to get their Suits to violate the Correct Exchange and fall back into their Harvesting Net, this Intervention is going to be an essential building block for Total Abundance for those working to materialize Total Abundance in the modern era.  After watching the aftermath of all the work done to get beings into an optimal environment to embrace Total Abundance – The Total Abundance Flowstream and the Source Reality – and seeing how many are still listening to the Negativity working within their Suits and calling them from the culture to violate the basic tenants of life upon which Total Abundance has to be built, this Intervention is a necessity for any traveling the Journey to Total Abundance in the current era.


It is what is needed to enable the Heaven Agent Identity in the Suit to Hold the Line for Heaven against the Hell Identities in the Suit that range from the Story Character to full-blown external Hell Identities operating through the Fragment Clusters of the Suit.  It is also what is needed to level the Hell Pathways in the Collective Field of Consciousness that set the Suit up to be invaded by individual Hell Identities, and to follow the Cultural Story of Abundance into the Harvesting Net of the Negativity.


The Total Abundance Intervention

The Intervention links to the manifestation, which includes the Suit and the Auric Field around the Suit, a Perfected Spiritual Intelligence which is capable of Holding the Line for Heaven on behalf of the Suit.  This Perfected Intelligence Holds the Line by:

  • directing the Suit to provide the Correct Exchange on the Inner and Outer Plane so the miracles that manifest Total Abundance can ground
  • eliminating Hell Pathways in the Suit and in the energy field around the Suit that yield scarcity and suffering 
  • creating Total Abundance Pathways in the Suit along which the consciousness of the Suit can travel to materialize abundance
  • redirecting the consciousness of the Suit away from any Hell Pathways until they can all be eliminated
  • providing the consciousness of the Suit with the power needed to travel these Total Abundance Pathways with the right amount of speed to correctly catalyze the Total Abundance Materializations that the Source has created
  • reproducing itself when adequate Material Energy has been provided to create new full power Total Abundance Interventions 
  • joining forces with other Total Abundance Intervention Intelligences in other Suits to create powerful Total Abundance Energy Fields that are cleared of all Hell Pathways and have only a Total Abundance Pathway System
  • helping others without the Intervention to enter into these Total Abundance Fields and travel the Total Abundance Pathways in the field 
  • Holding the Line for Heaven in the Suit and in the Total Abundance Field around the Suit by marshaling forces to defeat any Negative Intelligences, implants, networks, or energies that are working to manifest the Hell of scarcity, death, and destruction
  • building Local, Global, and Universal Total Abundance Communities
  • providing a fast track for achieving the levels of Spiritual Integration that are necessary to survive the Vibrational Shifts and achieve the Perfect Integration that is needed to sustain life in the Source Perfected Universe 


After observing the behavior of the Suits in The Total Abundance Flowstream, and even after arriving in the Source Reality, it has become apparent that the hold that the Negativity and its Networks have on the Suits is powerful enough to require an Intervention of this magnitude in order to finally defeat the Negativity in the Creation as a whole.


It was this hold on the members of the 13 Prototype Communities that took them 100 years to release from completely. 

Beings today don’t have 100 years.  They have a few days before the August 8th Shift when the hold that the Negativity has on the Suit can cause portions of the Suit to fragment at an accelerated rate even though other portions may have become fully awakened and are eager to live a Heaven Way of Life.


The Disease of Fragmentation is many times more severe since the time of the Prototype Communities.  It was only after the Negativity realized that some of the beings in the Creation had escaped their grasp and prototyped a total escape for all others, that they stepped up their work to fragment consciousness in ways that would be hard for the conscious mind to recognize or referee.  


The Negativity has worked like a cancer inside the Spiritual Intelligence System of the Suit, fragmenting it in ways that only become apparent to the conscious mind when severe illness in the body, mind, and spirit manifest.  It is like a cancer working behind the scenes until some of its activity is noticed – which may be too late to stop its domination of the body.


Because the invasion of the Negativity of the Suit may vary from person to person, the strength of The Total Abundance Intervention has to vary.  Some require a full strength Intervention and others require a smaller Intervention because the invasion is less advanced.  What is needed has to be determined on an individual basis.


Building Total Abundance Communities

If a person receives a Total Abundance Intervention that has maximum power for building Community, it will reproduce itself 10 times which means that 10 other beings will receive a full power Total Abundance Intervention without having to provide any additional Material Energy to ground the miracle of the Intervention. The Spiritual Intelligences of these 11 Interventions – the Intervention of the primary person who received the Intervention and the 10 others who received replicas of the Intervention – generate a Total Abundance Energy Field that is cleared up of any Hell Pathways and only has a Total Abundance Pathway System


The Perfected Intelligences of the Interventions then invite in 40 other beings into the Field.  Although these beings do not receive the Intervention, they have an opportunity to escape from the Hell Pathways in the Collective Energy Field and to travel the Total Abundance Pathway in the Field.  This helps them to get up to speed and generate the Material Energy that will enable them to exchange for a Total Abundance Intervention for themselves. 


The total impact of one person getting a full power Total Abundance Intervention is that their life and the lives of 50 others are moved into alignment with experiencing Total Abundance and building Total Abundance in the Community.


The power of The Total Abundance Intervention to create a Total Abundance Community is central to how it works in the world to materialize Total Abundance.  Since Total Abundance for an individual can’t occur when there is war, economic recession, crime, disease, etc., in the Community, The Total Abundance Intervention works to provide Total Abundance for all of the members of the Community.  When enough people have the Intervention, then all will be capable of Holding the Line for Heaven and creating the Miracle-Friendly Conditions in which Total Abundance can materialize.


The Total Abundance Energy Field in the Prototype Communities is what healed the war between factions and between individuals and enabled them to value one another and work together to make sure that everyone, even their former enemies, had Total Abundance.


Such a transformation in consciousness is what is needed on the Earth and in the Creation as a whole.  Without it a Universal Community that is love-based and nurtures all of its own, can not be founded.


Now that a powerful enough version of this Intervention has been created to function in any circumstance in the Creation, it is time for Spiritual Activists to step forward and equip themselves to Hold the Line for Heaven in their own lives and to help their family and friends to do the same.  

Securing the Intervention to Prepare  for the August 8th Shift

The Intervention will enable beings who have arrived in the Source Reality to rapidly clear the Negativity out of their lives so they can attain the level of Spiritual Integration that is required to match the level of Integration in the Universal Support Field when it rises to a Level 6 Vibration.  This will protect them from the Negativity attaching to the Fragments in their Suit that have negativity in them and anchoring these Fragments to lower levels of vibration in order to rupture the Suit when the high vibrational parts of the Suit rise vibrationally at the time of the Shift.  Such a fracturing of the Suit could cause Spiritual Death.


The Intervention will be especially important for the nearly 40% of the human population that is now Empty Suits that could easily be countermanned by the Negativity.  Almost every family now has family members who have lost their Spiritual Lives, leaving behind an Empty Suit that, without structure from the Intervention, could become inhabited by the Negativity and used as an instrument to fragment and harvest the Suits of other family members.


Getting the Intervention for yourself or a loved one is something that you can do to defend yourself and to help yourself and others survive the damage that has already occurred and what might still occur in the August 8th Shift.


Gift from The Universal Heaven Agent Network

The Universal Heaven Agent Network outside the Earth Plane has offered to provide Material Energy to help Heaven Agents on the Earth to receive this Intervention.  Those who are genuinely unable to provide the amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of the Intervention through an Energy Exchange or a Financial Exchange will be eligible to receive Material Energy from The Universal Heaven Agent Network.


To Read More & Request the Intervention

To find out more about this Intervention so that you can provide protection for yourself and others prior to the Shift of August 8th, you can access the link provided below. 




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