January 28th, 2022

Source Connection Interventions Counter the Diseases of the Body, Mind, and Spirit

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The root cause of every disease and malfunctioning of the Suit – the body/mind – on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social levels is a faulty Source Connection


Every Suit Function has its own Source Connection that provides power and Source Guidance to it so that it can function optimally. If that Suit Function, like a light bulb, is only partially screwed into the socket of the Source Connection, it will function intermittently. If it is sufficiently disconnected from the socket of the Source Connection, it will not function at all. 


Rather than fixing the diseased or malfunctioning Suit, it is most efficient to fix the faulty Source Connection. Then the Suit will function as the Source created it to function and this will lead to Perfect Health on every level.


Source Connection Interventions are now critical to the ability of Suits to function at the high levels of Heaven Agent Work that are needed to meet the Standards of the stages of The Transition. These Standards are set to enable Heaven Agents to progress at the rate that is needed to achieve Ultimate Sustainability by the end of The Transition, which will occur within 25 years. If Suit Functions aren't capable of performing because they lack the power and intelligence from the Source that comes through the socket of their Source Connection, then the Suit will be unable to use these Suit Functions to meet the Standards.  Fixing the socket connection is what is technically needed to enable the Suit Functions to perform at the level that will enable the Suit to meet the Standard for Sustainability at each stage of The Transition and by the end of The Transition.


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