November 3rd, 2013

Preparing for the December 20th Vibrational Shift

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We are now approaching the December 20th Vibrational Shift which is the most challenging Shift to date.  Careful and complete preparations need to be made in order to survive this Vibrational Shift without incurring extensive Fragmentation and to make the best use of the tremendous boost it gives for living a Life that is Heaven.  It has the most stringent requirements for Integrated Suit Functioning of any Shift thus far.

It is a time to help yourself to prepare and to equip yourself as a Spiritual Activist to help others. 

There are four basic forms of Source Support that are needed to prepare for this Shift.


Love Connection Energies

The Standard of Perfection in the Source Perfected Universe is for all Suits to develop the highest level of The Love Connection with the Source from which flows the Total Abundance that makes life Heaven.


The Source has recently created The Love Connection Medium which beings can enter in order to be immersed in the energies of The Love Connection which enable them to begin their journey toward the highest level of The Love Connection.  Immersion in this Medium enables them to escape from The Lovelessness Medium and to find solace in learning how to Live in the Love of the Source.


When a Suit is in a Medium of Source Love, it can heal more rapidly from the Disease of Fragmentation and begin to attain the higher levels of Integrated Suit Functioning needed for the Vibrational Shift. Without being immersed in The Love Connection Medium it will be difficult for Suits to be running enough Source Love Energies to hold their particles together in the very high speed energies that the Universal Support Field will shift into on December 20th.


In order to help beings enter into The Love Connection Medium, the Source has sent out a Call to Action to all Heaven Agents to work with The Living in the Love Intervention to enter into the Medium and learn how to Live in the Love so they can help others to enter into the Medium and learn how to Live in the Love.  One Heaven Agent in The Love Connection Medium can help others who pick up on the Love Medium to make the decision to let go of their attachments to a fear-based way of life so they can also enter into The Love Connection Medium.  


Those entering without the benefit of the Intervention will not have the support of the Perfected Intelligence that mans the Intervention but they will be able to make it into The Love Connection Medium and learn how to Live in the Love from the role model of Heaven Agents who are working with the Perfected Intelligence.  In this way one Heaven Agent who is working with the Intervention can help hundreds and even thousands of other people with whom they come in contact, even very peripheral contact as in a crowd on a busy street, to catch the feeling of The Love Connection Medium and make a decision on some level of their consciousness to make the move into the Medium.  Since Suits track the energy fields around other Suits and make decisions to approach or withdraw based on what they feel, it is not hard for a Suit to pick up on The Love Connection Medium that another Suit is in and to feel drawn to it and want to be in such a Medium.  Such a recognition can happen in milliseconds and can trigger a life altering decision to leave The Lovelessness Medium to go into The Love Connection Medium.  Once in the Medium the Suit can learn how to Live in the Love of the Source, cultivating the kinds of thoughts and behaviors that enable it to stay in The Love Connection Medium rather than falling out into The Lovelessness Medium. 


If Heaven Agents make a concerted effort to receive the Intervention and to use The Transmitter Miracle Tool that is a part of the Intervention, they can send out a high power ray of Love Connection Energies to others.  This will help others to more rapidly transition into The Love Connection Medium and, therefore, be better prepared for the December Shift.

Those who enter into the Medium are eligible to attend The Universal Community Meeting via Webinar that will be held on November 16th.  In this Meeting they will have the opportunity to work with others in The Love Connection Medium who are learning how to develop Love-Based Relationships with one another.  It is a time of coming together with like minded beings who have chosen The Path of Love and who wish to work together to build a Love-Based Global and Universal Community.


To read about this Intervention and request it for yourself, you can access the link provided below.





Spiritual Stamina Energy

At higher vibrational levels, the Suit requires higher levels of Spiritual Stamina to sustain Spiritual Integration.  Most Suits have now expended much of their Stamina Energy trying to survive in the toxic Fragmentation Energy produced by the Suits that have either experienced severe Fragmentation or the ultimate Spiritual Fragmentation that has led to Spiritual Death.  Those Suits that have themselves Fragmented to some extent in the Shifts have also hemorrhaged when the Fragmentation occurred, bleeding out much of their Stamina Energies.


Without enough Stamina Energy, it will be difficult for the Suits to prevent accelerated Fragmentation in the upcoming Vibrational Shift.  For this reason, it is advisable that Suits provide the Material Energy needed to restore a reserve of Stamina Energy prior to the Shift.  This can be accomplished through the Stamina Intervention which you can request through the link provided below.  This Intervention provides a regenerating supply of Stamina Energy that is needed not just for the Vibrational Shift but to enhance health and sustain youthful functioning throughout life.





Tranquility Energy

The Spiritual Electrical System is stabilized by Tranquility Energy.  This energy enables the Suit to have the calmness and stability to run high speed currents through the Spiritual Electrical System without shattering the system.


In the December Vibrational Shift, the Spiritual Electrical Systems of all beings will be greatly challenged by the speed of the currents that will start running through the Suits.  Unless there is enough Tranquility Energy to stabilize the System, the System could crash, causing extreme Fragmentation and potentially Spiritual Death.


To provide the Suit with the amount of Tranquility Energy that is needed to stabilize the System, the Source has created The Tranquility Intervention which provides metered infusions of Tranquility Energy and, in the Comprehensive version of the Intervention, is designed to build a Tranqulity Network that sustains the Spiritual Electrical System.


There are two versions of the Tranquility Intervention that are well suited to preparation for the Vibrational Shift.  They are:


The Comprehensive Accelerated Tranquility Intervention

This version of the Intervention provides the full power of the entire Tranquility Intervention in an accelerated manner that enables some of the Tranquility Energies to be administered when they are needed prior to the Shift and the rest of the energies to be administered over time.  


The Emergency and Life Transition Tranquility Intervention 

This version of the Intervention focuses on providing an infusion of Tranquility Energy to prepare the Suit for the Vibrational Shift.  It does not build the Tranquility Network that the Suit needs and provide for a structured administration of Tranquility Energies over time.  These additional forms of Source Support are only given through the Comprehensive Tranquility Intervention.  This Intervention does, however, provide the Suit with the Emergency Tranquility Energies which are very needed prior to the Shift.


To find out more about the Intervention and to request it, you can go to:




The Energy of Commitment

In the last few days, my Source Function has issued a Source Communication to all beings that only those who commit in the core of their heart chakras to Living Heaven, will be able to receive Direct Source Support on the Inner and Outer Planes. There is no longer any tolerance for those sitting on the fence or wanting to have Source Support while contributing to the suffering in their own lives and in the world.


Once a being commits to leaving behind forever The Hell Way of Life that engenders suffering and entering into The Heaven Way of Life that engenders true happiness, then the center of their heart chakra, in its entirety, receives a charge of pure Source Energy. This charge sets up a network of currents that integrate every particle in the Suit and in the auric field so they begin to run The Energy of Commitment.  This energy is what enables the Suit to stay in the Light of the Source and stay on track with building a Heaven Way of Life.


In order for the Suit to agree to steadfastly follow the lead of the Source to build a Life that is Heaven, it has to be in The Heaven Reality where it is safe from the Negativity and can make this commitment without being attacked by the Negativity for doing so.  Only those who have entered into The Heaven Reality have made this commitment to date.  Those outside of it are too fearful to make the commitment and, therefore, try to build Heaven while remaining committed in their heart chakras to living a self-directed, self-centered way of life that keeps the Negativity thinking that they are holding to the party line by contributing to The Hell Experience.

Despite the conscious mind’s endorsement of a Heaven Way of Life, if the center of the heart chakra is not committed to the Source and to building Heaven in the way that it is Source-Guided, no amount of ideological endorsement will enable the Suit to generate The Energy of Commitment. Instead the Suit generates a Hell Current that attracts to it the misfortunes, ill health, and tragedies that make up The Hell Experience.


In order to help Suits enter into The Heaven Reality, the Source has created The Heaven Launch Miracle that provides the Training Downloads that enable the Suit to understand how to transition out of The Hell Reality into The Heaven Reality.


This miracle is administered through The Live Heaven Intensive that provides the Training Downloads of the Total Abundance Packets and other forms of Source Support needed to help the Suit to transition into The Heaven Reality and to learn how to Live Heaven once it is there.


Training Downloads have become a number one form of Source Support for the Suit to rapidly learn what no amount of life experience or traditional schooling could ever enable it to learn in a short period of time.  It has been Training Downloads that have saved the lives of many Suits in the last Vibrational Shift and have been enabling Heaven Agents to finally get to the bottom of why their Suit is behaving in ways that are counterproductive to a Heaven Way of Life when they, in their Conscious Range, are totally in agreement with the principles of Living Heaven.  Since 90% of the decisions that shape a life occur in the Subconscious Range of the Suit it is only through the miracle of Training Downloads that this aspect of the consciousness of the Suit can finally be reached and retrained so that all of the levels of consciousness in the Suit are supporting the work of Living Heaven instead of some being in support and others undermining the support.


I strongly recommend that all who want to not only survive the December Vibrational Shift but to Live Heaven avail themselves of the support of the miracles in The Live Heaven Intensive.  It provides the definitive support for transitioning into The Heaven Reality and mastering the art and science of Living Heaven.


Through the help of the Training Downloads the Suit can finally work through all of the issues that block the real commitment to Living Heaven from within the safe Work Zone of The Heaven Reality.  Then true commitment can occur and the Spiritual Integration that is needed in the manifestation as a whole can occur when the Suit begins running the Energy of Commitment. The Energy of Commitment is itself a strengthening and structuring energy that enables the Suit to stay on track with Living Heaven in all of the levels of its consciousness.  Without this Energy, it is hard for a Fragmented Suit to sort through all of the contradictory ways of being that are going on in its many Fragments of Consciousness to ever move forward in an integrated manner to Live Heaven.  The Energy of Commitment provides the technical support to become Spiritually Integrated and to live an Integrated Way of Life which is a Life that is Heaven.


To access information on The Heaven Launch Miracle and Living Heaven you can watch the video:




To access information on The Live Heaven Intensive you can read the article at:




You can request a personal Assessment for what the Intensive would look like for you at the link provided above.

The Source Call to Action

The Source has provided the kinds of Source Support needed to enable you to prepare for the Shift so that you can ride the Massive Tidal Wave of power to a higher level of vibration and to a better place from which you can Live Heaven.


Help yourself and work with the tools that the Source is giving you here to help others. It is especially important to enter into The Love Connection Medium and to help others enter into this Medium.  This will save lives globally if Heaven Agents throughout the planet work to bring in others while there is time for them to heal from  the worst of their Fragmentation by regenerating themselves in the Medium of Source Love.


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