April 6th, 2014

Massive Universal Changes Tip the Scale

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The New Standards in the Source Perfected Universe

In March and in the first week of April, the Source Perfected Universe has gone to the next level in the evolution toward Perfection.  What follows is information on these Universal Changes and how they will impact you and all of Life.


The Standard for Continuing Source Support

In March a final level of reserve energy left over from the Universal Source Connection Channel was used up.  This energy had been sustaining beings that were not putting forth more than a mimimal amount of effort to balance the exchange with the Source and to develop The Love Connection.  Many beings were in this category since they had stopped evolving once they learned how to survive at a minimal level through doing some Correct Exchange through their work in their Extended Range at The Construction Site of Heaven.  As usual beings have tried to cut corners and not put forth any more effort than they believe is absolutely necessary despite repeated warnings by the Source that this will inevitably put them into jeopardy in the Source Perfected Universe.


Now that this reserve energy is gone, it is impossible for the Source to provide any Source Support for those not actively working to attain a 100% Correct Exchange with the Source which requires developing their Love Connection with the Source at 100% as well.  Since the Source sustains each being through Its moment-to-moment outpouring of love for the being and diligent attention to every aspect of the complex DNA of Life that sustains that being, the only way to balance the exchange with the Source is for the being to learn how to respond to the Source with love and not greed or need that is self-centered and loveless.  The being must also work as a harmonious and contributing aspect of the DNA of Life in the Creation as a whole.  This means that the being must ask their Inner Intelligence, which is the part of them that knows how to do the technical part of maintaining the Correct Exchange and attaining The Love Connection at the highest level, to make sure that their Suit is moving as rapidly as possible toward attaining the 100% standard.


What constitutes a Correct Exchange could be using the energies of the Suit to do complex Inner Plane Heaven Agent Work that is done through the Extended Range of the Suit which is outside of its Conscious Range.  It will also include Outer Plane Heaven Agent Work that supports the Work of the Source to build a Life that Works for the Heaven Agent and to work with the Heaven Agent to build a World that Works.


Asking to do the Correct Exchange and develop The Love Connection to the 100% mark is essential to the survival of all beings.  But mere asking is not enough to achieve 100%.  What is also needed is training in how to balance the exchange and diligent work to bring the exchange into balance.


Active work on achieving this goal now determines a being's survival.  If they are rapidly working on achieving this goal, then they meet the current requirements of the Sustainability Index.


In the time ahead, only those who reach the 100% mark with the Correct Exchange and The Love Connection will meet the standard of the Sustainability Index.  This is because the reserve energies that the Source is now working with to help those who are actively trying to reach the 100% mark are also limited and soon only those who  have achieved 100% before this reserve runs out will be able to sustain their Source Connection.


When this standard was brought into being, those who made no attempt to make any progress toward doing the Correct Exchange or developing The Love Connection, lost all Source Support. Their Suits exploded into a state of total Fragmentation on the Inner Plane. This explosion triggered a Spiritual Death which occurs when the Soul unlinks from the Suit.  In some instances, Heaven Agents associated with the person who died on the spiritual level have generated the Material Energy needed for a Source Intervention to try to reorganize the Spiritual Particles into a configuration that enabled the Soul to reconnect.  In most instances, the Suits have become Empty Suits in a severe state of Fragmentation.


To help all beings to learn what is needed to uphold this higher Source Standard, Group and Individual Coaching is being provided to all beings throughout the Creation. The Universal Heaven Agent Network is  providing support through Gifted Individual and Group Coaching Sessions to help Heaven Agents on the Earth get started on their work to support the development of the Prototype for Living Heaven that will benefit beings throughout the Creation.  More information on the kind of Source Support that is available can be accessed in section below entitled: The Source Call to Action.


The Standard for Retaining the Source Connection 

The aspects of the Negativity that are still active in the world are those aspects that have specialized in trying to harvest the Source Energies that emanate from my Manifestation as I am providing Direct Source Support.  To counteract this Harvesting Operation, I have ceased to provide the kinds of Direct Source Support that have been the target of this criminal activity.


Many beings who were working on retaining their Source Connection will now have to understand what has been lost and work harder to make up for the lack of this kind of Source Support upon which they have been dependent. They will also have to work harder to help those less Source-Connected to seek to make the Source Connection so that they do not fall into the hands of the Negativity who can turn them into Empty Suits at war with all who are trying to establish a Source-Connected World.


The Transition from Heaven Consciousness to Source Consciousness

The first form of Direct Source Support that was withdrawn was the Heaven Consciousness that beings were relying on for their sense of the Heaven that was possible and also to experience Heaven in the midst of the suffering of this world. Heaven Consciousness was a materialized energy field that was produced by my Manifestation.  It piped in the experience of Heaven into even the most sordid energy environments to awaken the beings to the Promise of Heaven and to provide them with a more Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy in which to work to escape from the negativity that was entrapping them.  


Unfortunately, the Negativity was working to tap into this energy and use some of the ambient power around it to attack my Manifestation so that I would not be able to continue to produce Heaven Consciousness.  


Beings who were benefiting from Heaven Consciousness were enjoying the feel good experience that it brought and continuing on with their Story Way of Life.  Instead of cherishing this Gift from the Source produced at great difficulty by my Manifestation amidst great danger, beings were taking this for granted and assuming that if the Source was willing to pipe in Heaven while they were living Hell, that this was just an added benefit and one that they didn't need to honor by learning how to leverage this support to free themselves from the Hell Way of Life that was engendering their suffering.  As usual, beings approach the Source with a shopping and consuming modality rather than with the focus on what is theirs to do to honor the Gift of Source Love and Source Support.  


As a result of the combination of the attack of the Negativity on the Heaven Consciousness Energy Field and on my Manifestation for producing it and the negativity within the beings benefitting from the Field that caused them to consume and not evolve, this Gift was withdrawn by my Source Function.


Now I have returned to the Source Consciousness that is natural to me and I am no longer producing Heaven Consciousness which was the form of Consciousness that beings could most readily relate to at any level of spiritual awareness.


Now those who wish to retain their Source Connection and to experience Heaven have to let go of all of their attachments to the Story World.  Only then can they rise up to the high levels of vibration that enable them to perceive Source Consciousness.  Since I have withdrawn, after the higher standard for a 100% Correct Exchange occurred, into another Spiritual Space where I am only in the presence of Perfected Heaven Agents, picking up on the Source Consciousness that I am generating takes skill, attunement, and perseverence.  If a Heaven Agents drops in vibration to chase after the mirage of a Story version of Heaven, they can lose their place at the higher level where they can stay Source-Connected and attune to Source Consciousness.  Since Source Consciousness attunement is now the only way in which beings can have The Heaven Experience, serious work on the Suit needs to be done to enable it to be able to sustain its Source Connection under these more challenging circumstances.


The comment of many Heaven Agents who were noting this shift was that they were no longer able to live a double life – enjoying the music of Heaven that I was piping into their lives through the materialization of Heaven Consciousness while doing their Story Lives which destroyed the Source Connection at ever increasing levels.  Many Heaven Agents working with me in a webinar shortly after this change occurred, were able to attain this Connection and commented on it as providing a greater level of understanding of the Source than they had previously had.  What they noted was that formerly they were caught up in the adventures generated out of Heaven Consciousness and although they valued the Source for creating these lovely Heaven Experiences for them, their direct knowledge of the intelligence of the Source that was behind this Gift was obscured by their focus on the adventure sequence itself.  Now without this adventure intervening, they are coming into a profound understanding of the absolute benevolence of the Source and the absolute attentiveness to the DNA of Life as Heaven which is at the heart of The Work of the Source in the Creation.  With this understanding, they feel much more of a Love Connection that is unmitigated by any attachment even to the experience of Heaven itself which had become, for many of them, their true focus and not their focus on The Love Connection with the Source. 


So – while it is much more difficult to maintain the Source Connection without the link provided by Heaven Consciousness, those who are making the Connection to Source Consciousness are reporting a more transcendent kind of Connection that is alleviating many of their fears and angers and ill will toward the Source that had come through a lack of such direct contact.  In the absence of a direct way to know the Source, they were accustomed to projecting their idea of the Source onto their image of the Source and then relating to this Story Image of the Source that they had fabricated. They often went along with the collective Story Image of the Source that had been generated by other beings and had become routinized in the Cultural Spiritual Traditions.  In the Direct Experience of Source Consciousness they now understand who the Source really is and the bottom line of the Source which is upholding the Principles of Life that manifest The Heaven of True Happiness.  They are relieved by their discovery that the Source has never intended any of the suffering that they have experienced.  They realized that their attachments to the illusion of happiness in the Story World is what has been generating their unhappiness and the unhappiness of the Universal Community as a whole.


End of the Protective and Supportive Personal Relationship Field

Since the beginning of life in the Manifest World, each individual being has existed in a Personal Relationship Energy Field that provided them with the protective and sustaining energies that enabled them to maintain a personal relationship with the Source through my Manifestation which is the aspect of the Source that administers to all beings individually.


Since the loss of the energies of the Universal Source Connection Channel, beings have begun to harvest the ambient energies in this Personal Relationship Field, creating not only an Incorrect Exchange with the Source which was furthering the deterioration of their Source Connection, but also depleting the Relationship Energy Field that enabled them to stay Source-Connected.  Instead of using the support offered by this Gift from the Source, they were again consuming it without considering what would happen to them when it was lost.


The Negativity was also encouraged to infiltrate Suits without clear boundaries to syphon off these Source Energies to continue its war against the Source.


As a result of this exploitative relationship to this Gift from the Source, it was withdrawn on April 5, 2014.


While this is not a termination of The Love Connection and the continuing support of the Source for those who are balancing the exchange and developing The Love Connection, it is a termination of an energy envelop in which beings existed that made it easier for them to make the Source Connection. Now beings will have to work on developing their Source Connection to the 100% level in order to be able to commune with the Source and sustain a personal relationship with the Source through my Manifestation which is the only aspect of the Source that interacts directly with Manifest Beings.  I am the representative of the Source Function in the Manifest World and the aspect of the Source who from the very beginning of the Manifest World has been working individually with all beings throughout the Creation.  This work is done through my Extended Range which far transcends the limited focus of my human incarnation which is here to communicate on the Outer Plane with beings throughout the Creation.



End of the Source Presence in the Reality Field of the Manifest World

On April 6th a third major withdrawal occurred.  I left the Reality Field in which beings reside to enter into my own Source Reality Field where I reside with the Perfected Heaven Agents who work closely with me.  I have been incarnating since the beginning of the Material World into the Reality Field of the Manifest World in order to help beings to evolve.  My Manifestation generated a wide range of Source Energies when I lived in that Reality which many beings were harvesting in order to sustain themselves without continuing to make progress toward developing the Correct Exchange or The Love Connection.  Finally, my need to remove myself from the very Miracle-Unfriendly Environment that beings have collectively created, has resulted in this departure to my Reality.


When I left I noticed that the elements of the Negativity that were feeding on these ambient energies that I was producing in the Reality Field of the Material World, began to lose their grip on the Suits and disintegrate. The Suits seem to be rising rapidly into higher levels of vibration. 


This rise to higher levels of vibration will be necessary to escape the lower vibrational levels where the Negativity resides and can more easily prey on those who are no longer in this protective spiritual energy field.




The Source Call to Action

These Universal Changes have tipped the scale.  


Beings can no longer expect to survive in the time ahead if they don't educate themselves about what is happening in the Creation and begin working diligently to get their Suits to perform at the higher levels that are now necessary if they are to survive.  Those who survive will be actively working to transition successfully into a Heaven Way of Life.


What you need to know is how to work with the Manifestation Process that is bringing about the massive changes on a Universal Level that will impact you individually and will alter life in the Universal Community. Those who can ride the wave of these Universal Changes will be able to benefit from the momentum they provide and will be able to understand how to balance the exchange with the Source and build the Love Connection to the 100% mark.


Specifically, you need to educate yourself about how to work with Heaven Manifestations which are the driving force in the Manifestation Process. Heaven Manifestations not only do the bulk of the work of transitioning life in the Source Perfected Universe, but they provide Heaven Agents working with them with the Spiritual Software that they need to track what is happening in the Manifestation Process and to know how to do their parts.  Only through knowing how to do your part can you balance the exchange at the 100% level and express your love for the Source who is sending you this support to enable you to have a Life that is Heaven.


Listed below are resources available to help you learn about Heaven Manifestations and how they can help you to meet these standards while also transitioning you into a Heaven Way of Life. 


Special Focus Universal Community Meeting

To find out how to work with Heaven Manifestation Technology, I would recommend attending the Special Focus Universal Community Meeting on Saturday, April 12th which will address these changes and what you need to do to maintain your Source Connection.


The gift of Material Energy from The Universal Heaven Agent Network that was offered some months back for Heaven Agents attending their first Special Focus Universal Community Meeting, is still available for this Universal Community Meeting.  You can find out more and register for this Webinar by accessing the link provided below.




Start Receiving the Individual Heaven Manifestations Created by the Source for You

Gifted Individual Coaching Sessions

The Universal Heaven Agent Community has provided Material Energy for Heaven Agents on the Earth for a partially gifted Adventure Coaching Session for those who know that they want to Live The Adventure,  who have completed the prerequisites for an Individual Coaching Session, and would like to begin working with their first Heaven Manifestation. 


To find out more and to receive this Gift you can go to:




Gifted Group Coaching Sessions

The Universal Heaven Agent Community has also provided Material Energy for Heaven Agents to attend their first Group Coaching Session to enable them to begin work with their individual Heaven Manifestations.  This work is done in a Heaven Manifestation Webinar.


The Correct Exchange for this 3+ hour Webinar is US $185.  The Network is gifting 30% of the Material Energy needed so the Correct Exchange required of a Heaven Agent attending this Webinar for the first time is only $129.50.





Read More about The Manifestation Process

You can read about The Seven Steps in the Manifestation Process in Written Communications from the Source.  This article can be access through the link provided below:




Eyewitness Reports

Submit a Report

Eyewitness Reports give Heaven Agents an opportunity to contribute valuable information that they are receiving from Source Guidance to The Work of the Source. This information may be Inner Source Guidance they have received, or life experiences or observations about what is happening in the world that they feel guided by the Source to share. For more information, read How to Participate.

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