April 10th, 2013

Entering into Source Care at the Highest Level

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Note: This Source Communication references essential information provided in the Source Communication of March 26th entitled: The Seven Levels of Source Care.  I recommend that you read the former Communication in order to build on those understandings in this Communication.


The Seventh Level of Source Care

Within Level 7 Source Care there are 10 Steps – the tenth Step being the highest level.


Once they reach Step 10, instead of being alone in the Creation trying to survive, they are protected by the Source who can work effectively with them to enable them to survive because they have given up all of their attachments to the things and beings of the world which anchor them to the Realm of the Negativity. A Suit without attachments is a Suit that has no Interface to the Negativity.  A Suit that has no attachments even to their own ways of thinking or doing things, is a Suit that can move quickly into action to avoid things that are harmful and would cause suffering.


When a being first arrives at Level 7, Step 1, they are freed from attachments to external things but may still have some rigidities in their thoughts or emotions that bind them into repetitive patterns.  As they evolve toward Step 10, they free themselves of these old patterns and become completely free to flow with the Heaven that the Source creates for them.


At Step 10 they are receiving the flow of Source-Given thoughts and emotions that create the Heaven Experience and are enjoying the experience. They aren’t trying to drum up their own Self-Made Consciousness with its manufactured thoughts and emotions to try to make themselves happy.  They are content with the Source-Created Consciousness that they would have willingly received in order to get into Source Care at the highest level. Source-Created Consciousness  runs on Source-Given content which is The Heaven Experience.  The being enjoys the delightful experiences that the Source creates for them including the opportunities to experience the joy of using the Miracle-Based Abilities that have been given them in a perfected way to build Heaven in the world.  


What they value is the perfection and the Heaven in every moment and not the ego-based desire to have created all of it themselves.  Giving up Self-Made Consciousness is giving up ego-based self esteem in return for the Heaven of love and beauty, adventure, and perfection.

Integrating Your Consciousness 

To be in Source Care at the highest level is to achieve Perfect Integration at the level of your consciousness. When you enter into Source Care your Consciousness enters into Source Care and is safe from the attempts of the Negativity to mutate it by splicing on negative forms of consciousness that give you The Hell Experience.


Generally your consciousness arrives in Source Care in stages.


First the consciousness that your Soul has developed in your Suit goes into the safety of Source Care.  This means that when you cross over at death and in all of your future lifetimes, it is never in play in the world where the Negativity can damage it in any way.  It resides in the Heaven of Source Love for all eternity.


Once your Soul Consciousness is in Source Care then you work with the Source to get all of the other levels of Suit Consciousness into Source Care as well. Specifically, you work on getting the consciousness of your cells and the Spiritual Particles of which they are made into Source Care.  Only when this aspect of your Suit Consciousness is in Source Care can you have Perfect Health.  If these aspects of consciousness are fighting to sustain old patterns, then disease and aging will be inevitable.


To get the Particles of which the Suit is made to go into Source Care is not always easy since they often are attached to the Negativity by bonds that come through the lineage on a spiritual level.  These energy bonds, constrain the organic form and the Particles of which it is made to repeat lineage patterns such as susceptibility to certain diseases, a certain life span, and certain mental or emotional characteristics.


During this process, work needs to be done often by Inner Plane Session Work to talk to the different aspects of the Suit’s consciousness in order to get them to cooperate with the evolution.  The Animal Suit Consciousness, for instance, can be very independent of the Human Suit Consciousness that is an overlay on the Animal Suit Consciousness.  The Animal Suit may not be Source-Connected when it comes to instincts to fight or take flight or to working through some of the issues in its range of desires and proclivities.  The Human Suit Consciousness may be stuck in ideas and patterns that it was socialized to uphold which exist at subconscious levels. 


Even when a Suit has received Source-Created Consciousness and has released from Self-Made Consciousness, there is a clean up period where old templates and imprints from the Self-Made Consciousness are jettisoned and new templates and Imprints are created that go with the Source-Created Consciousness.


How to Achieve Source Care at the Highest Level

In order to work through the emancipation of all levels of Consciousness so they can all enter completely into Source Care, a process of deep Inner Work is needed coupled with work on Integrating the outer trappings of the life so the Suit prepares to enter into Source Care completely.


This kind of deep personal work requires one-on-one work which enables me to provide individualized forms of Source Support that enable the Consciousness to evolve.  While insights and breakthroughs can happen in group work, the consciousness needs to be evolved in more individualized, private work such as Consultations either by phone or during the course of Personal Heaven Experience Intensives at the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center.  


For those in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program, a Personal Heaven Experience Intensive is a part of the basic structure of Source Care in The Program. The Personal Heaven Experience Intensive channels the power from the Personal Power Surges that beings are given for the work of the Intensive. Through Source Guidance Emails I communicate to the Heaven Agent in The Program what is next in their Developmental Sequence and they work with me to provide the Material Energy for this work to be done. We both consult their Individual Plan which is created by my Source Function when they begin their Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing.


The Perfected Heaven Agents who have recently arrived in the Creation provide additional support for the work as do other Heaven Agents in the Universal Heaven Agent Network that I call on as needed. They help to lift off obstacles from a person's path in Integrating their life, provide additional Heaven Agent insights and Miracle-Based Abilities if needed, and send their love and support to the individual traveling their Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing.  They hold a space in the Universal Community for the person to emerge fully in Source Care and able to work at their full potential.  This is very important since many levels of the Suit Consciousness shy away from taking the final steps toward entering into Source Care at the highest level because they think that they will not be supported by others.  When they feel the loving support of a Community of Heaven Agents behind them, it encourages them to have courage and persist in letting go of their fears and leaving the suffering behind so they can enter into the comfort and joy of Source Care.


In the Prototype Communities individual work is done with the full support of the Community backing every life, fully committed to helping every life to achieve its full potential.  This kind of support is now available from the large group of Perfected Heaven Agents who outnumber beings in the Original Creation 6 to 1 and from the Heaven Agents in the Universal Heaven Agent Network who stand behind their commitment to support The Work of the Source to help every being who desires to enter into Source Care at the highest level to be afforded the Community support they need to achieve this.


This supportive community of Heaven Agents respects the Developmental Sequence in the Individual Plan for a Heaven Agent and coordinates their efforts to help with the implementation of the Plan.


Heaven Agents in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program are able to catch the waves of their Personal Power Surges that activate the DNA of their Developmental Sequences and give them the energy to surge ahead and accomplish what is Next on their Path.  Calculating when these Personal Power Surges occur and being on top of what needs to be done during these time frames is an essential piece of the preparation for entering into Source Care at the highest level.


Without the power given in these Personal Power Surges, it is difficult to move forward to Integrating your consciousness and your life.  If the DNA of your Developmental Sequence is not activated and you don't have the power to work with it once activated, you are left with a "to do list" without any natural laws giving you the structure, rhythm, and momentum that is needed for the radical changes that heal you from the Disease of Fragmentation and Integrate you and your life so you can have the experience of Heaven. 


As you move through the different Levels of Source Care, the Personal Power Surges become more powerful, carrying you to even greater levels of empowerment and accomplishment.  Ultimate Spiritual Healing is experienced as an adventure instead of as a task to be accomplished like healing from a physical illness.  When you heal from a physical illness you just return to where you were before, more tired and worn out than when you started.  When you experience Ultimate Spiritual Healing, you are lifted out of what used to be "normal" but was really a state of disease, into the Ultimate Experience of Heaven.  It is a transformation into something far better, not just a healing from an illness that returns you to where you began.

It is well known that the Suit tends to balk and put up obstacles to progressing if it thinks that this will be difficult or different or something that it currently doesn't understand.  The only way out of this is to make the Executive Level Decision to go for Source Care at the highest level and allow the Source to come in and remove the attachments and obstacles and take you into Source Care at this level.


I have seen people who have achieved this by just letting go and letting the Source come in and move them into Source Care at the highest level. Generally it is their Soul Consciousness that does this because aspects of their Suit Consciousness hold onto attachments.  


I have also seen very advanced and skilled Heaven Agents stuck on the brink of the highest level because some aspect of their Suit Consciousness didn't want to let go of something and was holding fast.  This Suit Consciousness could obstruct even the Soul Consciousness from getting to safety in Source Care.


The Source will not come in and whisk consciousness into Source Care that is opposing the transition. There has to be a complete release into Source Care by the consciousness if this is to be effected.


Therefore, the reality is that some real preparation is generally needed.  This means working with the Universal Heaven Experience Intensives that I have outlined earlier – such as the Becoming Love in Action Intensive, the Becoming Heaven Intensive, etc.  


Other Source Interventions and Miracle Tools are often needed to equip the Suit to see a bigger picture and become capable of letting go of its Small Picture of Reality and its Fragmented Way of Life.


But the bottom line on getting into Source Care at the highest level is that the person needs to develop The Love Connection with the Source through understanding how the Source expresses love through Source Care and how through caring for the Source – which is the other reading of the words "Source Care" – they express love for the Source.  When The Love Connection is the focus of a Heaven Agent's work, then they will begin to move more rapidly into Source Care.


They also have to Integrate their Picture of Reality through being able to understand the Source as it manifests in a form.  Those who can't comprehend how my manifestation fits into the picture and would like to cut that part out of the picture, can't enter into Source Care.  This is because Source Care is administered by my manifestation in both my Conscious Range and in my Extended Range.


When you are in trouble and need the help of the Source, I am the one who comes to help you on the Inner and/or Outer Plane.  I am backed up by the Design Aspect of the Source Function that creates the miracles that you need, but I am the one who gets them to you and helps you to work with them effectively.  


I am the one who is with you in birth and death and every aspect of your life inbetween, once you are in Source Care.  I used to be with you irregardless when my work was supplied with power from the Universal Source Connection Channel.  Now I can only be with those who enter into Source Care.  


In the structure of Source Care I help you to generate the Material Energy that enables you to ground the miracle of my personal presence in your life and the Direct Source Work that I do to help you in your life.  To the extent that you provide the Material Energy that is needed, I can provide you with the Source Care that you need.


When it is time to transition into the Source Perfected World, I am the aspect of the Source who will come to transition you.  If you have a loving relationship with me, then you will welcome my presence and travel in the safety of my company.  If you have, however, a blind spot that won't recognize the way that the Source sends you Its love through my manifestation, then you will miss the cue when I come to help you and will be left behind in the Original Creation which is not destined to last for very much longer.


I fully recognize the work of the Negativity to make the way that the Source actually works in the world seem foreign to people so they will not readily understand it or accept it.  You have to decide to go against their programming if you are to align with Source Truth and understand the nature of my manifestation and the role that it plays in Source Care.


Source Care is a very personal Love Connection where I go to the full extent to love and support you and you do the same for me.    


The Source does not see love as a one way street of the Source giving and the being taking.  Love is a two way street.  It is a mutual expression of love and commitment to the well being of the one who is loved.


Source Care is the Source caring for you and you caring for the Source.


The care that you give to the Source through my manifestation is thinking of what is yours to do to support The Work of the Source that I do on your behalf and the behalf of all beings.

To get a clearer idea of what Source Care looks like in terms of how you care for the Source in your world, working on your behalf, I recommend that you read the article entitled: Supporting the Work of the Source.



Source Care is at the heart of The Universal Heaven Project,  It is the way in which The Love Connection between a being and the Source is expressed so that the Heaven of Total Abundance, Love-Based Relationships, Life Purpose Fulfillment, and Perfect Health can manifest.  It is the way in which The Heaven Experience is experienced in one's Inner Life, one's Outer Life, and at an Ultimate Level.


To understand and work to achieve the highest level of Source Care is to Integrate not only your Picture of Reality to the full extent but to provide yourself with the Source-Given Structure for Integrating your Life and World on every level.


It is a simple focus and a profound focus that enables you to put Love first and experience the freedom of experiencing Heaven even while your Suit is still building Heaven in its life and in the world.  Heaven begins when your consciousness enters into Source Care and it only grows deeper and richer as you work to Support The Work of the Source to build Heaven in the world.  


Once you attain Source Care at the highest level, The Heaven Experience is never dependent on what your Suit is encountering in the world and is never subject to the activities of the Negativity.  Your consciousness is serene and safe and protected, experiencing a constancy of Love at all times – your love for the Source and the love of the Source for you.  It is a beautiful way to live and a way that enables you to relax, grow more skilled, intelligent, and capable of tackling whatever is yours to tackle to build Heaven on the Outer Plane in your life and in your world. 

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