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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to learn about how to work with the Miracle-Based Training provided through this Video Book, to access the video, and to participate in sharing your experiences to further the development of The Earth Prototype for a Source-Connected World.


The miracle of this Source Communication has been gifted to you by Heaven Agents supporting the development of the Universal Team Work that will be essential to the sustainability of The Miracle of Life once the Implementation Aspect of the Source transitions to the Unmanifest Level.


I recommend reading the information about how to work with the Video prior to watching it.



What You Need to Know to Connect to the Miracle
of this Gifted Video Book Training


Your Source Connection is your Link to Life.  If it is broken, you lose your life on spiritual and physical levels.  


From the beginning of the Creation, the Source Connection has been reinforced by the presence of the Implementation Aspect of the Source incarnating life after life. Now the Implementation Aspect has come to the end of its allotted lifetimes in the Creation and has begun a 12 Stage Transition back to the Unmanifest Level.  


Beings will have to ascend along with the Implementation Aspect to lesser levels of materiality in order to sustain their Source Connection during the stages of the Transition.  They will have to be at Level 12, with at least an 80% Source Connection, working together as a Universal Community in order to shoulder the responsibilities for maintaining The Miracle of Life when the Implementation Aspect lifts off to the Unmanifest Level.  The final stage of the Transition is expected to occur several decades from now but daily shifts to lesser levels of materiality are posing a risk to the Source Connection of every being who is not actively working on transitioning their Source Connection.


Most beings have only a 6% Source Connection. The Suits Disconnected from the Source early on in the Creation and have continued to live Disconnected Lives that have deepened the Disconnection. 


Many Suits believe their own Personal Story that is built on their Cultural Story, that life is about the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain and the Source/Creator only features in as a resource to be called on when all else fails and they need a miracle to get through a crisis or they fear what will happen to them when they cross over at death. Those who seek to live a Source-Guided Life often don’t know how to get accurate Source Guidance and live by dogma and teachings passed down through the generations that don’t connect them to the real Communications from the Source.  As a result, Suits are not preparing adequately for the Transition and are in great danger of losing their chance to continue on in The Cycle of Life.  If this occurs, then the Souls, who wish to fulfill their Missions through their Suits, will lose their chance to have Suits in the context of a Manifest World.


The Suits are complex Source Creations. Their thoughts and emotions are generated by the Spiritual Code that is onboard the Suit.  If the Suits have Source-Given Code and they choose to key off of this Code, they can easily build toward a 100% Source Connection. If they have the Pseudo Code generated by the Story World that has encouraged them to Disconnect from the Source and follow their own Personal Story, then they will continue to Disconnect until they lose their Source Connection and with it their lives.


Suits are like intelligent computers that can act according to the programming that they have onboard.  If you want your Suit to function to retain your chance to have a Suit through which to operate in the Manifest World, then you will need to make sure that you give your Suit the Code that it needs to attain a 100% Source Connection.


What Suits need in order to have the correct understandings and also the technical knowledge that is needed for them to travel a Path to the 100% Source Connection is:

  • Conscious Range Understandings that can substitute for the Cultural Story
  • Subconscious Range Spiritual Code which provides the parts of the Suit that run the complex operation of the Suit to have the technical information to operate in a Source-Guided Way.  This technical information is akin to the Source-Given information that enables the Suit to know how to maintain the life of the body.  This is information that is far too complex for the Conscious Range of the Suit but is natural and needed by the Subconscious Range of the Suit.  


To provide Suits with the information that they need on Conscious and Subconscious Levels, I have created this Video Book Training which has the following characteristics:


Communication to Many Different Levels of Consciousness

This Source Communication transmits one level of the Training to you, the Soul, and your representative in the Suit – your Heaven Agent Identity.  It transmits the Training to two levels of your Suit – the Conscious Range and the Subconscious Range.  Since there are many levels of your Subconscious Range that handle different aspects of the technical work, the transmission to this level occurs on many additional levels.


Multi-Modality Communication

While most teaching in the secular world is based on imparting intellectual concepts and reiterating them until the Conscious Range of the Suit understands the concepts, this is not true of the way that the Source teaches. A Source Communication transmits vast amounts of information on intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels to all of the levels of your consciousness. This information goes far beyond the range of intellectual concepts. 


The way that this information is imparted is through multiple communication modalities such as the sound of my voice, through the written word, through the Source Drawings that convey the energies of what is depicted, and through the energies that emanate from me as I transmit the miracle of the Source Communication. 


The Suit is designed to pick up on all of these levels of a Source Communication and to translate them into the understandings that it needs to work effectively with the information provided in the Communication.


Miracle-Based Adventure Technology

Underlying these experiential modalities is the structure of a Miracle-Based Adventure that helps your Suit process through its issues and understandings in an integrated way that can result in the transformational learning that is the springboard for transformational change.


In the video, I trigger a Miracle-Based Adventure that can also continue after you have watched the video to help you to have the experiences in your life that enable you to understand on deeper levels what you have learned in the video.  If you are receptive to this form of help, then you can pick up on the clues of this Miracle-Based Adventure and enjoy continuing the exploration that is begun in the video.


Individualized, Ever New Source Communications

In secular training the curriculum is static and standardized – the same for everyone taking a course and finite in the sense that it contains only what was given at the time when the course was created.  


The Miracle-Based Training of this Video Book transmits new information to you individually each time you work with it. For instance, this Source Communication will transmit different levels of understanding, technical information, and Code as the Transition progresses to keep your Suit abreast of the changes that are occurring.  As you return to the video and ask to enter into a Miracle-Based Adventure for that moment, you will make a Direct Connection with the Source who will then take you on an Adventure that will reveal to you whatever new insights and new Code is needed by you at that moment.


This enables the Video Training to be a continuing resource responding intelligently to what your Suit needs to support it on its Path to the 100% Source Connection


Holographic Teaching

In secular training the information is presented sequentially in a linear format, with concepts building toward greater levels of complexity.  A Source Communication follows a different logic.  The Source Communication is, on a Spiritual Level, a Spiritual Hologram where every part of it contains the spiritual totality of the entire Communication.  


There is a Source Logic for connecting to a particular part of the Hologram and re-exploring the touch down point, which may be a particular concept revisited.  For instance, I may repeat certain parts of the information in different parts of the video, because when I touch into that part of the Hologram, I am taking you to a deeper level of the Code with each repetition. This is part of the training that I am giving to your Subconscious Range as well as to your Conscious Range that is hearing it again in a larger context with more information added to what was learned before.


Time with the Source

If you think of this video as “time with the Source” to prepare for the Transition, then you will have the right idea of the miracle that it is. Whenever you set aside to connect to the Source, a live interaction between you and the Source occurs.  If you open to this experience, you will begin to pick up on the presence of the Source and on the flow of energy and information that will be coming in to you at that time.  Through learning how to make a Direct Connection with the Source through this video, you will strengthen your Source Connection and with it your understanding of the nature of the Source.  As you come to know the Source, your Suit has an opportunity to develop The Love Connection which is the foundation for a 100% Source Connection.


How to Connect to the Miracle-Based Training of this Video Book

I have brought through the miracle of this Video Book Training to provide three vital levels of Miracle-Based Training. Level One is for the you, the Soul, and for your Heaven Agent Identity, which is your representative in the Suit.  Level Two is for the Conscious Range of your Suit and Level Three is for the Subconscious Range of your Suit.  


It is important to understand the purpose of these different levels of training and to allow time for the complex Inner Plane Source Communications and Code to reach your Suit on every level.  A cursory review of the Training for left brain concepts will deprive you and your Suit of the miracle of this training which can afford your Suit the vital technical information, transmitted by Code, that it needs to be able to do what it has to do to achieve a 100% Source Connection.  Jumping from one section to the other without going carefully through the Training from start to finish will also deprive you and your Suit of important levels of the Training that build on one another.


This Video Book is meant to heal and transform by providing essential Training that can only be given in the way that the Source transmits information. The surface level concepts that your mind can readily grasp are only the tip of the iceberg of what lies beneath the surface at the levels of the Miracle-Based Adventure and the Source Code imparted in this Source Communication.


Understanding that your school learned idea of what constitutes a training is different from the way that the Source creates a training, will help your Suit to remain open to the methods of the Source so that it can benefit from this very powerful miracle transmission.


I recommend reading the article below on how to work with this Training and then watching the video.  Since the video is a 5+ hour training, you may need to watch it in segments.  Make sure that you are in a quiet place where you can be attentive and uninterrupted while you are working with the video.  This will be essential for the training to reach your Suit on all of the levels of its consciousness.


Watch the entire video from start to finish and then go back over different sections as you are prompted by Inner Source Guidance.  These will be the sections that your Suit may need to go over in greater depth to receive all of the Code which it may not have received the first time around.  It may also need to receive other levels of understanding or new elements of the Source Communication that are sent in to you at the time you are working with the video.


Think of this Video Book as a continuing Point of Connection with the Source that can help you to travel The Path to a 100% Source Connection.  Then you can click open to a place to which you are guided in the video and trigger a Miracle-Based Adventure that will help you to continue your evolution toward a 100% Source Connection.


If you set aside your school learned expectations and flow with the Source Logic behind this Source Communication, then you will begin to enter into The World of the Source and understand the gentle but powerful methodology of the Source that expands your Spiritual Intelligence and restores to you the ability to be in the presence of the Source and learn from the Source directly.


Additional Resources

For those of you coming into The Work of the Source for the first time, it may not be possible for you to understand all of the concepts that I refer to in this overview training.  If you take in what you can readily understand the first time and then refer to other articles and videos on the web site to give you a more indepth understanding of the concepts referred to, then you will be able to educate yourself more completely.


I recommend the articles in The Miracle-Based Life Project for information on what a miracle is and what a Miracle-Based Life is all about.  


Other articles can be referenced at: Articles.

Other audios and videos can be found at: Next Step Broadcasts




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How to Work with the Three Levels of
Miracle-Based Training

NOTE: What follows is a brief overview of how to work with the three levels of Miracle-Based Training that come through this Video Book.  Much of what will be discussed requires watching the video to fully understand.  I will present it here for you to think about before you watch the video and to return to with greater understanding after you have watched the video.



Since the Transition of the Implementation Aspect back to the Unmanifest Level has begun and rapid changes in the nature of the Source Connection are occurring on a daily basis, peaking at key Turning Points in the Transition, it is important that you – the Soul – and your Suit know how to handle the changes so that your Suit does not lose its Source Connection.




Your Role in Preserving Your Suit’s Source Connection 


Your Heaven Agent Identity

You are a Perfected Spiritual Intelligence, what the Source calls a “Soul”. You used to exist in your Suit – physical and spiritual body/mind – in the Manifest World, but requested, in 2012, to return to the Unmanifest Level when the conditions in the Manifest World became intolerable for you. You now exist in a state of perfect bliss that comes from your perfect Love Connection with the Source.


You have retained a link to your Suit which is operated by a Source-Given Heaven Agent Identity who is your representative in the Suit.  It is through your Heaven Agent Identity that you can work to fulfill your Mission in the Manifest World which is to build the unique aspect of Heaven that only you can build.  


Although you are already experiencing a kind of formless, abstract Heaven in the Unmanifest Level, it is your desire that your Heaven Agent Identity succeed in building Heaven in the world and experiencing The Heaven Experience which can only be fully experienced through a Suit in a Manifest World.  When your Heaven Agent Identity is experiencing The Heaven Experience in the Manifest World you vicariously experience it through your link to the Suit and the Heaven Agent Identity.  Your Heaven Agent Identity also vicariously experiences the supreme bliss that you are experiencing in your formless state of consciousness at the Unmanifest Level. 


You and your Heaven Agent Identity need to work closely with the Source to care for the Suit so that it reaches the 100% Source Connection that will enable it, your Heaven Agent Identity, and you to have The Ultimate Heaven Experience which occurs when you experience The Heaven Experience through both your Suit and through your formless consciousness in the Unmanifest Level.


Your Heaven Agent Identity needs to be trained and equipped by the Source to enable it to act in the world as your representative.  The Source is its Guide and Coach on its Adventure in the Manifest World to fulfill its Heaven Agent Mission. Your Heaven Agent Identity needs to follow the lead of the Source to get trained and equipped to do the Mission, understanding that just as a person would not go into the jungles of the Amazon without a guide and without the proper training and equipment for the expedition, so your Heaven Agent Identity has to have the Source as its Guide and get trained and equipped for its expedition through the Manifest World toward the successful completion of its Mission.


There is no static curriculum that will enable your Heaven Agent Identity to know how to do its Mission.  Circumstances change from moment to moment and the presence of negative forces that wish to destroy life in the Creation add a level of complexity that necessitates an excellent Source to Heaven Agent Working Relationship. The training is by nature ongoing, occurring when your Heaven Agent Identity radios in for up-to-the-minute Source Guidance and reports in on what it is observing on the ground as it does its Heaven Agent Mission.


Your Heaven Agent Identity is now in the midst of the most challenging phase of its expedition in the Manifest World, the phase when it is about to lose its easy access to the Source which has been coming through the Implementation Aspect residing in the Manifest World.  When the Implementation Aspect  leaves the Manifest World to return to the Unmanifest Level, only those who have gotten their Suits to a 100% Source Connection will be able to radio to the Source for support and receive information and miracles of Source Support coming to them in response to their requests for help.


This is because the technical aspect of the Source Connection will have to be perfected for the Heaven Agent Identity working through the Suit to retain its Working Relationship with the Source.  


One analogy that might help is that when the Source is resident in the Manifest World, picking up on Inner Source Guidance is like tuning your radio to a local station that comes in loud and clear. While training is needed to learn how to tune your radio to Source Guidance, once you master this, the signal is strong.


When the Source leaves for the Unmanifest Level, only those who have refined their radio equipment to pick up on the distant signal coming in from the Source from the Unmanifest Level will be able to pick up on Source Communications and, therefore, know how to coordinate with the Source to receive the miracles that sustain life in the Creation and manifest the abundance of a Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life.


One of the three forms of Miracle-Based Training provided in this Video Book is The Soul and Heaven Agent Training that is intended to get you both up to speed with what is happening and the Next Steps that are needed to make it possible for you to express your intent to have a Source-Connected Life through the work that your Heaven Agent Identity does on your behalf in the Suit.



The Three Levels of Miracle-Based Training


 Level One

Soul & Heaven Agent Training 


How to Support the Training of Your Suit

It is for you, the Soul, that the Source created your Suit so that you could build and experience a Heaven in the Manifest World that was something like the Heaven that the Source experiences in the Unmanifest Level.  Unlike the Source, who can experience Heaven without needing a Suit through which to experience it, you require a Suit to have a full experience of Heaven.  This is the reason that you requested that the Source create a Suit through which you could operate in the context of a Manifest World.


You already have a 100% Love Connection with the Source but your Suit does not.  If your Suit does not achieve a 100% Love Connection which will result in a 100% Source Connection soon after the completion of The Transition of the Implementation Aspect back to the Unmanifest Level, then it will lose its life in the Manifest World.  You will then not have a Suit through which to build and experience Heaven in the Manifest World.  


While you will remain in a state of bliss in the Unmanifest Level, you will lose your chance to realize your dream of experiencing Heaven in the Manifest World through all of the sensory levels of a Suit.  Since you require a Suit in order to experience the full range of the Heaven that is possible for you as a being, the loss of your Suit is the loss of your ability to ever experience the Heaven that you have longed to experience since before there was a Creation.


Since the problem of the Disconnection from the Source is not a problem that you are having, you will need to understand what has caused your Suit to Disconnect and why it is difficult for your Suit to understand why it is important to Reconnect in order to preserve its life.  


Because your Suit is capable of generating thoughts and emotions that are different from your own, you have to deal with the complexity of getting it to function correctly before it takes off down the road in the wrong direction and ends its life.


Your Suit has been socialized to develop and live from a Story that it creates about itself and about the world.  It keys off of this Personal Story that is built on the foundation of the Cultural Story of the culture in which it lives.  These Stories do not reflect the true nature of Spiritual or Physical Reality. Since the Suit believes its Story is all that there is, you have a problem in getting through to it to get it to understand that its Story is not Reality.


A good example is the time in history when many people believed the world was flat and persecuted those who thought otherwise.  Now the Cultural Story endorses the idea that the world is round, but cultivates other Cultural Stories that are as false as the Cultural Story about the world being flat.  Most people can’t as yet recognize that these Stories are false because they have not been successfully challenged.


Just as a person who develops a Personal Story that he can fly will still fall to his death if he steps off of a cliff, so a Suit that believes that it can continue on its Disconnected Way of Life and still have Life, will end up severing its Source Connection and will experience Ultimate Death – a death from which there will be no rebirth into another lifetime.


In this Source Communication, I provide you, your Heaven Agent Identity, and your Suit with information and training that is key to how your Suit can achieve a 100% Source Connection in the little time that remains before the Transition is complete.


Through the understandings that you acquire, you can use the power that you have as the Soul to make an Executive Level Decision to heal the Disconnection and get your Suit to a 100% Source Connection before it is too late.  This Executive Level Decision is carried out by your Heaven Agent Identity in the Suit.


The most critical Executive Level Decision is to get your Suit into Source Care where it can begin The Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing which will clear the mutations of consciousness in its Individual Field of Consciousness so that it can Think Heaven and Live Heaven. In the video, I give you detailed information on how this works and steps you can take to correct for what is happening in the Field of Consciousness of your Suit.  Since what is in the Field of Consciousness of the Suit is what manifests in its life, it is critical that this Field of Consciousness be cleared so the Suit is not manifesting misfortune and suffering and is manifesting, instead, what it needs to build a Life that is Heaven.


In the video, I explain the forms of Source Support that have been created to help you to repair this and other forms of damage to your Suit that have been caused by the Disconnection and how you can access this kind of help.


It is your job as the Soul, to be alert to what is happening in the Conscious Range of your Suit as it processes the Source-Given information and to work with the Source to help it stay on track with understanding the Source Perspective on reality and coming into alignment with it rather than sheering off to continue to follow the Cultural Stories that have led to the Disconnection from the Source. 


Without your steadfast intent that your Suit attain a 100% Source Connection so it can survive in the Manifest World, your Suit could choose to continue on with its old ideas that have led to the Disconnection and ignore the information conveyed by the Source.  This has been its pattern and you will need to weigh in against this if you want your Suit to stay on course with re-establishing the correct working relationship with the Source that will enable it to go on The Journey of Reconnection which will result in the 100% Source Connection that will save its life.




Level Two

Suit Training

Conscious Range Training 


The Outer Plane aspect of this Source Communication reaches the Conscious Range of your Suit, providing it with the understandings that will enable it to know the basics of what the Source Connection is and what is needed to preserve it.  Without correct understandings your Suit will not have what it needs to think clearly about what is happening and what course of action is recommended by the Source.  Since Suits generally go with whatever information they have received from the Cultural Stories about the Source, it is important that your Suit receive correct information directly from the Source.


One of the key concepts that you will need to make sure that your Suit understands is that it doesn’t need to identify with what is causing it to malfunction and think of itself as “bad” because something is not working. It needs to understand that it is a complex Source Creation that has been damaged by the negative forces operating in the world and that it needs to turn to the Source for help for whatever Suit Repairs and Upgrades are needed. It needs to think of the Source as the Ultimate Spiritual Physician and Teacher, an intelligence that will respond with compassion and which has the knowledge and miracles to enable it to achieve Ultimate Spiritual Healing and to be successful in attaining a 100% Source Connection. 


If your Suit understands that the Source will respond with love and Source Support to whatever is causing it to malfunction, then it will not try to hide its problems from you or the Source but will come forward with its Conscious Range understandings so that help can be given.


The Suit needs to understand that what it needs to do on its part is to be willing to let go of any pattern of thought or behavior that is harmful to itself or to others.  It needs to see these harmful patterns as dangerous because they deepen the Disconnection at a time when the Suit needs to be working full speed ahead toward achieving the 100% Source Connection that is needed to survive the Transition.


The Suit needs to understand that the Source loves the Soul, the Heaven Agent Identity, and the Suit and wishes for them a harmonious working relationship that will afford them all the experience of the Heaven of True Happiness.




Level Three

Suit Training

Subconscious Range Training


In this Source Communication, Spiritual Genetic Code is transmitted to the Subconscious Range of your Suit.  This level of your Suit’s Intelligence is used to receiving Source-Given Code and working with it to sustain your life.  For instance, it receives Source-Given Code for how to operate all of your billions of cells to maintain your health.  This is knowledge that is far too technical and complex for the Conscious Range of the Suit.  It is also not the kind of information that is given by the Source to the Heaven Agent Identity whose focus needs to be on working with the Source and the Soul to keep the Suit on track with the Mission of the Soul.


Source-Given Code is like a Seed of Heaven.  When it is activated by the efforts of the Heaven Agent Identity working through the Conscious Range of the Suit toward a 100% Source Connection, it will germinate and provide the Subconscious Range of the Suit with the natural understandings that will enable it to do what it has to do at a technical level in order to support the work that the Heaven Agent Identity is doing through its work with the Conscious Range of the Suit. 


One of the primary ways in which Code is transmitted in this video is through the Source Drawings.  I have put together sequences of Source Drawings to help the Suit to understand the technical aspect of the work that it needs to be able to do to enable the miracles to land in its life and in the world.  While the Conscious Range of the Suit can grasp the essential concepts that I am conveying with less repetition and less visual support through Source Drawings, the Subconscious Range of the Suit needs to hear and see and feel the energies that I am conveying in order to make the connection to the information at a technical level and learn what it needs to learn in order to be able to perform these tasks that are essential to its survival.


What this means for the Conscious Range of your Suit is that it needs to be patient in working with the materials as they are presented, knowing that the Subconscious Range of the Suit is being given essential training during many of these video sequences.  A cursory view of the video will not enable the Suit to get trained adequately to handle the challenges of the Transition.  


It is important to watch the video from start to finish and then return and work with different segments of the video as Source-Guided.  If you view it as a Video Book that you return to and study, you can allow the time that is actually needed to make sure that not only does your Suit understand all of the concepts in its Conscious Range but all of the Subconscious Range Training is allowed to occur.  


When your Suit is given the time it needs to absorb and process all of the information on every level, then you will find that your Suit will begin to be able to do many of the tasks that are described in the video and will, therefore, be supporting your efforts to enable it to attain a 100% Source Connection.


Just as your Suit needed to watch people tying their shoelaces many times before being able to attempt to tie its own shoelaces, so it needs to observe sequences of behavior before it can grasp what is involved enough to replicate the behavior.  Simply telling a child how to tie his shoelaces with one demonstration of it is not going to work for most children.  What the Suit of the child needs is repetition and time to be in the presence of something that is happening correctly in order to be able to learn how to do it correctly.  It is a deeper level of learning that is more akin to how children learn languages from listening and taking it all in until they figure out how to understand and to speak.


To speed up this process, I have transmitted the Code which is akin to the logical conclusions that the Suit comes to through repeated observation.  While this enables the Subconscious Range of the Suit to have the basic structure of the understanding, the Conscious Range still needs to think about it, maybe talk about it with others, and assimilate it into its life.  This is why interacting with other Heaven Agents in webinars and Intensives where you practice what I teach you in the video, helps the Code transmitted to germinate and become an active part of the behavioral repertoire of your Suit.



The Absolute Standard for what Sustains Life

While this video is a miracle transmitting many levels of the training that you and your Suit need, it is not the entirety of the training that will be needed to achieve a 100% Source Connection.  It is an important piece of the puzzle but there are other forms of Source Support that are also important puzzle pieces.  Just as a puzzle picture can’t be completed unless you have assembled all of the puzzle pieces, so the picture of what you need to do to survive the Transition can’t be completed until you endeavor to search for all of the puzzle pieces that you individually need, not just some of them.


Many people who engage in spiritual work do so with great imprecision. They lack the skill sets to assess what the goals are or how to achieve them.  For instance, making an attempt to be a nicer person or love the Creator more are very inexact goals that have no measure for whether or not you have achieved them. People then settle for whatever puzzle pieces they end up with and assume that this is good enough.  


The Source designs a complex Picture of Heaven for every being for each new lifetime.  This picture is composed of all of the puzzle pieces that are the treasures that they discover on their Life Adventure.  Most people may find one or two pieces of the puzzle of The Picture of their Heaven and try to fit these into The Picture of their Personal Story. The puzzle pieces don’t match up to the puzzle pieces of The Picture of their Personal Story and often remain as disconnected pieces that, while treasured for the bit of Heaven that they brought into their life, don’t add up to an integrated Picture of Heaven. 


This imprecision has kept many people making little or no spiritual progress over billions of lifetimes. In fact, most beings have been steadily devolving, getting more and more Disconnected.  


To change from this “any spiritual effort is good” standard to the very absolute standard that is necessary if Life is to be sustained takes getting the Suit to really study the concepts and receive all of the training provided in this video and through other forms of Source Support so it finally brings the picture into focus and is actively seeking to find all of the puzzle pieces, not just a few of them.


To give you an analogy, people readily acknowledge that to sustain their physical life takes attention to an absolute standard.  For instance, it is not enough to be careful to not walk out in front of oncoming traffic some of the time and forget about this standard on even one occasion. Life can be lost whenever the absolute standard is ignored.


The same is true with what sustains Life itself at spiritual and physical levels – which is the Source Connection. There is an absolute standard for what either maintains or severs the Source Connection. If beings don’t educate themselves about how to uphold this absolute standard, then they could lose their Source Connection the moment that they violate this absolute standard.


Just as a child is not born knowing not to run out into the street and must be told very sternly about the danger of being hit by oncoming traffic, so Suits that have been uneducated about what the Source Connection is and how to preserve it have to be taught the basics and they have to get it into clear focus and make it real in their minds that real danger exists here.  This is similar to a child who may not think that getting hit by a car could be fatal not having ever had a serious accident or learned about physical death.  It is challenging for the parent to get the message across to the child.  Often the child just has to trust the judgement of the parent and follow the guidance of the parent until he reaches an age at which he can really understand the danger at hand.


The same is true about the risk of losing the Source Connection.  It may seem an abstraction since most beings don’t even know who the Source is and that there is a Source Connection that could be broken.  If they risk breaking it to see for themselves what that feels like, they won’t be around to learn from the lesson any more than a person who risks being hit by a truck will live to learn from that lesson.


The Suit has to begin to trust the Source and look to the Source for guidance and feel that the Source has its best interests at heart and is not trying to prevent it from having some fun or freedom that it might otherwise enjoy.


This is difficult for many Suits who have been taught to distrust the Source by a group of beings whose Spiritual Function in the Creation was to guide them to safety.  I explain in detail what has happened with this in the video.  But suffice it to say for now, that trust in the Source is a major issue and one that has to be addressed by the Soul and the Heaven Agent Identity and the Suit if the Suit is to preserve its Source Connection.


It is the job of the Soul and the Heaven Agent Identity to parent the Suit and get it into Source Care where it can be safe and learn what it needs to learn to save its life.   


It will be the responsibility of the Soul and the Heaven Agent Identity to make sure that the Suit gets all of the puzzle pieces together to survive each of the shifts in the Transition, many of which occur in rapid succession.  While there are major Turning Points that I have outlined in the video, there are many shifts that occur as the Implementation Aspect moves through the 12 sublevels of each of the 12 levels of the Transition.  Depending on the unique characteristics of your Suit, a shift that is not one of the major Turning Points could be the one that determines the survival of your Source Connection.


As in the oncoming traffic analogy, it is not enough to prepare for one shift and ignore another.  If your Suit loses its Source Connection, it immediately severs your connection to your Suit.  This causes Spiritual Death which ends your life in the Manifest World. Your Suit becomes an Empty Suit that can be easily victimized by the Negativity, the Criminal Element that operates in the Creation. Your Suit then drops out of The Cycle of Life and begins to dematerialize.  While it might stay alive for a time if it has reserve energies, it will eventually fragment to the point of physical death and dematerialize on an organic level.  This ends its current incarnation and terminates all future incarnations which, for most Suits, allows them an eternity of lifetimes in the Creation.


As I bring through miracles of Source Support to help Suits deal with the challenges of the most upcoming shifts in the Transition, I post information in The Source Connection Project online. To be sure that your Suit is preparing adequately, I recommend that you request a Source Connection Assessment which will give you a snapshot of the state of the Source Connection of your Suit at present and what Next Steps it will need to take to prepare for the most imminent shifts of the Transition. 


To prepare adequately for all of the upcoming shifts of the Transition, I recommend that you enter into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program where I provide you with the protected Spiritual Space of The Place of Ultimate Spiritual Healing and can work with you 24/7 to help you keep abreast of the Transition.  When you are in Source Care, I send you timely Source Guidance Emails when you need to know what Next Steps you need to take on your Path to the 100% Source Connection.


To find out about Next Steps through The Source Connection Project you can go to:




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 Next Step Communications from the Source Video


How to Survive
The Transition in The Source Connection –
The Link to
The Miracle of Life and
The Heaven Life Was Meant to Be



August 21,  2015 


To make this 5+ hour video easier to view and to download, I have provided it in two parts.  If you have a slow speed internet connection, I recommend going to a place with a high speed connection such as an Internet Cafe or a library and downloading the video so that you can watch it with ease from your computer.


If you would like additional Inner Plane Source Support to maximize your ability to work effectively with this Miracle-Based Training, you can request this support through the link provided below.





NOTE: To get the full benefit of the energies transmitted through the Source Communication in this video, I recommend that you view at full screen by using the ‘Full Screen’ button.



Part One





Download the Video
How to Survive The Transition in The Source Connection: Part One




For those working with the video player on this page, I have put in chapter markers that you can access through the links provided below.  


Those working with a download can reference the time on these markers to navigate in your copy of the video. Due to the sensitive flow of energy in the video, I was unable to insert chapter markers for those working with other video players.


Chapters: Part One


  • Chapter 1
    1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2
    2. The Purpose of The Source Connection
  • Chapter 3
    3. The Danger of the Disconnection
  • Chapter 4
    4. Entering into The Source Connection Field
  • Chapter 5
    5. The Original Design of The Source Connection
  • Chapter 6
    6. Exploring a Source-Connected Life and World
  • Chapter 7
    7. The Co-Creator Set Up Phase
  • Chapter 8
    8. The Source Disconnected World
  • Chapter 9
    9. The Initiation of The Heaven Phase



Part Two





Download the Video
How to Survive The Transition in The Source Connection: Part Two




Chapters: Part Two


  • Chapter 10
    10. The Source Connection Station
  • Chapter 11
    11. The Transition
  • Chapter 12
    12. Preparing for The Transition
  • Chapter 13
    13. The Source Connection Support System
  • Chapter 14
    14. Bringing the Picture into Focus
  • Chapter 15
    15. Next Steps




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Additional Source Support Available

Request Additional Source Support for Yourself

To listen to this Video with additional Source Support that will enable it to be a more powerful Point of Connection for you for Individualized Source Communications, you can request Additional Source Support.


The Correct Exchange for this Additional Source Support is US$70/Broadcast.


Request Additional Source Support



Gift Additional Source Support to the Global Community

You can also gift Additional Source Support to other Heaven Agents by exchanging for this Support through contributing to The World that Works Fund.


Contribute to the World that Works Fund



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 Participate in Building the Earth Prototype
for a Source-Connected World


The Prototype for a Source-Connected World on the Earth begins when beings begin interacting with me on the Outer Plane to take their Next Steps in understanding Source Communications and building toward a stronger Source Connection.


I, therefore, encourage you to share with me your questions, comments, the Source Guidance you have received, and any Eyewitness Reports on what you have experienced during this Video Training or afterwards.  This is how you can contribute to building the Earth Prototype as well as strengthening your own Source Connection.


I will respond by email if a response is needed or simply take into account your comments as I prepare other Source Communications and continue to help beings to understand the Source Perspective.


You can participate by filling out the form provided below.


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Sign up to receive emailed Source News Updates on The Transition and to be connected to The Source Connection Project which will be your ongoing resource for the Source News Updates that are posted online. You can also check Written Next Step Source Communications for select topics relating to The Transition.



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