The Inner Plane Headphones Miracle


The Headphones Miracle is a Miracle Tool, by which I mean that it is an object to which the Source has linked a miracle transforming it into a Miracle Tool. Miracle Tools are to Heaven Agents what the hammer and saw are to carpenters. They are the Tools they use to build Heaven in their lives and in their world.


In the case of the Headphones Miracle, the object to which the miracle is linked is not a pair of Outer Plane Headphones but Inner Plane Headphones. This makes the Headphones Miracle what I call an Inner Plane Miracle Tool. The object – in this case the Headphones – exists only on the Spiritual Level of Reality as an energy form – an ethereal or spiritual pair of Headphones. If you have developed your Spiritual Senses you can see and feel these Inner Plane Headphones and relate to them much like you would a set of Outer Plane Headphones that you can perceive with your five senses.


The Inner Plane Headphones look like the kind of Headphones that have a band that goes over the top of your head with earphones that cover your entire ear. They are the kind of Headphones that you might use to listen to a CD Player.


What the Headphones Miracle does is to provide an integrating energy that helps your Spiritual Brain to have Whole Brain Functioning. This occurs when your Right Brain and Left Brain coordinate well with your Mid-Brain. When your Spiritual Brain functions in this integrated way, you are able to see the Whole Picture, not just a Partial Picture of what is going on in any given situation.


When the Left Brain dominates you see only what is considered “normal” and “expected” within your culture. When the Right Brain dominates you may see what is happening on the Spiritual Level of Reality but not know how this fits in with what is happening on the Physical Level of Reality. When your Mid-Brain malfunctions you see only bits and pieces of what the Right and Left Brain sees and only partial pictures of the Source Communications that come into the Mid-Brain. The result is a fragmented picture of reality.

Because most people lack Whole Brain Functioning, they see a Partial Picture of what is going on in their lives. When they make decisions based on this Partial Picture, they make mistakes which cause suffering and prevent them from having the Heaven that would have otherwise been theirs to enjoy.


When you wear the Inner Plane Headphones you have a kind of intuitive knowing of what is happening that just comes to you faster than you can think through the various aspects of a situation. It is like looking at someone you have never met before and really getting how they are in their life and how they are likely to react to you.


While most people have the ability to pick up first impressions that are fairly accurate, most people lose this ability once they get to know someone. Their impressions of them become filtered through the concepts they have formed about them. If they put a label on a person that they are a “nice person”, for example, they may not see some of the manipulative maneuvers that person makes because they are no longer looking for that kind of thing and are thinking that everything the person does is “nice” and to be trusted. It often takes something shocking to startle them into realizing that the person is not matching up to the label that they have put on them.


Young children are known to be good at seeing the whole picture much more readily than adults. This is because in the first 5 years of life children have a much higher level of Whole Brain Functioning. This is the essence of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” story where it took a small child in the audience to announce that the Emperor had no clothes. The adults were influenced by the social concept that they had come to admire the Emperor’s new clothes and that, therefore, he must be wearing new clothes that were to be admired. They were ignoring the part of them that could see that he didn’t, in fact, have on any new clothes at all. Again the label put on the situation can override the capacity to see the truth of what is happening in the situation.


The beauty of the Headphones Miracle is that it sharpens your intuitive intelligence and enables you to begin to “know” intuitively the essence of what is going on even in very complex situations.


For instance, if you have an important decision to make, you can, with the Headphones Miracle, bring into focus the situation as a whole. Seeing more will enable you to sense how your proposed Plan of Action is going to play out. Such foresight can save you from costly mistakes that create loss and trouble in your life.


Through wearing the Headphones continuously, you will begin to bring through the Whole Picture in more and more instances in your life. While there will be a learning curve to integrate these intuitive insights into active decision making, the clearer intuitive understandings will begin to provide you with enough information to make better decisions.


The Correct Exchange for this Miracle

The Heaven Agents working with me in a Webinar in The Miracle School have provided the energies needed to ground this miracle which is now available for everyone. For this reason there is no need for any further exchange. So, for you, the Headphones Miracle is a gift from the Source who created it and a gift from your fellow Heaven Agents who provided the energies that grounded it so you could enjoy it as well.


How to Connect to the Miracle

To receive the Gift of the Headphones Miracle, all you need to do is to say the words, silently within your own mind, “Dream Heaven to receive the Headphones Miracle”. I will then hear your request and send you the miracle on the Inner Plane.


If you have developed your Spiritual Senses you may see and feel the Headphones when they appear on your head. You may then begin to pick up more about every situation you bring into focus. You can then very quickly progress to bringing the Whole Picture into focus in your conscious mind.


If you have not developed your Spiritual Senses, then this means that you have very little Whole Brain Functioning. The Headphones will begin supporting the development of Whole Brain Functioning. It may take time before you begin to use your Spiritual Brain correctly so that you can begin to see the Whole Picture. As you progress, you will begin to pick up more intuitive information and gradually will begin to allow this intuitive information to come into your conscious mind. In time, you will regain the Whole Brain Functioning that you enjoyed as a small child and then will go on to develop the level of Whole Brain Functioning needed to enable you to readily perceive the miracles that manifest Heaven in your life.


Eyewitness Reports

I gave the Headphones Miracle to a man in the U.S. He and his family were chosen by my Source Function as the ones to Prototype this miracle. Through a series of Soul Talk Communications on the Inner Plane, I watched as he reacted to the miracle and shared his Eyewitness Report with me. In these Soul Talk Communications I was talking to his Soul and not to him on the Outer Plane, in his conscious mind, but I could see that the insights he was sharing with me in our conversations were also registering in an aspect of his consciousness that would inform his conscious mind.


In our conversation, he commented that he could immediately see that his decision to sell his company was a mistake – that if he held onto it for a few more years that he would make far more money from the company than from any other business venture that he could start up in this lifetime. This insight ensured him of a prosperous future and saved him from years of regret over making a bad business decision.


I also gave the Headphones Miracle to this man’s three sons, ages 5, 15, & 18. They immediately noticed the difference in their ability to see the truth about themselves and about one another. The older siblings immediately could see the Soul of the 5 year old who they had formerly considered more of a tag-along and could appreciate the opportunity that they had to be with this beautiful being in this lifetime. The 5 year old could see himself and his brothers for the Spiritual Beings that they were and awakened to a much bigger perspective on himself, his family, and his life.


The mother of the family was very enthusiastic about the Headphones. I could see that they were giving her deep spiritual understandings that had been totally lacking in her life previously. She and her husband were not spiritually inclined. They believed in love as an important organizing focus for their lives but they had no opinion about the nature of spiritual reality and hadn’t been particularly interested in exploring anything beyond the commonplace things of their world. The Headphones Miracle opened them up to a whole new vision and to a world of possibilities that had never been a part of their experience previously.


To Contribute an Eyewitness Report

To give us your Eyewitness Report once you have connected to the miracle, you can go to Eyewitness Reports and fill out the Participation Form you will find there.


Your Eyewitness Report could be featured in an upcoming Miracle Watch Update.


Sharing the Miracle

One way to balance the exchange with the Source for the Gift of these miracles is to share the news of them with others. In this way you can help others to build the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


I recommend that you copy and paste this Miracle Watch Update about the miracle into an email of your own and send it to your list.


The more people who benefit from the miracles the faster we can build Heaven on Earth. Your email to someone may be the life altering event that puts them on the Road to a Life that is Heaven.



The Outer Plane Headphones Miracle

For many years I have provided Heaven Agents with a pair of Outer Plane Headphones that performed at a much higher level of power than the Inner Plane Headphones Miracle described in this section.


Because of the greater amount of power that can be put into an Outer Plane Headphones Miracle, a more powerful miracle could be linked to the Headphones themselves.


Heaven Agents using the Headphones felt a very pronounced increase in their mental and emotional clarity and in their ability to hear Source Guidance.  Many would wear the Miracle Headphones whenever they wanted to relax and allow their minds to go into a deeper state of rest and rejuvenation.  They were also helpful in sharpening the Spiritual Mind to aid in problem solving and learning at higher levels of efficiency.  Students used them to help them in their studies. When Heaven Agents were having a challenging day, they would often wear their Miracle Headphones for hours in the day to settle out their thoughts and emotions and enable them to come through with their Mission at full capacity.


While I am no longer providing the actual Headphones, if you are interested in this Miracle Tool, you can purchase Headphones and ask me to link the miracle to the Headphones you provide.  You can then enjoy the same supportive energies that the other Heaven Agents have enjoyed.


It is important to purchase headphones that have a band over the head and a padded earpiece that fully covers your ears.  These more substantial kind of headphones give me an object that is sturdy enough to hold the kind of Miracle Link that make the headphones perform at this level of power.


To find out more you can go to The Miracle Headphones page.


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