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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

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This is the place where you can come to learn about The Personal Shield and The Personal Shield Campaign.  For further information you can reference The Resource Directory below.



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About Miracle-Based Source Solutions

The Source has created Source Solution Miracles that empower you, as a Source-Directed Activist, to alleviate suffering in your life and in the world and to manifest The Heaven that Life Was Meant to Be. 


These Source Solution Miracles enable you to act as both a Source-Directed Spiritual & Social Activist bringing about the healing and transformation that is needed on the Inner Plane, the Spiritual Level of Reality, as well as catalyzing the social change that is needed on the Outer Plane, the Physical Level of Reality.  


Through a combination of Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism, you can work together with other Source-Directed Activists to build an abundant, Love-Based World in which all beings can have The Heaven Experience, the experience of quintessential happiness and fulfillment. 


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The Personal Shield in Focus 

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The Personal Shield 

The Personal Shield Overview

How to Request The Personal Shield

The Personal Shield Campaign  


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 The Personal Shield

The Personal Shield is an Energy Shield programmed to ward off Inner Plane attack.  It was first prototyped with the Race and Gender Shields that are designed to ward of Spiritual Electrical Attacks on the Suit that can derail the Spiritual Electrical functioning of the Suit and lead to a derailment of the central nervous system of the biological Suit.


The Race and Gender Shields were grounded by the Material Energy provided by The Universal Heaven Agent Network which included many Heaven Agents working on the Earth who contributed very materialized energy to ground these Shields.  These Shields are so powerful that they can provide protection to anyone being targeted by the Negativity for any reason relating to race or gender.  They can protect the discriminated against race or gender as well as those who stand up for them who are targeted because they are interrupting the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity that foments race and gender conflict in order to break down its victims and make them ripe for the Harvest.


While these major Shields offer powerful protection, there are only two of them in existence.  Many more major Shields of this sort are needed to protect different endangered groups of people in the population. Since it takes enormous amounts of Material Energy to create a single Shield that will work for an endangered category of beings and Heaven Agents on the front lines of spiritual and social change need greater protection right now, I asked the Design Aspect if there was a Personal Shield that could be created for an individual Heaven Agent.  

The Design Aspect created a Personal Shield that can protect beings from damaging Spiritual Electrical Currents whether these are produced intentionally as a form of attack or whether they result from an imbalance in a Suit that causes the Suit to eject Spiritual Electrical Currents that are dangerous to other Suits.


Deflecting Spiritual Electrical Attack

The Design Aspect created a Personal Shield that deflects any kind of Spiritual Electrical Attack. These different kinds of electrical attacks include but are not limited to:

  • Spiritual Electrical System Attacks that are designed to derail the central nervous system of the physical body
  • Hate Current Attacks that are designed to disrupt the Love Currents sent by the Source that sustain the delicate current-based inner communications of spiritual intelligence in the Suit.  When the Love Currents are disrupted, the Suit loses Spiritual Integration and begins to experience Spiritual Fragmentation. Spiritual Fragmentation disrupts the spiritual system which then undermines the physical system. 
  • Pulsation Attacks are strobe like currents that blast the Suit intermittently, jarring it out of its natural Rhythm of Life.  If the Rhythm of Life that coordinates all healthy spiritual and biological processes is disrupted, then serious mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual disease can set in.
  • Encapsulation Attacks where a person is encapsulated in an energy container created by the Negativity and electrical currents that disrupt Suit functioning bombard the Suit from all sides continuously until the inner Logic of Life is lost and the Suit loses its ability to govern itself on any level. This is the worst form of an electrical attack.  It is what the Negativity uses to shatter a being so that they become a constellation of Energy Fragments that then drift apart.  Each Fragment is a Fragment of Consciousness in a state of extreme anguish that can never be ameliorated because it is not in the structure of a Suit that can process the trauma and work through it to a place of inner peace. Fragments such as this are often used by the Negativity to attack others because being in the presence of a Fragment of this sort is like being in an electrical field of extreme chaos that disrupts the Logic of Life in other beings even without them being in an Encapsulation Container. The Source is working to disintegrate these Fragments to stop the anguish and protect others.


Since the goal of the Negativity is to break down Suits so they can be invaded and the Life Energies syphoned off, tactics such as Spiritual Electrical Attacks are often used to accelerate the harvesting process. Even though the Negativity has, in large part, backed off of these attack tactics since the March 2018 Transition in order to avoid falling out of The Network of Intelligence that sustains their physical existence, there are terrorist Hell Agents who are willing to die in order to do damage to others. They remain a threat because they don't care if they fall out of The Network of Intelligence.


The Personal Shield will appear wherever there is an attack. If a Heaven Agent is attacked from all sides, the Shield will manifest different size forms of itself to protect whatever part of the Suit or Auric Field is being attacked.


Deflecting Fragmenting Electrical Currents from Imbalanced Suits

The Personal Shield is also designed to deflect Spiritual Electrical Currents and Spiritual Electrical Waves that can be as devastating as an attack but which arise from the Spiritual Electrical imbalance of another Suit.  Many Suits will go through a period of adjustment as The Substratum takes them rapidly to Level 11.6.5 by December 2018.  During a period of adjustment a Suit can produce fragmenting Spiritual Electrical Currents and Waves that are damaging to other Suits.  


While changes in the level of immateriality can result in arching Spiritual Electrical Currents, these can also occur when a Suit is very ill or injured, becomes insane and can't control its energies, is very emotionally overwhelmed with grief or rage or shock, or is engaging in Outer Plane violence against themselves or against others.


As Suits become more immaterial, the sudden surges of imbalanced Spiritual Electrical Energy will be more damaging because the Suits will be more delicate as they become more immaterial.  Rather than being like a concrete structure they will be more like a dandelion flower that has gone to seed and can more easily be blown away.


The Personal Shield will, as in the case of an attack, appear wherever it is needed to ward off the Spiritual Electrical Currents that are produced by imbalanced Suits.


The Heaven Ray

Using The Heaven Ray in an Attack

Because the Shield does not destroy the attacking energy but only deflects it, Heaven Agents will need to use their Heaven Ray – which every Suit has been given by the Source – to eliminate the attacking energies and the negativity in the being(s) launching the attack. The Heaven Ray sends out Source Love which dissolves the negativity of Ill Will which is what is behind every attack.  It also destroys the negative structures created by the Negativity that exist as Inner Plane weapons and as implants in other beings that direct Suits to give their energy to the attack.  


The Heaven Ray never destroys what is Source-Created and so it is not a method for damaging others but for healing others and healing the world by clearing it of the negative energy that is damaging.  Entities, which are Thought Forms that have become automated intelligences operating according to the programming of the Thought Form, are destroyed by the Heaven Ray. They are not Source Creations but are mutations that consist only of negative energy.


Through a combination of the Shield providing the protection so that the Heaven Agent can use the Heaven Ray effectively, not only will the Negativity be less interested in attacking since it doesn't pay off, but the negativity of the attacker can be eliminated. This will reduce future attacks. The Heaven Ray can also be used to dissolve the toxic energies generated by the Ill Will behind an attack.  Ill Will generates a very poisonous energy field that can fragment Suits.  Often the attack is just the initial attempt to do damage and the toxic energy generated by the attack is what does the real harm. It is, therefore, very important to use the Heaven Ray to clean up the toxic energy to prevent secondary damage.


Using the Heaven Ray to Dissolve Imbalanced Spiritual Electrical Currents

In the case of warding off dangerous Spiritual Electrical Energies being produced by your Suit or coming at you from another Suit, you can also use the Heaven Ray to disintegrate the imbalanced energy to prevent it from continuing to do damage to you or to others.  Even if your own Suit produced a dangerous level of Spiritual Electrical Currents, living in the energy of these fragmenting currents is dangerous to you as well as to others.  It is, therefore, important to use the Heaven Ray to dispell this energy to protect yourself and others.


How to Request a Personal Shield

The Personal Shield requires Material Energy to ground in the life of a being.  It also requires Material Energy to provide the power for it to function. The power that is needed requires Material Energy that can be supplied on a yearly basis.  For a full explanation of how this work, you can go to the How to Request section below.




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The Personal Shield Overview

Protection from Attack

The Personal Shield was created to provide individuals with the kind of protection that the Race and Gender Shields provide.  This protection shields the Suit from Spiritual Electrical Attacks that can fundamentally damage the Spiritual Electrical System and the inner spiritual communication networks that operate on Spiritual Electrical Energies. Because the spiritual communication system is what supports the central nervous system that sustains the physical body, it is essential that the spiritual communication system be protected.


At this time in The Transition, Suits must become sustainable by attaining a state of Total Abundance.  They must, therefore, travel The Path to Total Abundance.  In order to do this safely, the Design Aspect of the Source has created The Personal Shield to deflect the Spiritual Electrical Attacks of the Negativity that could destroy Suits at a fundamental level.


Armed with a Personal Shield and the Heaven Ray, that all beings have onboard their Suits, beings can now take decisive action to rid themselves and their world of the Negativity so that Life as Heaven is possible and Total Abundance for all beings becomes their reality.  This will take courage and Source-Directed Spiritual Activism but it will be a task that is essential to Stewarding Life at this point in The Transition.  Since only those who step up to do the Stewarding of Life Work that is theirs to do will become sustainable, taking on this final battle with the Negativity is necessary if Life in the Creation is to continue after the end of The Transition.


Protection from Imbalanced Spiritual Electrical Currents

The Personal Shield was also created to provide a more broad spectrum protection from aberrant Spiritual Electrical Currents that can be produced by Suits when they are adjusting to a new level of immateriaity, are injured, insane, emotional, or violent.  These Spiritual Electrical Currents can be, in many instances, as damaging as an attack. 



This Source Solution Miracle is part of The Total Abundance Project and is a Total Abundance Miracle Tool.


It provides you with an opportunity to Become Love in Action supporting Source-Directed Spiritual Activism and Social Activism.

How to Request The Personal Shield

What Is a Correct Exchange

For those who are new to working with the Source, the key concept in connecting to a Source-Created Miracle is providing the Material Energy that is required to bring the miracle to the level of Spiritual Materiality where it is needed.  


No Material Energy is needed to create the miracle which is freely given by the Source.  The Material Energy is needed to ground the miracle so that it can come into your life or into the life of a loved one.


The amount of Material Energy needed to ground a miracle varies according to the type of miracle that is to be grounded.  The Design Aspect of the Source, who creates the miracles, determines the amount of Material Energy that will be needed for any particular miracle to be delivered to the being for whom it is intended.


Beings were created to generate the Material Energy that is needed to ground all of the miracles that they need from the Source.  Because beings have forgotten how to generate this Material Energy and have sustained Suit Damage that impairs their ability to produce Material Energy, the Source has created a miracle that enables them to provide Material Energy through a Financial Exchange.  The Financial Exchange carries the Material Energy from the work that was done to earn the funds for the exchange. While a Financial Exchange provides only a low level of Material Energy, it is a blessing to those who have not yet learned how to generate the Material Energy for an Energy Exchange.


A financial equivalent of the amount of Material Energy that is needed is provided here for those who lack the skill to generate the right amount of Material Energy for an Energy Exchange.




Giving the gift of a Personal Shield to yourself and others is how you help to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance on the Earth. 




How to Make the Request


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Personal Shield is US $4500.  


The amount of Material Energy needed to provide a year of power for the Shield is US $1000.  


The initial set up ($4500) and the first year of power ($1000) total US $5500.  When you request The Personal Shield through accessing the link provided below, you will be providing the $5500 for grounding the miracle of the Shield in your life and also providing it with one year of power.  


NOTE: After the first year, you will need to come to this page to access the link to renew the power supply or your Shield will not be able to continue to protect you.  A link for the renewal ($1000) is provided below.


How to Request The Personal Shield for Yourself or a Loved One

If you would like The Personal Shield  for yourself, you can access the link provided below.


If you would like The Personal Shield but need an interest free Payment Plan, you can contact me with information on the amount per month that you can provide, and I can check with The World that Works Fund to see if there is enough Material Energy in the Fund for me to deliver The Personal Shield to you now and enable you to reimburse the Fund by your payments over time.  (The World that Works Fund contains stored Material Energy donated by Source-Directed Activists. As you reimburse the fund, you free up funds to help other Source-Directed Activists.)


If you would like to gift The Personal Shield to someone you know, you can enter their name, age, and relationship to you in the Comments Box when you process your Financial Exchange.


There is no need to talk to the person to whom you are gifting this form of Source Support. If the Suit of the person accepts the gift in an Inner Plane discussion with the Source, then the gift can be given. It can not be given if the Suit does not accept it.  

If you provide a Correct Exchange for someone who refuses this gift of Source Support, then I will contact you and you can either re-direct it to someone else who will accept it or your Financial Exchange will be refunded to you.


To Renew the Power Supply for Your Shield

After the first year, you will need to renew the power supply for your Personal Shield or a Shield that you requested for another person if the Shields are going to be able to continue to provide protection.  The amount of Material Energy needed to renew the power supply is US $1000.  



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The Personal Shield Campaign


Contribute to The Personal Shield Campaign


The Personal Shield has become a very important Miracle Tool for a Heaven Agent on the front lines of the work of building a Global Total Abundance Community.  This is because certain elements of the Negativity are fighting against Total Abundance because it compromises the Scarcity that it artificially creates in order to advance its Harvesting Operation.


I used to do the kind of protection work that fielded Spiritual Electrical Attacks on Heaven Agents but at this stage of my Transition, I am no longer able to do this.  It is, therefore, incumbent on Heaven Agents to provide their Suits with the Personal Shield and to provide a Shield for other Heaven Agents who may lack the financial means to secure one for themselves.  While all Heaven Agents can obtain a Personal Shield through an Energy Exchange, many Heaven Agents are still not producing the levels of Material Energy that are needed to provide for this kind of an exchange and need the help of other Heaven Agents.


Heaven Agents can contribute Material Energy through their Heaven Agent Work to The World that Works Fund for Shields for other Heaven Agents. They can also contribute a Financial Exchange to ensure that Heaven Agents receive these Shields. 


The Shield can be given on the Inner Plane to Heaven Agents working on the Earth Plane in remote areas who are only in contact with me on the Inner Plane.  They can also be given to Heaven Agents entering into the work on the Outer Plane who need this additional protection and are not able to provide either an Energy Exchange or a Financial Exchange.


Personal Shields are also very important for children and people who are in war zones where heavy Inner Plane attack accompanies the war that rages around them on the Outer Plane.  The Inner Plane attacks have far more lasting damaging effects than the Outer Plane attacks. A being can die physically and be reborn without spiritual damage. When the spiritual system is damaged, the being is reborn as a mutation with very limited ability to function on spiritual and physical levels.


Personal Shields are also very needed by those most targeted by the powers that be in their social situation.  Discriminated against minorities, such as Black people and people of color in the United States, need extra protection.  The damage being done to them on the Outer Plane is horrific and the Inner Plane damage is even more horrific.  Inner Plane atrocities can be stopped by the gift of a Personal Shield.  

Holding the Line for Heaven is a Next Step in Stewarding Life. Those who step up to Steward Life will be actively contributing to whatever it takes to maintain a sustainable, Miracle-Friendly Field in which Heaven can manifest. This means protecting their own Suits and the Suits of other Heaven Agents on the front lines of this effort as well as preventing the Negativity from breaking down the Suits of children and oppressed individuals and groups that are most vulnerable to the Harvesting Operation.

Gifting a Personal Shield will also help to protect others from the imbalanced Spiritual Electrical Currents that damage Suits.  Everyone is in need of this kind of protection particularly as we move toward greater levels of immateriality with every stage of The Transition.




How to Contribute

To contribute to The World that Works Fund, you can enter the amount of your contribution in the form provided below. If the amount you wish to contribute is greater than US $4500, you can contact me for instructions on how to proceed. 



Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Personal Shield Campaign for The Total Abundance Movement.




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