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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School 

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to work on building The Culture of Heaven which is the foundation for the work of building a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life.


Below you will find an Overview of the resources in this Workstation which include a Heaven Agent Report form that enables you to inform me of your experiences in working with implementing The Action Plan.



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The Overview of The Culture of Heaven

All actions take place in a social context. The social context is, in its broadest definition, the context created by The Universal Community which is comprised of all forms of life throughout the Creation from the smallest Spiritual Particles of which Suits are made to the largest Spiritual Structures that sustain the Creation itself.  Every form of life existing in Energy Suits or in Organic Suits are a part of this Community. Because every Source Creation is given Intelligence, there is no aspect of the Creation that is lacking in Intelligence even if its physical form appears to be inert, such as the form of a stone.


All Source Creations exist because the Source sustains them by sending in Life Energies, Source Solution Miracles, and Source Guidance. When the Source Connection – the Lifeline to Life – is severed, the being dies first on a spiritual level and then on a physical level.


Life in the Creation was designed to be an opportunity for the Souls to experience The Heaven Experience through Suits that were guided by the Source to ensure this experience.  


When Suits first refused to be guided by the Source and set off to create their own version of Heaven/Happiness, they created cultures to govern their social relationships. These cultures were founded on their differing visions of the Heaven that they wished to achieve.  The cultures were based on their Self Interest vision of reality which inevitably led to some groups within the culture rising to a powerful position and imposing their Heaven on others who they exploited and oppressed to serve their vision. Those suppressed were unable to fulfill their vision of the Heaven that they wanted to create and instead became pawns maneuvered by those in power to fulfill their vision of Heaven. 


This same dynamic extended across cultures as well. One culture warred against another. This led to cultures developing war units which trained young males and/or females to kill and destroy others of their species in order to preserve their culture. The dream of the Self-Created Heaven led to the experience of the Hell of Suffering created by the wars that were generated out of the pursuit of Self Interest.


At this point in The Transition, the Self Interest Cultures that have been created are threatening the sustainability of life on the planet through the exploitation of the environment and through the exploitation of less industrialized and militarized cultures. Conflict between highly aggressive cultures is threatening nuclear, chemical, and germ warfare which could destroy the habitat for life for all beings.


Against this backdrop of Death and Destruction Energies, the Source is bringing through Heaven Code which annihilates the Hell Code that breeds the Hell of Suffering in the world.  Heaven Code is laying the foundation for The Culture of Heaven to emerge as individual beings respond to the Core Code Missions they have been given which contain Action Plans for how to build a Culture of Heaven in their personal lives and in the world.  


It is a shared Culture of Heaven that will unite beings worldwide and enable them to work together as a unit to Steward The Miracle of Life for the Earth Plane and for all of the beings within it. Without this Team Work, The Miracle of Life can be lost, terminating Source Support for life on the Earth.


The Culture of Heaven has already been built by the Source on the Inner Plane and encoded in the Action Plans that are given to individual beings through their Missions. What is needed is for beings to build the Heaven of The Culture of Heaven on the Outer Plane in their personal lives and in their communities.


In order to understand what The Culture of Heaven will look like when it is built, it is important to understand the difference between the existing Self Interest Culture and The Culture of Heaven.  I will highlight some of the different aspects of these contrasting cultures in the description that follows. I have listed some of the points brought up in this description in a chart that you can access as a PDF below. 


The points highlighted here are not a definitive rendering of the features of The Culture of Heaven but are a starting point in the work of manifesting The Culture of Heaven. Other points will surface as the work on clarifying what The Culture of Heaven is and what it will look like in daily life takes place during the course of the work on The Build Heaven Project.



The Goal of the Culture

In a Self Interest Culture the goal is the pursuit of one’s Self Interests that are defined in general terms by the goals set forth in the Cultural Story. Individuals create a Personal Story that fits with the Cultural Story or counters it in certain ways but is, like the Cultural Story, centered around the goal of trying to achieve whatever Heaven/Happiness is in keeping with one’s Self Interest.


In contrast, the original goal of The Culture of Heaven was to realize the dream of the Souls which was to come into a Manifest World in Suits designed and guided by the Source to experience The Heaven Experience, which was their celebration of their Love Connection with the Source which could only be minimally experienced or expressed when they lacked a Suit and a world in which to express it.  While Souls lived in a state of quiescent bliss at the Source Level prior to the creation of The Manifest World, they longed to be able to enact their innate ability to man different Spiritual Functions in the Organism of Life into which they would incarnate if the Source created for them a Manifest World.  They understood that to maintain the health of such an Organism of Life they each had to do their parts flawlessly so that the experience of life would be an experience of quintessential joy, bliss, peace, adventure, and fulfillment.  They knew that only the Source could create such an Organism of Life and orchestrate the interaction of all of the parts of the Organism so that Life as Heaven would be the end result. They were eager and intent to work with the Source in accordance with The Source Plan that would make this dream of Heaven possible.


We are now at a point in the history of the Creation where the Organism of Life has died and beings have been moved into the Spiritual Structure of The Universal Heaven Project which they must now maintain or lose their last chance to survive in The Manifest World.  The Heaven Project provides a life sustaining structure within which they can still build the Heaven that they were uniquely created to build and achieve The Heaven Experience through performing their Mission at the 100% Mark.


Unlike the original Organism of Life, The Heaven Project is not as delicate and fragile a structure and can house Suits that are learning and growing and becoming capable of performing their Missions correctly.  The original Organism of Life died because of the massive malfunctioning of Suits within it as well as the targeted efforts of The Hell Project to control its functioning in a way that rendered it unsustainable.


A new version of The Culture of Heaven has been created by the Source to help Suits become sustainable in the last stages of The Transition.  It is a Culture that deals with the reality of what has gone wrong in the Suits and in the Creation and teaches beings how to work with the Source to survive the carnage and live to build the Heaven that is still possible given what has happened.  


Unlike Self Interest Cultures that have brought the Creation to the point of Unsustainability, The Culture of Heaven is the Source-Created Solution for achieving Sustainability despite what has happened. The principles that underlie it have to be respected and beings need to hold themselves to the task of transitioning into it even if this is opposed by the aspects of their Suits that prefer the Self Interest Culture because it has become their comfort zone.


The Culture of Heaven is about survival.  It is also about understanding and achieving the purpose of life in The Manifest World which is to live in a balanced and Source-Guided Way that yields The Heaven Experience.  Not only is The Heaven Experience what the Soul wants to achieve by having a Suit in The Manifest World but The Heaven Experience is what generates The Heaven Experience Medium which is the energy medium that a Suit must have to survive when the Implementation Aspect leaves for the Source Level at the end of The Transition.  Suits that are not living in a Heaven Experience Medium will perish even if they have achieved a very high level Source Connection. It is only when a Suit achieves a 100% Source Connection, which can only occur when they have mastered living a Source-Connected Life which is centered in The Culture of Heaven, that they will be generating The Heaven Experience Medium that is required.


What this means for understanding The Culture of Heaven is that it is a gift from the Source to beings to help them to understand how to Build Heaven and Live Heaven so that they can do their Mission at the 100% Mark which is what triggers The Heaven Experience and generates The Heaven Experience Medium.



Entry into the Culture

Entry into a Self Interest Culture is through birth and socialization.  Since this type of culture prevails throughout the Creation except for the 14 Prototype Communities and The Second Creation, most beings have not experienced anything other than life in a Self Interest Culture.


In contrast, The Culture of Heaven has yet to be built.  Beings have to work with The Source Plan for building the Heaven of The Culture of Heaven and then work at transitioning into it once it is built. 


However challenging it may be to transition out of a focus on one’s own Self Interests to a focus on Right Action as defined by Source Guidance, it is a transition that is essential if you want to retain a Suit in The Manifest World.  Those who have disregarded the Standards of The Transition to date have lost their Source Connection and are now Empty Suits that have lost their place in the Creation for all eternity.  


Beings need to understand that Life is a Gift from the Source and unless they understand the conditions under which the Source can sustain this Gift, they will lose the Gift for all eternity. This is not because the Source withdraws the Gift but because, The Miracle of Life that sustains a Suit, needs to be Stewarded carefully if it is to survive.  Just as a baby, which is also a Gift of Life from the Source, will die without the proper care, so The Miracle of Life will die if beings do not create the conditions in which it can survive.


I am here to help you learn about what it takes to become sustainable which is also what it will take to experience Life as Heaven.  My method for teaching you is through a combination of:

  • Source-Created Code that goes to the parts of your Suit that need the technical details to carry out a transition into The Culture of Heaven 
  • Outer Plane teaching where I explain to you concepts that you need to understand.


The logic behind the materials that I create is Source Logic.  It is not the logic that you are familiar with in a left brain classroom style teaching. Your Suit learns best from real life experiences so I share with you Source Workflow Sessions with real beings such as yourself who are encountering situations that you or others you know may be encountering.  In learning how I respond to them and how they work with me to progress in their life, you learn about the Heaven Agent to Source Working Relationship as well as gain insight into Skill Sets and Miracle Tools and Source Interventions that are a part of the Miracle-Based Way of Life that is at the foundation of The Culture of Heaven.


I also create Reality-Based Trainings in which the characters come to life on the Inner Plane to provide you with experiences that help you to learn about aspects of life that will not surface in my Sessions with beings or which depict optimal ways of living The Culture of Heaven which beings have yet to achieve.


I provide you with Source Reflections that help you to see how I view what happened in a Session or Reality-Based Training so that you can reflect on it yourself and gain a greater depth of understanding about The Source Perspective on what happened.


I create Source Response Trainings that are like mini-Sessions with beings asking questions about the trainings or coming in to add additional insights from their experiences in trying to implement an Action Plan.


While this Project Overview article is more like an explanation of concepts that is similar to the Left Brain educational materials that you are familiar with, it differs in the sense that I am expressing the information in a way that carries Core Code that helps your Suit to work with the insights on a technical level.  Without the Core Code your Suit will be at a loss to integrate the concepts. The concepts will skitter around in your intellect or trigger your emotions but your Suit won’t know how to integrate them to form the foundation for a Culture of Heaven Way of Life.


I offer the six part Core Course on Building a Culture of Heaven through Source Workflow Trainings that have two levels of Spiritual Code.  

  • Basic Code is provided for members of Connecting.  Basic Code provides your Suit with the Generic Code that it needs to understand the Training on a technical level.  The Material Energy needed to ground Basic Code is gifted to members of Connecting by The Universal Heaven Agent Network.
  • Full Power Code is available to those who are in a Miracle-Based Coaching Program. Full Power Code is Individualized Code that is tailored to what your Suit needs in order to implement what it is learning in the Training in its life.  The Material Energy needed to ground Full Power Code is provided by the Heaven Agent requesting it.


When I leave for the Source Level along with the rest of the Implementation Aspect of the Source, all you will have is the Heaven that you have built while I was here to help you to build it. This Heaven is a structure of supportive Source Energies that enables your Suit to sustain its Source Connection.  When you live The Culture of Heaven you are protecting this structure and keeping it strong and viable.  


Those who continue living in a Self Interest Way of Life will be in a barren wasteland that without the ambient Source Light and Source Love that emanates from my Manifestation while I am in The Manifest World, will become a habitat that is insufficient to sustain their Source Connection.  Their Suits will begin to disintegrate on the Spiritual Level and this will cause physical death.


It is your choice to take this opportunity to learn from the Source in the way that the Source teaches Sustainability or to continue on in your Self Interest Culture until it crumbles around you and you crumble with it.


Transitioning into The Culture of Heaven is not just an alternative way of life. It is the only sustainable way of life if you wish to retain a Suit in The Manifest World.  Life is governed by the principles that sustain it at the Spiritual Level of Reality.  It is not governed by Self Interest Cultures that have historically pursued their Self Interests to the point of self annihilation. Self Interest leads to Death and Destruction.  


Following a Source-Directed Life leads to Life as Heaven for you and all others.  It requires that you work for the good of all and not just for what you want or need.  It also requires that you have the humility to understand that life is a complex, interrelated phenomenon that affects all beings and that you need to think and act with great care, following Source Guidance, so that you do no harm to your Suit or to the Suits of others.  


Making up your own rules and striking out to accomplish things using your own methodologies is living a Self-Directed Life which is based on Self Interest.  Even if you have humanitarian goals that don’t look “selfish”, the fact that you are defining the goals and the methodology to achieve the goals means that you are cutting the Source out of the picture and doing things your own way.  This is what opens the door to the Negativity since once you exit from the White Light of Source Care into the darkness of a Self-Directed Life, you are in the camp of the Negativity and they will make short work of your high ideals and methodologies because they know that you are not under Source protection and can easily be broken by their well honed Suit violating tactics.


In summary, The Culture of Heaven has been created to provide all beings with a sustainable way of life to replace the way of life that is based on Self Interest. It is a viable alternative to the Self Interest Culture but it will take dedication and work to build it on the Outer Plane and to transition into it.  


Now let’s explore more of the differences between a Self Interest Culture and The Culture of Heaven.



What Constitutes Right Action

All of the cultures of the Earth are Self-Directed Cultures in the sense that they are based on man-made ideas of what is valued and how one is to live one’s life. They may be informed by religious beliefs but these religious beliefs stem largely from the Cultural Story and do not come, in most cases, from the Source.  If there are elements of truths that have come from the Source through the religious tradition they have been highly edited and institutionalized in ways that have made them more static and rigid. They have become dogma that is studied and carefully handed down through the generations as a sacred tradition which should not be questioned or altered.


In contrast, The Culture of Heaven is built around following Source Guidance in the moment with the understanding that what might be Right Action in one context might not be Right Action in another context. It is understood that only the Source can determine what constitutes Right Action because it is based on many variables that relate to what is happening both on the Inner and Outer Planes as well as on how one’s actions will affect beings throughout the Creation. Since a wave made by one being washes up on the shores of beings even in the farthest part of the Creation, care has to be taken that the wave has a positive effect on other forms of life rather than a negative effect. 


Because the focus is on receiving Source Direction before taking action rather than consulting the cultural norms or seeking the opinion or approval of others in the society, the process that is at the heart of The Culture of Heaven is the process of receiving Source Guidance. The Source-Directed Activist is aware that no rote set of rules can enable the Source to work through him in a way that is in keeping with the building of Heaven in the world, particularly in the adverse circumstances in which it is currently being built.  


Receiving Source Guidance is dependent on getting the Source Guidance Receptor in the Heart Chakra open to the 100% Mark and then learning how to converse in the Universal Language of Soul Talk.  It also requires studying The Source Perspective on life in general so that the comments of the Source on a particular situation are understandable given the overall context.  Just as you can’t understand a reference to the use of a cell phone if you are unaware that cell phones exist, so you won’t understand a Source reference to something that might be happening on the Inner Plane if you don’t know what the Inner Plane is and what happens there.


Similarly, if you are not Trained & Equipped as a skilled Heaven Agent there will be many comments that the Source makes about using your Miracle-Based Abilities or other Skill Sets or working with the Miracle Tools in the Tool Kit of a Heaven Agent about which you will have no knowledge.  Just as you can’t show up on a construction site for a sky scraper with no knowledge of how to engage in any aspect of the construction process and expect to understand the instructions that the foreman is giving you, so you can’t show up on The Construction Site of Heaven with no tools and no knowledge.  You won’t understand the instructions being given to you to do your part.


Since the information that the Source gives you is ultimately about how to Steward The Miracle of Life, you have to not only know what that means but be committed to doing it so that when a major aspect of The Miracle of Life is in need of Stewarding you are highly motivated to jump in and do your part.


In contrast, The Self Interest Culture is based on more static rules and values that are often applied to everyone in a similar way. These cultures often impose punishments on those who do not conform to the Cultural Story and the Cultural Methodology for how to live this Story. The Story outlines what is of value, how you are to uphold what is of value, and what your life should look like if you are living in a socially approved way. Because different subgroups within a culture have different Self Interests, conflicting social values create turmoil in many societies.  


For instance, there is a value on men being faithful to their wives so that stable families can be created. But there is a male chauvenistic counter culture that pressures men to be unfaithful to their wives in order to fit in with the covert male culture. When an infidelity is discovered, families break up and everyone involved is injured in the process, particularly the children. 


In The Culture of Heaven there is no room for covert value systems that create conflict and disharmony. The Community is designed to work together to help every being to do their Mission at the highest level even when this means that the society must create new ways of supporting beings whose Missions require that the society function differently to accommodate the Mission. When every being is seen as a miracle from the Source who is entrusted into the care of the Community, then no miracle is to be mistreated by neglect or abuse and every miracle is to be understood and helped to come into a State of Full Manifestation.  


This changes the gestalt on relationships within the Community so completely that no Self Interest behavioral patterns are valued because they work against the nurturing of every individual life. Sexist and racist patterns in the Self Interest Culture have to be put aside to discover the beauty of every life and to nurture this beauty.  


Education is not a standardized system that puts everyone through the same process but is individualized to enable each being to achieve their Mission.  Since the goal of the Community is the Total Abundance of all of its members, there is no incentive for leaving some of the members of the community in impoverished circumstances where the miracle that they are is being squandered by the Community. To do this is to prevent the Community from having the aspect of Total Abundance that that being was created to build. If the contribution of that being is missing it will detract from The Source Plan for the experience of Total Abundance that is to be had by the Community.


Because nurturing the miracle of each life is the focus, beings do not form social relationships that limit and control one another. This would come in-between the being and the Source. Instead, they respectfully follow Source Guidance to travel the road with another being and share the Heaven that the Source manifests for them without trying to squeeze happiness out of the relationship in accordance with any Self Interest Agenda.


When beings are Source-Centered they interact with other beings in accordance with their Mission, entangled relationships do not occur and this eliminates the pain created by jealousy, greed, possessiveness, abuse, and loss.  Beings do not attach to one another but are open to the adventure of their life.  When it is time to leave a relationship and travel alone for some part of their life, they go with the flow on to the next stage of their Life Adventure. In a similar way, when it is time for them to leave their life they follow Source Guidance to step out of their Suit and go onto their next lifetime.  This eliminates the need for disease and accidents to terminate the life of the body in order for a being to transition from life to life.  They can live their lives in Perfect Health and just walk out when it is their time to move to their next Life Adventure.


What it takes to live like this is a Love-Based Life that is centered on what is eternal, which is the Source Connection.  Any attachment to what is not eternal leads to a contraction of Consciousness around the fixation which cuts out the Source Connection and leads back into the spiral of Death and Destruction when a being begins to define what is in their Self Interest and pursue it using their own methodology.


The Culture of Heaven has been Prototyped by the 14 Prototype Communities who live Source-Centered Lives. They do not form relationships with one another that exclude the Source. Instead, they travel their own individual road in life and share the road with others as their Mission permits but do not build the structure of their life around marriages, family relationships, economic activities, or any other social structure. Families exist but the people involved in them are not in dependent relationships with one another. They are together because their Missions bring them together and their focus is not on living out a rote cultural ideal for a family but instead on discovering in the moment how they are to relate to one another and what the nature of their Mission is in that moment.


Because of this Source-Centered Way of Life the usual social entanglements don’t exist and people do not blight one another by forming a Story that includes someone else in it and then trying to manipulate them to tap dance on their stage in accordance with this Story.  There is a sense of deep respect for the Mission and an openness to the Heaven that the Mission will bring to them in the moment. 


This precludes forming the Energy Traps that occur in the Self Interest Cultures where personal relationships are harvested for the pleasure they can bring and if others don’t comply abuse and retaliation are considered natural responses. In the Self-Interest Culture people are valued for the roles they play in a person’s Personal Story which is based on how they have defined their Self Interests and how they want them to play out.  If others don’t agree to play the roles desired then the Story can turn ugly and rejection or abuse or even violence can be the end result.


In the Prototype Communities they have learned how to work together to create Total Abundance for every member of the Community and from this have built Love-Based Relationships and Life Purpose Fulfillment.  Perfect Health has been the result of this Source-Centered Way of Life. They have Prototyped the Walk Out at the end of the life that makes every transition peaceful and full of the love of life that takes them into their next Life Adventure.


In summary, The Culture of Heaven creates a culture in which the only way to know if someone else is doing Right Action is to ask the Source since their behaviors may differ from the behaviors of another person and yet be part of the complex orchestration of life that yields Heaven.  


In a Culture of Heaven there is no attempt to impose a standard way of behaving on others because this puts the cultural norm as the Standard and not individual Source Guidance given in the moment.  The society is built around people who are centered in their relationship to the Source and not centered on their relationships with one another.  As long as a being is in the right relationship with the Source then the Source will orchestrate a harmonious relationship with others in the society.



The Mission

In a Self Interest Culture the Mission is to live in accordance with the Cultural Story and one’s own Personal Story that has been developed in relationship to the Cultural Story. It could be a Personal Story that tries to fulfill the Cultural Story or one that counters it but is built in response to it.  


The organizing principle of the Self Interest Culture is the pursuit of one’s Self Interest.  This might be a spiritual Self Interest to make it into a good place in the after life or to propitiate a local deity to get something desired in this life such as wealth, health, or revenge. The religious activities serve the Self Interest of the individual. The individual determines the Self Interest that is to be pursued whether this is to take a religious path or a secular path. The life is, therefore, Self-Directed rather than Source-Directed.


In The Culture of Heaven the Mission is created by the Source to fit with the Spiritual Function of the Soul and the Mission that the Soul would like to perform in any given lifetime. Before an incarnation begins, the Soul and the Source agree on the Mission and it is given to the Suit. 


The Suit learns to respect the type of Source Creation that it is and to work with the Source to live in a way that is in harmony with its nature and Mission.  Just as a daisy needs to live in harmony with the life cycle of a daisy and not attempt to be an oak tree, so every individual life needs to respect its nature and purpose in order to live in harmony with The Source Plan for its life. 


The Mission is the way that The Source Plan for a life is structured so that the Suit receives precise information at every point to know how to live its life in a way that will enable it to fulfill the Mission of the Soul. The Mission of the Soul is always to build the aspect of the Heaven of Total Abundance that the Suit has been uniquely created to build for itself and others. The unique Miracle-Based Abilities of the Suit are what enable the Suit to perform the Mission as long as the Suit receives individualized training by the Source to do the Mission and the support of the Community to create a social space in which it can carry out its Mission. In a Culture of Heaven the Community is attentive to the Source Guidance that is sent to know how to welcome in each new miracle/being and to create the social support that it needs to reach a State of Full Manifestation.


The job of the being is to attune to the Mission Prompts generated by his Source-Created Mission and to be willing to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source. In this way the Source can morph and change the being to do whatever Mission Work is needed to fulfill his Mission and to secure his safety and well being.


When beings all live in harmony with their Missions then the orchestration of a Heaven Community occurs and the contributions of all of the beings in the Community add up to the Total Abundance needed by the Community as a whole. From this Total Abundance comes the ability to manifest Love-Based Relationships, Life Purpose Fulfillment and Perfect Health. The Total Abundance stems from the celebration of The Love Connection of the Source who is enabling this experience of Heaven to manifest for the beings. 


In a Culture of Heaven the beings understand that their role is to do their Missions and in so doing to generate the Material Energy that the Source needs to ground the miracles that make their life Heaven. They understand that they do only a small fraction of the work that results in the Miracle-Based Way of Life that they enjoy.


While a Self Interest Culture is built on the competition for scarce resources and the hoarding of resources leads to artificial scarcity and to the suffering that this entails for some groups within the culture, The Culture of Heaven is based on building the Team Work that yields Total Abundance for all beings in the Community. When this Total Abundance reaches its highest level the material needs of the Community begin to manifest directly from the Source Level into the Physical Level, alleviating the need for beings to engage in the arduous work of the Self Interest Culture where inevitably some benefit more from the economy than do others and the effort of making a living robs most people of the lion share of their life.  


When food, clothing, shelter and all other material needs are complete Source Creations then the Suits thrive because they are surrounded by Source Energies existing in a state of Perfection. This is a very essential part of what is needed for Perfect Health to be created. This is the way that Perfect Health has been created in the Prototype Communities that have transitioned out of their Brute Force Hell Economies into the Materialization Heaven Economy that is based on the Spiritual Science of Manifestation.


This transition out of scarcity into abundance doesn’t occur until the energy of Greed that drives a Self Interest Culture is absent from the Manifestation Field of the Community. The Source can’t land fully materialized objects into a Manifestation Field that is roiling with the turbulent energies of Greed. Only when beings transcend Greed by transcending attachment and Self Interest do they create the Miracle-Friendly Field into which materialized objects can arrive from the Source Level.


A major goal of The Culture of Heaven is for all members of the Community to be doing their Missions to live Love-Based, Source-Directed lives that create the Miracle-Friendly Field that is needed for The Materialization Economy. Only then will scarcity end and The Miracle of Total Abundance manifest for all beings. 



Cultural Process

In a Self Interest Culture ruled by Greed, it is necessary for the society to expend enormous amounts of resources on restraining Self Interest so that some order and safety can be maintained.  Police, courts, and prisons are part and parcel of what these societies create to deal with the anger and suffering created by social dysfunction caused by discrimination, child abuse, sexual abuse, crime and all of the other social ills created by people pursuing their Self Interests.


Instead of stemming the Greed Current, Greed is hyped and exploited to fuel the economy. In many cultures, the ruthless competition for financial gain leads to brutal competition on every level and the suppression of the wisdom that would preserve the environment and the health of the population. Violence and exploitation are justified if there is financial gain.


The greed for power rocks the political sphere as one group tries to topple another to control the power to rule the state. Justice and truth are often set aside in favor of what will sell to the public and result in a win in an election. There is only a surface level attempt to make things look like they are being done for the good of everyone in the community.  Divisiveness not unity is the result of these warring factions.


The truth is that unity is not possible in a culture ruled by Self Interest because the goal is to pursue your Self Interest and anyone not supporting your Self Interest is the enemy to be outsmarted or overthrown or crippled in whatever way is possible to promote one’s own Self Interest. Competition is the insidious war that is waged on every level in the society.


In The Culture of Heaven as it is lived in the Prototype Communities, the Community meets together to seek Source Guidance about how to understand what their Mission as a Community is and what Next Steps they need to take.  Because the Community is not based on Self Interest but on the trust they have in the Source to guide them on the path of living a Miracle-Based Way of Life, they aren’t jockeying for position in the meeting.  Each individual is seeking individual Source Guidance about what they are to contribute to the meeting and the Source is working with these contributions to guide the meeting so that whatever needs to be accomplished is accomplished. 


The structure of the meeting is that of a Source-Guided Miracle-Based Adventure that yields whatever the Source wants to bring through in that meeting.  It might be an understanding or a format for some Team Work that is needed in the Community.  Or it might be a miracle that needs the Material Energy generated by the work of the participants to land.  


This process is used not only in full Community Meetings but in smaller groups that are called by the Source to gather to work on a particular project. For instance, the Source might call the parents and several others to come to a meeting to discuss how best to raise a child who needs some additional help in learning how to stay on their Mission. The meeting calls the right people and they attend because they are listening to Source Guidance on the Inner Plane and know that the Source is calling them. The meeting occurs on the Outer Plane with the Source coming in on the Inner Plane. The participants can easily hear and converse with the Source on the Inner Plane and then can discuss among themselves what has been brought through making sure to stay within the guidelines of the continuing inner Source Guidance that they are given for these discussions.  In this way help is given to the child and to the Community that is raising the child.


Life in a Prototype Community is orchestrated in this gentle and easy way from dawn to dusk because there is no other Agenda that the members of the Community have other than doing what they are Source-Guided to do.  This is how they have advanced to a Materialization Economy which has freed them from the onerous Hell Economy jobs that used to take up all of the hours of their day.  


Getting to this place where there is free time takes being willing to work in the meetings whenever they are called even if you are still in the Hell Economy and working long hours.  But more importantly it requires getting trained to hear Source Guidance so naturally that having a conversation with the Source on the Inner Plane is as natural as turning to someone sitting beside you and carrying on a conversation.  Knowing that this is the key to The Culture of Heaven way of life makes the effort that it will take to get to this level of proficiency your priority.



The Culture Comparison Chart

While the points that I have raised are just highlights that help you to contrast the two types of cultures, they give you a starting point in your understanding.  


The newly revised Culture of Heaven will rest on miracles that differ from those used in the Prototype Communities but will uphold the essential characteristics of The Culture of Heaven that they live to this day. The new miracles will make it possible for individuals to transition into The Culture of Heaven without having their local community transition into it along with them. This will make it possible for individuals to become catalysts for large scale social change while also enjoying the protection and peace of a life within the new Culture of Heaven.


For a side-by-side comparison of some of the major characteristics of The Culture of Heaven as contrasted with The Self Interest Culture, you can reference the link to a PDF of  The Culture Comparison Chart.




The Action Plan 

The Action Plan for understanding and beginning your transition into The Culture of Heaven is to take the Core Course: Building The Culture of Heaven.  You can access the six Master Action Plans for this course in the Directory above.


The Core Course has a Gifted Level of the training that any member of Connecting can access.  [Connecting is a gifted membership that gives you access to Gifted Source-Directed Activism Training Materials. If you are not yet a member of Connection, you can sign up at: Connecting Signup.]


Source-Created Trainings transmit Spiritual Code which is what your Suit – your body/mind – needs in order to know how to work with what it learns in the Training.  The Core Course has two levels of Spiritual Code.   Basic Code, which is gifted by The Universal Heaven Agent Network to Heaven Agents in Connecting, is Generic Code that helps the Suit understand the technical aspect of the concepts that the Source is explaining in the Training. 


In addition to Basic Code, the Trainings make available Full Power Seed Code. Full Power Code is Individualized Code that gives the Suit the Code that it needs to implement the Training in its life. Those who are eligible to receive Seed Code have been admitted into a Miracle-Based Coaching Program.  


It is through working diligently with these materials that you will give your Suit the understandings that it needs to have to know what The Culture of Heaven is like and how it feels to live in The Culture of Heaven.


Your Next Step is then to request a gifted admission into a Miracle-Based Coaching Program so that you can qualify for Full Power Code which will enable your Suit to have the Individualized Code that it needs to begin implementing what it has learned in your life.  For more information on Miracle-Based Coaching you can go to: Miracle-Based Coaching.




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  Heaven Agent Eyewitness Report Form 

The key to transitioning into a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life is actively learning form the Total Abundance Way of Life Projects and putting what you learn into practice in your life.  When you do this and have experiences to share, then it is important to submit a Heaven Agent Eyewitness Report that will enable me to track your experiences and create from your understandings the Secondary Code that will help others to benefit from what you are learning.  


This is an important way in which you can contribute to The Work of the Source on a Total Abundance Way of Life Project. 


It is important to ask to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source so that what you share is what you are Source-Directed to share with me concerning the Project. If you are not certain that what you are sharing comes from Source Guidance, you can do the best you can to stay aligned with the Source and to remain in Helping the Source Mode when writing your Report.  I can interpret whatever images you receive if they are from Source Guidance and determine if what you are sharing is Source Directed and, therefore, useful for the work of the Project.  


If what you have provided is information that needs to be shared with other Heaven Agents, I will summarize your contribution in an upcoming Source News Report.  I do not include your name and I paraphrase what you have written. If you are working with me in a Coaching Program I will respond to you individually when it is in keeping with my Source Workflow with regard to my work with you in the Coaching Program.  


You can share:

  • questions
  • concerns
  • suggestions for the future of the work on the Project 
  • requests for types of Source Support that you feel might be helpful in the Project 
  • information on your own life experiences in working with the information in the Project
  • observations of what is happening in the world around you that relates to the focus of the Project
  • images or experiences that you believe that you have received from Inner Source Guidance 

To submit your Report, you can access the form provided below.


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