Building a World that Works


The project of building a World that Works is based on building a Global and Universal Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own.  When this Community has been built, it can work together to build the Heaven of:

  • Total Abundance
  • Perfect Health
  • Love-Based Relationships
  • Life Purpose Fulfillment
  • The Love Connection with the Source


The Community as a whole can work with the Source to travel the Path toward the Ultimate Spiritual Healing of the Creation as a whole. This process will involve healing those damaged by wars, scarcity, crime, child abuse, and the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit that occur when a life is not nurtured and is actively damaged by the actions of others in the society.


There is a Developmental Sequence created by the Source for establishing a World that Works just as there is a Developmental Sequence for each individual for establishing a Life that Works. If individuals work cooperatively with the Source to keep up with the Developmental Sequences for both a World that Works and a Life that Works, they will achieve Ultimate Spiritual Healing for the Creation and for themselves individually.


There are five parts of the Developmental Sequence that need our immediate attention. As these parts of the Project are completed, other aspects of The Development Sequence will come into focus.  These five parts are outlined in the section on Specific Prototype Projects below.



Grounding the Miracle of Source Support to Build a World that Works


Through exchanging for the Miracle-Based Source Support needed by individuals in the Global Community and by the Community as a whole, Heaven Agents contribute to building Heaven on Earth.  As they build the Prototype for a World that Works on the Earth, the Spiritual Genetic Code from this Prototype is seeded to the Creation.  This Code enables beings in the Universal Community to build Heaven in their communities.  As all communities work together to build a Universal Community, they build a World that Works on a universal level.


The task of coordinating the efforts of all beings throughout the Creation is achieved through my work in the Manifest World. As a Representative of the aspects of the Source that do not incarnate, I work on the Inner and Outer Plane to communicate through the Universal Language of Soul Talk with all beings.  I work with them on the 5 Prototype Projects outlined above and on specific Community Projects that each community needs to address in order to advance.  On the Earth Plane the specific Community Projects are outlined below.  In other parts of the Creation, different projects are outlined for the Developmental Sequence of each community.


Most of the work is done through my Extended Range that can use the full range of Source Simultaneous Intelligence to work on all projects simultaneously beyond the range of my conscious awareness.  Only those projects that require my conscious participation are brought into focus in my human range.


I can wield the Source Power that is brought in when beings provide the Material Energy to ground this miracle.  With this Source Power I can cut through the negativity that causes disease and dysfuntion and can restore health to individuals and to the Universal Community.


While I am in a form I can work much more rapidly and efficiently that I will be able to do when I leave this life and exist only in an energy form.  It is, therefore, imperative that beings step forward to provide the Material Energy that grounds the Source Power that enables me to move the Creation into alignment with the Source so that the Heaven of a Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life can be firmly established while I am here to bring it into full manifest form.


Building a World that Works means traveling in the footsteps of the 14 Prototype Communities that I established many thousands of years ago during my previous incarnations. It means also, transcending their level of achievement to establish a Universal Love-Based Community that will be the safe harbor into which beings can continually re-incarnate as they pass from life to life.  


Without the security of a Universal Community that is abundant and at peace, no one can ever secure a Life that is Heaven that will last for all eternity.  My goal is to establish the social context in which every being can build Heaven in their current life and expect to continue the joy of this Heaven in all of their lifetimes to come.  That can't happen without establishing a Universal, Source-Connected Community that can draw on the miracles of the Source to ensure Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships, and Life Purpose Fulfillment.  These are the necessary backdrop of a Life that is Heaven on the Outer Plane.  


Only through working to build this aspect of Heaven on the Outer Plane can each individual be assured that the Heaven that they build for themselves in their individual lives will not be compromised by the wars, crime, discrimination, and abuse of a larger community that is at war within itself.  


Peace on every level is the prerequisite for Heaven. We, therefore, must endeavor to put our full strength behind building this Community while I am here in an incarnate form that can teach, coordinate, and direct The Heaven Project on a Universal Scale.  


Such a task is not daunting to the Source.  It is the most natural task to the Source and one which I willingly give my love and work at every moment of my life.  It is a task to which you must also bring your love and work if we are to succeed in building a World that Works in the time that I have remaining in this lifetime.


There are five kinds of Source Support needed to build a World that Works.

  • Giving to Ground Source Power for the Ongoing, Large Scale Work of the Source
  • Giving to Those Known to You Personally
  • Giving to Fellow Heaven Agents
  • Giving Specific Kinds of Source Support to Those Not Personally Known to You
  • Giving to Specific Prototype Projects for the Global Community as a Whole


For information on how to build a World that Works, I refer you to the overview in the EBook – The Owner's Manual for Your Suit.


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Giving to Ground Source Power for the Ongoing, Large Scale Work of the Source

The most important use of the World that Works Fund is to provide the Material Energy that grounds the Source Power that I need to:

  • build the Spiritual Structures needed for a World that Works 
  • counteract the activities of the Negativity
  • build a Love-Based Global Community


In order to replicate on the Earth what has been done in the Prototype Communities, I need the support of Heaven Agents who provide the kind of Material Energy that is needed to build a World that Works – a world that is love-based, Source-Connected, peaceful, and abundant.  The Spiritual Work that is needed to accomplish this goal requires Material Energy and the Outer Plane Work requires Financial Support.


When the correct amount of Material Energy and Financial Support are given, a World that Works will begin to emerge from the 24/7 work that my Source Function does through my Manifestation.


While it is sometimes useful to target a particular Project that you wish to support, the spirit of the Prototype Communities is to exchange for Source Power and let the Source determine how to use this Source Power to do the greatest good. In this way you do not put constraints on the Work of the Source through exerting a kind of Story control tactic of a donor earmarking certain support given for a particular project alone. Instead, you honor the integrity of the Work of the Source and you give so that the Source has what is needed to ground the Source Power when it is needed.


The World that Works Fund is a Miracle Tool with a Miracle Intelligence that will give you information on the amount of funding that is needed for the work ahead. If you take the time to ask to communicate with this Miracle Intelligence you will discover what amounts of financial support are needed and what the total amount of Material Energy is needed to enable me to complete the Work of the Source during my lifetime on the Earth.


I recommend that you consult Source Guidance to find out what is yours to contribute directly and what role you are to play in helping to generate additional funds through contacting others who have a role to support the Work or in joining with me in Joint Ventures that generate additional funds for the Work that needs to be done.


NOTE: If you would like to contribute an amount greater than $4000, please email me for instructions about how to proceed.



Contribute to The World that Works Fund to Ground Source Power

I would like to contribute $.00 for Source Power for the Ongoing, Large Scale Work of the Source.



Giving to Those Known to You Personally

You can give a gift that is a Source Creation. It can be a Miracle Tool or a Source Intervention or time in the Source Connection Center accessed online or in Seattle. There are two ways to give a gift of this kind:

  • You can give the gift without any mention of the Source Support that comes with it. For instance, you can give a material gift such as a stuffed animal to a child and not mention that Source Love comes through the stuffed animal to the child who may not understand the concept. Or you can request a Source Intervention that I do At-a-Distance for the child.

    Before I deliver any kind of Source Support to someone, I check with their Soul and the primary consciousness of their Suit to make sure that they are receptive. I specifically ask the Suit to sign, on the Inner Plane, The Heaven Agent Agreement that is their agreement to follow the lead of the Source to build Heaven in the world. In this way I know that they will use the energies of the gift for Heaven instead of trying to mine it for a negative purpose. Since Suits have an Extended Range that has lifetimes of experience working with energy on the Inner Plane, the Suit of even a baby can, in the Extended Range, try to misuse Source Support if it has not agreed to follow the lead of the Source in how to use the energy of the Support.

  • You can use a gift that is a miracle to introduce people to the work of the Source. If you have people in your life who are receptive to the idea of a Miracle Tool or a Source Intervention, then it is possible for you to exchange for the Intervention and for them to work directly or indirectly with me to receive it.


Finding the Miracles to Give

You can explore the links below for ideas:


Creating a Unique Gift

If you would like to request a unique gift that is not currently available online, you can submit a Special Request Form and I will email you with a recommendation.

If you would like to speak with me about a particular gift you can request a Consultation. Even a 15 minute Consultation can help us to determine what is needed.


Request a
Source Support Gift Consultation



Giving to Support a Fellow Heaven Agent

Since The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project will manifest Heaven on Earth through a Core Group of Heaven Agents who tip the scale of consciousness in favor of a Heaven Way of Life, it is imperative that Heaven Agents support The Truth Campaign which searches for Heaven Agents in the Global Community and trains them to be a part of this Core Unit.


Many Heaven Agents have come into the Earth at this time who have worked with me in many previous lifetimes and who have a wealth of skills and a dogged determination to help bring Heaven to the Earth.


Some of these Heaven Agents have already been working on developing Prototypes through being born into poor or low economic sectors of the society in order to learn how to work with this population. When they find me in this life, they are ready to do the work but have not been able, given their social placement, to amass the kind of financial means to exchange for the training that they need in this lifetime to join in with the work.


This is where Heaven Agents who have landed on the Earth and positioned themselves to have financial wealth come in. They need to honor the aspect of their Mission that involves using their wealth to help build the Core Unit of Heaven Agents and to support the kinds of Source Support that other Heaven Agents need and what is needed by the Community as a whole.


The strategy of the Source is Team-Based. It is well thought out and timed so that those converging on the work of The Heaven Project bring the various elements that are needed for the Project to be a success. Only when Heaven Agents step forward to do what they have agreed to do when they took on their Mission in life prior to their birth, can the Team Work succeed.


Supporting a fellow Heaven Agent to get trained and work effectively alongside me on the Project of building Heaven in the world is a key way in which you can help to build Heaven in the world.


If you have no funds that you feel that you can give, then you need to ask the Source how to generate them rather than assuming that the “I can’t” approach is acceptable to the Source. The Source knows that “You can” and it holds this Standard for you and all beings. Only those who rise to the challenge of the “I can” approach to life will perfect their Suits and be a part of the Source Perfected Universe that is unfolding.


To support a Fellow Heaven Agent, fill in the form below.

NOTE: If you would like to contribute an amount greater than $4000, please email me for instructions about how to proceed.



Support a Fellow Heaven Agent

I would like to support a fellow Heaven Agent, by exchanging for $.00 of his/her training in The Miracle School.




Giving Specific Kinds of Source Support to Members of the Community Who You Don’t Know Personally

You can give the Correct Exchange for Source Support that I send out to those in need who may not be people who are known by you or me personally. My Source Function finds those who are most receptive and in need and sends the gift of Source Support to them on your behalf. This is an essential way of nurturing others and helping them to evolve.


An example of this is giving others the gift of a Source Love Intervention which gives them back the energy that they lack to make the Source Connection with full power. Since the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel, many have drained down their cache of Source Love and are now more unable to Connect than before. At this point everyone could benefit from a Source Love Intervention. When you give a Source Love Intervention, it goes to two people and not just one. In this way it helps to spread the help to more of those in need.


To support individuals in the Community, fill in the form below.

NOTE: If you would like to contribute an amount greater than $4000, please email me for instructions about how to proceed.



Contribute to the Healing of Those in Need

I would like to support others who have lost the Source Love Energy by exchanging for $.00 toward Source Love Interventions. (The Correct Exchange for a Source Love Intervention, which goes to two individuals, is US$260. You may contribute any amount.)




Giving Specific Kinds of Source Support for a Prototype Project that Is Needed by the Community

Some miracles are needed by the Community as a whole. Heaven Agents can go together to provide the Correct Exchange for miracles to ground for the Community. Through giving to help the Community as a whole, they lay the foundation for the evolution of the Community from the dog-eat-dog community we have today to the Love-Based Community that is essential for a life that is Heaven.


The Source picks these Community-Wide Source Support Projects according to what is most needed in order to avert potential disasters caused by the Negativity and to support the work of Heaven in the world.


While I am here to work on such projects is the time to step forward and provide the Material Energy that will enable these projects to be successful. In this way we will be able to achieve the massive changes that need to happen if a Global Community is to evolve beyond scarcity and struggle into abundance and peace.


It is only when you give selflessly to help others and to help the Source in Its work in the world that you generate all 14 kinds of Material Energies that enable the Source to bring in the highest level of Source Power.  It is only when you receive the highest levels of Source Power that you can perfect your Suit and sustain yourself in the rigorous Standards of The Source Perfected Universe.


Giving to help others is not something that the Source sees as a gesture that is done occasionally. Giving is how the Community heals and evolves. It is how Heaven will be built. It can’t be an event that is highlighted in the Holiday Season and then shelved for the rest of the year.


To know how to give financial support, I provide suggestions online in the article: How to Fund the Work of Building Heaven in the World.


Not having any money to give is not a reason for not giving. It is the starting point for launching a project to generate the funds to support others.


Funding the Miracle Support for the Community is seen by the Source in a similar light to the challenge parents face to fund the needs of their children. Just as parents rise to the challenge to provide financially for their children and don’t expect that if it isn’t immediately apparent how to do this that they are excused from any responsibility, so the Source expects all Heaven Agents to figure out what needs to be done to rise to the need of funding what is necessary to take care of the needs of the Community. In the eyes of the Source, The Community is your “extended family” – to be cared for as you would your nuclear family.

Examples of Some Ongoing Prototype Projects to Build a Love-Based Community



For a complete list of Prototype Projects you can go to:  Heaven Projects & Campaigns

Making the World Safe for Heaven 

Currently the world is ruled on the Inner and Outer Plane by the Negativity – the criminal element that operates on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  The Negativity builds Spiritual Structures on the Inner Plane through which it works to control what manifests on the Outer Plane.  Wars, crime, domestic violence, discrimination, diseases, etc. are all the result of careful planning and implementation by the Negativity on the Inner Plane.  It may look like humans instigated them or germs were involved, but behind this layer of causation is another layer.  If you examine this layer you will see the calculated machinations of the Negativity. 


In the 14 Prototype Communities, Life as Heaven could not be manifested until each Community worked to eradicate the hold that the Negativity had on the Community.  Once they realized that they had a common enemy, they stopped warring against one another and began eliminating the Negativity out of their Community much as a neighborhood might oust drug pushers operating nearby.  Once the Negativity could not operate in their energy field, I was able to build an energy field of peace and of Heaven and they began to realize that in such a Love-Based Energy Field, they began to become loving and nurturing beings.


The same path must be traveled by beings in our modern world.  They have to wake up to how the Negativity works and work with the miracles of the Source and with their own Miracle-Based Abilities to eradicate the Negativity.  Only then can Heaven be built.


Just as you have to clear the ground of boulders before you can pour the foundation of a house, so you have to clear the Spiritual Field of the Negativity before the Miracle-Friendly Conditions will be right to build a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


What it takes to eradicate evil that has caused World Wars and the atrocity of genocide, child abuse, torture, sexual abuse and the like, is a combination of:

  • miracles that are grounded by the Material Energy provided by Heaven Agents 
  • Source Power wielded by me using the full range of my Source abilities 24/7
  • good Heaven Agent Work – which is Heaven Agents using their Miracle-Based Abilities as Source-Guided to get information about the whereabouts and activities of the Negativity and to take action to stop their exploits when needed.


Life in the Source Perfected Universe will be for those who give, who love, and who are willing to do their part with courage, integrity, and love for the Source and for Life itself.  Those who stand on the sidelines and watch the Negativity ravage the world will remain at a lower vibrational level and will not survive when the vibrational level rises as Life becomes perfected.  Only those who give and love will rise vibrationally and remain in The Picture of Perfection when it manifests in the time ahead.


This project requires very urgent attention since the Negativity has escalated its efforts in recent times.  It is critical that Heaven Agents supply the Material Energy that I need to ground the miracles that are needed to abort the plans of the Negativity to stage a Third World War, to spawn devastating new diseases that can destroy the human species, and to create the collapse of the political, economic, and ecological systems of the planet. 

I have the ability to do what only the Source can do to stop many of these atrocities but I require the Material Energy provided by Manifest Beings to ground the miracle of Source Power which I then use to bring in the miracles that are needed.  (For more information about how miracles are grounded, you can read the article entitled: The Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange.)




Nurturing the Young

Children need to be nurtured correctly particularly the more advanced spiritual beings who are coming into the planet at this time.  Miracles from the Source can substitute for improper childcare and enable children even in abusive families to bring through their Souls and their Miracle-Based Abilities and begin contributing to the work of building a World that Works.



Emergency Care to Prevent Fragmentation

At the heart of the troubles of the world is the disease of Fragmentation which occurs when the Suit becomes Disconnected from the Source and the Spiritual Particles of which it is made begin to drift apart.  Once these Particles drift apart, they develop as independent islands of thought and motivation vying for their own survival.  This is how consciousness is fractured and multiple personalities develop and Entities possess the Suit, commandeering its Miracle-Based Abilities.  (For more information on Fragmentation you can watch the video – The Miracle in Action.)


Fragmentation can occur when stress levels exceed the Suit's ability to cope and a fear response causes the Suit to shut down its connection to the Source, move into panic mode, and deploy some self-directed defense strategy.


Fragmentation generally occurs in traumatic situations created by war, crime, violence in the home, etc.  It can also occur for some in situations such as the traumatic loss of a loved one through death or divorce, failure to achieve a goal that was very prized in the Story World, or in the instance of prolonged periods without any meaningful love connections, employment, or direction of life energies.  

If a person at risk is immediately given Emergency Source Care, the Fragmentation can be reversed before it permanently destroys other aspects of the Source Connection and creates the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit that result from Fragmentation.  The Community needs to work with the Source to provide this kind of care.  If it is provided the expensive Outer Plane care of mental health facilities, hospitals, prisons, etc. will not be needed.



Eradicating the Spiritual Roots of the Diseases of the Body, Mind, and Spirit


While preventative care in stopping further Fragmentation is important, most of the population of the Creation has already suffered from extensive Fragmentation from which Negative Spiritual Structures have been built that form the spiritual foundation for the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit that manifest on the Physical Level of Reality.


When the Negative Spiritual Structures have been eliminated, then the diseases that manifest on the Physical Level will lose power much as a plant that is uprooted loses the power to sustain itself.  While continued care on the Outer Plane Level will be needed even once the power supply from the Spiritual Root has been eradicated, this care will be minimal compared to the attempt to eradicate the problem by cutting down the plant without eliminating the root system from which it can re-grow itself.


With the support of the Community, it is possible to destroy the Spiritual Root of all disease and leave the Community disease-free.  This is critical to the success of the Community because diseases disables members of the Community and ties up the energies of others who are taking care of those who are disabled.  This is a huge loss of manpower to build a World that is Heaven.  In a Heaven Community every member needs to be healthy and contributing to the work of building Heaven in the world since they have a unique contribution to make that no other member of the Community can make.  It is, therefore, imperative that members of the Community contribute to eradicating these diseases rather than just asking for Source help to heal from them.



Establishing the Source-Created Culture of Heaven 

The Story Culture has been designed and sustained by the activities of The Negativity – the criminal element that operates on the Inner and Outer Plane.  This culture can't sustain a Heaven Way of Life.


What is needed is the new Culture of Heaven that has been designed by the Source to enable a Universal Community to be united in their efforts to create a World that Works.


Work by Heaven Agents needs to be done to discover the different aspects of the Culture of Heaven and to develop educational materials that will help others in our Global Community to understand what it means to transition out of the Story  Culture into a Heaven Culture – what this entails and what it will look like when it is complete.  As humans establish a Culture of Heaven on the Earth, the Secondary Spiritual Code that they generate from their understandings will help Heaven Agents throughout the Creation to establish a Culture of Heaven in their communities.  


An important part of this work is the actual Prototyping Work that needs to be done by Heaven Agents who learn how to Live Heaven in their everyday lives and who pioneer creating new social traditions and institutions that foster the Source-Connection and make room for the Soul to manifest through the Suit.  The social institutions of the Story Culture block the Soul from coming through the Suit and reward those who develop a very two-dimensional Story Character that fits well in the Story of the Culture.


Work in this Project would include work on all Five Prototype Projects of The Heaven on Earth Project.  Part of this work will involve the development of a Core Group of Heaven Agents who work to eradicate scarcity on the planet through pioneering a Materialization Economy that can bring what is needed to the Physical Level directly from the Spiritual Level.


What is needed is a new Heaven Way of Life that is Source-Directed and Miracle-Based.  Through following the Development Sequence for establishing the Culture of Heaven, this Heaven Way of Life can be built on the Earth and in the Creation as a whole.




An Example of a Source Support Community Project

The Spiritual Intelligence System Project

NOTE: This project was successfully completed due to the Source Support exchanged for by three Heaven Agents in three different countries – the U.S., Finland, and France. I will append the description for the sake of those unfamiliar with this project.


A major threat to the viability of life on the Earth is the growing epidemic of Spiritual Intelligence System disintegration in the human population.  This collapse is due to the lack of a correct Source Connection to compensate for the loss of the Life Energies that used to come in from the Universal Source Connection Channel which crashed on May 28, 2011.


We are in urgent need of developing a Prototype Cure for this Spiritual Disease before it sweeps the population leaving us with a population of humans that will be mentally and emotionally demented, unable to make ethical and intelligent decisions. If this disease affects those in positions of power, we are at risk of rash decisions that could trigger a Third World War and wreck havoc in the already unstable global financial arena.


With the help of the Material Energy generated by Miracle Support, I can create a Prototype Cure that will stop this disease from spreading and will rehabilitate those who have already been damaged by it.


I need the help of the Community of Heaven Agents since the Source does not generate the Material Energies needed to ground the miracles that are needed by individuals and by the Community.


Your help is urgently needed. Now is your chance to step in and stop a disaster in the making before irreparable harm has been done.