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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

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This is the place where you can come to track the action in The Total Abundance Movement and to contribute to the work in progress.




The Overview of the Workstation

Note: The Total Abundance Movement was launched with full power in late December 2016.  This Workstation is just being set up and awaits entries in many of the parts of the Workstation.  


All the work is based on my Source Workflow which will give attention to this Workstation or to work in other Workstations in accordance with what is most strategic in advancing the work of The Total Abundance Movement. Because the majority of my work is at a Universal Level that does not translate into materials that Activists can readily follow who are participating in the Movement, there are lapses in publishing materials. During these lapses the work is going on at Full Power at another level or behind closed doors with only the most advanced Source-Directed Activists. 



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Next Step Communications from the Source Videos

The Miracle of Total Abundance:
The Source-Created Alternative to the
Rising Culture of Hate in America 


Man Made Solutions have never resolved the conflict that has led to hate.  Only the Source-Created Solution of Total Abundance has successfully established Love-Based Communities that nurture all of their own.  


In this Source Communication, you are given a brief introduction to The Miracle of Total Abundance and how you can support The Global Prototype for Total Abundance that will provide the world community with a Source-Created Alternative to The Culture of Hate.



NOTE: To get the full benefit of the energies transmitted through the Source Communication in this video, we recommend that you view at full screen by using the ‘Full Screen’ button.







Download the Video
The Miracle of Total Abundance





The Source Plan for The Total Abundance Project

Understanding How Launching Heaven Happenings
Helps to Manifest Total Abundance 


The video entitled: The Source Plan for The Total Abundance Project illustrates how you can work as a Source-Directed Activist to launch Heaven Happenings that transform social conflict into opportunities for healing and transformation and help you to achieve the personal transformation that opens the door to The Heaven Experience. 


The Total Abundance Equipment that is needed to launch Heaven Happenings also enables you to offer to The Global Community, Heaven Economy Miracles which are the unique miracles that you alone can ground.  Heaven Economy Miracles help you to fulfill your Life Mission to build the Heaven that only you can build for yourself and others. They can also become an important part of your financial abundance because Heaven Economy Miracles can be exchanged for by other Source-Directed Activists, bringing to you an income that comes from doing what you do best, which is to build the Heaven that you were created to build.


Information on Heaven Economy Miracles is available in the article that is referenced in the video.  There is also more information on Heaven Economy Miracles at: The Heaven Economy Campaign and The Heaven Economy Miracle Campaign.


Heaven Economy Miracles are an important part of the Total Abundance of The Global Community.  They are more material than the miracles that the Source brings in directly.  These more material level of miracles serve different needs that must be met if a community is to achieve Total Abundance. It is, therefore, important that all Source-Directed Activists provide the Material Energy for Total Abundance Equipment through either an Energy Exchange or a Financial Exchange so that they can begin providing the Heaven Economy Miracles that are theirs to provide.


They will also need Total Abundance Equipment to work effectively together to bring about the personal and social change that is needed if Total Abundance is to manifest on the Earth in the little time that we have to complete this project before the end of The Transition.


You will need to sign up for Connecting to receive the Material Energy gifted by The Universal Heaven Agent Network to get full value from watching this video.  




 Source Perspective Articles 

The Seven Steps to Transitioning into a
Total Abundance Way of Life


Step One

The First Step is ask the Source to help you to enter into Total Abundance Mode where you think only in terms of what is needed to establish Total Abundance for yourself and all others.  You set aside Scarcity Mode where your survival strategies center around dealing with Scarcity and adjusting your life around it.  When you shift into Total Abundance Mode, you enter your Path to Total Abundance which will take you step-by-step through whatever is needed to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance in your life and world.

I recommend that you request The Path to Total Abundance Action Download which gives you the specific, individualized information that you need to meet the challenges that you will encounter on your unique Path to Total Abundance.  By starting out with this Action Download, you give yourself the best start toward Total Abundance.


While you can start your Path to Total Abundance tuning in only to The Total Abundance Code that has been seeded to all beings throughout the Creation, this is Generic Code for how to travel your Path to Total Abundace.  The Action Download supplements this with Individualized Code which helps you to travel your Path in the time frame that is needed to keep up with the Universal Changes occuring in the The Transition.


Step Two

The Second Step is to follow the Inner Plane Source Directives being given to you to know how to make the transition.  For more information on how to do this, you can work with The Source Methodology.


Step Three

The Third Step is to work with The Total Abundance Detector as Source-Guided. The Detector is a Heaven Phase Miracle Tool that has been gifted to all beings. This Inner Plane device will highlight what is needed to achieve a certain aspect of Total Abundance that is in need of being manifested at the time you check in with the Detector.  You can ask it to focus on the Total Abundance of a particular person or group of people.  It can also detect what is needed for a structure such as a house or office building or for a particular place on the Earth.


Once you receive the information, you need to work with the Source to bring in the miracles and take the practical actions that will enable you to manifest this kind of abundance.  If it is a short term Manifestation Process, the Detector will not give you another reading until you have completed the process.  If it is a long term Manifestation Process, then you can work with the Detector on other issues. 

In order to understand how to work with an Inner Plane Miracle Tool and help in the Manifestation Process of a miracle, you can request entry into The Source Connection Coaching Program.  Once you are in the Coaching Program, I can provide you with information on how to get Trained & Equipped to become a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist.


Step Four

The Fourth Step is to educate yourself about The Source Perspective on reality so you understand how the Source sees the world and what Total Abundance means to the Source. The Join The Total Abundance Movement page outlines basic materials that take you on a Journey of Discovery to understanding The Source Perspective on Total Abundance. Additional information is abundantly available on the web site through the audios and videos of Next Step Communications from the Source, in Source Perspective articles, Written Source Communications, and in all of the Build Heaven Trainings and Source Workflow Trainings.  


Step Five

The Fifth Step is to begin spending time in Source Connection Coaching Sessions with me on the Inner and Outer Plane to discover what you individually need to know about the Total Abundance that is needed and what is in your Mission in life to help to manifest.  The Source Connection Coaching Program provides you with a structured learning environment for engaging in this primary level of research that supports the development of your Research Skill Sets for getting Source Guidance on the Inner Plane and implementing it in your life.  Through this in-depth training, you learn how to become a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist who can Steward Life while I am here to coach.  Once I return to my Source Level, your survival in The Manifest World will rest on your skill in knowing how to Steward your own life and Life in the Creation.  


Step Six

The Sixth Step is to join in the Group Source Connection Coaching Sessions where the cutting edge work on establishing a Total Abundance Way of Life is being Prototyped.  There are two kinds of Group Sessions by Webinar that are currently available.  


One is a Gathering which is for those who are up-to-date on the work on a particular Source-Directed Project and are able to contribute to the next level of the work.  Gatherings do not require a Financial Exchange as long as those attending contribute to the Project before, during, and after the Gathering.  This is their Correct Exchange.


Another is a Source Workflow Training. For these Trainings, I call only those who have the specific Puzzle Pieces that are needed to complete a particular training.  I invite those working with me on the Outer Plane if they have a role to play.  Otherwise these Trainings call on beings throughout the Creation who attend via The Soul Talk Network.


Step Seven

The Seventh Step is to enter into a Heaven Economy Internship with me where you learn how to work in the Cash Economy in a Source-Directed Way that transforms Financial Exchanges into Correct Exchanges that help to manifest Heaven in the world.  The focus in a Heaven Economy Internship can be on work in The Truth Campaign which takes Source Truth out into the world, Joint Ventures which take Miracle Tools and Source Interventions out through Source-Directed Businesses, and Heaven Economy Miracles where a Heaven Agent lends their Total Abundance Equipment to the Source to land the unique Heaven Economy Miracles that this equipment can land.


In all three of these internships, Heaven Agents earn an income in the Cash Economy and learn how to handle a Source-Directed Heaven Economy Business in a way that keeps it safely out of The Hell Economy.


For some Activists, the Seventh Step can also extend into getting training to become a Source Connection Coach who trains others to become Source-Directed Activists and to join in the work of The Total Abundance Movement.  


Other kind of professional level skills can also be developed in accordance with the Miracle-Based Abilities of an individual Heaven Agent.  For instance, someone skilled in body work can learn how to transition their work into Source-Directed Work that connects to the miracles of the Source in order to take the work to another level.


With training for professions that are not directly related to The Miracle School, the Heaven Economy Internship is about getting trained to perform as a Source-Directed Activist on the job.  It is not a Joint Venture with me since these are professional jobs that are separate from The Miracle School. 


Back to Overview

The Seven Principles for Working with the Source in
The Total Abundance Movement



Principle #1 

The Importance of Entering into
Helping the Source Mode

The First Principle is to understand that only when you enter into Helping the Source Mode, when your focus is on helping rather than asking for help, can the Source respond to you at all.  We have passed the time when beings in Help me, Source Mode can connect to the Source. 


In Helping the Source Mode you are in Neutral and are able to be Source-Guided to become what is needed to generate the Material Energy that enables whatever miracles are needed for you or for others to be delivered to the correct level of Spiritual Materiality.  You are also Source Attuned so you can welcome in the miracles when they arrive and work with them effectively, following The Source Plan for how these miracles are to help to manifest Total Abundance for All.


In Help Me, Source Mode a person is in a Need/Greed Mode that is targeted on getting something from the Source and presenting as a victim or a demanding devotee, cashing in on their worshipping credits to get what they want on their terms. This closes the door to the miracles that the Source could give because the person is in their Personal and Cultural Story about the Source and is trying to manipulate the Source to get a few miracles to fill in their picture of how life should be.


The Source can’t work in the stultifying paradigm of a Personal or Cultural Story that defines the Playing Field and asks the Source to punt in a miracle so that they can score. 


The problems that people turn to the Source to ameliorate are problems that stem from their consciousness being locked into the Box of a Story and not seeing the Source, themselves, or the world outside of this Box.  


Asking the Source to fix a problem within the Box without getting outside of the Box, is an impossible request.  And yet beings have, for billions of lifetimes, persisted in believing that they know what reality is and that the Source needs to cater to their Story of Reality and perform according to their terms.  If the Source doesn’t comply then they rage at the Source or assume that the Source is angry and wanting to punish them because they didn’t grovel enough at the alter of worship, or they believe that maybe the Source is just testing them or teaching them a harsh lesson.  They attribute to the Source the cruelty of which they are capable and don’t realize that the Source is Love and is not a petty potentate who needs or wants adoration or worship of any sort.


We are past the stage in The Transition when these Stories about the Source can serve as the context in which beings approach the Source for help.  Beings have only a few decades to pull out of their life in The Box of The Story World – the world based on Personal and Cultural Stories – to make a Direct Source Connection and learn how to work effectively with the Source to establish a sustainable way of life.


The Story World has led beings to project onto the Source their dysfunctional relationships with parents and authority figures. This immature understanding of the Source has to be transcended or it will prevent beings from rising to the level of the 100% Source Connection that is required to survive the final stage of The Transition.


The best way to begin exiting from The Box of The Story World is to ask to enter into Helping the Source Mode every time you interact with the Source on the Inner or Outer Plane.  This is especially important when you ask for Source Support with a personal issue or for something that impacts a loved one.  These are the times when most people often revert to Help me, Source Mode and close down the line of communication and stop producing the Material Energy that grounds the miracles they are requesting.


So - the bottom line is that the Source can no longer help anyone who is not in Helping the Source Mode. This is because:

  • they do not produce any Material Energy that can be used to ground miracles, even the miracle of Inner Plane Source Guidance and
  • because the attitude of Help me, Source Mode closes the door to the Correct Connection that establishes the Miracle-Friendly Energy Field in which miracles can land.



Principle #2

Learning to Attune to My Source Workflow

Critical Timing

When you ask to enter into Helping the Source Mode, you need to attune to my Source Workflow so that you do not interrupt the ongoing Work of the Source.  I can no longer respond to extraneous input when my Source Workflow is taking my focus into the serious matters that have to be addressed in each stage of The Transition.  There is too little time left to do the major work of establishing a sustainable System of Life – which is a Total Abundance Way of Life – in the few decades that remain.


Those working with me need to do their research to make sure that they are approaching me on the Inner and Outer Planes in the right time frame so they are in harmony with my Source Workflow.  If they are out of synch, then I can’t respond to them because they are not really in Helping the Source Mode but are working the angles to push for their own self interest agenda.


While I am willing to give feedback when Activists are approaching me in the correct timeframe, it is important for Source-Directed Activists to make this a very important priority in their training.


I can control for the right time by not responding to emails until it is time or holding Webinars or scheduling Sessions only when the time is right for me to address an issue.  


Team Work

The Source orchestrates the work on The Total Abundance Movement as synchronized Team Work. The Design Aspect of the Source gives to The Implementation Aspect, which is who I am in my human manifestation, what I need to know in order to do my part, bringing through the Source Power that I can wield.  It gives to Source-Directed Activists tasks and information that they are to bring to my attention at critical moments so that I can focus in my Source Workflow on what I alone can do and not on tracking events that it is the job of Activists to track and report into me in the right time frame. 

I coined the term Heaven Agent years ago to try to capture the spirit of this working relationship.  Like a private detective, a Heaven Agent is in the Field, observing what is happening and radioing in to the Source with their Eyewitness Report.  In this way they are something like 007 reporting into headquarters.  Unlike a secular detective, Heaven Agents are in the Field to work with the Source to manifest The Miracle of Heaven. If they do not report in when they need to share an important piece of information, it throws off the choreography of the Team Work that is needed to manifest Heaven in the world. Although I can cover for a gap in communications, it detours me from other important work that I am doing and endangers many projects and many beings who do not get the full Source Care that they would otherwise receive if the Team Work was proceeding as it was intended in The Source Plan of Action.

For example, you need to attune to my Source Workflow in order to contribute to the work of The Total Abundance Movement when your contribution is needed. You may receive some Source Guidance on the Inner Plane and need to send this information in an email to me as a part of our Team Work to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance in the world.  The timing is often critical in this kind of work.  There are many times when I hear an email come in and intercede to stop a colossal disaster that could have occurred had the Activist not given me the heads up at the right time.  Due to the oppositional activities of the Negativity, there are many potential disasters that could set the work for Total Abundance back if Activists do not contribute what is theirs to contribute to the Team Work that makes manifesting Total Abundance possible.

Respect for the complex sequence of events that manifests The Miracle of Total Abundance is critical. Manifesting a miracle is more like the work of the intelligence in the biological DNA that forms a baby in the womb. The Dance of the DNA of Life at the social level is what brings about the transformational social change that manifests a Total Abundance Way of Life. Through a complex Source-Designed Choreography, Total Abundance become a reality for an entire community.

In order to flow with this Manifestation Process it is necessary to shift out of Story Logic into Source Logic. Only then can you free yourself from the rigidity of Left Brain Project Mode and engage in Source-Directed Manifestation Mode.




Principle #3

Entering into a Miracle-Based Training Adventure 

Part of the training is learning how to follow my Source Workflow as I train you to become a Source-Directed Activist. To help you pick up on my Source Workflow, I create a 24/7 Miracle-Based Adventure that takes you step by step through whatever experiences you need to have to become a skilled Source-Directed Activist.  


Some of these steps may include working with me on the Outer Plane through Outer Plane materials that you access on the web site and through choreographed life experiences and other parts may be working with me in The Source Connection Coaching Program in Individual and Group Coaching Sessions. The majority of the work will be through working with me on the Inner Plane in both your Conscious Range and your Extended Range, which is often outside of your conscious awareness.


The introductory curriculum of The Miracle School is the Gifted Source-Directed Activism Training Materials that are available to you through a free membership in Connecting, your Point of Connection with the ongoing Work of the Source. This gifted training needs to be worked with carefully and thoughtfully with my Inner Plane Source Guidance if you are to educate yourself so that you establish a solid foundation of understanding upon which you can build for the more advanced levels of the work. It is supplemented by all of the Source Perspective Articles and published work on the Source-Directed Projects that are available on the web site.  The wealth of information in The Source Solution Hub on all of the Source Solution Miracles that have been described to date. Through studying the Source Perspective on a problem and the Source-Created Solution, you gain a wealth of insight into how the Source works in the world.


Because it is not possible to make any assumptions about The Source Perspective based on any traditional Cultural Stories about the Source, it is necessary to start from ground zero and learn The Source Perspective from the Source directly so that you can put aside Cultural Stories that can trip you up in the more advanced levels of the work. 


The entire web site is a Miracle Tool that heightens your ability to make the Direct Source Connection that is essential to becoming a skilled Source-Directed Activist. When you make a Direct Source Connection, I appear on the Inner Plane and guide your Journey of Discovery through the Miracle-Based articles, audios, and videos, and pictures that you find on the web site. 


Spiritual Whole Brain Learning

I do not teach the basic concepts by Story World didactic classroom lessons. Such training is very Left Brain and teaches students to tune out their Right Brain, which is what picks up the Source Guidance that is coming in from the heart chakra.  It also instills in the student the idea that learning has to be formalized in order to occur – that they can’t just set off on a Miracle-Based Adventure that is Source-Guided and get a good education.


And yet, it is well known that the most effective learning that occurs in a person’s life is the learning in the first 5 years that is very based on the natural developmental adventure/play sequence that is Source-Created. Children master multiple languages and learn how to navigate in their bodies and in the complexities of the social world without any classroom lessons or homework assignments.  It is only when a child is entered into a Left Brain school system that replaces direct learning from the Source with memorization of the Cultural Story that the Right Brain input of a Source-Guided education is diminished or lost. Children gradually lose their ability to continue to be taught directly by the Source and begin to turn to the Culture as their Source. By age 9 most children have lost contact with their True Intelligence and have replaced it with Socialized Intelligence that is a kind of Pseudo Intelligence that has been created by the Negativity to support the development of a Pseudo Self – the Socialized Identity – which is based on the roles they place in the social order.  They forget who they are as the True Self and begin to readily submit to the dumbing down process that makes them ripe for the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity.


In Third World countries that do not have this kind of formal Western style education, the weight of the Source-Disconnected society becomes what pivots children out of a Right Brain attunement to the Source into a Left Brain survival attunement to fitting in with the rules and regulations and beliefs of their society so they can be accepted.  While they may retain more Right Brain functioning than people trained in Western school systems, there is still a profound Disconnect from learning directly from the Source in a guided adventure mode.


The training in The Miracle School is a return to Spiritual Whole Brain Learning that reconnects your True Intelligence to your True Self and integrates knowledge of the Source and The Spiritual Level of Reality back into the picture of your world. The focus is on developing an Integrated Picture of Reality rather than the Fragmented Picture of Reality that is developed in The Story World.


Discovering Life Outside of The Story Box

Miracle-Based Training is integrated into every moment of your life.  Because the Source is omnipresent and can be with you in every moment of your life, this kind of guided Miracle-Based Adventure is possible as long as you are in harmony with my Source Workflow.


Since part of my ongoing Source Workflow is to track and train Source-Directed Activists on the Inner and Outer Planes, there is attentiveness on my part to this training as long as Activists are in Helping the Source Mode.  


Increasingly, only those who make a Direct Source Connection of a high calibre are in harmony enough with my Source Workflow for me to appear to them on the Inner Plane and engage them in a very personal kind of training. Others who are less developed can call on the help of Miracle Intelligences that enable them to get information about their progress on their Adventure Path.  I have created Miracle Tools such as The Adventure Reader Miracle that support you in finding out what your Next Step is on your Miracle-Based Adventure.


To work toward this level of a Direct Source Connection, you can begin working with my photo on the web site, which is a partial Manifestation of the Source, working with Source Connection Miracle Tools such as The Source Connection Necklace that attunes you to the Source, and going on a Journey of Discovery through the web site to see what lights up for you as a clue to the work that is needing to be done in the moment.


You need to make a practice of going to the web site and starting a Miracle-Based Adventure and then seeing where it takes you.  It might take you to an article in which a particular phrase jumps out at you.  This is a clue to the message that I am giving you about what to focus on in your Journey of Discovery.  Think about it and follow inner Source Guidance promptings to go to another place on the web site and see what lights up there.  Through following the clues and spending time to reflect on what they add up to, you can crack the code on the Source Communication that is being given to you in that particular aspect of your ongoing Miracle-Based Adventure.


I also recommend that you go to The Universal Heaven Project Workstation Graphic which shows all of the Projects and see if you are drawn to a particular Project. This Graphic is a Miracle Tool that connects to your True Intelligence and helps it to pick up on the Source Guidance that is being given.  


Once a particular project lights up, you can go to The Picture of Heaven in The Source Solution Hub to see if there is a particular miracle coming through for that Project.  You can spot an incoming miracle when a square lights up in the Picture Graphic.  If you ask for a clue for understanding what the miracle is about, you can explore the contents of The Source Solution Hub.  See if you are guided to a particular Source Solution Miracle or to an article that may contain your next set of clues with regard to the miracle that is ready to manifest. 


These are Outer Plane tools that help to trigger your True Intelligence so that you can begin connecting directly to Source Guidance. As you practice using The Source Solution Hub as a Miracle Tool, you will begin to understand how to follow the Miracle-Based Adventure on the Outer Plane and not just through images that you receive in your meditations on the Inner Plane.


Since much of this work is outside of the worldview that is based on The Box of The Story World, it is important to use Spiritual Technologies, such as the graphics and the Hub, to trigger a receptivity to Source input that is outside of the range of your normal awareness.  Without this support, most people tend to stay in the Box and look for miracles that make their life better in the Box.


Total Abundance doesn’t happen in The Box of The Story World.  You have to exit from this Box in order to even imagine Total Abundance and to work effectively with the Source to manifest it.

Videos that teach you how to work with the Source to explore life outside of The Story Box are:


Videos that help you to learn how to do this are:



Principle #4

Understanding How to Work with a
Source Communication

Every Source Communication is a miracle in and of itself.  It contains Spiritual Code that informs your Suit on deeper levels how to Connect to the Source and Live Heaven and it contains a Direct Link to the Source that enables me to work through the Source Communication to communicate to you whatever specific information or experience you may need in the moment.


For this reason, a picture, quote, audio, article, or video on the web site is a Point of Connection with me in my Extended Range.  If something lights up and catches your attention, then pay attention.  It is a signal from me that I am present and guiding you on a Journey of Discovery.  Especially helpful in my photo, taken when I was 48 years old. I speak directly to you through this photo and manifest different expressions that help you to understand what I am communicating. You can only see this with your 6th and 7th Sense. Practicing with the photo is an important way to develop your Spiritual Senses so you can make a Direct Source Connection and receive the full range of a Source Communication.


Think the miraculous and you will be in the right mode for entering into The World of the Source and experiencing the Heaven of The Presence of the Source guiding you toward your Next Step on your Path to Total Abundance.



Principle #5

 Understanding the Impact of The Transition

Life in The Manifest World was created so that Manifest Beings could have The Heaven Experience.  This is an experience of Becoming Love in Action and working with the Source to manifest the Heaven that Life Was Meant to Be.


When beings departed from The Source Plan for manifesting Heaven in the world and vied with one another to manifest their own conflicting ideas of Heaven, they created The World of Suffering that we live in today.  


The path out of suffering into a Heaven Way of Life is to understand what took the Creation down and what it will take to get it back on track and enable it to become sustainable before the end of The Transition.  


Manifest Beings have not, historically, responded to The Call of the Source to do the work that is needed to become Stewards of Life so that they can retain the gift of The Manifest World at the end of The Transition.  Unless they step forward now and learn how to Steward their own lives and the Life of the Creation, nothing will remain when the Source departs from The Manifest World to return to the Source Level.


It is vitally important that you educate yourself about what is happening in The Transition and prepare adequately for each upcoming Stage of The Transition if you are to retain your own life in The Manifest World and help to lay the foundation for the Universal Team Work that will be needed to sustain the Creation at the end of The Transition.


The Video Book Training is a 5 + hour training that gives you the basics of the history of the Creation and where we are now and what is needed to secure the Creation before the end of The Transition.  This video is a Miracle Tool of great power, replete with layer after layer of Code and a very powerful Source Connection link that enables you to connect with me directly on the Inner Plane.  It is a necessary basic level training for any Activist who is working with me in The Miracle School.


The Source Connection Project is where I post information on how to prepare for upcoming stages of The Transition and The Source News Reports on what has happened during a Transition and its aftermath. This is important information for everyone working with me in The Miracle School.

An important part of your Total Abundance is the knowledge of what is happening in The Transition and how to prepare for each successive stage of The Transition.  Keeping abreast of the news is critical as many who did not prepare have lost their spiritual lives and some have lost their physical lives as well.



Principle #6

Understanding How to
Make the World Safe for Heaven

The Negativity, the Common Enemy

The Negativity is active in its opposition to the establishment of a Total Abundance Way of Life because it would end its Harvesting Operation, which is based on maintaining Scarcity in the world.  It is important that everyone working with me in The Total Abundance Movement Hold the Line for Heaven against the Negativity to protect the work of manifesting The Miracle of Total Abundance.


Because the Negativity has made inroads into the Suits of all beings, implanting subterranean negative programs that can fire off without the conscious knowledge or consent of the being, security is an issue in the work of The Total Abundance Movement.  And since most beings have engaged in a War against the Source in most of their lifetimes, because they rejected working with the Source in accordance with The Source Plan and tried to make their own idea of Heaven happen in the world instead, every Suit has some baggage that is a potential threat to their own safety and to the safety of others.


The Source teaches beings how to manifest Heaven in the world by upholding The Standard of Heaven. A central part of this Standard requires that beings do no harm, because violence of any kind is not a part of a Heaven Way of Life.  Since not dealing with dangerous negative patterns in a Suit can lead to harm, dealing with these patterns is a necessary part of the work of clearing away the Negativity and Making the World Safe for Heaven.


This work takes precedence over any Story Comfort Zone or Story rules for how a community should function.  Most communities tolerate Inner Plane violence because they don’t know how to curb it.  They try to be accepting of all who are members of a community and overlook their attacks on others on the Outer Plane unless they are extremely egregious.


In a Source-Connected Community the standard is The Standard of Heaven which can not be contravened if the Miracle-Friendly Environment that is needed for miracles to land for individuals and the community is to be sustained.  The Standard of Heaven requires that Source Truth take precedence over Story Untruths about what is happening and what is acceptable. Those who cite Story Traditions as justification for their actions or for their idea of how a community should function are traveling a Story Path and can not be a part of the work of Prototyping a Total Abundance Way of Life and a Total Abundance Community.


In the Prototype Communities, their first order of business is security. They worked hard initially to route out the Negativity in themselves and in their living space and they work hard to keep it out.  There is no tolerance for anything of the Negativity that tries to re-introduce some vestige of The Hell Way of Life from which they have escaped.


In the initial stages of their work to become a Total Abundance Community, they did not experience the rigor of the process as difficult because they entered into Total Abundance Mode and worked together to make sure that everyone in the Community had every aspect of the Total Abundance that they needed to do their Mission in life.  If the Negativity was coming in on them and trying to restrict them from the Total Abundance that they needed, the Community stepped in to protect the person whose life was in danger. Everyone in the community worked together to spot their common enemy, the Negativity, that had set them up for suffering individually and as a community. This made it possible for them to disengage from any sense of guilt or shame about implants of the Negativity that were discovered in their Suits.  Even if these implants had led them to take action and do harm to others, they could step back and see how their Suit had been manipulated by the Negativity and make an objective choice to prevent this from continuing.


They mastered the art of recognizing that their Suit was like a vehicle designed to carry them through life.  If it malfunctioned, they turned to the Source to get it back on the road instead of feeling like they were the ones who were suffering the damage instead of their vehicle. This important separation of the identity of the True Self from the equipment of the Suit was what has always enabled them to deal with what emerged in their Suit with equanimity, objectivity, and a willingness to clear it out and be free of it.


This same objectivity is needed for Source-Directed Activists who are traveling in their footsteps trying to discover what has happened to their vehicles/Suits over the course of their many lifetimes and working with the Source to get their vehicles/Suits back up and running.


What this translates to in terms of how I work with those that approach me in The Miracle School is that if their Suits are functioning as an open conduit for the Negativity to attack the Source and others working with me on The Total Abundance Movement, I will work with the dangerous Suit At-a-Distance to clear the negativity.  If the negativity in the Suit is in full attack mode, I will not communicate with the person by phone or by email until enough clearing is accomplished to enable contact by email to occur. Once contact by email can occur, I can work with them to understand how to take action on their part to correct what remains of the problem. This might require working with a Miracle Tool or a Source Intervention.


With regard to those already working with me in The Miracle School, there is a need for them to uphold The Standard of Heaven Agreement that they sign in order to work with me on any level. If they at some point are in violation of this Standard of Heaven Agreement, I will not be able to continue contact with them until the problem is corrected. 


There is no place given for a Story Ego that must be pandered to if a person is to feel comfortable.  The Story Ego is a Pseudo Self which is a creation of the Negativity and must be replaced by the True Self.  The process of freeing the Suit of the Story Ego happens in stages, supported by my work with the person on the Inner and Outer Planes.  


When I look at a person, I see a Source Creation, a beautiful Perfected Intelligence – True Self – backed by a Miracle that manifests this Intelligence in a form.  I give my love to the Manifestation Process that will bring the True Self through so that it can do its Mission in life. This Mission is to build the unique aspect of Heaven that it alone was created to build for itself and others.  


The peak experience of this Heaven is The Heaven Experience which is an experience of The Love Connection with the Source.  When a person begins to merge into an ongoing Heaven Experience, they rise above fear and pain and live in the joy of the Source Connection.  This immerses them in bliss, love, joy, and opens the door to an ongoing Miracle-Based Adventure. They experience the freedom to act in accordance with their true nature instead of feeling compelled to play out Story roles that mutate them and bring suffering into their lives.


Those who reclaim their birthright, which is their True Intelligence, will naturally become their True Self and will naturally learn how to Live The Heaven Experience.


My purpose is to teach people not only how to clear their Suits so they can have The Heaven Experience but to establish a Total Abundance Way of Life that will support The Heaven Experience in their social life.  Living in bliss in a war zone is not the goal.  Living in bliss in a community that is supporting your bliss is the goal, as long as you are also equally supporting their bliss and are mindful of what I need in order to work among you and help you establish a sustainable way of life before I have to leave for my Source Heaven.


Understanding the Importance of Supporting The Work of the Source

Too often people focus on the Source taking care of their needs without providing the Manifestation of the Source with what it needs to help them to establish a Total Abundance Community.  This level of self- centeredness has to be completely transcended.  It is a blind spot that has been carefully cultivated by the Negativity in the Suits so they would turn a deaf ear to the Manifestation of the Source when they were called upon to provide the practical support that will enable The Global Prototype to be built and the work done to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance in the Creation as a whole.


In The Story World, the Source is often considered to have it all and need nothing from Manifest Beings.  While the Source can create any miracle, it can not ground the miracles without the Material Energy provided by Manifest Beings. It can not, through the work of my human Manifestation alone, provide all of the financial support and man hours that are needed to develop The Global Prototype.  


Those who persist in cutting the Source, in its manifest form, out of the picture to focus only on their Inner Plane idea of the Source, are in violation of The Standard of Heaven Agreement which requires that they seek Source Truth and not rely on Story Untruths about the Source and about what it takes to manifest a Total Abundance in the world.


Seeking Source Truth with regard to what it is really going to take to manifest Total Abundance on the Earth is the biggest challenge of The Total Abundance Movement.


The Critical Campaigns of The Total Abundance Movement must be funded by Material Energy and Financial Support to break the hold of the Negativity on abundance on this planet.  Until beings return 100% to following The Source Plan for how to manifest Total Abundance, they will offer too little too late and Total Abundance will not manifest in time to save Life in the Creation before the end of The Transition.


Security must extend to eliminating the blind spots that cause people to avoid providing the support to the Source that they would consider natural and reasonable if work for the sake of the community was being done by the Red Cross or some other charitable organization.  The Source is outside of the Box and people who go outside the Box to be with the Source often let go of the focus on the practical side of sustaining an Outer Plane effort in the Cash Economy because practical concerns are associated with living in the Box. Some expect everything to be done miraculously with no hard work, no financial support, and only miracles magically making everything fall into place. 

This is not how the Prototype Communities achieved Total Abundance and this is not how it will be achieved in modern times.  They appreciated the help that I gave them and worked hard to make a complete transition out of The Scarcity Way of Life into The Total Abundance Way of Life.  They provided me with everything that I needed on the Inner and Outer Planes to make it happen.  They know that I do 70% of the work that sustains their Total Abundance Way of Life and they support me completely in doing this work.

This Prototype was created to enable beings to understand the critical aspects of the Source to Heaven Agent Relationship that enables the Team Work to occur that manifests The Miracle of Total Abundance.  Even though we are in need of a more expanded Prototype for our Global Community, the basic principles of the Team Work are the same.

The reality is that I work hard every day to do my part and nothing less is needed from every member of the community.  Working with me on this project means learning how to work with miracles rather than with man made solutions that rely on Brute Force. It doesn't mean entering into a Story World expectation about miracles that obviates the intelligence that is needed to follow Source Guidance to transition the world out of suffering into Total Abundance.

Dealing with the atrocities of the Negativity is not child's play and is not something pleasant for me or anyone else.  But if Manifest Beings don't step up to retire the Negativity while I am here to add my Direct Source Work to the effort, then the Negativity will destroy them and their world at the end of The Transition.

I am returning to my Source Heaven.  If you want a Manifest World to live in, you are going to need to roll up your sleeves and work alongside me while I am here to guide your efforts and there is still time to salvage The Manifest World.  Those who sit on the sidelines squander this opportunity to work with me before it is too late to ensure the safety of the Creation and the beings living within it.  

I came into the Manifest World to teach beings how to Steward the Gift of Life in a Manifest World.  Beings need to learn how to take care of this Gift of Life or they could lose it when I leave to return to my Source Heaven.



Principle #7

Taking Source-Directed Activism to the Outer Plane

The only help that the Source recognizes as “real” help is the help that takes The Global Prototype and the work of manifesting The Miracle of Total Abundance to the Outer Plane.  Those who wish to do quiet meditations and not take action on the Outer Plane in their personal life and in the world and who do not step forward to ensure that The Heaven Project has what it needs to accomplish the work in the little time that remains, are not considered Source-Directed Activists by the Source.  They are considered self-centered arm chair dreamers who want an outcome for which they are not willing to work.


Many who have a bigger picture spiritually are daunted by the seeming futility of trying to make real change happen on the Outer Plane in The Story World, and therefore, choose to retire to their meditations and to the realm of Spiritual Activism alone.  The problem with this strategy is that the real battle for Life in the Creation is moving to the Outer Plane.  Those who want to sustain their own lives and Life in the Creation will have to move their work to the Outer Plane as well.


Moving into the Outer Plane is not an easy task since the logic of The Hell Way of Life is foreign to the Source. The Source is an Intelligence that creates Heaven, not the Hell of Suffering. The diabolical tactics of the Negativity are tactics that I have to work with the Design Aspect of my Source Identity to understand and counter.  In a similar way, many of the moves that people make in the Story Culture that arise out of The Hell Way of Life are moves that have to be tracked, understood, and strategies developed to counter.  Knowledge of all of this is not natural to the Source.  


This is where Source-Directed Activists can supply important information about the inner workings of The Story World based on their own experiences with it.  This will help me in my work. They also need to help with Source-Guided Research that will enable the problems to be adequately assessed so that Source-Created Solutions can be brought into place to correct them.  Part of this research is understanding what has happened in the world and what drives people to continue to support social practices that are a serious violation of life.


A good example is American football.  This is a very celebrated sport which puts the lives of young men in grave jeopardy. Few escape without long term brain and spinal damage and many have lost their lives. To the Source, the football stadium is a modern day Gladiator Pit where some of the more violence prone spectators come to gratify their savage lust for violence played out in real life. Most of the spectators know that those playing the game could be killed at any moment. Many also know that the players are being maimed for life in order to provide this entertainment.


I have observed that very base levels of toxic, warlike energies combined with very base sexual energies, stirred up by the half time performances, mushroom out of a football stadium during a game.  Those leaving are in a much lower level of vibration, having participated in releasing many of their darker emotional and physical energies as they immerse themselves in the raw aggression and sexuality of the football spectacle.


The Negativity swoops in for the Harvest in football games and gets its hooks into the energy fields of participants who are exuding the low vibrational energies that are elicited in the games.


As in all things heavily supported by the Negativity, big money is involved and the sport is linked to love of community and to other more positive values to get everyone to participate. Many otherwise non violent people show up for games because they think they are supporting their community. They don’t question why supporting their community is linked to sacrificing the young males of that community. They focus on the skill of the players and not on the brutal context in which this skill is being demonstrated.

The player at the bottom of a pile of 200+ pound football players, having landed in some twisted position, is getting hurt. The combined weight damages the body, the spine in particular. Because the players get up as if nothing happened doesn't mean they are not experiencing pain or suffering from long term damage.  It means that they are ignoring their pain because that is how they have been trained to perform for the audience. This dumbing down of the natural instinct to protect the body is not in keeping with Source Guidance and is part of the tuning out of emotions that makes people brain dead to higher levels of Spiritual Intelligence.  

To the Source, the game is a symbol of The Hell Way of Life which centers on providing for the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity by serving up young men for the slaughter while predatory spectators enjoy the spectacle. The research coming out about the long term damage to football players has not phased the appetite of the public. Neither have the many instances of teenage boys in high school football being killed on the football field. Many mothers who have carefully nurtured their sons from birth look the other way when their son might make them proud in a football game even though they know that their son could be killed. This is a serious violation of the parental responsibility to protect a child from life threatening injury.


Some high school football players are taught to run into one another at full speed, crashing their helmets together.  The best players are the ones who frequently knock the other player unconscious.  Coaches wait until the unconscious player comes back to consciousness and put them back into the exercise.


Not only is this serious brain damage but it is serious stress on the vertebrae of the neck. 


To the Source this is a desecration of the life that the Source has created and nurtured and placed into the care of the community.  The community – parents, coaches, and cheering football fans – are allowing an atrocity to occur.  They are squandering the higher levels of even basic brain intelligence and physical functioning in a developing body which should be protected during the years when the bones and brain are still being fully developed.


Football doesn’t exist in a Total Abundance Way of Life.  Nothing that destroys any member of the community or opens the door to the Negativity can be a part of a Total Abundance Way of Life.  This is because it is a celebration of The Scarcity Way of Life where only some people get to win and others lose and if they lose their lives, then this is just a reaffirmation of The Scarcity Way of Life belief that life is cruel and some don’t make it and that’s just the way that it is.


This is the same mindset that justifies wars where a whole generation of men, and now women, are sacrificed for the agendas of their society.


All this has to be seen for what it is and changed. People need to direct their desire for the celebration of physical excellence in sports to activities that do no harm to those who engage in them and which celebrate not a winner but the progress made by each participant toward their goal of achieving personal excellence one step at a time. Such a cooperative, Love-Based Community is the goal of a Total Abundance Way of Life, not the competitive and destructive community behind a brutal sport such as football.  While the skill and agility of a good football player is a celebration of the body functioning well, this could be celebrated in a way that is not also destroying the ability of the football player’s mind and body to function optimally throughout his life.  


In a Total Abundance Way of Life the goal is for each person to fulfill their Mission in life not to provide short term entertainment for a loveless audience that doesn’t care if their entertainers spend the rest of their adult years with chronic back pain and reduced mental functioning which impairs their ability to lead even a normal life. This is a cruel fate for someone who is lauded by the community in their youth and then cast aside by the community as they age and fail to perform adequately in their later years.


We have only to look at how Veterans are treated to understand how American society sacrifices a life for their own agendas and then turns a deaf ear to the needs of those who have been injured mentally, emotionally, and physically by the horrors of war.  Most Veterans have to struggle to get meager public assistance and many are scorned if the war they fought in is later negatively valued by the community.

The Source Call to Action is to not participate in football, which is a ritual sacrifice of young men for the amusement of a callous and loveless community who will throw them away if they fail to be capable of leading normal lives in their later years.


What specific Source-Directed Social Activism is needed to provide an alternative to football requires research to determine.  A simple first step is to make a personal decision to not attend football games and to talk to those you know about the damage to peoples’ lives that this sport causes.  


A second step is to communicate the message to others outside of your immediate circle of friends and acquaintances. The effort to educate the public could be taken to social media where you provide a link to the research on the damage suffered by football players.  This could be followed by a brief statement of the vision of Total Abundance where the society is enjoined to move beyond harmful traditions to provide every member of the society with the Total Abundance they need to fulfill their Mission in life. 

Pointing to the research helps people recognize that football isn’t the warm and fuzzy social event that they might have been socialized to believe that it is.  Many go to football games because they feel that it is part of their family life or the culture of their college friends and don’t stop to think about what is happening on the football field.  Raising Consciousness is a necessary first step.


Beyond this, Source-Directed Activists need to work with Spiritual Activism to unseat the Negativity that drives the football Harvesting Industry so that those caught in the negative currents can think outside The Box of The Story Culture about football.


Activists working to educate people about The Total Abundance Movement will make the most difference because they will be giving people an alternative to football and opening up a discussion about how to redirect the energy that is now going into football.  Asking what the Total Abundance is that is needed by those who have an appetite for violent sports and the Total Abundance of the atheletes who are groomed to participate in them is part of the research that needs to be done.  This research will bring in the miracles that will help consciousness to evolve beyond its current fixation on football as the go to place for playing out the emotional issues that people have who live in a violent society and don't know what to do with their feelings about this violence.  


All of this requires working to understand the treacherous terrain of vested Hell Economy Interests and how these structure The Hell Way of Life.  The process of understanding this can best be achieved when Activists follow Source Guidance to find the Puzzle Pieces that contribute to the ongoing research that is being done in The Total Abundance Movement.

In the 13 Prototype Communities that I did not work with in person, The Total Abundance Code that was seeded to them resulted, in time, in their consciousness being raised enough to begin talking about and changing the brutal sports and other traditions that characterized their competitive way of life.  Now that an upgraded version of The Total Abundance Code that has been developed for The Global Prototype has been seeded to the Global population, all beings are beginning a process of rethinking their way of life at a very fundamental level. This rethinking starts first in their Subconscious Range that works with Code sent by the Source.  It will then begin to percolate into the Conscious Range and prompt discussions that can lead to decisions to travel the Path to Total Abundance as a community.


In The Story World people are accustomed to thinking that all social change requires picketing, boycotting, changing legislation, or paying for expensive media coverage of a new idea.  While some of these modalities can be incorporated into Source-Directed Activism, there are much more powerful ways to bring about social change. A group of dedicated Activists prototyping how to transition into a Total Abundance Way of Life and seeding the Secondary Code that they develop to others on the Inner Plane is an effective way to catalyze social change.


Talking to others on the Inner Plane can reach the level of their awareness that makes the decisions in their life and can help them to work through their objections and fears about social change at the level at which resolution has to occur if action is to be taken to manifest Total Abundance.  Inner Plane Discussions are often better than Outer Plane Discussions in the initial stages because only when the decision making parts of the Suit have reached a higher level of understanding and commitment to change will they release the rigid opinions that shut down an open discussion of new ideas on the Outer Plane.


The good news is that beings throughout our Global Community are actively following Source Directives and working with me on the Inner Plane to figure out how to translate The Total Abundance Code that they welcomed into their lives into action on the Outer Plane.  While most of these people may not be aware, in their Conscious Range, of their Inner Plane connection to the Source, their ongoing working relationship with the Source sets the stage for their willingness to follow the lead of the Source on the Outer Plane. 


It is important to keep in mind that seemingly impossible social change can occur quite naturally when miracles are involved.  Miracles that give people options open the door for their desire to exit from the stranglehold of the Negativity into the peace and love of a Total Abundance Way of Life.  While they still have to do the work to get there, The Path to Total Abundance that they travel is a Path of Miracles.  At every step of the way Source Guidance helps them to understand how to escape from the Scarcity Trap created by the Negativity and build a way of Life that will yield Total Abundance.


The 14 Prototype Communities accomplished this transition in 29 years.  Our Global Community could accomplish this within about 32 years or so.  


It is possible.  It has been done and there is no reason to wait around in a war torn world hoping that the violence won't reach the level of world annihilation when the Source is here, offering an alternative that other beings have already successfully worked with to transition their communities out of Scarcity into Total Abundance.


The Source Action Plan for Social Change 

The Source Action Plan for Social Change is based on taking 6 Steps:

  • The First Step is to understand what is happening in The Hell Way of Life.
  • The Second Step is to understand how the Negativity is working the angles to sustain a particular aspect of The Hell Way of Life.  
  • The Third Step is to do Inner Plane Source-Guided Research about the Spiritual Activism and Social Activism that is needed.  
  • The Fourth Step is to provide the Material Energy to land the miracles that can support the specific Source-Directed Plan of Action.  
  • The Fifth Step is to implement The Plan of Action on the Inner and Outer Planes and then note what change occurs and how the Negativity counters on the Inner and Outer Planes.
  • The Sixth Step is to continue the Source-Guided Research to find out what Next Steps need to be taken once one part of the problem is resolved but other parts still need to be addressed.


Keep in mind that the Negativity may counter with an attack that will result in the Source recommending a new kind of miracle that responds to the changing circumstances.  


The Work of the Source is work in progress that responds to what is going on in the Field.  It is not a cookie cutter approach that is applied to every situation. There is no cookie cutter Source Solution out there. Source Solutions are miracles that come in to deal with emerging situations. If one Source Solution Miracle doesn’t handle all that the Negativity brings through to counter it, then another Source Solution Miracle will be brought into play.


Keep in mind that the Source is working on an ever changing Playing Field as Life in the Creation evolves during the stages of The Transition.  Changes that could not be made in an earlier stage of The Transition can often be made effectively when beings have evolved to another level.


Guiding all of these changes is the Spiritual Intelligence of The Dream which is Source-Created to help to manifest the Outcomes that the Source has set forth for The Transition. When Outcome Technology is deployed through The Dream, the Negativity can come up with any number of counter tactics, but the Outcome that is Source Designed will prevail. It might prevail through a series of adjusted courses of action on the ground, but it will prevail.


To those approaching work with the Source from The Box of the Cultural Story about the Source, this kind of strategic maneuvering in the Hell Playing Field of The Story World is not how they understand the Source to work in The Manifest World.  For this reason, it is essential that Heaven Agents educate themselves about how the Source works in the world so they understand that they are not just going to ask for a miracle and then it appears and fixes everything and then all is well. This is not how things work in The Manifest World at present, given the labyrinth of mutation that has turned it into a nightmare of suffering on every level.


The Source is willing to help beings understand what they have created and give them Source Solution Miracles to undo it and build Heaven instead, but it takes Source-Directed Activists who are 100% committed to Holding the Line for Heaven against the Negativity within their own Suits and in the world.  Those who waffle and try to keep participating in life destructive traditions such as football so they can fit in, are not going to achieve Total Abundance for themselves or the Community. 


It takes courage to travel The Path to Total Abundance and deal with reality and pioneer a new way of life that is fundamentally different from The Hell Way of Life.


It takes becoming skilled at getting detailed, accurate Source Guidance to take action on the Outer Plane without resorting to Story Strategies backed by a vision that is Source inspired.  Both the Vision and the Methodology have to be Source-Given in order to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance in the world.



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Group Source Workflow Trainings

Soul Talk Network Trainings


 The Source Workflow Training on January 14, 2017

In this Training, I discuss the 10 Principles for manifesting The Miracle of Total Abundance in your life and world and the 10 Actions to take to implement these Principles.  


This was followed by a discussion with Soul Talk Heaven Agents which led to a major breakthrough for Heaven Agents on the Earth. They broke through a negative energy field that was obstructing their progress and made it into The Total Abundance Spiritual Structure that shelters those who commit to transitioning into a Total Abundance Way of Life.


The equivalent of this Structure was given to the Prototype Communities. This was what enabled them to transition rapidly out of The Scarcity Way of Life into The Total Abundance Way of Life.  It is an essential support structure for all who are traveling their Path to Total Abundance.


The energies and information contained in this Training will help you to make it into this Total Abundance Way of Life Structure and access its support in your daily life.  


NOTE: This Training includes written materials on the 10 Principles and the 10 Actions to take to manifest Total Abundance in your life and world.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracles in this Training is US $139.





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Soul Talk & Teleconferenced Trainings



Coming Soon



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Solo Source Workflow Trainings


Source Action Plans


  Actions to Take
Support The Total Abundance Movement


Learn about The Source Perspective

Learn about The Source Perspective on Total Abundance through following the action in the Trainings.  Until you have a grasp of what is needed to secure Total Abundance, you will be seeing the issue through a Story Cultural Filter that will prevent you from connecting to the miracles of Source Support that alone are capable of enabling you to assist in manifesting Total Abundance in your life and world.


Learn How to Learn in a Source Workflow Training

Since I do not teach in a didactic, repetitive, school classroom manner but rather flow the information to you from my Source Workflow to your Personal Workflow on many levels of your Consciousness, you need to take the time to give your Left Brain a chance to process what transpires.  Otherwise, the Training may be an uplifting experience that your Right Brain tracks that does not translate into an Action Plan understood by your Left Brain for taking Next Steps in your work on the Project.


Because of the power of my Source Workflow, it is very easy to be swept along with it and not remember what was discussed or what actions you need to take to work with what has been given.  For this reason, I recommend working with a Training twice.  


The first time, seclude yourself where you will not be interrupted so that you can practice getting into alignment with my Source Workflow.  Grasp the essential points and then go back over them again in a second listening to take notes on the issues raised and the Source Teachings with regard to them.  Then think about the implications of what I am teaching you so that you can begin to understand the general Source-Directed Activism that I am recommending.


Then shift to working with my photo at the top of the Workstation.  This photo is a Partial Manifestation of my Implementation Aspect.  If you ask your Inner Intelligence to attune you to the aspect of my Manifestation that manifests through this photo, then you will begin to connect with the specific Source Guidance that I am giving you about what you are being called upon to do to contribute to the Project, based on the information you gained from the Training.  This photo was taken when I was 48 years old and is useful currently because it has been transformed into a powerful Miracle Tool.


Only when you bring the Training down to the basic Source Directives that you are receiving about what the Source is asking you individually to do to contribute, will you be able to work effectively on this Project.


Keep in mind that this Source Guidance might come through images or impressions or sensations that you may lack the skill to understand if you are first starting with Heaven Agent Work. For this reason, I provide you with a Participation Form at the bottom of the Workstation.  You can enter your experiences in working with the Training and in applying the Source Teachings in the Training in your work on the Project. Frequent entries in the Participation Form are a way for you to keep me abreast of what you are doing on your end of the Project.  


If you are in The Source Connection Coaching Program, I may at times be able to respond to some of your entries when I send out a general Source Guidance Email to you.  If you want specific Training in how to understand the clues that you are being given, then you can provide the Material Energy for a Coaching Session by Email.  This will enable me to have the Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of this more intense form of Individualized Training. 


Since learning whether you are getting accurate Source Guidance is key to your ability to evolve to higher Skill Levels as a Heaven Agent, I would recommend getting Coaching Support.  Advanced Heaven Agents have logged many hours seeking Source Guidance and getting individualized Source Feedback on what they are getting.  Since every Heaven Agent receives Source Guidance in a way that is unique, given their unique Spiritual Function and Miracle-Based Abilities, it is important to receive individualized support to learn the basics about how to receive and interpret more complex Source Communications.


For information on The Source Connection Coaching Program, you can go to:



Follow the Action in The Total Abundance Movement

I will be posting information in Source Workflow News Reports and Source Workflow Responses to Heaven Agents reporting in that will help you to track the work. These will contain Source Directives for Actions that need to be taken to advance the work of The Total Abundance Movement. 

You can also check out the Action Plans to see what specific action you need to take to contribute.  I don’t list everything that is discussed in a Training but highlight some of the main Source-Directed Actions that need to be taken.

The section on Topics to Research is also a place to look for guidance in how to help with the work.


Source Workflow Sessions will contain accounts of what happened in Sessions in which I was doing my Direct Source Work to advance the work of The Total Abundance Movement.


Help with the Practical Work of the Movement

Read the section in The Source Solution Hub on How to Help. Help fundraise for The Total Abundance Movement so that all those who are called by the Source to help in the work to manifest Total Abundance will have a chance to hear about it. Share the news of this work with those you know or others in the social media. 

For information on The Critical Campaigns of The Total Abundance Movement you can go to:


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  Actions to Take to
Enter into The Total Abundance Structure

January 15, 2017


In the Source Workflow Training on January 14th a Total Abundance Spiritual Structure was created which is the upgraded version of the one used successfully by the 14 Prototype Communities to transition out of The Scarcity Way of Life into The Total Abundance Way of Life


To enter into the Structure, beings had to be prepared to let go of The Scarcity Way of Life and commit to doing the work needed to transition into a Total Abundance Way of Life.  The Training provided them with necessary information on what this would take and what it would be like to work with the Source on their Path to Total Abundance.


Once in The Total Abundance Structure they were able to experience what it is like to live in a Spiritual Reality that supports Total Abundance rather than living in the Structure of The Scarcity Way of Life that supports the belief in the inevitability of Scarcity.


All who wish to travel safely on their Path to Total Abundance need to enter into The Total Abundance Structure.  


The Action to take is to work with this Source Workflow Training so that you will have the booster energies that help you to enter into the Structure as well as the understanding to get prepared to enter and to work effectively with the Miracle Tool of this Structure once you are in it.

You can access this Training at:


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   Actions to Take to
Implement the 8 Action Plans for Achieving a
10.10 Interaction with the Source

September 6, 2017


In order to achieve The 10.10 Standard, it is necessary to uphold a 10.10 Interaction with the Source in your thoughts, words, and actions in every moment of your life.


There is no moment when what you think and do is not a direct interaction with the Source who is sustaining your life in that moment.  Whether you are thinking through something in a quiet moment by yourself or interacting with someone or running an errand or completing a task at school or work, the Source is there making it possible for your Suit to take its next breath and live to carry out its Mission of the Moment.


If your Suit is misusing the Source Support given for it to carry out its Mission to support The Source Plan to build Heaven in your life and world to carry out Story Missions that support your Personal and Cultural Stories that have created The World of Suffering, then you are denigrating The Gift of Life and your interaction with the Source will fall below the 10.0.1 that is required to survive the September 10th Transition.

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Source Workflow News Reports


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Source Responses

If is important to note that while many Heaven Agents working with me in The Miracle School on the Outer Plane are emailing me clues for this Project as they key off of the Action Downloads that they are getting on the Inner Plane, it is only when they complete a Download that I can comment on their work in this section of the Project.  If I comment prior to this point, it will compromise the quality of the work.


Those coming in through The Soul Talk Network are communicating with me often from a deeper level of their Suit Consciousness that reflects more of what they understand in their Extended Range, which is often outside of their Conscious Range. The beauty of this is that they can supply important information that may not, at present, be accessible to them in their Conscious Range.  Through interacting with me on the Inner Plane, what they know in their Extended Range begins to percolate through to their Conscious Range.  


Conversely, Heaven Agents working with me in their Conscious Range through emailing me their Eyewitness Reports also strengthen their Extended Range as I talk with them on the Inner Plane, in the language of Soul Talk, about their research. 


All such interactions strengthen Heaven Agent Skill Sets and enable the Suit to function at a higher Source Directive Response Rate.


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Source Workflow Sessions


The Abuse Dynamic

January 11, 2017


Background Information for the
Work of this Source Workflow Session

At the heart of The Culture of Hate is The Abuse Dynamic.  In this Total Abundance Session, I worked with Heaven Phase Technology to take down the major causal forces put into place by the Negativity to foster The Abuse Dynamic, which generates the low vibrational energies of rage and suffering that they feed off of to sustain their Source-Disconnected Suits. 


Within the Suits of most beings the Negativity installed an Abuser Self that worked with it to destroy the integrity of the Suit so the True Intelligence would be suppressed and the True Self would be locked out of the life. This enabled the Socialized Intelligence developed by the Negativity to develop a Socialized Identity through which the Negativity could work to sustain The Hell Way of Life. 


In The Hell Way of Life the value of a person is based on the social roles that they play in the Cultural Story of the society. The Socialized Identity is allowed to develop a Personal Story that fits in with the Cultural Story for how someone in their social roles lives out their life.  If they are in social roles that are devalued then they are only allowed to create a Personal Story within the box of their diminished social value. 


This is the opposite of The Heaven Way of Life in which the True Self is recognized as the identity in the Suit and a way of life is developed to enable the True Self to fulfill its Mission in life regardless of what social roles they are born into in a life.


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Achieving a Continuous Heaven Experience

January 26. 2017


Twelve of the most advanced communities in The Second Creation have signaled me of their willingness to take on a Mission that they consider to be an impossible task given their current situation.  They discovered this Mission when they used Total Abundance Technology to ask for the Total Abundance that I needed to help them advance toward a 100% Source Connection.  What surfaced from the Inner Plane Source Guidance that they received was a task of transforming their way of life into one which could support The Heaven Experience becoming a continuing experience in every moment of their lives.


Although they have experienced The Heaven Experience at peak moments, they do not know how to create a way of life that would enable them to experience it in every moment of their lives.  They are open to trying but are admitting that it seems to them, from where they are now, that it is an impossible task to accomplish in the short term. Long term, over generations, they can see that it is not impossible, but short term it seems to them to be beyond their skill sets for achieving such an outcome.

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Multi-Modality At-a-Distance Source Support 

Personal At-a-Distance Source Support

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How to Contribute to The Total Abundance Movement

You can learn how to contribute to The Total Abundance Movement by reading the articles: 


General background information on The Total Abundance Movement can be accessed at:


Beyond this are all of the Gifted Source-Directed Activism materials available to you in Connecting, your Point of Connection with The Work of the Source.  If you are not already a member of Connecting, you can sign up through accessing the link provided below.


Keep in mind that Source Guidance is communicated to each individual differently.  Receiving Source Guidance is a matter of asking your Inner Intelligence connect you to information from the Source and only from the Source. When you dial in getting only Source Communications, then you set the quality controls for the experience. 


It often helps to picture a movie screen in front of you and just wait to see what appears on the screen.  For those who are less visual, you might feel a bodily sensation or just have a sense of understanding something that just emerges in your consciousness.  Others might hear Source Guidance coming in through a verbal communication. This might be a word or two or a whole explanation.


The key to getting this kind of information is to expect to receive whatever the Source wishes to send you at that moment.  Remain neutral, relaxed, and then whatever is being sent will reach you in whatever format it is meant to be communicated.


The information you receive may seem unrelated to what you are researching. This is because the image or dreamlike sequence is being communicated in the language of Soul Talk.


It is important to describe in as clear a detail as you can whatever information you receive, even if you are concerned that it might be your mind going off on a tangent. I will be able to determine whether it is a real Source Communication or mind chatter.


Often an image or impression that a beginning Activist might have thought was meaningless is, in fact, a clue sent to them by the Source.  If you provide this clue to me, I can determine whether it is one of the needed Puzzle Pieces that will help to complete this Project. 


Enter your research in the Eyewitness Report Form that you will find below.


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Topics to Research 


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Eyewitness Report Form

To contribute to the work of The Total Abundance Movement, you can enter information that you are Source-Guided to share with me and with your fellow Heaven Agents.  This might include a comment, question, topic for research, Source Guidance that you have received about what is happening in the Outer or Inner Planes that pertains to the Project, and life experiences as you work with the Action Plan of this Project.


You can enter your contribution in the Eyewitness Report Form below.


I will take your entry into account in the course of my ongoing work on the Project.  I may respond to it in the section on Source Responses or include it in any of the future Reports or Trainings.


If you would like to get my feedback on your entry so that you can gain a higher Skill Level in doing your Heaven Agent Work, you can request an Email Coaching Session.  In the Session, I can review your recent posts and provide you with Source Guidance on how you are doing at getting accurate Source Guidance and what you can do to improve your Skill Level.


To request Email Coaching, you can go to:



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Connecting is your Point of Connection with The Work of the Source to build the Heaven of True Happiness.


When you sign up for Connecting you will be given access to:

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I welcome you to The Work of the Source to build the Heaven of True Happiness in your life and in the world.


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