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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School




The Work of the Source

The Source is here, working on the Earth and in the Creation as a whole, to help beings stop the suffering and build the Heaven that life was meant to be.  This is achieved by re-establishing The Source Connection from which comes the miracles that make it possible to achieve Ultimate Spiritual Healing through building the Heaven of Lives that Work and a World that Works.  


This Work is urgently needed since the Universal Spiritual Crisis of May 2011 when The Universal Source Connection Channel, which was the Spiritual Home of all beings, disintegrated. Since this period of time the natural Life Energies that used to flow to all beings from the Channel are no longer in existence.  It is no longer possible for beings to continue to build lives of suffering, riding on the reserves of energy from the Channel.

Now all beings must join in the Work of the Source to Build Heaven in order to generate the Material Energies that enable the Source to supply them with the Life Energies that sustain them. It is also necessary to work with the Source to heal the Suit – the spiritual body/mind – and perfect it so it will be able to keep up with the rising vibration of the Source Perfected Universe which is new Spiritual Reality created by the Source in response to the crash of the Channel.  Only those who perfect their Suit – which is the vehicle for their Soul which is already perfected – will be able to retain their footing in the Source Perfected Universe when it reaches its full level of manifestation.


The Work of the Source is to: 

  • provide the Direct Source Work that the Source alone can do through working through my Manifestation which is the aspect of the Source that incarnates in the Manifest World to implement The Source Plan created by the Design Aspect of the Source that does not incarnate.
  • Train and coordinate the efforts of beings throughout the Creation to work alongside me as we Build Heaven togetherThe Miracle School is the Implementation Arm of The Universal Heaven Project established to provide the Miracle-Based Training that beings need to become Heaven Agents who are trained to work with the miracles of the Source that are the building blocks of a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


The goal of the work is to:

  • enable all beings to survive in the Source Perfected Universe 
  • to realize the promise of Heaven for which all beings first incarnated back in the beginning of the Creation. 

Both objectives can be met by working with the Source on the 5 Basic Projects of The Universal Heaven Project. Through working on these Projects they generate the Material Energy that supplies them with the Life Energies that they need to survive and they simultaneously build the conditions in which they can have  The Heaven Experience, which is an ultimate experience of love, joy, adventure, and fulfillment. The 5 Universal Heaven Projects are:


  • The Total Abundance Project which is a subset of the Parent Project which is Supporting the Work of the Source
  • The Perfect Health Project which is a subset of the Parent Project which is Celebrating Life
  • The Love-Based Relationships Project which is a subset of the Parent Project which is Nurturing Life
  • The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project which is a subset of the Parent Project which is Upholding the Standards of Heaven
  • The Love Connection Project which is the foundation of all of the other Projects.


For a graphic depiction of The Universal Heaven Project you can refer to the graphic given below.



The Universal Heaven Project

The Universal Heaven Project





The Construction Site of Heaven   

The Work of Building Heaven happens on The Construction Site of Heaven that exists on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  Heaven Agents enter The Construction Site through a Spiritual Gateway and dock at the place where they need to do their Heaven Agent Work.


There are two kinds of Spiritual Gateways.  

Extended Range Gateways

There are 16 Extended Range Gateways that beings can dock in and work at in their Extended Range which is generally outside of their conscious awareness.  As Heaven Agents advance, they can enter through higher level Gateways that afford them more Work Power and miracles with which to work at a more powerful level.

Most beings throughout the Creation are now working on The Construction Site through one of these Gateways.  They are contributing to the work of Building Heaven even though it is often outside of their conscious range of awareness.


The Conscious Range Gateway

While work in the Extended Range can enable the Suit to survive with a modicum of Life Energies, it is only when a being learns how to work at The Construction Site in their Conscious Range that the Suit generates the full range of Life Energies needed to survive in the Source Perfected Universe.

There is only one way to work at The Construction Site in the Conscious Range.  This is through entering through the Conscious Range Gateway that can be accessed online for Heaven Agents working in the Earth Plane and through a Spiritual Link for Heaven Agents working outside the Earth Plane. 

Through this Gateway, extraordinary levels of power and miracles come that enable Heaven Agents to Build Heaven at an accelerated rate.  Even beginning Heaven Agents can build Heaven in their lives and in the world powerfully and effectively when entering into The Construction Site through this Gateway.  Experienced Heaven Agents can accomplish the miraculous at a level that has never been possible before.  


Work done on The Construction Site through this Gateway is discussed in online Project Workstations and in Teleconferences. In this way Heaven Agents working with me in The Miracle School learn the trade of Building Heaven through working with me in an apprenticeship model on The Construction Site.  This hands on training is the best training in how to Build Heaven in their lives and in the world.

News from The Construction Site will be published online in The Gateway to Source Support that lists all of the fruits of the work on the 5 Universal Heaven Projects.


The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program  

Entry into The Construction Site is available to those who have been accepted into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program which is a Universal Program that is available to all beings throughout the Creation.  It is a program that is created and directed by the Source – the Ultimate Spiritual Teacher and Physician.  

There is no one who knows you as completely as the Source and no Intelligence in the Creation that can guide you from a place of Total Knowledge like the Source who is the Creator and Sustainer of the Creation itself.  Turning to the Source for Ultimate Spiritual Healing begins a Journey of Reconnection that enables you to heal from the Disconnection which has led to all of the suffering in your life and in the world – to all of the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit.  

The definitive Turning Point in your life happens when you finally let go of trying to create a Self-Made Heaven for yourself and trust the Source to guide you toward manifesting a Source-Created Heaven that will provide both you and everyone else with the highest level of happiness that is possible.  

What passes as happiness in The World of Suffering that beings have created since becoming Disconnected from the Source, is only a less acute level of pain when compared with the Heaven of true happiness that happens when you follow the lead of the Source who alone knows what true happiness is and how to set the stage to experience it.

Life was meant to be an experience of Heaven – of true happiness.  Anything short of this is unnecessary suffering – the loss of the joy that could have been.  Some people have believed that suffering is a natural part of life and even Source-Created.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The Source created a world in which there should be no suffering if beings remain Source-Connected and build Heaven in accordance with The Source Plan.  Only the departure from the Source Plan has led to the suffering we see today in the world.

Making the decision to turn to the Source for care that is beyond the care that any limited Manifest Being can give you, is the First Step toward building a Life that is Heaven.  Preparing to enter into Source Care is the Second Step.  This is accomplished by completing The Six Step Process described below.

Entry into The Program on the Outer Plane grants you an opportunity to work with the Source on the project of healing your life and world. Once you enter into The Program you gain:

  • entry into The Place of Ultimate Spiritual Healing, a Spiritual Space where miracles abound and ultimate healing is possible
  • entry into Source Care which is a 24/7 connection to Source Support as you travel your Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing
  • an individualized, Source-Created Plan for your Ultimate Spiritual Healing which guides you step-by-step on your Path. This Plan provides the Source-Direction that you need to know how to work with the miracles of the Source to heal yourself, your life, and your world through building a Life that Works and a World that Works.
  • Source Guidance Emails that provide you with Next Step Information from your Plan about how to progress on your Path
  • eligibility for Miracle-Based Training that is only given to those who are in The Program
  • entrance into The Conscious Range Gateway of The Construction Site of Heaven. This Gateway, which can be accessed online, provides Heaven Agents with extraordinary levels of power and miracles that enable them to work much faster and more effectively to build Heaven in their lives and world. (Heaven Agents who are both in The Program and in good standing which means that they are in compliance with The Standard of Heaven that enables them to work with a miracle of this magnitude, can enter into The Construction Site through this Gateway.)

The Gateway to Source Support: Finding the Miracles the Source Has Created For You

I have created a Miracle Tool that I call The Gateway to Source Support.  This miracle is an essential Miracle Tool for all Heaven Agents working with the Source in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.  Through working with this Miracle Tool, you enter into a Spiritual Gateway into the direct Presence of the Source.


Through interacting with The Gateway Miracle Tool, you are able to receive Direct Source Guidance which helps you to understand your Next Step on your Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing and to locate the specific miracles of Source Support that the Source has created for your journey. 


The Six Step Process for Requesting Admission into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program

To request admission into The Program you need to complete The Six Step Process that sets up the Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship with the Source that enables you to enter into the miracle of The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Process.


There are two levels of work in The Program.  Beings throughout the Creation who are working at The Construction Site in their Extended Range have completed this Six Step Process for the Extended Range.  To work with the Source in the Conscious Range, it is necessary to complete the process on the Outer Plane, providing, thereby, more Material Energy to ground the more material miracles that enable you to work with the Source on the Outer Plane.  This Outer Plane version of The Six Step Process can be accessed online through going to:  The Six Step Process


Once you complete the Six Step Process, I review the state of your Suit to determine whether it is ready to begin work in The Program. If your Suit is not ready, I email you with information on what your Suit will need to prepare itself for the work.


If your Suit is ready to begin, I email you a Source Guidance Update with information on your Next Step that is based on the Source Plan developed for you individually. We can then either converse by email or you can opt to schedule a Next Step Consultation for a more indepth look at the state of your Suit, your Spiritual History since the beginning of the Creation, and for a general overview of The Plan for your Ultimate Spiritual Healing.


Once you have been admitted into The Program I provide you with periodic Source Guidance Updates to help you know what is in your Plan and to help you keep abreast of the heightened opportunities for progress on your Path to Perfection that occur during Personal Power Surges and during Universal Power Surges. These Power Surges provide the Source Power needed to initiate either a Personal or Universal Heaven Experience Intensive which can be done either At-a-Distance or through work with me in person in the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center.


It is through the power of a Heaven Experience Intensive as well as all of the other Miracle-Based Training that is available to you in The Program, that you can advance in your ability to:

  • Become the Heaven you were created to be
  • Build the Heaven of:
    • Total Abundance
    • Perfect Health
    • Love-Based Relationships
    • Life Purpose Fulfillment
    • The Love Connection with the Source
  • Enter into The Heaven Experience in your:
    • Inner Life
    • Outer Life
    • Transcendent Life



A Gift from The Heaven Agent Network

To receive Additional Source Support in learning how to participate in The Work of the Source, sign up for Connecting by filling in the form below.  


The miracles that you will experience through Connecting have been exchanged for by Heaven Agents who generate the Material Energy that enables me to ground the miracles on your behalf.  


It is a gift from them to you – an invitation to join them in The Universal Community of Heaven Agents who work together to Build the Heaven of a Universal Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own.  It is their desire that you will join them at The Construction Site of Heaven and work with them to build the Heaven that your life and all of life was meant to be.

When you sign up you will receive:

  • Access to Next Step Communications from the Source which include Free Next Step Audios and Videos
  • Heaven Agents in Action Broadcasts
  • Access to the Free videos, audios, articles, and miracles offered in The Journey of Discovery.
  • Emailed Source News Updates on new miracles, Next Steps, and upcoming audios, videos, and events that help you to build Heaven in your life in and your world.


I welcome you to join in the work of the Source and build the Heaven your life and all of life was meant to be.



Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project

Founder of The Miracle School


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