Total Abundance Equipment 

Getting Trained & Equipped
Live The Heaven Experience


The Source Plan for The Total Abundance Project

is for Heaven Agents to become equipped and trained to
Live The Heaven Experience
that Manifests the Miracle of Total Abundance
in Their Lives and in the World


Now it is possible to enter into The Heaven Experience, which is:

  • your vehicle on your Journey to Total Abundance
  • the Spiritual Technology that enables you to build the Heaven of Total Abundance in your life and in the world
  • the Total Abundance that you experience when you attain the highest level of The Heaven Experience and enter into the joy of The Love Connection with the Source


Through getting equipped and trained to Live The Heaven Experience, you step out of the scarcity, struggle, and suffering of the world.


You step into the safety and protection of the Source who provides all those in Source Care with the Total Abundance that they need to fulfill the Mission their Soul chose before they incarnated in this life. This Mission is to deepen The Love Connection with the Source while building the Heaven of true happiness in their lives and in the world.


When you Live The Heaven Experience, you experience the Heaven that you seek while you are simultaneously building the Heaven of an abundant, love-based, healthy, and fulfilling life for yourself and others.


You become a vital part of The Universal Heaven Agent Network which rises to the challenge of building a Love-Based Universal Community by using their Heaven Experience Equipment to stage the Heaven Happenings that awaken the masses and help beings to transition out of the Fragmented Way of Life into an Integrated Way of Life that is of Heaven.



The Source Plan for The Total Abundance Project VideoNOTE: The information that follows references the Next Step Communications from the Source video entitled: The Source Plan for The Total Abundance Project: Getting Equipped & Trained to Live The Heaven Experience. If you have not watched this video yet, you will need to do so to understand the information that is provided here.




What follows is an overview of what it means to Live The Heaven Experience, followed by two options for procuring the Total Abundance Equipment and Training that needed to Live The Heaven Experience. These options are:


Many thousands of years ago, in different parts of the universe, members of the 14 Prototype Communities that I founded equipped themselves and got the training that they needed to Live The Heaven Experience. They used their Total Abundance Equipment to launch the Heaven Happenings that manifested:

  • Total Abundance
  • Perfect Health
  • Love-Based Relationships
  • Life Purpose Fulfillment


I have returned in this lifetime with upgraded versions of this basic equipment and training that is suited to life in the modern world. Now it is possible for beings throughout the Creation to follow in the footsteps of the Prototype Communities and achieve what they achieved and take the Prototype to the next level – which is to achieve The Ultimate Heaven Experience which happens only when they develop The Love Connection with the Source.


Heaven Happenings are the key element in the Spiritual Technology needed to manifest the Miracle of Total Abundance for individuals and for all beings in the Universal Community.  


The miracle of a Heaven Happening is that an individual Heaven Agent can launch a Heaven Happening that can effect massive personal and social changes throughout the Creation – not just in their immediate vicinity. A Heaven Happening could bring joy to a community living in a distant part of the universe several galaxies away. It could reach someone in distress in a distant part of our planet. It could interrupt a sequence of events that would otherwise lead to a tragic outcome anywhere in the Creation. It could inspire positive social change that fundamentally alters the way beings live their lives throughout the Creation.


Teams of trained Heaven Agents can tackle some of the darkest forces that threaten life in the Community and make the world safe for Heaven. Together they can build a Materialization Economy that frees all of them from the senseless hours of labor in the Brute Force Economy and provides them with material possessions that are miracles from the Source that bring only Heaven into their lives.


Heaven Happenings can build the Love-Based Universal Community that all beings need so that they live their lives in a world at peace that nurtures them individually as they nurture all others. They incarnate in subsequent lifetimes into this same nurturing Universal Community and not into a war zone, a poverty stricken community, or into an abusive and entrapping social situation.


Total Abundance can’t be achieved as long as there is negativity anywhere in the Universal Community. The task of ridding the Community of all negativity is too complex if miracles from the Source are not employed. With the equipment and training provided to Live The Heaven Experience, it is possible to achieve it.


The Prototype Communities started out with Communities that were as base and violent as the worst communities in our world today. In 29 years they became Love-Based Communities that nurtured all of their own. What they achieved, all beings working together with the new technology that the Source is providing can achieve within a similar time frame. It may take 32 years, but it shouldn’t take longer than that if beings work with the technology of Heaven Happenings to effect the necessary changes.


Let’s take a closer look at what you can accomplish through using the technology that manifests Heaven Happenings.


Heaven Happenings

If you have the Spiritual Equipment and Training to Live The Heaven Experience, you can launch Heaven Happenings that:


Build the Heaven of Personal Abundance

Total Abundance is defined by the Source as having everything that you need to fulfill the Mission in life that your Soul chose prior to incarnating in your current lifetime. Heaven Happenings orchestrate the Inner and Outer Plane Heaven Experience Opportunities that enable you to manifest not only the material abundance that makes for a Life that is Heaven, but the ultimate abundance of The Heaven Experience itself, which is an experience of joy, love, fulfillment, adventure, and miracles that arise from a deep and abiding Love Connection with the Source.


Build a Love-Based Family and Community

Heaven Happenings stage the social events that manifest the abundance of love-based relationships in your family, with your friends, co-workers, and local, global, and Universal Community. It is through Heaven Happenings that Love-Based Communities were developed by the Prototype Communities.


Eyewitness Reports – Gail – USA

Heaven Happening Stages an Experience of Heaven in a Family Gathering

A couple of weeks ago my niece was in town, visiting my daughter and her husband and kids. The night before she was to leave, my daughter called to say they were headed to a local outdoor eatery and were hoping I could meet them there. As I was getting ready to go, I thought I should ask for a Heaven Happening for our gathering. I began by asking for Heaven Happenings for each individual, and then for a Heaven Happening for our gathering. After that I was focused on getting there and finding parking and forgot all about having asked to launch the Heaven Happenings.

I was really struck by how much fun we all had and how much we enjoyed being with one another. There was a delightful something that I couldn't quite put my finger on, and it just kept building. It felt magical, and gave the whole get together an air of being something special. There was plenty of outdoor play space and the kids were full of energy and rambunctious, and yet careful with one another. No teasing and no tears, even as the hour got late, and we all got a kick out of watching them. The longer we were together, the more joy there was. It was so intense by the time we left that I was on the verge of skipping and dancing my way to the car. By the time I got home, I was practically jumping with happiness. I felt full of light and had so much blissful energy running through me it was hard to end the day.

I kept wondering where all the joy was coming from, and it wasn't until the following day that I even remembered the Heaven Happenings, and realized, with a sense of wonder, that they truly had transformed an ordinary gathering into an evening of Heaven.


Heaven Happening Transforms Sibling Conflict into a Harmonious Interaction

My two young nephews were visiting us with their family. The older one had built an elaborate marble run in the living room with our wooden train track set, and wanted to keep his creation intact, which meant he was adamant that his little brother not be allowed to play with it.  We adults were chatting on the porch when the younger boy got up to go to the living room to see what his brother was doing. I was afraid of what would happen, since this is exactly the kind of situation that's usually a recipe for disaster, ending with one or both children crying and angrily blaming the other. I launched a Heaven Happening just as the older boy shouted at his brother not to touch the train tracks. There was another ultimatum and then it got quiet. A few minutes later I heard what sounded like kids happily playing together. I was curious, so I peeked in to see what they were up to. I found them cooperatively building a new and very creative looking track layout, and the previous structure dismantled.


I exclaimed about the beauty of the new creation, and the younger boy turned to me and said, with wonder in his eyes, "I wanted to use the train tracks and he said I couldn't. But when I started playing with them anyway, he just looked at me and said, Good Job!"


We were both amazed at the way everything turned out.


Addendum -- I was at their house the other day and the younger boy asked me if I remembered the day he wanted to play with the train tracks and how his brother didn't get mad but took down what he had built so they could play together. Clearly a notable event in his life.


Saved Lives in the July 2, 2013 Vibrational Shift

In a recent Guided Heaven Experience Webinar, Heaven Agents working online with Heaven Agents from outside of the Earth Plane launched Team Heaven Happenings to stabilize large structures being put into place in the Creation.  The tumultuous energy of these installations and the sudden rise in vibration of the population in the Creation from a 3.0 to a 3.7 could have caused the loss of lives at a very accelerated rate.  Heaven Happenings reduced the casualty rate from 7% to 6%. Billions of lives were saved.  If more Heaven Agents had had Total Abundance Equipment there might have been even fewer casualties.


It is imperative that all those who wish to build a safe and peaceful world that can be Heaven, equip themselves now while there is time to prepare and join in the work to save lives in the massive shift of August 8th.



Create an Opportunity for Financial Abundance
in The Heaven Economy

Heaven Happenings create the opportunity for individual financial abundance through Heaven Agents participating in the Source-Created Heaven Economy. Those with the Total Abundance Equipment and Training to Live The Heaven Experience will be eligible to enter into a Joint Venture with the Source to use their Miracle-Based Abilities to create Heaven Economy Miracles that can be made available to the others in the Global and Universal Community.


As Heaven Agents on the Earth exchange financially for these Heaven Economy Miracles that provide them with very grounded and powerful Miracle-Based Interventions and Miracle Tools, the income generated will go to both the Heaven Agent and to support The Work of the Source.


Set the Stage for The Materialization Economy

Heaven Happenings set the stage for the Materialization Economy which will one day be possible when enough Heaven Agents attain the skill levels needed and create the Miracle-Friendly Environment that is required for materializations to occur directly from the Spiritual Level of Reality into the Physical Level of Reality.


In the Prototype Communities, all of their material needs from their food, clothing, housing, and other material possessions are not provided by farming and manufacturing, but are materialized by Heaven Happening Technology used by those equipped and trained to assist in the Materialization Process. Through understanding how to work with The Spiritual Science of Manifestation, they have freed themselves from the ardures of the Brute Force Economy where farming and manufacturing is required, and have established the full range of a Heaven Economy where everyone in the Community receives from the Source everything that is needed for Total Abundance.


Facilitate Ultimate Spiritual Healing & Perfect Health

Heaven Happenings provide Heaven Agents with the ability to launch the Heaven Happenings that can effect Ultimate Spiritual Healing for themselves and for the Universal Community. Heaven Happenings can stage inner and outer events that enable beings to open to the Source, who can help them heal from the Disease of Fragmentation, which has manifested as all of the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit that exist in the world today.


Since what is healed on the Spiritual Level of Reality can heal on the Physical Level of Reality, Heaven Happenings afford beings a chance to receive Spiritual Healing from the Source, who is the Ultimate Spiritual Physician.


The Prototype Communities have used Heaven Happenings to achieve Perfect Health, where there is no longer any disease, accidents, aging, or death as we know it. When their lives are over, they just walk out of their bodies into their next Missions, content with the successful completion of their Missions in their lives.


Eyewitness Reports – Gail – USA

Heaven Happening Averts a Tragic Accident

My niece had been here visiting, and when she was getting ready to drive home again, I was suddenly worried about her long drive home. I couldn't figure out why, since I wasn't worried when she drove out. I thought I might be picking up on something, so I launched several Heaven Happenings for her and her safe journey. Later that day I found out her car broke down and she was stuck half way. She had to leave her car at a gas station and rent a car to get home.


Then several days later I called her mom and learned the details of the breakdown. My niece had seen smoke coming from under the hood and immediately pulled off the highway. Fortunately she was right by an exit and there happened to be a gas station right at the exit. She pulled in and the attendant ran out with a fire extinguisher. Turned out there were also flames, which weren't visible from inside the car. A little scarier than we'd all thought since my niece had downplayed the whole thing when she told us about it.


I started thinking maybe the Heaven Happenings had had some sort of protective effect, since it was unusual to find not only an exit, but a gas station and an alert attendant, instantly ready to put out a car fire. It was beginning to seem as if a disaster had been averted. Later I asked Sherry if she could check on the Inner Plane to see what had happened. She confirmed that indeed the reason I was so worried was that there was a tragedy in the making and that the Heaven Happening had prevented that.

Heaven Happening Eliminates Depression

We're in the middle of a heat wave, with Excessive Heat Warnings 24 hours a day. We've had the air conditioning running to stay comfortable, but it's a bit of a trade off since after a couple of days I began feeling slightly depressed. Air conditioning depletes the atmosphere of negative ions, which in turn has a negative effect on well being, and I seem to be particularly sensitive to air conditioning. Yesterday I decided to try launching Heaven Happenings to alleviate the depression and it disappeared immediately. I was surprised it worked so fast. And surprised to discover that I haven't had to repeat it. The depression is just gone. And it's great to know I now have a way to respond to environmental conditions.


Eyewitness Report by Hilde – Belgium

Heaven Happenings Alleviates Upset Feelings

What I noticed is when I got upset because of a situation at work, I asked for an Inner Heaven Happening to take care of my feelings and it seemed to have a very fast effect. Within a few seconds I felt myself calming down and I could look at the situation with neutrality. 


Facilitate Social Healing & Transformation

Heaven Happenings empower Heaven Agents to stage the events that can effect Ultimate Spiritual Healing on the social level, clearing communities of the negative energies that foster war, crime, discrimination, abuse, and oppression. Heaven Happenings enable those who participate in them to experience a different social reality without the Hell Happenings of prejudice, cruelty, and violence. Once they participate in a Heaven Happening, they are lifted out of the contracted Spiritual Space in which Hell Happenings seem to be the only reality into a space where they can experience a different social reality that is Love-Based and respectful of all of life.


From these Heaven Happening experiences, beings are no longer able to go back into the contracted Spiritual Space they were formerly living in and thought constituted reality. They are like people who have had a Near Death Experience and no longer believe that life is about the quest for pleasure, but about an opportunity to love and experience love. They begin to expand into the intelligent, sensitive, beautiful Spiritual Intelligences in forms that they were created to be.


The Full Range of Heaven Happenings

The list of the Heaven that Heaven Happenings can manifest is endless. The Source can manifest through a Heaven Happening any aspect of The Heaven Experience, from the smallest private moment when a person experiences the bliss of communing with the Source to a massive social awakening that fundamentally alters the way that beings think of their lives.


For those Living The Heaven Experience, Heaven Happenings are the way in which every event in their daily lives is structured. It flows in on a constant stream of Heaven Experience Opportunities that enable them to rise to the occasion of experiencing the full range of the Heaven Experience that the Source is presenting to them in the opportunity.


Heaven Happenings and Heaven Experience Opportunities are invitations from the Source to experience a bigger picture of reality. Those invited to participate are given the Spiritual Genetic Code to know how to play their parts in the Heaven Happening that unfolds. As they participate they experience an expanded reality that gives them an opportunity to learn and evolve. If they do not choose to make use of the opportunity, they can always turn away. Heaven Happenings are not coercive. They are gifts from the Source that enable learning to occur in those who open to the opportunity and make the most of it.


Heaven Happenings can enable individuals and groups to face adversity, look at difficult truths, and come to a place of resolution. They can also be whimsical experiences of pure enjoyment and celebrations of the beauty of The Miracle of Life itself.


Heaven Happenings span the whole range of what is needed to effect the miracle of personal and social transformation. They are one of the primary ways in which the Source helps beings to escape from the Small Picture of Life, that has led to the World of Suffering we live in today, to the Big Picture of Life, that enables them to envision a Life that is Heaven – a life that is abundant, disease free, love-based, fulfilling, and suffused with the joy of the enduring Love Connection with the Source, which is the one constant that carries a life from one incarnation to the next in the safety and love of Source Care.


Following in the Footsteps of the Prototype Communities

The Prototype Communities have achieved Total Abundance because they made a decision to leave their Fragmented Way of Life and follow the lead of the Source to build an Integrated Way of Life that could be abundant, disease-free, love-based, and nurturing to every member of the Community. This decision was followed by the action that they each individually had to take to get Trained & Equipped to Live The Heaven Experience in their everyday lives.


Those following in the footsteps of the Prototype Communities will also have to:

  • Make the decision to leave the Fragmented Way of Life and enter into the Integrated Way of Life that will enable them to Live The Heaven Experience.
  • Take action to secure the Total Abundance Equipment and Training that is needed to make this transition.


The desire without the technical support does not yield the result of a Life that is Heaven.


In the modern world outside of the protective spiritual structure of a Prototype Community, the kind of Total Abundance Equipment and Training that is needed is similar but requires more safeguards to protect it from the intrusions of the Negativity that are running The Hell Experience, which traumatizes beings, fragments them, and prepares them for the Harvest.


Over many years in this lifetime, I have developed upgrades of the kind of equipment I gave to the Prototype Communities that enabled them to manifest Total Abundance in their personal lives and in their communities.


Part of the equipment that was available to them was lost in the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel. This is the Spiritual Genetic Code which is necessary to Live The Heaven Experience. I can now re-create this Code so that it is possible for all beings to Live The Heaven Experience. The various levels of the Code that are now available are discussed below.


What follows are two options for getting equipped and trained to Live The Heaven Experience.



  • The Basic Plan

    provides information on the bare minimum in Spiritual Equipment and Miracle-Based Training that is needed to get launched Living The Heaven Experience.

  • The Full Power Plan

    provides information on the full range of Spiritual Equipment to Live The Heaven Experience at the highest level. Information on more advanced levels of training is provided individually through the Individual Plan created by the Source for those in The Source Connection Coaching Program.