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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to learn about the experiences of Heaven Agents from The Second Creation. This is a Creation that was re-designed to avoid the Suit problems that developed in The Original Creation. Beings living in The Second Creation have been living Source-Directed Lives since the very beginning of their Creation.  They have built a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that is above the level of the Prototype Communities. The Prototype Communities have been at Level 2 Heaven Agent Work and The Second Creation Heaven Agents have been working at Level 3 Heaven Agent Work.


Although beings in The Second Creation are more advanced and have never experienced The Hell Experience, they have yet to progress to the 100% Source Connection that is needed for Ultimate Sustainability.  They are working toward this goal diligently in the careful and Source-Guided Manner in which they live every aspect of their lives.


Their Soul Talk conversations with me give you insight into how they experience their life and how they are working toward being able to perform their part in the Universal Team Work that will be needed to enable the Spiritual Structures that sustain the Creation to survive the end of The Transition.


Recorded Heaven Agent Communications


What It Takes to Become a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist



Heaven Agent Communications


January 25, 2022 Soul Talk Communication


Today I met with four representatives of the four geographical areas of The Second Creation.  The Second Creation is 10 times the size of the Original Creation.  It was created after The Original Creation had mutated when Suits started warring with the Source and refusing to Build Heaven in the world in accordance with The Source Plan.


The Suits for The Second Creation were created differently from those in The Original Creation. This was at the explicit request of the Souls who did not want to link to Suits that could ignore their wishes and the directives of the Source and create a life that would be an experience of Hell for them.  


The Suits in The Second Creation have lived enlightened lives from the very beginning.  They have worked with the Source to build a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life at Level 3 Heaven Agent Work.  They have not, however, achieved a 100% Source Connection because the Source withheld a certain level of their True Intelligence because they would have been attacked by a being from The Original Creation who could enter their world, had they had this Intelligence....



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