How to Work with a Heaven Agent Communication



The key to learning from the communications of another Heaven Agent is to turn to the Source for guidance so the Source remains your teacher and not the Heaven Agent. In this way, you remain Source-Centered and Source-Guided. The Source can then draw your attention to a particular understanding that you need to focus on in any given communication and you can open to this understanding within the context of a Session with the Source in which a Heaven Agent Communication is the focus.


This Source-Centered Focus prevents the kind of learning where one person tries to follow the lead of another person instead of attuning to the Source for direction. Bonding to another Heaven Agent can cause a Disconnection to the Source and to Source Guidance.


It also eliminates the problem of a person comparing themselves to another Heaven Agent and becoming worried that they may not be receiving the same kind of information as the other person is receiving.


The Source sends each being individualized kinds of information and experiences that are based on their Spiritual Function, Miracle-Based Abilities, Mission in life, and where they are on their Spiritual Path. The goal is to expand your range of what is possible from learning from others without judging yourself or the kind of information that you receive by what others receive. The kind of comparative, competitive learning that is the hallmark of The Story World, suppresses a person’s ability to discover the unique being that they are and to make space in their life to enter into the Miracle-Based Adventure in Learning that the Source will create for them individually.


Opening to a Source-Guided Adventure whenever you work with any Heaven Agent Communication, is the key to maximizing your learning while retaining your forward momentum to discover who you are as a Spiritual Intelligence and to open to learning in the ways that you will be guided by the Source to learn.



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