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Source Connection Center Stations

Work in online Source Connection Center Stations gives Heaven Agents an opportunity to be in a Spiritual Space that is equipped with the kinds of miracles that enable them to progress on their Path to Total Abundance. Each Station is unique and draws on a multiplicity of miracles that ground in that Station.


When you go into a Station, I meet you there on the Inner Plane in my Extended Range, which is often outside of my conscious awareness. I then transport you into the The Source Connection Station that exists on the Spiritual Level of Reality. Once in this Spiritual Space, I work with you At-a-Distance to enable you to connect to and work with the miracles of the Station. I also provide you with whatever Source Interventions are needed for the work. What happens while you are in the Station is based on whatever is Next for you on your Path to Total Abundance.


If you have developed your Spiritual Senses, you may be aware of my presence and of the beauty and miraculous nature of the Spiritual Space of the Station. You may be aware of the Adventure that I take you on and participate in it at a conscious level.


If you have not yet developed your Spiritual Senses, you may not see the whole session in “technicolor”, as it were, but may just be aware of some physical sensations as your Suit adjusts to the higher vibrational energy and/or experiences generated by the healing and transformational work that is occurring.


Whether you are consciously aware of the work or not, you will be able to benefit from it and it will take you further down The Path to Total Abundance.


Each Station has a specific focus. Some Stations, such as The Truth Station are designed to help you seek Truth about whatever issues you bring to the work or about whatever issues the Source is presenting to you. For skilled Heaven Agents, this exchange between us will be like a clear conversation in Soul Talk on the Inner Plane. Or it might come through a series of images that leave you with a deep understanding or insight into some Truth that is important to you. For others, the communication and learning may happen outside of the Conscious Range and surface in dreams at night and in insights that break through into consciousness at some point in the days ahead.


The important thing to keep in mind is that each Station is a “Workstation”. What you bring to it in terms of skills and attentiveness and a genuine will to give to the process of the work at hand greatly improves what you receive in terms of your conscious understanding of the process. I recommend training in a Miracle-Based Coaching Program to help you understand how to work with Inner Plane Source Guidance and how to interpret the images and feelings that are the Source Communications that are sent to you.


These Stations are “sacred” Places of Connection with the Source. Those who enter them prepared to work to receive what the Source is giving to them, achieve the level of receptivity that enables them to benefit from the Gifts of Heaven that are given.


The Station itself is a web page that you arrive at after some introductory pages that help you understand the work in the Station. The page is linked to a miracle that enables it to function as a Source Connection Station similar to the ones that are actual rooms in the building that houses The Source Connection Center in Seattle, Washington, in the United States. It is important to assume a meditative attentiveness and to look into the blue background of the Station to enable your Suit to begin receiving the Source Energies that will come through the page. If after some time you feel in harmony with the work happening in the Station, you can close your eyes and remain in a receptive state.


Multi-tasking while in a Station will abort the experience that is needed for your Suit to benefit from the spiritual work that is done in a Station. Listening to music, driving a car, interrupting to take phone calls or engage with other people will stop the work because the work requires your receptivity. If the work has been interrupted it may not be able to be completed.  


It is important to seek Source Guidance about when to sit down to do a Session and when the Session Work is over.  You may be just at the cusp of a major transformational breakthrough when interrupting the work would abort the breakthrough.  It is important to get Source Guidance about when the work is complete. If you are unclear, then give yourself more time to process.


Working directly with the Source in a Source Connection Station is training in learning how to follow the lead of the Source and do your part in facilitating the Manifestation Process. In this case what is manifesting is the transformational work that your Suit needs in order to progress in developing your Source Connection.


Registering to Enter into a Station

When you first request admittance into a Station, I will review your request to determine if your Suit (spiritual body/mind) is ready to receive what can be given in the Station Work.  Some Heaven Agents are eager to get started but their Suits are generating Miracle-Unfriendly Energies that would not make Station Work possible. In such instances, I will not process your financial exchange for the Station and will email you letting you know that your Suit is not prepared to do this work.  I will provide Source Recommendations about what your Suit can do to get ready.


Once you have been given clearance to do Station Work, I will process your Financial Exchange and email you with information on how to access the Station.


Online Miracle-Based Coaching Session 

If you would like to receive some feedback from me about what you are experiencing in your Station Work, you can request an Online Miracle-Based Coaching Session.


If you have a Source Reality Station online, then you can post a report on your experiences in the Station in The Source Perspective Project. I will respond to you in this Project. 


If you don't have a Station, I will set up an Online Communication Center and provide you with password protected access using the Login that you have established for Connecting.  Connecting gives you access to the Gifted Source-Directed Activism videos, audios, articles and Miracle Tools. If you are not yet a member of Connecting, you can sign up by going to:  Connecting SignUp


For Online Coaching, the Correct Exchange of $285/hour is based on the amount of Material Energy that is needed to ground the miracle of Online Coaching for a specific amount of time.  The time is calculated on how much time I spend researching your situation, doing whatever At-a-Distance Source Interventions you require, responding to you with information on my work, as well as in replying to your comments and questions concerning my online post regarding the Coaching Session. 


To request Online Miracle-Based Coaching you can access the link provided below and enter the amount of time that you are requesting.  A one hour minimum is needed for such a Session.




The Correct Exchange for Station Work

In order to enter into a Station, you need to provide the Correct Exchange that transfers, through your financial exchange, the Material Energy needed to transport you into the Spiritual Space of the Station and ground the miracles for the At-a-Distance Miracle-Based Work that will take place once you are working in the Station.


The Correct Exchange for work in the Stations varies according to the nature of the Station. It is based on an hourly rate. You can elect to stay for less than an hour or more than an hour when you register for the Station Work. You provide a Financial Exchange for the time you spend in the Station.


If you exchange for several hours, you can do a one hour Session and leave and log back in to do additional hours. The Station keeps track of the time you spend there.


I recommend staying in the Station for at least 30 minutes at a time in order to allow for the complex Inner Plane Work that will be aborted if you are inattentive when in the Station or come and go after brief intervals.  


You need to sit quietly and gaze at the blue background of the Station and anticipate that Source Energies will come through the Station to you. If you have developed your Spiritual Senses you will be able to see these energies.  If you have not, then you need to remain quiet and attentive and receptive.  I will come on the Inner Plane and help your Suit to do the work that is needed for that Session.



The Stations


The Materialization Station

The Materialization Station is where you go to enter into the flow of the Source-Generated Materialization Process. Once you are in the flow of this process, you can “become what is needed” at a higher level of efficiency.


When you do this, you can participate in whatever way you are needed to help with the Materialization Process. The kind of help that is needed is:

  • creating the Miracle-Friendly Environment into which the miracles can come
  • defense work to provide protection for the miracles en route and when they arrive and are getting settled into their new lives
  • welcoming in the miracles and learning how to support them as they do their Missions in the world


All other aspects of the Materialization Process are handled by the Source. These are the creation of the miracles, the delivery of them to the Miracle Landing Zone in the Creation, the activation of their intelligence at birth into this world, and the ongoing support of their manifestations that enables them to have “Life” and to do their Missions.


When you enter into the Materialization Station, an aspect of my Source Function comes to transport you into the Spiritual Station where you merge into the flow of the Materialization Process at the level at which you can join in the work most effectively.


The work that you do in assisting in this Materialization Process is work that generates Level 14 Material Energies at the highest level. The energies of this Correct Exchange are sent into either your Ultimate Spiritual Healing Life that Works Fund to be drawn upon to ground whatever miracles you need in your personal life or are sent into the Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works to balance the exchange for the miracles needed to heal the world you live in. The Source directs the energies in accordance with what makes for a balanced exchange for the Work of the Source in the world for your Life and your World.


Whatever you contribute to the Materialization Process will be for miracles that are needed either by you individually, by the Source in Its work through my Manifestation, or for the Universal Community. As in the Prototype Communities, you need to give your work without a thought to personal gain. Whether your work lands a miracle for someone in a village in Africa or a miracle that you need personally, whatever the Source knows to be most relevant to the good of all is the work that gets done. In this way Heaven is built in an integrated way in the world and in your life.


With the advent of this Station, it is possible now to be given more precise directions and Source Support for “becoming what is needed” at the level at which you are truly needed. Through working with the aspect of the Source that manifests in the Station, you are given individualized training to become a Heaven Agent on a higher level of skill and efficiency. This furthers the development of your Suit on its Path to Perfection. It also gives you a very needed opportunity to generate the Material Energies that enable you to exchange for the Life Energies that sustain your manifestation in your Suit. This is critical to your survival in the Source Perfected Universe.


The Correct Exchange for one hour in The Materialization Station is US$110.



Select the length of time you would like to work in this Station:





The Code Connection Station

Whenever you wish to grow Heaven in your life, you need to be given the Seeds of Heaven that contain the Spiritual Genetic Code from which Heaven grows. This is how the Heaven of Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships, and Life Purpose Fulfillment grew in the 14 Prototype Communities.


Just as a farmer can’t grow a crop of rice without the seeds that contain the Biological Genetic Code for rice, so you can’t grow Heaven without the Seeds of Heaven which contain the Spiritual Genetic Code from which Heaven grows.


The Code Connection Station is the place where you can come to receive the Seeds of Heaven that contain the Code for growing Heaven in your life.


The Codes that I make available to Heaven Agents through this Station are the Codes that I am prepared to disseminate. 


Once you have received the Code, I “Activate” the Code. This Activation releases the Prototype which I have already developed at the Source Level for the aspect of Heaven that is to manifest. It is transmitted to you and begins to work from within your Suit to bring itself to fruition – to Bloom, as it were.


As it Blooms, it generates the cognitive and emotional understandings, innovative ideas, and templates that your Suit needs to be able to think outside the box of your current cultural traditions and have insight into a new way of life that is of Heaven.


Once you get this kind of inner support, you can work with the Prototype to make the changes in your way of life that enable you to build a Heaven Way of Life.


The Correct Exchange for one hour in The Code Connection Station is US$85.



Select the length of time you would like to work in this Station:





The Truth Station

In this Station the energies of Source Truth enable a Heaven Agent to review the standards by which they have lived their lives and the Standards of Heaven by which they need to live their lives in the time ahead.


In this protected and comforting space, it is possible to look at even difficult Truths and find comfort in being able to see the whole picture rather than only a partial picture.


While it is possible to seek Source Guidance outside of The Truth Station and obtain accurate information, it is only when the Truth is given as an Energy Imprint to your Suit – which is something that only happens in The Truth Station – that your Suit has everything that it needs to completely understand and be able to let go of Untruths and take positive action to make the changes that are needed to build Heaven in its life.


The Correct Exchange for one hour in The Truth Station is US$85.



Select the length of time you would like to work in this Station:





The Love Connection Station

Two things happen when you are in The Love Connection Station:


Complex and abstract technical work is done to remove the energy obstacles to developing The Love Connection. This work will include helping the Suit to free itself from the influence of the Negativity that has taught it to turn away from The Love Connection and pursue The Path of Self Destruction which has put its sustainability at risk.

Insights and understandings are given to the Suit at whatever level of Suit Consciousness needs to work through the issues involved. Often these insights go into the Extended Range of the Suit that is outside of conscious awareness. If a Suit has developed its Spiritual Senses the insights will register in the Conscious Range where they can be worked through with the help of the aspect of my Extended Range that works directly with the Suit in this Sessions.


Time in The Love Connection Station is time when you can work to develop the Direct Source Connection that needs to become very strong if your Suit is to be able to retain open lines of communication when I leave for the Source Level at the end of The Transition. Only those who have developed a strong Direct Source Connection will be able to receive the detailed Source Guidance that will enable them to sustain their Source Connection after my departure. 


The Correct Exchange for one hour in The Love Connection Station is US$110.



Select the length of time you would like to work in this Station:





The Soul-to-Soul Station

The most difficult task for most Heaven Agents is to be true to their real spiritual identity when around others. The knee-jerk response is to hide one’s true identity and be the Story Character that they think everyone expects them to be. Being your True Self – your Soul – is like going to a costume party without a costume. Many Heaven Agents feel awkward if they don’t have some costume on even if it doesn’t completely hide their true identity.


In the protective and quiet energies provided in the Soul-to-Soul Station, it is possible for a Heaven Agent to get in touch with who they really are and to practice being true to themselves while communicating on the Inner Plane with the Soul of others in their lives. In this very real Inner Plane exchange between beings at a Soul Level, the foundation for an Outer Plane relationship that respects the feelings and intelligence of the Soul is laid.


They can also receive Source Guidance with regard to how to uphold the Standard for being true to themselves when in a social context on the Outer Plane. With this kind of work, they can bring themselves back into their lives.


Through working in the Soul-to-Soul Station, it is possible for Heaven Agents to work on being true to themselves in a society that celebrates the false identity – the character that a person plays in the Story of the Cultural Play.


The Correct Exchange for one hour in The Soul-to-Soul Station is US$110.



Select the length of time you would like to work in this Station:





The Correct Exchange Station

In this Station you receive the Code for what you need to do to balance the exchange for The Work of the Source who gave you The Gift of Life and sustains your life moment-to-moment.


Even if you are not getting detailed information at a conscious mind level when you enter into the Station, the Code will begin to work within you to trigger in you the correct actions in your Extended Range and in your Conscious Range that are needed to balance the exchange.


You will need to be attentive to Code Prompts to do what is needed if it requires thinking through the way you relate to me on the Inner and Outer Plane and the way that you relate to the work that is ours to do together in the world.


You will also need to be ready to take action when you receive the Code Prompts to do so. Just as I have to work every day to support you and the work of Heaven on the Outer Plane, so you need to work every day on your end. Only then do we have a sustainable System of Life.


Too many people are used to spiritual work being something that they do only in their minds with no practical Outer Plane actions. This is not the case with the work of building Heaven in the world. Until a new Culture of Heaven has been built that sustains an abundant, love-based community in which every life is nurtured and fulfilled, we cannot rest. To stop before we attain this Standard is to allow the Negativity to wash over Life and destroy it.


The Correct Exchange for one hour in The Correct Exchange Station is US$50.



Select the length of time you would like to work in this Station:





The Spiritual Fitness Station

The Spiritual Fitness Station is where you come to “work out” to generate the Material Energy that grounds the miracle that activates the Spiritual Code for your Primary Suit. The Primary Suit was given to you in a latent form in your first incarnation. This Primary Suit exists as inactivated Spiritual Code in the Core of your Suit. This is the Suit to which your Primary Soul is linked.  It is made from the Spiritual Prototype of your Suit that was created prior to your first incarnation. 


This Code was to have been activated in your first incarnation when your Birthing Suit entered into your Heaven Habitat and was instructed to support The Work of the Source in order to generate the Material Energy that would ground the miracle of the Activation.


When your Birthing Suit opted to leave the Heaven Habitat, it left The Fertile Field of Heaven within which The Seed of Heaven, that was the Code for the Primary Suit, could germinate. It opted to become the Primary Suit rather than being a Transitional Suit that helped to birth the Primary Suit and then moved on to help with similar projects with other Primary Suits.


Now that Birthing Suits have agreed to return to their Heaven Habitats and help to birth the Primary Suit, it is possible for them to enter into the Habitat and begin work to activate the Code for the Primary Suit.


This is done by generating the highest level of Material Energy that is possible, which is a Level 14.  This is only generated when the Suit works with full power and intensity on The Master Build Heaven Project which is The Heaven Project.  


One way that the Suit can work on this Project is by entering into the highly charged Source Connection Field of The Spiritual Fitness Station and getting powered up enough to embark on whatever Heaven Agent Work is needed at that time to support The Heaven Project. This work may involve working with other Heaven Agents on Teams or Solo work that requires the use of the unique Miracle-Based Abilities of the Heaven Agent.


Working in the Source Connection Field of the Station helps the Suit to perform at the highest level and to generate Level 14 Material Energy. This energy then is used to ground the miracle that Activates the Code for the Primary Suit and nurtures it until this Seed of Heaven germinates and blossoms into the Primary Suit. 


Once the Primary Suit reaches a State of Full Manifestation then the Primary Suit becomes the Source supported Suit Configuration.

The Birthing Suit that generates the Material Energy for the birth of the Primary Suit is then reconfigured into a Birthing Suit for other Primary Suits. The damage sustained by the Birthing Suit when it tried to become the Primary Suit is eradicated when it is reconfigured to form a Birthing Suit for other Primary Suits that are coming into the Creation.

After this Activation is achieved, the Primary Suit can return to this Station to work out to generate Material Energy to support The Universal Heaven Project Sphere which houses its Heaven Habitat and is its Spiritual Home. This support is absolutely essential to the sustainability of The Universal Heaven Project Sphere.  

The Heaven Agent Work done to support The Heaven Project universally and on the Earth Plane is also essential to the ability of this Project to spearhead the work of building the Source-Connected Way of Life that is needed if Life in the Creation is to become sustainable before the end of The Transition.

This Station also helps a Heaven Agent gain insight into what Outer Plane work is needed to support The Global Operation of The Heaven Project on the Earth. This Outer Plane work is as essential to the success of The Heaven Project as is the Inner Plane Work.

Supporting The Heaven Project is how a Suit expresses its Love Connection with the Source and meets the Standard for Sustainability at this point in The Transition.


The Correct Exchange for The Spiritual Fitness Station is US$110/hour.



Select the length of time you would like to work in this Station: