Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers


Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers have been created by the Source to provide Heaven Agents with a place of peace and protection in which they can heal and transform their lives.  When you enter into an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center you are in a Place of Miracles, a Spiritual Space in which you can experience directly Source-Created Perfection and understand the Perfection that lies latent within you, your life, and the world.  Through attuning to this Source-Created Perfection you become equipped to spot it in yourself and in the world and work to uncover it so it becomes a part of your life.  In this way you are able to travel your Path to Perfection.



One of the most difficult problems facing those who have wanted to heal from the damage caused by the Disconnection from the Source, has been the extremely caustic and damaging energy environment in which they live that is not conducive to healing or to Reconnection to the Source. I call such an environment a Miracle Un-Friendly Environment since it is unfriendly to the miracle that they are.  In such a Miracle Un-Friendly Environment the miracle of their Suit withers and dies just as a plant in a barren environment without fertile soil, water, and sun can wilt and die.


In the Prototype Communities I taught them how to create the Miracle-Friendly Environment that was needed for the whole Community to attain Perfect Health.  They worked with me to achieve this and then worked within this optimal healing environment to heal their bodies.  The result was Perfect Health.


In today’s world, many Heaven Agents are living in Miracle Un-Friendly Environments without the support of a community of other Heaven Agents to help them build and maintain a Miracle-Friendly Environment.  Since their Suits require a Miracle-Friendly Environment for healing to occur, it has become necessary for me to build a Miracle-Friendly Environment that Heaven Agents could visit in order to be healed.


Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers are the Miracle-Friendly Environments that I have built to meet this need for a Safe Zone in which to heal from the harmful energies of the world and to be in a Place of Heaven where the Source-Created Perfection uplifts your spirits and heals you at the deepest levels.



Because Heaven Agents are scattered throughout the world and can’t easily travel to a local Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center, I have created the miracle of an online access point to these Centers.  Through clicking on a link, a Heaven Agent can go to different kinds of Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers online. There they can register for work in a Workstation of that Center.  They complete the exchange for the At-a-Distance Work that I will do with them in the Station and then they are given a link to a Station Page.  Once they land on the Station page, I come in my Extended Range on the Inner Plane and take them into the Spiritual Station of that Center.  There I turn on all of the Source Energies and call upon all of the Miracle Intelligences that I have created to help me in the work that goes on in that kind of Station.  I also work with the Heaven Agent sending whatever At-a-Distance Source Interventions and Source Guidance is needed at the time.

Now through a Smart Phone such as an iPhone, you can connect to an Online Station and immediately be in the presence of the Source manifesting through the Station.  This brings the power and support of the Source into your life in a very materialized manifestation because of the link to the Outer Plane online access point.  It enables you to get immediate help when you need it even if your Skill Sets in connecting to the Source on the Inner Plane have yet to be developed.


Power Point Centers

In addition to the online access to the Spiritual Level of the Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers, I am also building physical Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers on Power Points on the Earth that are particularly conducive to Source Work.


In May 2012 I will open the doors of three Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers in Seattle.  They are nested together in one Master Center which is The Source Connection Center.  The Source Connection Center provides the major power and protection that makes it possible for me to link other Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers to the building held by the Source Connection Center.  


In time the building will need to be expanded to allow for more space for the other Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers but at present I can link them as needed to the rooms of the existing Source Connection Center.  When, for instance, The Tranquility Center is in operation, it will link to one of the rooms of the Source Connection Center that generally is The Healing Station.  While the Tranquility Center is in operation, The Healing Station will be in the background.  The Heaven Agent entering the room will link to The Tranquility Center on the Spiritual Level of Reality instead of to The Healing Station.  In this way, the power of both Centers can be worked with in person by those coming to the Seattle Source Connection Center. 


Experiencing Source-Created Perfection 

In the Stations online, it is possible to experience the beauty of Source-Created Perfection.  This happens when I transport you into the exquisite beauty of the Inner Plane Level of the Station.  If your Spiritual Senses are fully developed, you will experience the beauty of this Place of Perfection.  If you are not very visually inclined or have not developed your Spiritual Senses, then your Suit will benefit from the work that is done but you might not have an experience of the Perfection in your Conscious Range.


Because experiencing Source-Created Perfection is such an important way for your Suit to relax into the joy of discovering and becoming Perfection itself, I have created the physical Source Connection Center in Seattle to give your Suit a whole environment that is replete with the manifestations of Source-Created Perfection. 


In the Seattle Source Connection Center the Source-Perfected Reality of the Station materializes in the room in which you are working rather than you moving into the Spiritual Level of the Station. The Source Drawings on the walls, the chairs you sit in that are Miracle Tools that take you on different kinds of adventures on the Inner Plane, the carpet that carries you to higher levels of transcendence, and most of the furnishing which are Miracle Tools emanate the Perfection of the Station.  When you are in such a high power Miracle-Friendly Environment surrounded by the Miracle Intelligences that assist you in your Path to Perfection, your Suit begins to let go of its belief in the normalcy of negativity and imperfection and begins to long for the Perfection that it and its life was meant to be. 


A trip into the Heaven of Source-Created Perfection is life altering.  It gives your Suit the understanding that no amount of words could ever give it.  Your Suit has to feel and breath and relax into Perfection in order to let go of its fear of Perfection.  In the Story World the kind of perfection that is sought is Man-Made perfection which often is accompanied by the stress and even stigma of trying to achieve it.  People often speak pejoratively of “perfectionists” and criticize those who strive for perfection because they think it can’t be achieved or those who strive for it are trying to make themselves better than everyone else. In a competitive world, “going for the gold” is often an invitation for others who don’t want to put out the trouble to achieve on this level to take pot shots at you until, of course, you succeed and they want to be in your company and be seen as someone who is associated with you.  Suits are gun shy of such experiences with perfection.


In Source Reality, Perfection is the very nature of life.  Beings are created perfect and only if they choose to Disconnect from the Source do they suffer the debilitation of the Disconnection and become damaged/imperfect.


Because the Path to Perfection is like a Treasure Hunt, searching for the Perfection that the Source has already created rather than trying to “make” yourself perform at a culturally defined level of perfection, it is a joyful process. You discover Perfection, uncover it and then merge into it and become it.  Your consciousness becomes perfected and you are able to see the world from the Source Perspective without having to struggle to make room for perfection in a world that has defended the inevitability and even desirability of imperfection.  You are then able to follow Source Guidance to bring through the perfection in the world so that others can discover it and become it.  This is a very easy and joyful release from the oppression of the struggle to maintain in an imperfect world that is only expected to get worst or at best maintain.


In the Source Perfected Universe that has just come through as a result of the crisis in May 2011, a World of Perfection has been created that lies latent beneath the surface of life.  This layer of Perfection is pushing up to the surface where it will one day be the only reality that is in existence.  Those who throw off the oppression of imperfection and choose to merge back into the Source-Created Perfection become the Perfected Beings that the Source created them to be.


The trip back begins with an experience of the possibility of Source-Created Perfection.  This is followed by a willingness to go toward this and become it.  The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers are where this journey into the World of Perfection can begin or go to deeper and deeper levels of understanding and connection.


The Source Connection Center in Seattle is a Point of Connection with the Source and with the World of Perfection that the Source has created.  It is a way for different aspects of your consciousness to let go of the World of Suffering and push off into the comfort and love of the Perfection that the Source has created.  In this way your consciousness and your Suit become perfected.

Now that Heaven Realities have become accessible to Heaven Agents, it is possible to connect to your own Heaven Reality in the Center in Seattle.  The Center manifests through all of the furnishings and the energies of the space, your own Individualized Heaven Reality. To be in the Outer Plane materialization of this Reality is to give the Spiritual Senses of your Suit a chance to attune to this Reality and learn how to navigate within it.  Then when your Suit is not in the Center, it can attune to your Heaven Reality enough to really enjoy the Miracle of Heaven that this Reality manifests in your life.


Advancing on Your Path to Perfection

Through following a Source-Guided Path in your work in the Centers online or in Seattle, you can connect to miracles of Source Support that are not available in any other way.  For those working online, they can either follow inner Source Guidance to select different kinds of Stations to work in or request a Next Step Consultation where they receive more specific Source Guidance about what the Source is recommending with regard to their work with the Centers.


In the Seattle Center, I will be personally available as will Ben to structure uniquely personal Next Steps for those working in all of the many different kinds of Stations and Centers that are available in this location.  


Many of the Stations are so powerful that there is no counterpart online.  They are a unique experience that requires the tropical beauty of the plants and the Source-Created setting in order to achieve the results that can only happen in this location.  When working in a grounded physical location with my presence there in person to help with the transformational work, healing can occur at its highest level.



Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers 


The Source Connection Center

The Source Connection Center Online

The Source Connection Center is now available through an online access point.


The Source Connection Center in Seattle

In the Seattle Source Connection Center you have available to you the full range of Stations, Miracle Tools, Source Interventions, Consultations, etc. that are a part of The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program which provides the spiritual space for The Source Connection Coaching Program.  If you are interested in working with me in this Center, you email me your request and I check the Plan for your Ultimate Spiritual Healing and design a Personal Heaven Experience Intensive for you.  It might be one that lasts a few hours or it could be one which lasts for several weeks or months depending on the work that is to be done.  


If you are local, then it might involve coming to the Center on different occasions when your Developmental Sequence reaches critical points when the work should be done.  If you are not local, then we schedule a block of time to work together.  This is often scheduled for the time of a Personal or Universal Power Surge when you receive the maximum amount of energy to do the work.


Time with me in person in the Center provides you with the highest level of Source Support that is possible.  It is key to your advancement on your Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing. 



The Tranquility Center


The Tranquility Center Online

The Tranquility Center is available online.  It has one Station that dispenses Tranquility Energies to those who are receiving the Five Step Tranquility Intervention.  This Station also provides the energy for Vibrational Healing Interventions that break the Negative Spiritual Structure of a disease or misfortune and give you a fresh start in your life.


The Tranquility Center in Seattle

The Tranquility Center is also nested within the protective energy field of The Seattle Source Connection Center.  It dispenses the most powerful Tranquility Energies from this location.



The Perfect Health Center

The Perfect Health Center Online

The Perfect Health Center is where you go, on the Spiritual Level of Reality, to work on manifesting Perfect Health once you have established a Source Connection that is strong enough to sustain the work. 


The Perfect Health Center does not have a Station Online.  It can be accessed At-a-Distance through work that I do on your behalf to draw upon the power of the Center.


The Perfect Health Center in Seattle

Like the Tranquility Center, The Perfect Health Center is nested within the protective energies of the Seattle Source Connection Center.  Those entering into the Station to which it is linked, will enter into a physical materialization of the Center. They will then be able to work with the full power Source Energies and miracles that manifest through this Station.