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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to learn how to fulfill your Life Purpose and build your financial prosperity by offering the Global Community the Heaven Economy Miracles that only you can help to bring into the world. These miracles build the unique aspect of Heaven that it is your Mission to build for yourself and others.



The Scope of the Project 


What Are Heaven Economy Miracles?


Heaven Agents can earn income through entering into a Joint Venture with the Source to create Heaven Economy Miracles that become available to the Global Community.


For instance, if a Heaven Agent has a unique Miracle-Based Ability that can give rise to a kind of Spiritual Intervention that is needed by others, this Intervention can be offered to others for a Correct Exchange that will include the Material Energy needed for the Joint Venture that makes this kind of miracle possible.  Part of the Material Energy goes for my Direct Source Work and part goes to the Heaven Agent who is providing their Total Abundance Equipment and Miracle-Based Abilities that are operated by the Source to bring in the miracle.


Heaven Economy Miracles are an important part of the Heaven Economy in the Prototype Communities. Beings offer one another priceless miracles that bring forth aspects of Heaven that can only be experienced through these very grounded and materialized miracles brought through by Manifest Beings. It is these miracles that complete the experience of Heaven that the Source is creating for all beings.


The ability to participate in The Heaven Economy in this way enables every Heaven Agent, regardless of their professional status in the secular economy, to have the opportunity to earn income building Heaven in the world. 


For instance, a Heaven Agent who may earn a modest wage in the secular economy, has the opportunity to supplement their income through offering the world a unique Heaven Economy Miracle that can, depending on the Financial Exchange needed to ground the miracle, bring in considerable additional income.  


Through offering the Heaven Economy Miracles that only you can offer, you are helping to fulfill your Mission in life which is to build the aspect of Heaven that only you can build in the world.  This aspect of Heaven is a vital piece of the puzzle of The Picture of Heaven for the Global and Universal Community.  Through offering the Heaven Economy Miracles that are yours to offer you help to build Heaven in the world for yourself and others while also increasing your financial prosperity.



The Joint Venture  

My Part in the Joint Venture

My Direct Source Work:

  • prepares the recipient to receive the miracle
    • In Life that Works requests, I work with the person requesting the Heaven Economy Miracle to ascertain whether the miracle requested is the right one for them, that they have balanced the exchange for it, and that they are upholding The Standard of Heaven that enables the miracle to be delivered to them.
    • In World that Works requests, I work with the World that Works Fund to determine when there is enough Material Energy for the miracle, select the group to which it will be sent, and work on the Inner Plane with those who are to receive it to ensure that they are ready and willing to receive it.
  • brings the miracle that is created by the Design Aspect of the Source into the Manifest World
  • coordinates with the Perfected Intelligence who mans The Miracle Ring of the Heaven Agent to ensure that the miracle is greeted and nurtured correctly so it can land in the Manifest World and get oriented to do its Mission 
  • operates the Miracle-Based Abilities of the Heaven Agent to help in the grounding of the miracle. This ensures flawless functioning.
  • sends the download from The Heaven Experience Disc to The Heaven Experience Equipment of the Heaven Agent 
  • operates The Total Abundance Equipment of the Heaven Agent to produce the Heaven Happening so the miracle can be delivered to the recipient
  • supervises the Heaven Happening to make sure that the recipient(s) of the miracle are given any additional Source Support that might be required to receive and work with the miracle 
  • follows up with the recipient(s) on the Inner Plane to make sure that the miracle is providing the support that is its Mission to provide


The Heaven Agent's Part of the Joint Venture

There is no training that is needed in order for a Heaven Agent to do their part in bringing in a Heaven Economy Miracle.  All that The Heaven Agent needs to do is to ask the Source to: 

  • to use their Miracle-Based Abilities as needed to ground the miracles that are uniquely theirs to bring into the world
  • put their Total Abundance Equipment on automatic to fire off Heaven Happenings as needed  


There is no need for me to inform the Heaven Agent of a particular request for a Heaven Economy Miracle on the Outer Plane in order for them to do their part in the delivery of this miracle.  This enables me to receive requests for Heaven Economy Miracles and respond to them immediately without having to communicate on the Outer Plane with the Heaven Agent.


Spiritual Genetic Code

If a Heaven Agent has Generic Code, they can produce a limited range of Heaven Economy Miracles.


If a Heaven Agent has Life Code, they can produce the full range of Heaven Economy Miracles that manifest the unique aspect of Heaven that is theirs to build in the world.


Correct Exchange

In Life that Works Projects, the recipient provides the Correct Exchange for the miracle that they are requesting.   


In World that Works Projects, Heaven Agents contributing to the World that Works Fund provide the Correct Exchange on behalf of the Community.


Distribution of the Correct Exchange

The Correct Exchange provides the Source and the Heaven Agent with Material Energy to ground the miracle on behalf of those for whom it is intended.


The Financial Exchange also provides income to The Miracle School and the Heaven Agent.


60% of the Financial Exchange goes to The Miracle School for the Direct Source Work that I do to make a Heaven Economy Miracle possible and 40% goes to the Heaven Agent for providing The Total Abundance Equipment and the Miracle-Based Abilities which are operated entirely by the Source to ensure that the work meets Source Standards.


Eligibility to Participate in Heaven Economy Miracle Joint Ventures 

Heaven Agents must:

  • be in The Source Connection Coaching Program
  • have initiated a Heaven Economy Internship in The Miracle School that will enable them to learn about how to maintain the Source Standards for The Heaven Economy while engaging in economic activities.
  • be a registered participant in The Truth Campaign which provides Heaven Agents with the Guidelines and Source Support to educate the public about Heaven Economy Miracles and to earn a commission for doing so
  • have at least the basic Total Abundance Equipment outlined below in order to participate in producing Heaven Economy Miracles
  • be maintaining their Miracle Ring on a monthly or yearly basis 
  • be upholding The Standard of Heaven Agreement in order to begin participating in the Joint Venture and to continue their participation in the Joint Venture. This is critical to establishing the Miracle-Friendly Environment in which the miracles can be grounded.


Maintaining The Miracle Ring

Heaven Agents participating in the Heaven Economy Miracle Joint Ventures must maintain their Miracle Ring in order to continue offering Heaven Economy Miracles.  It is the work of the Miracle Ring that secures the Miracle-Friendly Environment in which Heaven Happenings can occur.  Without the essential work of the Perfected Heaven Agent who mans the Miracle Ring, Heaven Happenings would not be possible.  


While it is possible to maintain The Miracle Ring through monthly exchanges of US $542, it is more economical and your Miracle Ring will have more power, if you exchange for The Miracle Ring on a yearly or multiple year basis. For complete information on the best way to sustain your Miracle Ring you can go to:




The Heaven Economy Miracle Joint Venture Agreement

Eligible Heaven Agents sign a Heaven Economy Miracle Agreement that outlines the spiritual and financial aspects of the Joint Venture.  This is made available to those who qualify for the Joint Venture.  


How Income Is Earned

When you are set up to provide Heaven Economy Miracles, I list them in The Source Solution Hub.  People coming to the Hub can elect to exchange for your Heaven Economy Miracles.  When they do, you receive 40% of the Financial Exchange for your contribution to the Joint Venture.


The amount of the Correct Exchange for a Heaven Economy Miracle is determined by The Principle of Correct Exchange that is created by the Design Aspect of the Source.  I can not alter the amount of Material Energy needed to sustain your work and mine or the miracle will not ground correctly.  


It is important to note that I do not guarantee that people in the Global Community will choose to exchange for your Heaven Economy Miracles.  I provide the following forms of support for them to find out about them and to have the opportunity to choose to exchange for them.  

  • I list them in The Source Solution Hub where they are seen by the Heaven Agents working with me in The Miracle School as well as by those visiting The Miracle School web site.
  • I will be putting out educational materials on Heaven Economy Miracles in general to inform the public where they can go to find them in The Source Solution Hub.
  • I may put out information on your Heaven Economy Miracles in educational materials that focus on a topic that provides people with a list of all of the Source Solution Miracles offered on this topic.  This is not guaranteed since I am not able to generate educational materials unless they are on my Source Workflow for my work in The Truth Campaign.
  • I can make a personal recommendation to a Heaven Agent seeking information about Source Solution Miracles if your Heaven Economy Miracle is one that is in their Source Plan.

Participation of the Heaven Agent in Getting the Word Out

Unless a Heaven Agent is at an advanced level in their work in their Miracle School Internship on The Heaven Economy, they will not be permitted to distribute self-created materials about their own Heaven Economy Miracles to the public.  This is to prevent the negative energy from The Hell Economy getting into the picture.  
They can distribute Source-Created Materials about The Total Abundance Movement and about their own Heaven Economy Miracles but not materials that they generate themselves.  This distribution of Miracle School materials is part of The Truth Campaign which brings to participating Heaven Agents a commission for their work in getting the word out.
They can learn how to develop educational materials that are true Heaven Economy Materials by working with me in the Internship to learn how to write in a way that allows the Source to come through the writing to maintain the high vibrational energies that maintain the integrity of The Heaven Economy.

Through combining an active Truth Campaign that brings in more Heaven Agents to the Work, Heaven Agents can earn an income from:

  • the percentage they receive through The Truth Campaign from the financial exchanges made by the incoming Heaven Agents
  • the percentage they receive from the Heaven Economy Miracles for which these incoming Heaven Agents may exchange

Heaven Agents who have the full range of Total Abundance Equipment can also more effectively draw people to the work through The Truth Campaign because they can fire off Heaven Happenings to enable people to have a mini Heaven Experience that enables them to more readily grasp the idea that Heaven is possible. This enables them to understand more easily the message in the educational materials that are provided about the Heaven Economy Miracles.


The full range of Total Abundance Equipment is offered through The Basic Plan and The Full Power Plan. The Heaven Economy Miracle Plan does not provide enough for the Heaven Agent to fire off Heaven Happenings to create The Heaven Experience for themselves and others.  This requires other parts of the equipment that are offered in the other two plans.


Because Heaven Economy Miracles are a part of the Love-Based Heaven Economy and not a part of the Greed-Based Hell Economy, Source Standards for dealing with developing educational materials, earning income, and working in a Joint Venture need to be upheld or the negative energy of the greed and fear-based Hell Economy can come into the Joint Venture. These Miracle-Unfriendly Energies will destroy the Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy that is essential to landing Heaven Economy Miracles.  This will end my participation in the Joint Venture because I will be unable to do my Direct Source Work in a field of Miracle-Unfriendly Energies.


It is important that all Heaven Agents participating in a Heaven Economy Miracle Joint Venture do so with the understanding that it is an opportunity to learn how to work in The Heaven Economy and to free themselves of all of the trappings of The Hell Economy.  This learning is, in The Transition that is now underway, critical to their ability to build the 100% Source-Connected Way of Life that will enable them to survive the final stages of The Transition.


I view Heaven Economy Joint Ventures as a higher, more advanced level of the training of Heaven Agents in The Miracle School and not as a secular Joint Venture to earn income.  Only Heaven Agents who work well with this training opportunity, learning how to maintain the highest standards for the work, will be able to sustain a Heaven Economy Joint Venture with me.  


The work is in the realm of the sacred and not the commercial.  Any attempt to handle the Joint Venture Relationship from a secular, commercial vantage point will violate The Standard of Heaven and terminate my ability to participate in the Joint Venture.


How to Inquire about a Heaven Economy Joint Venture

If you are interested in setting up a Heaven Economy Joint Venture, you can email me to request information on the kind of Heaven Economy Miracles that you can create given your unique Miracle-Based Abilities.  I will respond by email with information on what can be created. You can contact me through the link provided below:





How to Get Set Up to Provide
Heaven Economy Miracles

To understand how Heaven Economy Miracles are created, it is necessary to watch the Next Step Video entitled:




This video references an article that explains more about how the equipment is used to launch Heaven Happenings which create The Heaven Experience in your own life, awaken others to the possibility of Heaven in the world, and enable you to launch Heaven Economy Miracles.  You can access the article at:




In this article, you will be introduced to two ways to request Total Abundance Equipment and Training so you can work with Heaven Economy Miracles. 



If you have any questions, you can email me at:





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