Join The Tell-a-Friend Campaign


Send out links to information on the September 16th Vibrational Shift to as many people as you can reach through your personal emails and social media sites.   


If someone who clicks on your link signs up for Connecting, taking an important step toward learning more about preparing for the Shift, then you generate enough Material Energy by your contribution to The Work of the Source to receive the miracle of a Miracle Link to a song of your choice.  


This song then is transformed into Source Connection Music.  Source Connection Music is transformational, consciousness raising music that enables you and others with whom you share the music to rise to higher levels of vibration and receive Direct Source Communications and Source Interventions that help with preparations for the Shifts. 

The more you share the links and the more music you receive from the Source, the more you are equipped to help others through providing them with Source Support through the educational and transformational forms of Source Support made available through the free materials available through Connecting and through the music that you play for them which brings very personal Source Support directly into their lives.  


In order for me to track who comes through a link that you provide, you will need to fill out a registration form to participate in The Tell-a-Friend Campaign.  I will then email you a unique link to the video or to any other educational materials that you can share with your friends.  When they sign up for Connecting, the tracking software will alert me that you have successfully brought someone into The Work of the Source at this introductory level.  I will then email you notification and send you an At-a-Distance Miracle Link to a song you have selected.  This will transform this song into Source Connection Music.  You can play the song from any device and the Miracle Link will automatically activate to transform it into Source Connection Music.

Registration for The Tell-a-Friend Campaign

To register, fill out the form below. You will be emailed Tell-a-Friend Links with your unique Identification Link so that anyone signing up for Connecting from one of your links will be credited to your efforts.


When someone you have referred signs up for Connecting, you will be emailed and a Miracle Link will be created for you.  You can then select the song that you would like the Miracle Link to be linked to and ask your Inner Intelligence, the aspect of your Spiritual Intelligence that knows how to communicate directly with the Source, to send the Source the name of this song.  The Source will then link the song and you can begin playing it for yourself and others.  Unique Source Communications and Source Interventions will be sent to you and others through the song.  If the song is played in a gathering of friends, everyone in the gathering will receive whatever form of Source Support they need to prepare for the Shift.


The song will only carry the Miracle Link if you play it.  If you change your mind about the song, the link can't be transferred to another song, so think carefully before selecting the song.


I recommend that you choose a song that helps people enter into an uplifted state rather than one that is strident or has distracting lyrics that get them overly involved in the Cultural Story.  Remember that the song is being used to help them transcend into a state of consciousness where they can make a Source Connection.  

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