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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School


This is the place where you can come to work on The Source Truth Intensive, an Intensive created to help you to Build the Heaven of a solid understanding of Source Truth. This knowledge of Source Truth will enable you to understand The Source Perspective on reality which is founded on Source Truth.


The Source Perspective is the context you need to understand in order to be able to interpret the specific Source Guidance Communications that are critical to your ability to secure your Source Connection by Building Heaven and Living Heaven.  


NOTE: This Intensive is open to Heaven Agents admitted into a Miracle-Based Coaching Program. If you would like to take the Intensive and are not in a Coaching Program, you can request a Gifted Miracle-Based Coaching Assessment to determine if your Suit is producing the Level 6+ Miracle-Friendly Field that will enable you to receive the miracles that are needed for this Intensive.  To find out more about Miracle-Based Coaching, you can go to:



You can reference The Action Plan Overview below to find the Actions that you need to take in order to achieve the objectives of this Intensive. You can then request entry into the Intensive by filling out the request form below.


It is possible to work with the Intensive in stages over time or to supply your Suit with all of the Source Support that is in the Action Plan and start out full equipped.  The key element is the coaching feedback that helps you to know when you are on track with Source Truth or veering off of it into the Pseudo Truth of the Story World.




The Action Plan for The Source Truth Intensive


The Source Objective for The Source Truth Intensive 

This Intensive is created to provide the ongoing Source Support, life to life, for understanding the Source Truth that underlies The Source Perspective. Through understanding The Source Perspective you are able to interpret correctly the Source Guidance that you receive that arises from the context of Source Truth in which the Source is working. Without understanding the context of a Source Communication, it is often impossible to interpret it correctly and to take the actions that may be required.


This Intensive is an ongoing Intensive that will add on different Trainings and Source Support as it evolves over time in response to the needs of the Heaven Agents working with the Intensive. 




Learning about The Source Perspective requires a re-socialization that enables you to see the world as the Source sees it rather than seeing the world through The Story Lens of your Cultural Story or whatever Personal Story you have created based on your Cultural Story. This re-socialization doesn’t happen through intellectually understanding The Source Perspective.  It happens when you start seeing the world as the Source sees it and this takes precedence over seeing the world through a Story Lens.


Miracles are needed to enable your Suit to shift from using a Story Lens to using The Source Perspective Lens that the Source provides. This shift can only take place once you have entered into The World of the Source where The Source Perspective is valued and not short circuited by the low vibrational medium of The Story World where the The Story Lens is being manipulated by the Negativity through The Hell Channel that they installed in the Mid-Brain and Third Eye. By opening The Truth Channel and entering into The World of the Source, the Suit eliminates The Hell Channel and the content that was supplying The Story Lens. This enables the Suit to become capable of perceiving Source Truth. 


Into this Truth Channel a Download of the basic understandings of The Source Perspective is given to the Suit. The Suit can then access this Download and The Source Perspective Lens that comes with it to see the world as the Source sees it.  While this provides only a generic version of The Source Perspective and not the specifics of how the Source sees the details of any given situation, it is a great help to the Suit in its ability to experience The Source Perspective on reality. It is like having Source Perspective Glasses that enable the Suit to see just how differently the world looks through these glasses as opposed to the Story Perspective Glasses that it generally looks through to see the world. While the Suit must still choose to work with The Source Perspective Lens/Glasses and choose to incorporate what it learns into the decisions it makes in its life, the Miracle Tool of The Source Perspective Lens is of great help in accelerating the learning process.


Once you are in The World of the Source and have The Source Perspective Download, steps that you can take by simply asking the Source to enable you to make these transitions, you are ready to begin the real work of The Source Truth Intensive.


Work with the Actions in The Action Plan starting with requesting the Source Solution Code for this Intensive.


I will check in on your work and give you feedback when I do my periodic Source Guidance Updates. If you want more individualized coaching, you can request Online Coaching by accessing the link provided below.





 Enter into The World of the Source

The World of the Source is a new spiritual space created to provide beings with a context in which they can learn about Source Reality by attuning to Source Truth, which is the foundation for The Source Perspective on reality. In The World of the Source, the Suit is protected from The Story World where Cultural and Personal Stories define reality and keep the Suit caught in the carefully crafted spiritual structures created by the Negativity to delude the Suit into behaving in the self destructive ways that break it down and make it ripe for their Harvesting Operation.


Entry into The World of the Source is only possible for those who choose to open up The Truth Channel in their Heart Chakra and have it rebuilt to extend up through their Mid-Brain and Third Eye.


When beings decided to abandon The Source Plan and create their own version of Heaven, they shut down The Truth Channel in the Heart Chakra and then it collapsed and disintegrated in the Mid-Brain and Third Eye. Into the space formerly occupied by The Truth Channel, the Negativity installed The Hell Channel, which is a pipeline for negative suggestions that drive the Suit to engage in the self damaging behaviors that profit the Negativity and deprive the Suit of its health and happiness.


These negative suggestions incite the Suit to abuse itself and others in its pursuit of its self defined Self Interests and to participate in creating a social world in which competition and violence leads to the scarcity that furthers the competition and violence. Since suffering, scarcity, and struggle weakens the energy boundaries of the Suit, the Negativity manipulates the minds and emotions of beings to do their dirty work of damaging their own Suits and the Suits of others so they can be more easily invaded and their Life Energies syphoned off to supply the Negativity with the Life Energies that they lost when they broke their Source Connection, which is what supplies Life Energies.


Through this Hell Channel – this Pipeline from Hell – that ran through the Mid-Brain and Third Eye came the very low vibrational energies that drove many to throw away their lives through craving the things that destroyed their health and their will to live.  Depression, obsession, phobias, sexual fixations, and other self destructive patterns were easily introduced through The Hell Channel into the Mid-Brain and Third Eye. In some cases The Hell Channel even extended into the Heart Chakra and created beings with no compassion and with a capacity for cruelty that was beyond anything that would have been possible without tapping into this channel in the heart.  


The Truth Channel in the Heart Chakra maintains some sense of Truth even though it has been shut down.  When it was entered by the Negativity no conscience existed to prevent genocide, torture, sexual slavery, and the like.  The Heart Chakra turned cold blooded and interested in sadistic pursuits instead of feeling the Truth from the Source guiding the being to protect life and cherish life.


The Self Interest World that beings created in the absence of the input from the Source through The Truth Channel fundamentally challenged the idea that it was possible to follow The Source Plan instead of making decisions based on one’s own assessment of whether an action or outcome served one’s Self Interest. The energy medium generated by beings living this belief created an imprint in the Collective Consciousness that beams down on everyone the belief that serving one’s self defined Self Interest is how a being nurtures their life. 


At this point in The Transition, the power of the Self Interest Medium in which beings live and the Self Interest Imprint from the Collective Consciousness is so powerful that beings are not moving forward toward integrating The Source Perspective in their lives and building The Culture of Heaven that is needed to enable them to become sustainable.  


In discussing this problem with the Design Aspect of the Source it became apparent that unless beings agreed to open The Truth Channel and bring their Field of Consciousness into The World of the Source where it could be in an energy medium and a Source-Created Field of Consciousness that resonated to Source Truth, that Suits would not survive the upcoming Transition on July 31, 2019.


I brought through a miracle that enabled The Truth Channel to open at the request of a being and to rebuild the part of the channel that runs through the Mid-Brain to the Third Eye.  Once this miracle was created I sent out Inner Plane Source Communications to beings to alert them to the need to transition into The World of the Source.  Many immediately made the decision to reopen The Truth Channel and went into The World of the Source.


Most had enough receptivity to Source Truth from the opened Truth Channel to start learning about The Source Perspective in the Entry Level of The World of the Source.  Only a few made it into the Upper Level of The World of the Source which is for those who truly have and established Love Connection with the Source.


Most of the beings in a Total Abundance Manifestation Zone made it into The World of the Source at the Entry Level.  They are beings who valued The Love Connection with the Source enough to qualify to enter into a Total Abundance Manifestation Zone.  While valuing The Love Connection is important, living The Love Connection is something that few beings have achieved.  This is why most of the beings in a Total Abundance Manifestation Zone did not make it into the Upper Level of The World of the Source.


To qualify to enter into The World of the Source a being has to be in The Source-Directed World which requires a decision to release from The Self-Directed Life Structure that keeps them on the track of a Self Interest Way of life. They then have to receive The Source-Directed Life Structure to gain entry.  They then have to make the decision to open The Truth Channel. When they make this decision their Field of Consciousness moves through The Truth Channel into The World of the Source and resides in the Source-Created Field of Heaven Consciousness that brings it back into balance within itself, helping it to release from all of the Fragments of Consciousness that have resulted from The Disease of Fragmentation. In the totally integrated Field of Consciousness provided by the Source a being’s Fragmented Field of Consciousness is able to begin the healing process.  


This helps the being work through the beliefs and understandings that have been imprinted on the Field of Consciousness by the Negativity and to begin building Source Truth into the Field of Consciousness. This is how the Story Filters are finally cleared and the Suit becomes capable of making a 100% Source Connection without any Untruths standing in-between them and the Source.


While the process of thinking through The Source Perspective and questioning oppositional thoughts and emotions in the Suit and working through them is still needed in The World of the Source, the work is very accelerated and has a chance to be successful.  Those remaining in The Self Interest World are unlikely to ever escape the all encompassing paradigm of Self Interest in time to survive the upcoming stages of The Transition.


For this reason, it is important for beings to understand that embracing Source Truth is necessary and escaping from the Untruths of the Negativity that set the Suit up for the Harvest is necessary.  Those remaining in the trap of the Negativity with a Pipeline from Hell running through their reasoning centers from their Heart Chakra up through their Third Eye will self destruct before they will ever take the steps to become sustainable.


To enter into The World of the Source, ask to enter first in The Source-Directed World. Once in this World then ask to enter into The World of the Source by agreeing to open The Truth Channel in order to become receptive to Source Truth. Since opening to Source Truth is how you open to The Source Perspective which is based in Source Truth, this is how you not only come to understand The Source Perspective but to integrate it into your life.




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Receive The Source Perspective Download 


Once you are in The World of the Source you will need to request the Heaven Phase Intervention that opens The Source Perspective Receptor in your Heart Chakra and sends through a Download of The Source Perspective into your Truth Channel. The way to request this is to ask the Source to deliver this miracle to you.


The Source Perspective Download functions like a Source Perspective Lens that enables you to see the world as the Source sees it. You still have to process what you see and make the decision to act in harmony with the guidance of the Source, but the Lens provides you with valuable information that accelerates your work of learning about The Source Perspective and integrating it into your life.  


It has become apparent that without this Intervention Suits are unlikely to learn enough about The Source Perspective to survive the upcoming stages of The Transition.  It has, therefore, become necessary to accelerate the process by filling The Truth Channel with The Source Perspective Download which would have been given in a Suit's first incarnation had the Suit not opted to close The Truth Channel and open The Hell Channel run by the Negativity.  When The Hell Channel opened it was filled with all of the self destructive desires and beliefs that prepared the Suit to damage itself and others so its Life Energies could be drained down by the Negativity.


When the Suit opens The Truth Channel and The Hell Channel is removed, along with its negative content, and The Truth Channel is extended from the Heart Chakra through the Mid-Brain to the Third Eye, it creates the conditions in which the Download of The Source Perspective can be sent to the Suit.


The only problem is that although a Heaven Phase Intervention can deliver the Download it can’t ground it. Large amounts of Material Energy are needed for the Download of The Source Perspective to come through into the Suit in its current contracted, low vibrational state.  The only way that this amount of Material Energy can be supplied is by the Source taking from the Energy Reserves given to the Suit to take it through to the end of its Source-Created life span. What this means is that when this energy is taken, the Suit's life span will be shortened by several months.  


Because your Source-Given date of departure from your current incarnation is the date on which you will have completed your Mission and have prepared adequately for your departure into your next life, it is a problem to lose this time to prepare. What you will need to do is to generate the Material Energy to make up for this lost time so that you regain the correct life span. You will need to be attuned to The Source Perspective at a very high level in order to generate this amount of Material Energy. While this is a challenge, it is far better than dying long before the end of your life span and losing your life for all eternity because you fail to prepare for the stages of the Transition adequately enough to survive them.


When you receive The Source Perspective Download and it provides a Source Perspective Lens through which you can see the world as the Source sees it, this will accelerate your ability to work in harmony with the Source to achieve sustainability.  Your Cultural and Personal Story Filters will still remain but without continuous content being added to it through The Hell Channel, which is eliminated when you enter into The World of the Source, you will be able to begin work on clearing up this negative content so that you can eliminate these Filters and work only with The Source Perspective Lens. This Lens will help you to understand Cultural and Personal Stories from the perspective of the Source and will help you to navigate in The Story World created by these Stories. Strategic maneuvering that does not create unnecessary social disruption is the Source approach to transitioning into a Source-Directed Way of Life from a Self-Directed Way of Life. 


The Download provides the general parameters of The Source Perspective on reality.  It helps you to understand in a generic way how the Source perceives the different circumstances of your life and world.  What it doesn’t provide is the specifics of The Source Perspective on a particular situation in your life.  To learn about the detailed Source Perspective on a given situation, you need to ask for individual Source Guidance.


For example, the Download will help you to understand at a very profound level the Source Perspective that every life is precious and everyone in the Community needs to work to protect and nurture every life so that the miracle, that the Source has sent the Community by bringing in this life, can reach a State of Full Manifestation. The Source Perspective Lens helps you to perceive The Miracle of Life that lies latent in every life and to understand the basic kind of care that is required of you to nurture this miracle.


In order to understand the Mission of a particular life/miracle and the specific actions that are needed to nurture it, you need to seek specific Source Guidance that goes beyond the information provided in the Download. The Source Directives that come through the Mid-Brain can provide Next Steps that can guide you to do your Mission with regard to nurturing another life.


Without the Download, the Suit is still in the Self Interest context of seeing a life and passing by because it doesn’t feel socially obligated to do anything to help. With the Download, the Suit will see the life/being and understand that it needs to seek a Source Directive for what action is needed to nurture this life.  Receptivity to the Source Directives is heightened by the Download which prepares the Suit to value responding responsibly to the life and taking whatever action is Source-Directed. This action may not direct the Suit to interact directly with the being but to engage in supportive work that helps this being indirectly.



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 Request The Source Truth Source Solution Code


What makes a Build Heaven Intensive powerful is the upgraded version of Source Solution Code that is now possible. This Code is Core Code that can replace Negative Code and what has manifested from it at the most material level within the Source Range.  Previously Core Code could not replace Negative Code at the physical level.  Now it is able to drive out all Negative Code that is operating within the Source Range.


Since Suits sank well below the Source Range after leaving their Heaven Habitat – The Source Connection Field – the miracles of healing that the Source could provide were not able to correct the Suit when it existed in The Mutation Level that was outside the Source Range.  This is why faith healing has been so important because it is only in instances when the Suit strengthens its Source Connection by its faith in the Creator that the Suit could rise temporarily into the Source Range where healing could occur. Generally the Suit that experienced the healing would sink back into The Mutation Level after the healing and continued to suffer from other diseases and illness.


Since the June 12, 2019 Transition, Suits that survived have risen to a higher vibrational level which is enabling them to get most if not all of their physical Suit out of The Mutation Level.  Now most of the physical functioning of the Suit is within the Source Range.  This has made it possible for the Source to send in an upgraded version of Source Solution Code that can reach the Suit at the Physical Level within the Source Range. 


The significance of this breakthrough is that it is now possible for Core Code to replace the Negative Code that causes diseases and injuries, aging, and all forms of mental and emotional debilitation. While replacing the Negative Code does not dematerialize the disease or injury that had already been materialized from the Code, it deprives the materialized illness of power and it can be more readily cleared when the Heaven Agent follows the Source Directives administered through the Source Solution Code.


The Source Solution Code for The Source Truth Intensive functions both to help you learn about Source Truth in order to understand the context for Source Communications but it also enables you to begin to discover the secret to Perfect Health and to all of the other aspects of a Source-Connected Miracle-Based Way of Life that are based on living within the Principles of Source Truth. 


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy that is needed to ground the miracle of The Source Truth Source Solution Code is US $500.  This Code will stay with you for life after life, continuing the Miracle-Based Adventure that enables you to discover Source Truth and understand The Source Perspective that is built on this Truth.


To request The Source Truth Source Solution Code you can access the link provided below.




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Request a Personal Build Heaven Power Station

The Next Step is to supply your Suit with the Energy Reserve that it will need to work with the Source Solution Code.  This energy has to be set aside in your personal Build Heaven Power Station which is capable of safely storing energy needed for any of your Build Heaven Projects.  Without this Energy Reserve your Suit will have to draw on the Life Energies sent to it by the Source. This will drain down Life Energies needed to preserve the health of your Suit.  Additional energy is, therefore, needed to ensure that you have what it takes to work at the level of intensity that The Source Truth Intensive will require.


Once you have built an individual Build Heaven Power Station, it can be used to store Energy Reserves for any number of Build Heaven Projects.  It is a Station that will travel with you from life to life, ensuring that you have safe storage for the Energy Reserves needed to handle whatever Build Heaven Projects you may engage in in this life and in lifetimes to come.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of a Personal Build Heaven Power Station is US $900.


To request a Personal Build Heaven Power Station, you can access the link provided below.




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Request an Energy Reserve for the Intensive

Once I have built a Build Heaven Power Station for you, you need to provide the Material Energy needed for The Source Truth Intensive. This will be stored in the Station and metered to you in accordance with the precise requirements set forth from your Source Truth Source Solution Code.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground enough energy for the Energy Reserve for the Intensive in this lifetime is US $700.


To request the Energy Reserve for The Source Truth Intensive, you can access the link provided below.




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Track The Pulse of Source Truth 

A Next Step is to request The Source Truth Pulse Tracker Tool which is a miracle linked to a keychain cylinder filled with fluid, sparkles, and beads. I can charge this fluid medium with energy that enables it to emit to your Suit The Source Truth Activator Pulse. When you hold the cylinder in the palm of your right hand, it will activate The Truth Channel Source Truth Pulse and help you to connect to it. Then when you place your fingers on your Heart Chakra (which is at the base of your sternum), you will be able to feel The Pulse of Source Truth if you are receiving accurate Source Guidance. Mind chatter and the low vibrational energies of negative communications coming to you from Negative Programming in your Suit or outside of your Suit don’t match the resonance of The Pulse of Source Truth. This is a clear giveaway that you are dealing with Untruth.


Since being able to hone into Source Truth and discern whether what you are getting is coming from Source Truth is your critical to being able to receive accurate Source Guidance and learn about The Source Perspective, this Miracle Tool will be an invaluable part of your Heaven Agent Tool Kit.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the Miracle Link for The Source Truth Pulse Tracker Tool is US $49.


You will need to purchase the keychain yourself.  It is available on at:


Glitter Wand Key Tag with Beads and Moons and Stars Key Ring – One Key Chain


$9.95+ $5.95 shipping


If you can't find it on you can Google "glitter wand keychain".  It is sold by many other vendors. There are versions of it with just the tinfoil forms inside a fluid and ones with beads and tinfoil moons, stars, etc.


The reason that I use this keychain is because the fluid and the movement of objects in the cylinder work well to carry energies, in this case, The Source Truth Pulse.  I have used this kind of keychain for many years for different purposes and found it to reliably hold and amplify a current.


To request the Miracle Link for The Source Truth Pulse Tracker Tool, you can access the link provided below.



Once you have the keychain in your possession you can ask me on the Inner Plane to put through the Miracle Link and I will connect it for you.  It will then become a Miracle Tool that you can work with as I have described above. 



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Request The Source Truth Exploration Device

Another Miracle Tool is The Source Truth Exploration Device. This is an Inner Plane Miracle Tool that enables your Suit to receive Source Truth Clues that expand your understanding of the world around you. Unlike the Source Truth Pulse Tracker Tool which helps you attune to whether what you are already thinking about resonates with Source Truth, The Source Truth Exploration Device helps you to pick up on Source Truth Communications that are outside the range of your usual understandings.  It helps you to explore aspects of the Creation that you may never have even known exist.


Once you have this Miracle Tool, it will light up images and Source Communications on your inner screen, that you see with your mind’s eye, that convey Source Truth to you about topics that you may not have even thought about researching. It will also surface questions and understandings that guide your search with The Source Truth Pulse Tracker Tool to check on your research and to ensure that you are staying on track and not allowing your imagination to fill in the blanks and take you on a wild tour of the Creation that is totally outside the range of Source Truth.


This device will be important in working in the Exploration webinars that will be starting up in the coming months.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Source Truth Exploration Device is US $1000.


To request this Miracle Tool, you can access the link provided below.




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Request Inner Plane Source Truth Glasses

The Source Perspective Lens is available to all beings through a Heaven Phase Intervention which does not require any Material Energy to ground.


Source Truth Glasses are much more powerful because they manifest at a more material level.  They are able to manifest at this more material level, however, because the Heaven Agent requesting them provides the Material Energy that enable them to be delivered to this level.


Source Truth Glasses are Inner Plane Glasses that you can put on and then view a situation in your life even if it is a memory that you are re-thinking or a practical situation or an interpersonal interaction or a world event.  Putting on the Source Truth Glasses enables you to see the Truth about the situation as the Source sees it.  Since The Source Perspective is founded on Source Truth, this enables you to go to the heart of what The Source Perspective on any given situation is founded.


I recommend The Source Truth Glasses because they are as material as the Story Filter/Lens that is hardwired to beings at birth by the societies that socialize them to perceive the world through this lens. While The Source Perspective Lens will help the Suit to counter the Untruths of The Story Perspective, if the Suit is still seeing the world through the materialized filter/lens of the Story Perspective, it will continue to feel that the Stories of reality propagated by the society and arising from its own Personal Story are more tangible and “real” than Source Truth. 


It is necessary to get rid of this materialized Story Filter/Lens through which the Suit sees the world in order to free the Suit from its influence completely. The only way to do this on the most material level where this filter/lens exists is to replace it with Core Code Source Truth Glasses that replace all of the levels of the Negative Code that maintain the Story Filter/Lens.


Once a Heaven Agent has Source Truth Glasses in their Heaven Agent Tool Kit they are able to penetrate through the Untruths that have bound them and others and forge ahead to Build Heaven in the world.  Making changes in the way of life is natural when you can see the Source Truth about what will happen when these changes go through and what will happen if they do not go through.  Reality testing with Source Truth is the only way to build the Heaven of Total Abundance in one’s own life and in the world.


Correct Exchange 

The amount of Material Energy that is needed to ground the miracle of Source Truth Glasses is US $860.


To request Source Truth Glasses, you can access the link provided below.




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Work with the Source Workflow Trainings
for This Intensive


The Intensive will also include transcribed Source Workflow Trainings that include Source Workflow Sessions with Heaven Agents coming in through The Soul Talk Network.  Source Response Trainings will be mini-Sessions with those asking questions in Soul Talk to which I respond. There may be other kinds of Trainings coming up that include Reality-Based Trainings and Exploration Webinars.  


All of these Trainings are organized by the Source Solution Code for this Intensive. When information comes through about an upcoming Session or Question, I respond in keeping with my Source Workflow.  I provide a transcript of what happened for those working with me in this Intensive.


For information on the Source Workflow Trainings for Master Action Plan #1 through #6 you can go The Build Heaven Project Directory where you will find all of the links to these Trainings.





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Eliminate The Story Filters and
Develop Direct Perception


The work of the Intensive is not only to discern Source Truth but to free your Field of Consciousness from the Cultural and Personal Story Filters that endangers your Source Connection.  To the extent that your Suit continues to see the Source through Story Filters, that function like a lens that distorts its vision, these Story Filters will block its ability to re-establish the 100% Source Connection that is needed to become sustainable. 


The Source Perspective Lens enable you to develop Direct Perception that enables you to see the Source and the world around you without any interference from the Untruths embedded in Story Filters.  Without Direct Perception you will be unable to find your way out of the maze of Story Untruths that prevent you from dealing with the reality that will determine your ultimate survival.


Because the Source is very different from the Cultural Stories about the Source in the world religions, it takes time to understand what I am telling you about the Source and to rethink your previous concepts about the Source and to think through your relationship with the Source.  Until you spend the time to really grasp the difference between The Source Perspective on the Source and the Cultural Stories about the Source, you will leave some aspects of your Story Filters unchallenged. These aspects will continue to block you from forming the 100% Source Connection that you need to preserve your Source Connection during The Transition.


It is up to you to ask for Inner Source Guidance about what conscious or unconscious beliefs are standing in the way of forming the 100% Source Connection.  If you want my feedback on the Outer Plane, you can request a Miracle-Based Coaching Session Online to receive the kind of individualized Source Support that enables you to learn how to clear your Story Filters of anything that is putting you at risk. This training is meant to teach you how to do this kind of discernment and clearing work but is not meant to accomplish the task of eliminating the Story Filters. This is work that you need to do with every thought you think and every emotion that you see traveling through your Field of Consciousness.


One way to pick up on subconscious resistance from the Story Filters is to be attentive to your reaction to hearing The Source Perspective.  If there are parts of it that run counter to the way that you think the Source is and the way the Source works in the world, then stop and ask for Source Guidance about what your Suit is thinking and the decisions that it is making regarding this issue.  Glossing over a feeling of discomfort allows the Suit to continue on with whatever Fragment of Consciousness is opposing Source Truth. Do not assume that because you, in your conscious mind, are resonating to The Source Perspective as presented, that the mild to severe negative reaction that you might also be having isn’t information that is important to your recovery from what has happened to Disconnect you from Source Truth and from the Source. If you remain neutral and nonjudgmental about what your Suit is thinking in different aspects of its very Fragmented Consciousness then you will be able to pick up on the content of its thoughts and understand how it is functioning in some isolated Fragment of its Consciousness.


In the video, The Work of the Source, I describe Spiritual Fragmentation and how this affects consciousness. It is very important that you heal from The Disease of Fragmentation by diligently bird dogging any sign of opposing thoughts and emotions that you notice in your Suit. These are the wisps of smoke that come from the fires of opposition that are destroying the health and safety of your Suit.  Until you trace the smoke to the fire and extinguish the fire by asking to release from any Fragment of Consciousness that is harboring a false belief about reality, you will be subject to the decisions of this Fragment working in your subconscious mind. 


Ultimately, only those who have traveled The Journey of Reconnection and built an Integrated Consciousness that is Source-Connected will survive in The Transition. Those who look the other way when Fragments of Consciousness surface and assume that because they are against that point of view in their conscious mind that the oppositional point of view doesn’t have to be dealt with are those who will not heal from The Disease of Fragmentation because they will not have cleared away the Negative Fragments that prevent them from making a 100% Source Connection.


If you ask to be made aware of any Fragment of Consciousness that could be compromising your safety on any level then I can send you Inner Source Guidance that stirs up the hidden Fragments. You then need to remain neutral and spot them and ask to become aware of the content so that you can work through the belief and make another decision concerning it.


While working through the content you need to remain neutral and let negative emotions and negative energies clear through your chakra channel through your Crown Chakra and through your spine out the top of your head. These negative energies go into a Recycling Chakra that hovers about 6 inches above your head. The Recycling Chakra processes the negative energies and restores them to White Light – a positive energy that does not pollute your energy field or the world around you.  In this way you can effectively clear Negative Energy while making Source-Guided decisions about the thoughts and beliefs that kept these Negative Energies trapped in some part of your Suit or in a Fragment of Consciousness.


You need to be careful not to get emotionally involved in whatever content you are examining and clearing.  If you start reliving a traumatic or anger inducing event and get into it, you generate more Negative Energy and give the event more power to Disconnect you from the Source.  You need to ask for The Source Perspective on the event and be open to information that may be so far afield from anything that you may have ever thought was behind what happened that it may at first be scoffed at by your Suit as a viable explanation.  Many things are not what they seem on the surface. Because of how the things that happen on the Inner Plane, The Spiritual Level of Reality, affect what happens on the Outer Plane, there is often no way to really understand an event unless you can see the whole picture as the Source sees it.


For example, if someone abused you in childhood and you wrote them off as a bad person and wanted to hurt them because they hurt you, you might discover, when you ask for The Source Perspective on this situation, why they behaved as they did toward you.  Some people are possessed by the Negativity because of weaknesses in their defenses that stem from being abused themselves in childhood or in previous lifetimes. They carry Negative Programming  installed by the Negativity to abuse others because in so doing they break down the Suit of the victim and the Negativity can move in to harvest the Life Energies of the victim. 


The Source Perspective in such circumstances is an objective assessment of the damage done to the abuser’s Suit that led to the abuse and the damage done to the victim.  The Source then provides a Source Solution to heal both parties and help both Suits to recover and be capable of having Love-Based Relationships in the future. 


The Source Perspective is that punishing the abuser only damages a Suit that is already heavily damaged and sets the stage for the Negativity to move in on the Suit and gain a stronger hold on it. As the Suit is further damaged by the Negativity, the Negativity can gain complete control and work through it to commit atrocities in the community such as murder, rape, child molestation, etc.


When you look at the plight of those who abuse, it is far worse than the plight of those who have been abused but have not themselves stooped to the levels of negativity to commit crimes of abuse against others.  Those who have become emissaries for the Negativity are the most damaged members of The Universal Community and the members who need to be given care by the Community if they are to be rehabilitated and prevented from compromising the work of the Community to achieve Total Abundance. Punishment and neglect are not acceptable in a Source-Connected Community because they leave the most damaged members of the Community in the hands of the Negativity and allow the Negativity to work through them to continue to disrupt the effort to provide all members of the Community with the Total Abundance that they need to recover from the harm done to them by the Negativity.


In another example, you may have immense regret about an action that you took in the past that others found reprehensible. When you ask the Source for The Source Perspective you may find that you acted on Inner Source Guidance and did what was right even if it wasn’t what others around you thought was the right thing to do.  The Source advises action based on what is really happening on both Inner and Outer Plane levels.  Following the rules of social propriety could, in certain circumstances, be Wrong Action and result in great harm to your Suit as well as to the Suits of others.  Following Source-Guided action may not be popular in every instance but will protect your Suit from harm and be the right thing to do on behalf of others as well.


When such a realization occurs, the energy of regret, which is one of the most debilitating Negative Emotions that the Suit can generate, is free to release through the Recycling Chakra, freeing the Suit from this stasis building Negative Energy.


In another example, having an in-depth insight into why someone did something makes all the difference in your assessment of the situation and your emotions and actions. For instance, if your only analysis is that a child acting out is deliberately trying to assert control over you and that your response should be to overpower them and establish adult authority, then you could be at a loss in dealing with a child who is responding to a bigger picture of reality than you yourself can see. 


Children see what is happening on both the Inner and Outer Planes quite naturally until socialization to suppress information coming in from the Inner Plane shuts down their ability to perceive it in their Conscious Range. This shut down generally occurs about age 9.  A child who has not yet shut down their ability to perceive the Inner Plane might be genuinely frightened and traumatized about something happening on the Inner Plane of which you, as an adult caretaker, are unaware.


For instance, some children are attacked by the Negativity when trying to learn to read or do math, engage in sports, etc.  If you as an adult punish the child for not persisting in trying to learn when they perceive that they are being severely damaged by continuing, then you create an overwhelming situation in which the child is being attacked by an adult who the child looks to for care and also attacked by the Negativity on the Inner Plane.  When the child, in this double attack experiences extreme fear, the Negativity can interface with this fear and break into the Suit and implant Negative Programming that sets the child on course for self destructive behaviors that will damage them and others.  In this way the child becomes part of the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity that uses those it controls to break themselves down and to break others down for the Harvest.


Some of the self destructive behaviors might be rebellion against all adult authority resulting in the child refusing to study and, therefore, failing to secure higher education and being left in adult life earning a meager wage doing jobs that embarrass a high achievement family.  This adverse result could lead the parents to develop the anger and frustration energy mediums into which the Negativity can interface to control them. In such an instance the Negativity scores a complete take over of the family and heightens its ability to work through all of the family members to damage others in their lives.


The child turned young adult might engage in addictive behaviors that endanger life, such as taking hard drugs. In many cases the Negativity encourages the teenager or young adult to commit suicide.  This is not a hard sell in many cases because a person who has felt profoundly unloved and unprotected by family and is being daily terrorized by the Negativity on the Inner Plane may seek to end their pain through suicide.  I have noted many suicides where the unseen world of the Negativity has been the primarily catalyst for the decision to commit suicide. In a social environment where people just don’t talk about what is happening on the Inner Plane those caught in a Hellish interactions with the Negativity often feel that they have no where to turn for help.


The Source Solution for such a situation is to address the problem forthrightly and teach adults to help children to protect themselves. Until they reach the age of 15 or 16 they lack the spiritual strength to defend themselves against the Negativity. Parents who are very protective on the Outer Plane are abandoning their children in the most dangerous arena in which they live – which is the Inner Plane.  The Inner Plane is like a lawless environment where 90% of a person’s consciousness is daily engaging with a world of beings who have little or no control over their behaviors on the Inner Plane and no understanding about how to deal with the Negativity.


Expecting children to know how to defend themselves is like telling your toddler to handle the burglar at the door instead of stepping in to protect them from the burglar.


You may win the battle of forcing a child to persist in trying to learn but cause the loss of their natural Spiritual Intelligence.  The end result is a child who is afraid to learn both because you are punishing them to learn and they are being attacked by the Negativity.  A child who feels that they can’t trust you to tell you what is happening to them on the Inner Plane is a child who doesn’t feel loved and protected at the most fundamental level. Since this is the experience of most children, because adults, particularly in the Western world, are not socialized to field for problems their children are facing on the Inner Plane, most people grow up feeling alone and afraid and trying not to show it.  


The children I have worked with over the years have confided in me that they know a tremendous amount about what is happening on the Inner Plane but are afraid to tell adults or their peers because of the social prejudice against talking about what is happening on the Inner Plane. As a result they develop their own theories about what is happening and develop childish defenses that can often blight their life in very profound ways.


A example of this is a very intelligent woman who had had many careers that she took just up to the point of success and then bailed out and started all over, going back to graduate school and working her way up in yet another career. She came to me for help and asked me why she was doing this.  She said it was such a powerful force and it had happened many times.


I helped her to become aware of what her Suit was thinking about this and she remembered that when her father had become successful in his career, he soon thereafter became ill and died. She then realized that as a child, observing this, she had decided not to ever let herself be successful because she believed that she would die since that is what happened to her father. When this revelation occurred to her, she was able to release the power behind this childhood decision and decide to steer herself toward success and not allow herself to be ruled by this distorted childhood perception of reality.


Such childhood perceptions and decisions rule lives because they are often subconscious and don’t match up to the adult thoughts and decisions that occur in the conscious range of awareness. These kinds of perceptions are just examples of the kind of beliefs about reality that are a part of your Story Filters.  These Filters contains not only the Stories about life told to you by others in the culture but the Stories about life that you yourself have created.  These Stories seem real to different parts of your Fragmented Consciousness and these Fragments of Consciousness make decisions that can overpower the decisions that you are making in your conscious mind.


Weight loss is an example of this.  Some people have one Fragment that wants to lose weight in order to be healthy and have another Fragment that wants to be big and overpowering by weighing more that others. The desire to be physically big may be stronger than the desire to be healthy. Unless you discover why your Suit wants to be overweight, your attempt to make any type of diet work for you will be thwarted.


Returning to the issue of how your Story Filters block your ability to perceive the Source accurately, think back to the first Stories you learned about the Creator and look for fear inducing aspects to these Stories.  Fear locks in Stories in a Story Filter more powerfully than if there is no fear component.


For instance, were you taught that if you didn’t believe a certain dogma about the Creator that the Creator would punish you or wouldn’t answer your prayers for help?  Many people believe that they will go to Hell where they will be tortured for all eternity if they don’t believe what they are taught in their religion.  Others believe that if they even question the religious dogma they will be struck down by the Creator or made to suffer from diseases or misfortunes. 


Such beliefs can be put aside by the conscious mind in adult years but may close doors to learning about the Source because subconsciously there is a fear of believing in anything that is contrary to the religious dogma. This resistance often takes the form of not being able to learn that the Source is not vindictive and punitive or to establish a Love Connection which may seem foreign if the underlying perception of the Creator is that of a distant, authoritarian figure who tempts beings and when they fall for the bait punishes them using methods that are outlawed as inhumane in human societies. 


How much of a Love Connection can you have with a being who is willing to make your life a living Hell, from which there is no escape, for all eternity?  Even if there is a way to circumvent this nightmare, how trusting will your Suit be of a being who would create and operate such a facility for even one of his children? 


Your Suit connects the dots of all of the fragmented beliefs in the Cultural Story in ways that weave a tapestry that is often impenetrable to the light of Source Truth.  It is up to you to study The Source Perspective and unravel the tapestry/Story Filter, and free your Suit to learn about the Source and The Source Perspective on reality.


Simply skimming through the materials on the website and the life experiences given you by your Source Truth Intensive will not challenge the beliefs that lie below the surface of your awareness.  It takes time to stop and think about a concept that I introduce and ask three basic questions about it. These questions are:


  1. How does this relate to my life – how I understand the world and how I am within it?
  2. What beliefs do I have that run counter to this aspect of The Source Perspective?
  3. Do I have any reservations about accepting the Source Truth conveyed through The Source Perspective and discarding my Cultural and/or Personal Story?  If so, what are the reservations and how would I integrate The Source Perspective into my life if I let go of the Cultural/Personal Story?


This kind of in-depth thinking through of the materials on The Source Perspective is what will enable you to not only understand The Source Perspective but to integrate it into your life.  


If you ask me to initiate a Miracle-Based Adventure for your work each time you visit the website then I will draw on the Source Solution Code for the Intensive to create a Guided Adventure to help you find the materials that you need to learn about next. I will help you to discern whether you have successfully completed your work with them at any given time that you are working on the website.  Asking for Source Guidance about whether you are on the right page and interacting with the correct information is one way to ensure that you are following the Miracle-Based Adventure. Asking if you have gotten whatever you needed to from your interaction with the training is a way to help you determine if you are missing something in your understanding or your Suit is trying to block a concept from getting through to you on every level.  


Time learning from the materials on the website is Time with the Source.  It is an Outer Plane tour of The World of the Source that enables you to ground your understandings of the Source in the actual teachings of the Source that are provided for you on the website.  The lifetimes of not learning directly from the Source because you lacked the skill to receive Inner Plane Source Guidance are over when you realize that the Source is now communicating to you through Outer Plane trainings that you can access and learn from directly.  Work on the website is Source-Guided and is a time when you can receive the Inner Plane coaching support that enables you to make full use of the Outer Plane materials that have been provided.


Working in a Miracle-Based Adventure on the website helps you to learn to follow the Source Truth Intensive Miracle-Based Adventure in the activities of your life. This structure, which is continuously generated from the Source Truth Source Solution Code, is what will help you to learn critical aspects of The Source Perspective that are needed to enable you to perform your Mission and become sustainable.



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Get Trained & Equipped to
Build Heaven and Live Heaven


Understanding The Source Perspective is not an abstract arm chair philosophical pursuit. It comes from following the lead of the Source to live in harmony with the Principles of Life in the Creation.  Most of your knowledge about The Source Perspective comes from doing the work of Building Heaven. To do the work of Building Heaven you have to get Trained & Equipped.  


Just as a carpenter can’t show up on a construction site with no training and no tools and no knowledge of construction and expect to contribute to the project, so you can’t show up on The Construction Site of Heaven in The Manifest World with no training, no tools, and no knowledge of what is being built and how you are to help with the Project. 


The basic training is working to establish the Foundation for Building Heaven through working with the Six Master Action Plans and their trainings. (These are still in the process of being developed. When a Master Action Plan is completed, it is posted in The Build Heaven Project Directory. After you have completed the first two Master Action Plans, you can begin working on the Structuring Build Heaven Projects that span the five Heaven Project from Perfect Health to Total Abundance to Love-Based Relationships to Life Purpose Fulfillment, and The Love Connection with the Source.


Because of the importance of Build Heaven Source Solution Code, the prime mover in any of the Build Heaven Projects will be this Code which also initiates a Build Heaven Intensive. While it is possible to read the Gifted Source Workflow Trainings and request the Seed Code that enables your Suit to work with them effectively, this methodology will far short of the 24/7 Source Support that comes through the new high powered Build Heaven Intensives. The Intensives are the way that Heaven will be built because it takes more power and Source Support than the Seed Code can provide or the knowledge transmitted through the Source Workflow Trainings.


Since entry into a Miracle-Based Coaching Program is necessary to engage in a Build Heaven Intensive, it is important that you request a Gifted Miracle-Based Coaching Assessment to determine if you are producing the Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy needed to receive the miracles that are part of the Intensive.  You can learn more about Miracle-Based Coaching and complete the form for the Assessment at: Miracle-Based Coaching.



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Make Source-Directed Changes in Your Life & World


Begin to make changes in your way of life so that you are building toward sustainability for yourself and your loved ones and the world community. Only when you begin to Build Heaven and Live Heaven do you attain levels of understanding of The Source Perspective that take you into the higher levels of understanding that are needed to travel The Journey of Reconnection and re-establish the 100% Source Connection that is essential to your sustainability.


Just as a child can’t understand adult life until he/she has mastered all of the developmental stages that lead up to adult life, so you can’t emerge as a mature, experienced, well-trained and equipped Heaven Agent capable of Stewarding Life in accordance with The Source Plan if you don’t travel the road of discovery and learn what is needed to arrive at this place in your life. 


Those trying to become sustainable by calling on the Source at the last minute having done nothing to repair their damaged Source Connection will be those who lose their lives in the final stage of The Transition if not in one of the stages preceding this final stage.


Sustainability is not about calling on the Source or propitiating the Source.  It is a well thought out journey out of the darkness of ignorance that has led to the Disconnection from the Source back to the 100% Connection that is needed to sustain life. Setting aside Cultural Stories to the contrary is necessary because only Source Truth can enable you to deal with the reality of what is happening in the Creation now in the midst of The Transition.


Your sustainability is based on building the Heaven of a Source-Connected Way of Life. This building project needs to be begun immediately and continued until all of the building blocks of your life are Source-Given and are not the building blocks of the Self Interest Way of Life that will crumble and crush those who are still living within any structure built from them.


As you work with the Source Perspective as it is taught to you in all of the ways that I have described above, you will be building a structure of understanding of The Culture of Heaven. This understanding will help you to eliminaate what is not of Heaven and build what is of Heaven before it is too late to build it.


This building will run counter to the Self Interest Culture of the world around you. By following Source Direction you will be able to make your moves and bring about the changes that are needed in your life and in the world.  This will help you and others to become sustainable.  It is the only compassionate way to be in a world in which you need to Become Love in Action helping others to evolve and become sustainable.


Those who sit on the sidelines and wish for social change and do nothing to generate it will become unsustainable. Only those who embrace The Culture of Heaven and work with the Source to build it in the world will be re-building their Source Connection at the level where it has been ruptured almost completely. This is the level where beings turned away from the Source and made the society and its Cultural Story their Source and sacrificed themselves and their loved ones to this fabricated Story about reality.


Active work in Stewarding The Miracle of Life is what is needed. Nothing that harms The Miracle of Life should be retained as a part of life.



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Join in the Heaven Agent Team Work


Join in the Team Work at The Miracle School to work on the Projects that are advancing the work of building Total Abundance for all members of The Global Community. This can be done through working on the Projects online that are Next Step Projects and reporting in via The Heaven Agent Report Form.  It can happen at a more advanced level through your individual and group work in a Miracle-Based Coaching Program. Those working in a Miracle-Based Coaching Programs are the ones who are Prototyping the work of transitioning into a Miracle-Based, Total Abundance Way of Life. Their Prototyping work helps all beings throughout the Creation.



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Stay Abreast of the Latest Developments in
The Work of the Source


Universal Changes are daily changing the nature of Spiritual Reality. These changes outdate information that was previously given and require you to learn about why things have changed and how they work currently.  If you try to learn about The Source Perspective as a static body of knowledge you will soon create another kind of obstruction that impairs your ability to preserve your Source Connection.


In this dynamic time in history when the very structure of Life in the Creation is having to undergo drastic changes in order to enable it to become sustainable, your survival depends on your ability to receive up to the minute Source News about what is happening and how it affects you and others.  


While I will post some of this information on the website, my primary method of communicating to beings in the Creation is to send out Inner Plane Source Communications. These Source Communications keep you abreast of what is happening and explain the complex technical changes that are needed to the Extended Range of your Suit that requires this information in order to help your Suit survive the changes and build on them.


Keeping abreast of the changes through studying the Next Step Projects on the website is the best way to keep yourself informed in your Conscious Range.  Most of the critical information is contained in articles on how to prepare for an upcoming Transition and in the Source News Reports that inform you of what happened during and after a Transition.  


The most advanced way to keep abreast of Source News is to enter into a Miracle-Based Coaching Program and request a Source Reality Station.  In this Station, that takes you into Source Reality, there are Total Abundance Screens through which I send very specific information that your Suit needs in order to advance. There are many Projects in this Station and different Screens that transmit only the information that is relevant to the Project. This is how the Heaven Agents working at a more advanced level obtain information about whatever is most important for them to know at any given point in time.  They communicate to me the information they are receiving and I respond on their Station with feedback about the accuracy of the information they are receiving.


The key understanding is that if you don't know what is happening in The Work of the Source you can't keep up with the changes and will fall behind and put your life at risk.  It is up to you to avail yourself of the Inner and Outer Plane help that I provide to enable you to track what is happening and prepare yourself to move with the changes in a Source-Guided Way that will ensure your sustainability as well as your ability to contribute to the work of Stewarding The Miracle of Life – the miracle of your own life and the Miracle of Life for the Creation.  


The Source Truth Intensive is of immense help in keying you into these changes and helping you to receive the Source Guidance that is needed to respond to them in a Source-Directed Way.



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