The Source Plan for
The Total Abundance Project

Getting Equipped & Trained
to Live The Heaven Experience



Recorded on May 14, 2013

What enabled the 14 Prototype Communities to achieve Total Abundance was Spiritual Equipment and Miracle-Based Training.  


Until recently, it was not possible for those not living in the protected spiritual spaces of these Prototype Communities to receive this equipment and training because of the stiff opposition of the Negativity, the criminal element that operates on the Spiritual Level of Reality.


Now an upgraded version of this equipment and training is available to Heaven Agents throughout the Universal Community.


It is coming at a time when it is most needed. We are facing the sharpest increase in Spiritual Vibration yet to be experienced in the Creation on August 8, 2013.  Heaven Agents who get equipped and trained can help themselves and others to achieve the levels of Spiritual Integration needed to survive the August 8th Shift and the multiplicity of minor Shifts that will continue to occur until September 16, 2014.


With this equipment Heaven Agents will be empowered to stage the Heaven Happenings that lift consciousness, enabling the masses to realize that the scarcity, suffering, and struggle of the world is unnecessary and that a life of Total Abundance is possible for all beings.  


In this Source Plan Communication, the Source Plan for The Total Abundance Project is outlined with detailed information on the Spiritual Equipment and Miracle-Based Training that enables you to Live The Heaven Experience which manifests the Heaven Happenings which materialize the Miracle of Total Abundance in your personal life and in the Universal Community.

The article: The Source Plan for the Total Abundance Project provides additional information on how to get started Living The Heaven Experience.




Chapters and Subchapters

For easier referencing of the information provided in this video, you can click on either a Chapter or a Subchapter link below and go to the corresponding part of the video.  These apply if you are watching the video as it streams in on the player provided above.


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  • Chapter 1
    1. Introduction
    • Chapter 1.1
      1.1 Source Plan Communications
    • Chapter 1.2
      1.2 How to Work with a Source Communication
  • Chapter 2
    2. Part One: The Overview
    • Chapter 2.1
      2.1 What Is Total Abundance?
    • Chapter 2.2
      2.2 Understanding What It Takes to Live The Heaven Experience
    • Chapter 2.3
      2.3 The Spiritual Equipment that You Need
    • Chapter 2.4
      2.4 Getting Trained to Work with Heaven Experience Opportunities
  • Chapter 3
    3. Part Two: Thinking through What It Takes to Implement The Source Plan for Total Abundance
  • Chapter 4
    4. Part Three: Next Steps to Achieving Total Abundance through Living The Heaven Experience




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