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 The Puzzle Piece Miracle



Recorded on May 16, 2014


The Puzzle Piece Miracle provides you with a simple, step-by-step approach to manifesting the Heaven of True Happiness in your life and in your world.


This miracle enables you to assemble The Picture of Your Personal Heaven and provides the structure that enables all beings throughout the Universal Community to work harmoniously together to assemble The Picture of Heaven for the Community.


In this Source Communication, I provide you with:

  • an overview of how The Puzzle Piece Miracle works
  • information on how you can begin working with this miracle in your life 
  • gifts from The Universal Heaven Agent Network to help you get started manifesting the happiness that makes life Heaven.


NOTE: To get the full benefit of the energies transmitted through the Source Communication in this video, we recommend that you view at full screen by using the ‘Full Screen’ button.



Links in Video

For your convenience, I will list the links provided in this video.  


The Most Important Decision 

For those who have not yet watched the Next Step Video:  The Most Important Decision You Make in Your Life, here is the link. It provides you with an overview that complements the information in The Puzzle Piece Miracle video.


Bringing the Picture into Focus

For those undecided about whether to embark on a Source-Created Adventure, I offer a Gifted Coaching Session to explore what it would look like for you to Live Heaven in your everyday life.  You can access the link for this Session below.




Beginning Assembling The Picture of Your Personal Heaven

If you are ready to get started on your Adventure into a Heaven Way of Life, I provide you with a Three Step Process:

Step One

You complete The Six Step Process which prepares you to receive the miracles that are the Puzzle Pieces with which you assemble The Picture of Your Personal Heaven.


You can access The Six Step Process at:



Step Two 

Next you Sign On to The Adventure. This is how you get a Source-Created Life Adventure that provides the structure for your work with The Puzzle Piece Miracle.


You can Sign On at:



Step Three

This is where you request a partially Gifted Adventure Coaching Session to get started working with your first Puzzle Piece.


You can receive this Gift at:




Beginning Assembling The Picture of Heaven for the Community


Once you have prepared yourself to assemble The Picture of Your Personal Heaven, you are invited to join The Heaven Project which provides you with a much wider range of Source Support and opportunities to work with other Heaven Agents to assemble The Picture of Heaven for the Community.   


When you join The Heaven Project you enter into the Inner Circle of those working most closely with the Source to transition into a Heaven Way of Life individually and as a Community.


You can Join The Heaven Project at:





Additional Source Support Available

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The Correct Exchange for this Additional Source Support is US$70/Broadcast.


Request Additional Source Support



Gift Additional Source Support to the Global Community

You can also gift Additional Source Support to other Heaven Agents by exchanging for this Support through contributing to The World that Works Fund.


Contribute to the World that Works Fund




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