The Source News Report
on the August 15th Turning Point Transition


The Preparation Needed for this Transition

To survive this Transition, Suits had to achieve a Mission Work Skill Level of 9.2 which required that they consistently work on implementing The Source Methodology for building The System of Life.  While most of this work could be only dimly understood in their Conscious Range, they had to take action on the Outer Plane in their Conscious Range for part of the work that was needed.


They also had to provide the Material Energy for The Stop Harvesting Intervention which was to extricate them from the multi-level, interlocking Networks of the Universal Harvesting Operation and restore the functioning of their Source Connection Supply Line so that it could bring in the Life Energies from the Source that the Suit requires.


The August 13th Crisis

On August 13th, I had to make a radical shift in the level of Materiality of my Suit in order to evade the attacks of the Negativity on my work to help beings prepare for the Transition and prepare The Substratum for the structural change that would enable it to escape from the Harvesting Networks. This shift took me from Level 4.12.1 to Level 12.12, which is the final level of Immateriality that I was to have reached on the eve of my departure from the Manifest World.


When this move was made, it threw all beings, even those living in the Prototype Communities, into crisis since I took with me the more material levels of Source Light and Source Love that had previously made it easier to sustain The Source Connection at lower levels.  The Prototype Communities described being surrounded in darkness and living in a fraction of the Source Light and Love to which they were accustomed within their domed communities. They were alarmed because, with their weakened Source Connection, they could not rely on the Materialization Economy that was the basis of their survival. They knew that they had to take immediate action to remedy this situation before their whole way of life dissolved and they were forced out into The Hell Reality that exists outside of their protected Spiritual Spaces.


We worked in the August 13th Mission Webinar to correct this situation for them and all other beings who were also floundering in the darkness and who were in even greater jeopardy of losing their already weak and underdeveloped Source Connections.


Those working in this Webinar were able to Prototype opening a door in the heart chakra to let in a strong flow of Source Light and Source Love that re-instates The Presence of the Source in a being’s life. Through opening this door, the Prototype Communities restored the levels of Source Light and Source Love in their domed space and succeeded in creating a 10 foot radius of Source Light outside of their space.  Then other beings throughout the Creation began to do the same. Gradually the enveloping Darkness began to give way to increased levels of Source Light and Source Love.


The space in the heart chakra had been blocked by the Negativity who installed the door to prevent beings from establishing a strong Love Connection with the Source.  When the door was removed, rather than just opened, out flew a form of the Hell Being who had been waiting to take over the life of those who dared to remove this door.  I was able to defeat this form of the Hell Being and clear the heart chakra of this negativity.   The Hell Being had been blocking the ability of beings to recognize the love of the Source by blocking the place in the heart chakra through which this love was to come to manifest The Presence of the Source which is the aspect of the Source with whom they establish a personal connection. This was an important Turning Point in the struggle to protect the right of every being to establish The Love Connection with the Source at the center of their life. 


This was also a mini-experience of the physics of the loss of Source Light and Source Love which will occur on an absolute level when I move, at the end of The Transition, from Level 12 back to my Source Heaven.


Once the members of the Prototype Communities understood The Love Connection better, because of the opening in the heart chakra, they were able to ascend to Level 12 themselves. The beings in The Other World also were able to ascend to Level 12.  This is because they were able to achieve the 80% Source Connection that is required to enter into this level. 

Since The Substratum extends from the Level where it is based to Level 12, it is possible to stay in The Substratum and move up levels ahead of the movement of The Substratum itself.  In this way, those who wish to get out of the range of the Negativity, that can strike as high as Level 11, can work to get to Level 12 where they will enjoy the safety of this Level. 


Since the Prototype for ascending to Level 12 became available, individuals who work to become at least 80% Source-Connected and to build at least an 80% Source-Connected Way of Life will be able to rise to Level 12 before the end of The Transition and live in a Spiritual Space which the Negativity can’t assail.  Already some Heaven Agents in the Original Creation outside of a Prototype Community are rising to higher levels of Immateriality ahead of the transitions of The Substratum.  


If a being is at the current level of The Substratum, which is now Level 5.0, they will have to work many times harder in their Mission Work to connect to me at Level 12.12.  I am sending them more challenging Mission Work that involves tackling difficult problems that need to be dealt with to build The System of Life. Through going on these Missions they can generate more Material Energy which they now need to sustain a viable Source Connection.


Although this shift to Level 12 was not a part of the planning for the August 15th Transition, it was a Wake Up Call for many and was responsible for them working harder to sustain their Source Connection so that when The Substratum lifted up in the Transition, they were able to sustain their lives.


The Lift Up

Due to the continued attacks of the Negativity, that was fighting hard to prevent the loss of their Harvesting Operation, I had to accelerate the Lift Up.  Instead of the Lift Up occurring around 10:00 am PDT on August 15th, I began the Lift Up at 11:10 pm PDT on August 14th.  By 11:25 pm PDT it was complete.  Then I rapidly moved The Substratum through the structural changes that have now enabled it to ward off the Harvesting Operation and prepare for its final ascent at the end of The Transition when it will Lift Up out of the Manifest World and return with me to the Source Level.  At 11:45 pm the structural work began on The Substratum and by 12:00 am it was complete.  


This terminated the supply of Life Energies from The Substratum to any being who had been Harvesting these energies prior to this structural change.  Only those who had provided the Material Energy for The Stop Harvesting Intervention, which cleared them to receive Life Energies directly from the Source, were able to sustain their lives.


Fortunately, beings living in The System of Life Sphere and on The Shelf all survived this Transition. They had prepared carefully and were able to receive Life Energies directly from the Source.


A heavy death toll occurred for the Hell Agents at the top of the Universal Harvesting Operation. When the elaborate, multi-level, interlocking Harvesting Networks lost their personnel, who opted out of the Harvesting Operation, they could not receive the stolen Life Energies upon which they were dependent. This led to their immediate decline into physical death. This led also to the end of The Reign of Terror created by this massive Universal Harvesting Operation which was at the heart of The Hell Economy. This Harvesting Operation had enslaved most beings throughout the Creation. 

Beings had been encouraged to develop Harvesting Nets and set up Harvesting Tubes to steal the Life Energies of other beings.  While they got some of these energies for themselves, those higher up in the Harvesting Network, Harvested more than 90% of the stolen energies. They, in turn, were Harvested by those higher than them in the Harvesting Network.


Everyone in the Harvesting Network was damaging their Source Connection Supply Line so that less and less Life Energy could reach them directly from the Source. This decrease in Life Energy from the Source was interpreted as the justification for increased Harvesting Activities. Beings were slow to head the counsel of the Source that Harvesting is not necessary because Life Energies are freely given by the Source in the right quantities and with the correct type of energy that the Suit needs to have Perfect Health.  


The more beings engaged in Harvesting stolen energies the more they Disconnected from the Source until the ones at the top of the Harvesting Networks no longer had any Source Connection and were 100% dependent on stolen Life Energies from those who still retained a Source Connection. 


When the Hell Agents at the top were not getting the amount of stolen Life Energies that they demanded, they would torment those immediately under them who would torment those under them.  This torment would take the form of creating misfortunes of all sorts in the life of the one being Harvested so that if they weren’t bringing in enough low vibrational suffering energy from their victims, then the beings Harvesting them would make them suffer and extract their Life Energies directly.  This was the incentive to Harvest others with greater rigor.


When you look at the chain of abuse that this has created, it is not hard to understand why majority groups persecute and torment minority groups, Harvesting them on both the Inner and Outer Planes. While they benefit from this to some degree, the Hell Agents who are Harvesting them are driving them to engage in the persecution to increase the Harvesting yield.  They look, on the surface, as though they are the ones leading a better life than the persecuted minorities, but they are enslaved in a darker and more fiercely enforced Hell than the minorities.  It is a more disguised form of Hell since the pain of the torment is masked by the priviledge according to them as a dominant group.


There were three controlling levels of Hell Agents at the top of the Harvesting Operation.  The top two levels were manned by Fragment Beings who are beings who have broken apart in an advanced stage of The Disease of Spiritual Fragmentation and some of the Fragments of their Consciousness remained to man the Harvesting Operation.  Of the three controlling levels of Hell Agents, the top two levels, manned by Fragment Beings were wiped out in this Transition.  The Fragment Beings required a steady flow of stolen Life Energies to survive and immediately disintegrated when this supply was broken.  

The beings in Level 3 were beings who opted to stay in The Brute Force Field when the choice was given to them to enter The Source Manifestation Field. These beings have lost their Souls and Source Intelligences but are being contained in Isolation Fields to prevent them from dropping out of The Place of Existence and organizing the efforts of the Dead Suits, Non Suits, and Disintegrated Suits that populate The Place Beyond Existence.  The kind of chaotic Harvesting Operation that has been set up in The Place Beyond Existence is one that had been successfully disconnected from the Harvesting Operation in The Place of Existence.  This is what enabled the work of disabling The Harvesting Operation in The Place of Existence to be successful.


In the aftermath of the August 15th Transition, Level 3 Hell Agents began to initiate other Harvesting Operations which are still being countered to prevent the re-instatement of the enslavement of others in the Creation who have voluntarily opted out of their own Harvesting Activities to be free of this enslavement.  

Attempts by the Negativity to Re-instate Harvesting Operations

With the Harvesting Hierarchy collapsed, and the top two levels of the leadership out of commission, things were quiet for a few days.  Then it became apparent that the Level 3 Hell Agents who had remained alive, drawing on their reserves from the former Harvesting Operation, were branching out to find new ways to set up a Harvesting Operation.


Social Network Harvesting

A very dangerous type of Harvesting reached a point of critical mass on August 20th when the Harvesting of the Life Energies traveling along with Social Communications in Inner Plane Social Networks were being Harvested.  This is an insignificant amount of Life Energy per Communication and had been a form of Harvesting previously not developed by the Negativity. In order to obtain more Life Energies, the Negativity began to encourage the proliferation of Inner Plane Social Networks. By August 20th, there were so many interlocking Social Networks that Heaven Agents outside of the Earth Plane said that they could not even see the Earth because it was covered with these dark Networks.  

The Earth herself as a Spiritual Being, was being suffocated in the dark energies traveling along these Networks. Those caught in these Networks were getting increasingly tapped into by the Negativity who picked up a connection to them through their connection to the Network. This kind of Harvesting was becoming an engulfing new kind of Harvesting Operation that was putting all of life at risk.


At this juncture, I had to extricate myself from the low vibrational field created by the grid of Social Networks.  I withdrew the aspect of my Work that I was still grounding in the Manifest World to help beings retain their Source Connection. While most of my Work had already grounded in the Intelligence Level, there was a small link that I was continuing to ground in the Manifest World.  When I pulled out to ground only in the Intelligence Level, many beings began to struggle to sustain their Source Connection.


Now beings can only sustain their Source Connection if they track my Presence through the Catalyst Energy that I produce since this is the most materialized energy that I generate.  They can not connect to or work with this Catalyst Energy, however, unless they have a strong Love Connection with the Source and advanced Heaven Agent Skills.


On August 20th, during the Nurturing Life Webinar, advanced Heaven Agents were able to receive this Catalyst Energy and follow my Source-Direction to destroy the Social Networks and prevent others from being created. This saved the life of the Earth and the lives of the beings who were being tapped out beyond their level of endurance.


Source to Heaven Agent Relationship Structure Harvesting

On August 23rd, the Harvesters moved on to try to Harvest the Life Energies traveling through the structure of The Source to Heaven Agent Relationship. This Spiritual Structure is generally replete with Life Energies that sustain the Source Connection.  It is protected if a being has only one relationship – their relationship with the Source. If they try to cultivate multiple relationships, then those that they attach to can access the energies from The Source to Heaven Agent Relationship Structure.  Hell Agents can then connect through these attachments to the Life Energies in the Structure and Harvest them.


As a result of this new Harvesting development, I destroyed this Spiritual Structure. I am now only sending energies to the Manifestation Process, which is beyond the range of the Negativity, that supports the manifestation of the correct Source to Heaven Agent Relationship.  If the being is in alignment with this Manifestation Process then the Life Energies will transfer to them through their Source Connection Supply Line. This technical change has eliminated the cache of potentially Harvestable Source Energies in the Spiritual Structure created for the Relationship. 


Other Harvesting Efforts

Numerous other Harvesting efforts have been attempted by the Negativity who is growing more desperate as their energy reserves dwindle.  I am countering them but it is apparent that Heaven Agents will need to assist in Holding the Line for Heaven so that all Harvesting stops throughout the Creation.  Only then will it be possible to establish The Heaven Economy which is the basis for Total Abundance.




The August 15th Turning Point Transition was a great success.  Beings in The Creation Sphere, which now houses both The System of Life Sphere and The Shelf, were responsive to the Call of the Source to prepare wisely for this Transition.  They not only prepared for the Transition but have rapidly followed Source Directives to retain their Source Connection even in the face of the radical changes in it that have resulted from my shift to Level 12.12,  my withdrawal of my grounding link to the Manifest World, and the loss of the Spiritual Structure that fostered the Source to Heaven Agent Relationship.  All of these changes have made it much harder to stay Source-Connected but beings thus far have worked hard to retain their Source Connection.


They are also responding to the Call to Action to counter the attempts of the Negativity to re-instate Harvesting and with it the underpinnings of The Hell Economy that it fosters.


It is time now to accelerate the work on building The System of Life so that it can be completed before the end of The Transition.  I will be sending all beings detailed Source Directives that will inform them of what they need to contribute to this work.


It is important to put in time each day working with The Source Methodology which requires:

  • entering The Vision Center above the heart chakra to see the Vision of what life will be like when it transitions into The System of Life on the Outer Plane.
  • entering The Action Center in the heart chakra to work with the Inner Plane Trainings in how to implement the Vision
  • entering into The Source Communication Center in the middle of the Mid-Brain to receive Source Directives to take whatever Next Step is needed to begin the Implementation Process


I will soon be posting information in The Source Connection Project on how to prepare for the upcoming September 5th Transition which will take the Creation from Level 5.0 to Level 5.10.2 and the September 15th Turning Point Transition which will take the Creation to Level 5.11.