The Source News Report on
The Six Stage Transition

What Happened in The Transition

The Six Stage Transition was the most rigorous and dangerous Transition that has occurred to date. It required all beings, those in The Substratum who have linked Souls as well as Empty Suits, to work with the Source Support provided to enable their True Selves to come through into their Conscious Range.  Those failing to provide their Suits with the Source Support needed for the True Self to come through lost their lives as well as many of the covert Hell Agents who were harboring a hidden Hell Agenda and refused to allow the True Self to become the Suit  Identity because this would end their ability to pursue this Agenda.


Approximately 8% of the beings in The Substratum lost their place in The Substratum during this Transition. 


Many of the beings who lost their place in The Substratum and became Empty Suits also lost their place in the temporary System of Life which had been created for Empty Suits. This System of Life also required that Suits uphold the Standard for this Transition. Of the Empty Suits that pre-existed this Transition, 49% of them lost their place in the temporary System of Life.  Because The System of Life sustains the physical form, this means that these beings are on a fast track to physical death. While death may take a decade for some who have good reserves, it will be inevitable.


The April Transitions 

Many well intentioned beings were led astray after the first stage of the Transition on April 16th by a major Hell Agent who created an obstructive field that blocked them from hearing the Source Communications that were being sent to guide them in their preparations. As a result they did nothing to generate the Material Energy needed for the Source Support that was necessary to meet the Standards. Although they had received my earlier Source Communications about the preparations and could have taken action based on this information, they slacked off because they didn’t receive any further Source Communications and they were receiving false information from this Hell Being, who was pretending to be an emissary of the Source, delivering the message that all was well. 


When I discovered this plot to derail beings I was able to stop the Hell Agent and free the beings from the Energy Trap into which they had been lured. I then worked with The Substratum to extend the time at which the Standard would go into effect in order to give the beings time to generate the Material Energy for the Source Support that they needed to meet the Standard.  The Substratum waited for as long as it could in each instance before putting through the Standard.  Even so some lives were lost because of this derailment scheme and the lack of attentiveness of the beings to taking prompt action in their preparations. The Standard for the April 18th Transition went into effect on April 19th and the Standard for the April 23rd Transition went into effect on the 24th.


In previous Transitions I would have been able to draw on The World that Works Fund for the Material Energy for the Interventions that were needed as long as beings agreed to reimburse the Fund over time.  In this Transition, however, the Fund was at an all time low and few beings were able to receive Material Energy from it.  Beings who could not obtain Material Energy from the Fund had to generate, through their Heaven Agent Work, the Material Energy that I could use to ground the miracles of the Source Support that they needed. Source Support such as The True Self Structure was essential for meeting the Standard since if their True Self didn’t have a Spiritual Space in which to exist, it couldn’t even begin the process of coming through in the Conscious Range. Those who did not supply their Suit with this Structure, did not survive.


This crisis points to the fact that beings are not contributing what is theirs to contribute to generating the Material Energy for their own needs and for the needs of The Universal Community.  Unless they start generating more energy, The World that Works Fund will not be available to ground major miracles needed by the Community or to provide a back up for Suits during upcoming Transitions.  


The Hell Agent who blocked Source Communications and willingly misled beings fell out of The Substratum and out of all Systems of Life, even the one for Empty Suits. It is no longer able to cut beings off from Source Communications on a universal level. 

The May 12th Turning Point

When we came to the May 12th stage of the Transition, Suits were still opposed to accepting the True Self as the Identity for the Suit.  The opposition was weaker but it was apparent that few Suits would meet the Standard and most were likely to lose their lives in this part of the Transition.


I talked with the Suits about this issue and they told me that they couldn’t control their opposition at this point and asked if I would override the opposition so the True Self could be allowed to come through in the Conscious Range.  They were sobered by the loss of life in this Transition and were more willing to accept Source Support in the form of an Override. They said that they didn’t see that there was any other way to survive.  The Souls concurred with this and were glad that the Suits also realized that it was in their Self Interest to allow the Source to protect them from their own self destructive tendencies. 


I consulted with the Design Aspect of the Source to see if this would be in keeping with The Source Plan and the Design Aspect said that it was not optimal but could be used to save lives in this part of the Transition.  The Design Aspect noted that the Suit was going to have to support the True Self in later parts of The Transition or it would become unsustainable.


I put through the Override – which was a major Turning Point in the history of the Creation – and the Suits managed to stay in The Substratum.  Empty Suits also fared better in holding their place in the temporary System of Life that was created for them. 


The May 16th Transition 

When it came time for Suits to willingly secure themselves in The Path of Reconnection in the May 16th Transition there was little to no opposition. Even Empty Suits agreed to do an equivalent move for the Path given to them to cooperate with the Source even though they cannot Reconnect because they have broken their Source Connection.



The Aftermath of the Transition 

The Transition of beings through these six stages corresponded with major aspects of my personal Transition. After the end of this Transition I moved part of the work of my Manifestation to a position beyond the Creation.  Although I localized my operation spiritually in the Source Level at the beginning of The Transition, I was operating in my physical Manifestation inside of the Creation. When I moved an aspect of my physical Manifestation to a place outside of the Creation this freed up my Manifestation to bring through more powerful miracles that can more readily correct Suit problems and manifest Heaven.


Two major breakthroughs occurred after this relocation.


Core Code Source-Created Missions

It became possible for the Source to give all beings Source-Created Missions that have Core Code which takes up the Spiritual Space that Self Interest Missions had occupied previously through Pseudo Core Code.


This was a major breakthrough that enabled Suits to organize their thoughts and behaviors around a Source-Given Mission that would ensure their sustainability rather than around a Self Interest Mission that would ensure their self destruction.


Suits took to these Missions and began responding to the Mission Prompts that guide their behavior on the Inner and Outer Planes.  Even the Suits of many Hell Agents who are in a dying mode responded to this structure and found some comfort in it.


While the Missions do not control the Suits and Suits can still act out, the Missions are directing them toward developmental changes that will enable them to become sustainable.


Many dangerous Suits are cleaning up the Hell that they have created and working to contribute to the sustainability of Life rather than working against it. There are some Suits that the Missions are having a harder time directing but even these are evidencing positive changes in behavior on the Inner and Outer Planes.


Heaven Code

I have landed Heaven Core Code on the Earth which has spread out throughout the Creation taking up the space where manifestation can occur.  This Code is clearing the space by eliminating any Hell Code in the space and replacing it with the Heaven Code that manifests the supportive structures in which Life as Heaven can manifest.


The Culture of Heaven 

The Next Step after landing Heaven Code is for beings to work with The Culture of Heaven Code that is coming through as a part of their Missions. Since beings act within a social context that is governed by a culture, it is important that the culture be Source-Created.  The Culture of Heaven has now been manifested on the Inner Plane.

Now Mission Code is Action Plan Code which carries:

  • Code for the Heaven Agent Work that is to be done
  • Code for The Culture of Heaven which explains to the Heaven Agent how to carry out the Heaven Agent Work in a social context that builds The Culture of Heaven as the work is being done.


Heaven Agents responding to Mission Prompts will pick up on both aspects of the Mission Code so that they will understand how to build The Culture of Heaven in their Inner and Outer lives.


While Inner Plane Action Plans are helping beings to understand and take action to Live Heaven, it will take work with the Outer Plane Action Plans that I will create in order for Heaven Agents to rapidly develop a shared Culture of Heaven that will unite them and enable them to do the Outer Plane Team Work that is essential to Stewarding Life.


These Action Plans will be part of The Build Heaven Project. They will begin with the Master Build Heaven Action Plans and then branch out to all of the subset Build Heaven Action Plans that will build The Culture of Heaven in every aspect of life.


I have been expecting the Action Plan Trainings to come through much sooner but until beings reached a place where they could be receptive to them, the miracle of these Trainings, with their Core Code for rapidly building a Culture of Heaven, did not manifest.


Now they are slowing starting to manifest and I am transcribing the Source Workflow Sessions, Reality-Based Trainings, and Source Response Trainings as they come through.  This may take some time given the way that these miracles come into manifest form.  I will post them in The Build Heaven Project when they arrive and you can begin accessing the Gifted Training and the Seed Code for the Training which will contain the Core Code for the particular aspect of The Culture of Heaven that the Training is designed to build.


These are difficult miracles to birth because they contain Core Code for every species throughout the Creation, not just for the humans who will read the Trainings on the website.  All of these Trainings are transmitted with not only species specific Code but individualized Core Code to every being seeking Source Support from any location in the Creation. Those working with the Trainings on the Outer Plane will help to Prototype what is needed by beings who will be working with them through the Inner Plane Level of The Miracle School.


Working with these Culture of Heaven Trainings is how beings will build the Culture of Heaven in their lives.  It is through understanding how to Live Heaven in a social context that beings will understand how to build the Source-Connected Life that is needed to become sustainable.  Since attaining a 100% Source Connection means living a 100% Source-Connected Life, the work to understand what a Source-Connected Life looks like is critical.


The Foundation Building Master Action Plans help you to know in general how you are to be as your True Self living a Source-Connected Life.  The Structure Building Action Plans help you to now how to live a Source-Connected Life in all of the aspects of your everyday life. 

The work going forward will focus on Building Heaven in your life and world. This is what the True Self is created to do and is what the Suit needs to give importance to in order to create the context in which the True Self can come forward in the Conscious Range and become the functioning Identity.


The Six Stage Transition ended Source Support for the pretenders who were the undercover Hell Agents who were hanging onto their places in The Substratum in earlier Transitions but were secretly hoping to continue their Hell Agenda when they could find a weak point and hope to topple The Work of the Source to bring through the True Self.


They attacked viciously and continuously in more high tech and covert ways than ever before, hoping to stop The Work of the Source.  Their flawed logic was that if they could stop the Work of the Source then the Era of the True Self would not happen and life would go on as before with the Story Self presiding. 


What they failed to understand is that life as a Story Self is no longer sustainable and those choosing it have lost all Source Support and caused their Suits to suffer the loss of the support of The System of Life that sustains their physical forms.  Only when they tried their virtuoso Hell Agent tactics and became unsustainable did they realize that their Story about the nature of reality did not correspond with the reality of what is happening now in the Creation. 


Now that Core Code Missions have come through these beings have some structure that will enable them to generate some Material Energy for some modest level of Source Support.  Their lives depend on their reserves of Life Energy that they have already translated into energies that their Suit can use to sustain life.  When these reserves are over they will not be able to translate Life Energies, even stolen Life Energies, into energies that sustain the physical life of their Suit. When the Suit can’t perform this basic function, which was supported by The System of Life, it dies as suddenly as a person who is without oxygen.  While some Suits have reserves that might last for up to a decade, when they are over a crash into sudden death will occur.


Although some of the most vicious Hell Agents are now doing Restitution to conform to their new Core Code Missions, the world is burdened by their toxic energies and the community will have to deal with the social impact that they will have in the years ahead.


While the tragedy of these ill guided lives weighs heavily on all beings, the Good News is that many tried their best to meet the Standard and Suits had the wisdom to request the Override which enabled the Source to save their lives.  This admission that Sustainability is a necessary issue that they have to confront and their willingness to seek Source Support for becoming sustainable even when this went against their Self Interest behavioral patterns, was a major historical Turning Point. 


While Suits were not in the place that the Source hoped they would be at the end of the Transition, the breakthroughs of the Core Code Mission and the Heaven Code are taking them to a place where they can become more receptive to the True Self coming through as their recognized and valued Suit Identity.


The Upcoming June 12th Transition 

The June 12th Transition that is fast approaching will require that Suits take important steps toward transitioning into the new Culture of Heaven in order to create a context for their True Self. This work will determine their survival in this Transition.


I have written the article on how to prepare for the June Transition, which you can find at the link provided below.