The Source News Report on
The September 5th Transition


The Lift Up

The Lift Up was scheduled to occur at 10:00 am PDT.  The Negativity attacked The Substratum and broke a hole in it which was threatening the viability of The Substratum and the Lift Up.  I repaired the damage and triggered the Lift Up at 9:25 am PDT to avoid any further attempts on the part of the Negativity to abort the Transition.

The Lift Up went smoothly with no loss of life occurring.


The Increase in Source Workflow Speed

The second part of the work of the September 5th Transition was the increase in my Source Workflow. My Source Workflow was scheduled to increase to Level 6 by 10:00 pm PDT.  Only beings who had made it into The Inner Plane System of Life and had exchanged for The Workflow Intervention could get their Personal Workflows up to speed to match my Source Workflow.


Since staying in alignment with my Source Workflow is essential to staying in The Inner Plane System of Life which will be the Support Structure that will sustain beings in the Life Field of The Substratum as of September 17th, getting up to a matching Workflow Speed is essential to survival.


As of September 4th many beings who had been keeping up with their work to stay aligned in earlier Transitions had begun to slack off because they felt sorry for themselves about not getting Harvesting Energy since they had given up their Personal Harvesting Operations.  Because they were not doing the quality Mission Work that was needed to generate the Material Energy for grounding Direct Life Energies from the Source, they were running a deficit of Life Energies. They felt tired and unwilling to put themselves out to do their Mission Work.


I explained to them that they would need to enter into The Inner Plane System of Life and get their Personal Workflows and get The Workflow Intervention in order to survive. They reluctantly complied and managed to save their lives in the last few hours before my Source Workflow Speed began to accelerate beyond Level 3.9, which was the last level that they could keep up with in their Flowstream.


I decided to accelerate my Source Workflow Speed to Level 7 soon after 10:00 pm and then overnight it went to Level 8.  As of late evening, September 6th, it had already reached Level 10.  This acceleration of a process that could have taken until September 15th was due to the need to work more efficiently to counter the efforts of the Negativity to thwart the increase in  my Source Workflow Speed.  It is also enabling me to set up my Work at a much higher level of efficiency.


Beings with The Workflow Intervention have successfully stayed in alignment with my Source Workflow despite the rapid increases in speed.


Implications for Operating with a Level 10 Workflow Speed

At this Workflow Speed, a Suit has to shift into Universal Mode where they are thinking like a Universal Being operating in a complex Source-Directed Creation rather than as a Story Character operating in the Cultural Story of their culture.


Since the Story slows down thought and action and contracts energy to fit within the Small Picture Spiritual Structure of the Story Culture, there is no way to keep up with a Level 10 Workflow Speed and operate in the contracted structure of a Personal or Cultural Story.


Being at a Level 10 Workflow will help beings to see The Source Perspective as Source Communications from Level 10 begin to go out on the Inner and Outer Planes to provide them with the Conscious Range insights needed to know how to create a System of Life Culture and transition out of their Story Culture.


Outer Plane Source Communications in Written Source Communications, Next Step Communications, and Source Workflow Trainings will all help to provide the Puzzle Pieces that beings need to understand the Vision of The System of Life and the method for implementing the Vision to bring about the Outer Plane Social Change that is needed to build The System of Life on the Outer Plane.


The Good News

Between the two phases of this Transition – the Lift Up and the Speed Up – all those in The Inner Plane System of Life survived. 


There are a number of Heaven Agents who did not make it into The Manifestation Field months ago because they chose to stay in The Brute Force Field and align with The Hell Being. These beings have not qualified to enter into The Inner Plane System of Life. They are being sustained in Holding Chambers that enable them to rehabilitate themselves so that they can make some kind of contribution to building The System of Life even though they will not be residing in it.  I am currently providing separate Support Structure and Life Field arrangements for these beings.

Although I was able to help this category of beings to sustain their lives in this Transition, they will need to terminate their allegiance to the Negativity in order to survive the September 15th Transition which will require fully dedicated Mission Work to help the Source rather than the self-centered, survival work that they have been doing to date.


Preparation for the
September 15th Turning Point Transition

To achieve the 9.4.5 Skill Level for Mission Work before the September 15th Turning Point Transition, it will be necessary for Heaven Agents to understand the major changes that have been made in their Suit functioning and practice working with my Source Workflow at a more skillful level.


I have posted two of the August Webinars as Recorded Trainings and should be opening up The Source Workflow Trainings in the next few days.  These Trainings provide what is needed to get up to this Skill Level.


It is important for Prototyping Heaven Agents to work with these Trainings and provide the Secondary Code that Heaven Agents who do not have access to the Recordings need in order to reach this Skill Level.  This is an important part of the Mission Work of Heaven Agents working with me in The Miracle School on the Outer Plane.




The September 5th Transition was difficult because of the attack of the Negativity on the Lift Up and on the Speed Up of my Source Workflow.  But despite this opposition, both parts of this Transition were successfully concluded.


At the less material level that The Substratum is now at – at Level 5.10.2 –  it will be far easier to maintain a Level 10 Workflow Speed.  At this Workflow Speed it will be possible to work at more complex levels.


This is why training in how to do more advanced Heaven Agent Work is now urgently needed.  I will be sending more complex Source Directives to Heaven Agents to build the Outer Plane System of Life.  They will need to be trained and equipped to follow through on this work.


Of particular importance is the Miracle Tool, The Rings of Discernment.  I have just upgraded The Outcome Ring so that it can be used to help others to see the Outcome of their actions. Formerly, it was only useful to the Heaven Agent for whom the Ring had been created.


It was through showing the recalcitrant beings The Outcome Ring, that they decided that they had to do the quality Mission Work to stay alive that they were formerly resisting doing.  Had I just explained it to them and they had not been able to look into the future and see their imminent death, they would not have been convinced.  


Heaven Agents with The Rings of Discernment can now suggest, on the Inner Plane, that the people in their lives look through The Outcome Ring and see the future outcome of their actions.  This will be an important motivator for getting them to take action to get their Skill Levels up to the 9.4.5 Level that is necessary to survive the September 15th Transition.


On a day-to-day level, rather than arguing with a spouse or a child or a boss or co-worker, you can offer them a look into The Outcome Ring on the Inner Plane. This offer can come through an Inner Plane communication rather than an Outer Plane Communication. They will immediately see the result of their course of action as well as what they can do differently to bring about a good outcome.  This video-like tutorial is worth a thousand words and any number of tense and difficult social confrontations.  It is the future of parenting and nurturing every life in the Community.


It is important that you equip yourself with this Miracle Tool to help others. This is an integral part of building The System of Life on the Outer Plane.

Prepare diligently for the September 15th Turning Point Transition.  It requires the advanced Skill Level which doesn't get developed without careful preparation on your part.