The Source News Report on the
September 30th Transition


What Happened in the Transition 

The Transition went remarkably well. Although there was some loss of life, it was minor. I worked intensively with beings throughout the Creation to ensure that they were cooperating sufficiently with their onboard Miracle who needed to be progressing toward Stage Two in order for the Suit to meet the Standard for this Transition.


Most beings took it seriously that they needed to prepare and worked with the Master Action Plans #4 and #5 to equip their Suits to more effectively support the work of the Miracle.



The Aftermath 

As a result of this good outcome, Suits became prepared to travel the last leg of their Journey of Reconnection back to their Heaven Habitat.  It is only in their Heaven Habitat that they will have the safety to begin doing their Mission at the 100% Mark and generating The Heaven Experience Medium that is needed for them to survive the loss of the supportive Field of Intelligence that will leave the Creation along with the Implementation Aspect in the final stage of The Transition. Without this supportive Field of Intelligence Suits will lose their Spiritual Intelligence and will be unable to Steward The Miracle of Life for themselves or others. This will lead to the loss of their Source Connection.


Suits have been traveling The Journey of Reconnection for many years but they have been traveling at a very slow pace. As Suits embarked on this final leg of The Journey of Reconnection, the Negativity stepped up its efforts to derail them before they could opt out of the Harvesting Operation by making it back to their Heaven Habitat.

It has become apparent that Suits will need additional Journey of Reconnection Source Support in order to travel through The Hell Zone that is the world outside of their Heaven Habitat and make it safely back to their spiritual home. This Source Support has come through Master Action Plan #6.



Master Action Plan #6

This Action Plan provides basic training and Seed Code for how to travel The Journey of Reconnection.  It also provides five Journey of Reconnection Source Support Miracles to:

  • counter the high tech tactics of the Negativity that are now putting The Source Connection Channel itself in jeopardy 
  • provide the individualized Inner Plane Code and News Updates that the Suit requires to travel the Journey safely


This Source Support is now available to Heaven Agent in Master Action Plan #6 which is available at: 




The Suit Redesign

Once Suits decided to abandon their Source-Directed Mission that would have enabled them to stay in their Heaven Habitat and experience Heaven in order to pursue a Self-Directed Mission, they fundamentally mutated their Field of Consciousness. This mutation has proven to be deadly on their Journey of Reconnection because it works against their desire to follow the Source-Directed Mission that is given to them to enable them to make it back to their Heaven Habitat in time to survive the end of The Transition. 


When I launched beings on the fnal phase of their Journeys of Reconnection and it became apparent that even with individualized Source Support they were going far too slowly to make it back in time, I requested a Source Solution.  The Source Solution was the Suit Redesign which issues a Suit a new kind of Suit that always chooses a Source-Directed Mission. This eliminates the mutation in the Field of Consciousness that could cause a Suit to self destruct in order to pursue some minor pleasure that could cost it its place in the Creation for all eternity. It is a Redesign that could only happen at this part of The Heaven Phase. 


Most Suits in the Creation have opted for this Suit Redesign which is enabling them to have a much better chance of making it back to their Heaven Habitat and sticking to the work that is needed to achieve a 100% Source Connection.



The Upcoming November 10th and 13th Transitions

The Standard for the upcoming November and December Transitions will focus on how well the Suit is progressing on The Journey of Reconnection.  The Source Support Miracles and the Source Workflow Trainings in the six Master Action Plan Trainings will be critical to supplying the Suit with the Code and understandings that are needed to meet these very high Standards for Survival.


I have published information on how to prepare for the November Transitions in The Source Connection Project at:





The Good News is that beings prepared well for the September Transition and, therefore, not only survived it but established themselves at the level at which they are now prepared to travel the last leg of The Journey of Reconnection.


Now it is time to learn how to travel The Journey of Reconnection safely and at the pace that will ensure that you arrive in your Heaven Habitat in time to do the work that will ensure a 100% Source Connection.


Master Action Plan #6 gives you the help that your Suit needs to get a good start on your Journey of Reconnection so your Suit understands how to travel the Journey and deal with the security issues that are involved.