The Source News Report
on the September 15, 2016
Turning Point Transition

The Survival Challenges

The key issue for survival in the September 15th Transition was getting up to a Mission Work Skill Level of 9.4.5.  Even as late as the day before the Transition, most beings were only averaging a Skill Level of 9.3.5.  This meant that a massive loss of life could occur in this Transition.


Part of the problem was the fear of beings of the Negativity that existed in mutated spaces in Time and Space. These hidden forces of the Negativity were poised to attack anyone achieving this Skill Level. I was able to detect these Pockets of Hell and eradicate the attack potential. Beings then started moving more rapidly toward a 9.4.5 Skill Level.


The other issue was understanding how to shift into being a Steward of their own life and of Life itself in the Creation. Most beings had been making self interest based Small Picture decisions to survive each previous stage of The Transition. Transitioning to a very Big Picture of seeing themselves as becoming Stewards of Life was not an easy paradigm shift and many were failing to rise to this level of understanding.


I had to bring through many fundamental changes in the structure of the Suit to enable consciousness, that had become contracted by self interest, to expand into this Big Picture Perspective.


As a result of a number of these Suit Changes that were being Prototyped, up to the last minute before The Substratum was due to Transition, beings finally reached the Skill Level that enabled them to survive.


The Attack on The Substratum 

Meanwhile, the Negativity had decided to attack The Substratum again, knowing that it would be going through a structural shift during this Transition. The structural change was the separation out of the Support Structure from the Life Field of The Substratum.  This was a delicate process because the Support Structure needed to separate out from the Life Field but remain connected until September 17th when it was due to drop off and disintegrate.


The Negativity tried to sever the connection between the two levels of The Substratum, hoping that the attack would succeed in rupturing the Life Field. Their goal was to cause the life sustaining energies of the Life Field, upon which beings are dependent, to be lost so that all of Life in the Creation would die. This attempt was blocked and the attackers withdrew.  


The Lift Up

I accelerated the Transition of The Substratum to prevent any further attempts to abort the Lift Up. The Transition was originally scheduled to occur at 2:00 am PDT and occurred instead around 1:00 am PDT instead.


The Transition went smoothly and no lives were lost.  The Substratum survived without any damage.


The September 17th Loss of The Support Structure

Those most in danger of the loss of the Support Structure on September 17th were the many beings who were in Holding Chambers and not in The Inner Plane System of Life which has become the new Support Structure for beings. Beings in these Holding Chambers are primarily those who chose to side with the Negativity and lost their opportunity to enter into The Manifestation Field. They are not eligible now to enter into The Inner Plane System of Life. 


Because they have tried to cooperate to compensate for their mistake in missing the opportunity to enter into The Manifestation Field, I have been willing to extend additional support to them.  The support I provided was Support Structure Substitutes that have enabled them to sustain a connection to the Life Field of The Substratum.


These beings did not attain the 9.4.5 Skill Level but are contributing to the building of The System of Life by working against the Negativity in ways that only they are capable of doing, given their knowledge of the Negativity from their long term participation in The Hell Project. Many are dangerous to Life and are better off in these Holding Chambers than in The Place Beyond Existence with the Dead Suits, Non Suits, and Disintegrated Suits who they would be inclined to organize to detract from the work on building The System of Life.  It remains to be seen if they will be able to contribute significantly enough to the work ahead to provide enough Material Energy to sustain their Holding Chambers which require a considerable amount of Material Energy each day to sustain.


At 3:00 pm PDT on September 17th, the Support Structure broke its connection to the Life Field of The Substratum and dematerialized.


Only one life was lost.  This was a being who foolishly attacked the Source during this critical transition.  This being fell out of the Support Structure Substitute that I had created for him and experienced Spiritual Death.  He is now in The Place Beyond Existence.


The Good News

For a Transition this challenging, it is heartening that only one life was lost and that beings rose to the challenge to achieve the 9.4.5 Skill Level which will be essential to working on building The System of Life of the Outer Plane.



Next Steps 

This Transition brought into sharp focus the need for Heaven Agents to understand the importance of training and getting equipped to become Stewards of their own life and of all of Life.  In the remaining time before the final stage of The Transition, they will have to become fully skilled and ready to take over many of the tasks that I now perform to sustain them individually and to sustain the Creation.

Work on System of Life Projects

We are now in a much better position to move forward on the work of building The System of Life which will focus on the Prototype Projects that I will be putting up online. These Prototype Projects will provide Heaven Agents working with me on the Outer Plane with the training and equipment that is needed to work on building The System of Life.  


From the work of Prototyping Heaven Agents, beings who do not have the opportunity to join in my work on the Outer Plane, will learn how to contribute to the Project Work that I will send to them on their Personal Workflows. 


Through the work of all beings on The System of Life Projects, the sustainable System of Life that is needed for Life to survive The Transition, will be built.

The Personal Safety Project

I have just launched The Personal Safety Project. This Project addresses the core issue of how to be safe in a dangerous world.  Safety is the primary concern of most beings. It is through fear for their safety, that many beings have genuflected to the Negativity and allowed its Reign of Terror to dominate life in the Creation.


Now in the final decades of The Transition, every being must work to get themselves to safety from all form of danger so they can survive The Transition and work effectively to build The System of Life which will be their refuge and the structure to which the Source can Connect after my Implementation Aspect returns to the Source Level.

I will soon be launching two Subset Projects: The Personal Safety Project for Blacks in America and The Personal Safety Project for Your True Intelligence. It is important to support these Projects by working with me asynchronously.  You can do this by taking the Recorded Trainings and participating in contributing, through your Eyewitness Reports, the Puzzle Pieces that you are receiving from the Source.  These Puzzle Pieces are vital to the success of the Project.  They are your unique contribution, an integral part of fulfilling your Mission in this life.  


This Project provides basic Source Workflow Trainings that every Heaven Agent working with me in the Outer Plane Miracle School needs to work with in order to connect to The System of Life Imprints that have come through in those Trainings. These Imprints are the driving force in the manifestation of The System of Life.


To access these Trainings and the written instructions about how to work with The Source Methodology, you can go to The Personal Safety Project Homepage at:  



The actual work on this Project is done in the Project Workstations.  You can access The Personal Safety Project Workstation for General and Foundational Projects at:




The Absolute Need To Take Action Now

This is not a time to leave the work on these Projects to someone else to do and to hope to do your work on the Inner Plane alone.


Each being is called by the Source to work on both the Inner and Outer Planes. Those who do not contribute what is theirs to contribute will be in jeopardy of falling out of the Support Structure of The Inner Plane System of Life to which they have gone for safety.  This can happen at any time from this point onward, not just during the peak danger periods of a Transition.


I am concerned about the lack of responsiveness of Heaven Agents throughout the Creation on the Outer Plane. Increasing productivity to build The System of Life on the Outer Plane is a requirement for survival in the upcoming stages of The Transition. 


This kind of work can not be done through making last minute decisions moments before an upcoming Transition and hoping that I will step in with miracles to make your survival possible. This work has to be solid day-to-day work or the last minutes before a Transition may be your last minutes of life in the Creation.


Find out how to do what is yours to do. 


There is a wealth of Gifted Information that I will be providing in these Projects as well as Source Workflow Trainings that provide you with the basic understandings and transformational energies to connect to The System of Life Imprints and to the Implementation Work that is being done to ground the manifestation of The System of Life that these Imprints are bringing through.


Begin to contribute by getting an overview of the Project in the Project Directory at:





The Upcoming October 7th Transition

I will soon be providing information on how to prepare for the October 7th Transition which will be one in which you will have to provide your Suit with a new kind of Life Support System in preparation for the gradual withdrawal of support by The Substratum from its Life Field as it prepares to return to the Source Level.  You are absolutely dependent on Life Field support from The Substratum and must replace whatever aspect of this support drops off as The Substratum begins its preparations for its departure at the end of The Transition. 


I will explain the technical aspects of this Life Support System in the upcoming article on this Transition.