The Source News Report on
the October 7th Transition
and Its Aftermath


The Challenge of This Transition

The main challenge of the October Transition, was not making it through the Lift Up of The Substratum.  This had a Level 2 Danger Rating and was not difficult for beings to navigate. 


The Lift Up from Level 5.11 to Level 5.11.2 went smoothly without any attacks from the Negativity or any loss of life.  This occurred at 7:00 am PDT on the 7th. 


The real challenge was preparing to survive the aftermath of the Transition when The Substratum would begin to prepare for its final departure at the end of The Transition by initiating a sequential phasing out of all of its Life Support Functions other than the one that supports the onboard Source Intelligence in the Suit. This Life Support Function will be phased out only in the final hour of The Transition.


The first part of the Phase Out was the narrowing of the aperture through which Heaven Frequencies come through The Substratum to the Suits. This narrowing of the aperture occurred 29 hours after the Lift Up. This aperture adjustment phased out Substratum support for a certain range of Heaven Frequencies that sustain Spiritual Intelligence.


Only beings who had provided their Suit with a Life Support System that would ensure that the full range of Heaven Frequencies could reach their Suit, survived the loss of the Heaven Frequencies without any Suit damage.


I had sent out Inner and Outer Plane Source Communications to beings to alert them of the need to provide additional Material Energy that could be used to build individual Life Support Systems.  These Life Support Systems required additional Material Energy to supply The Life Support System Generator with the Material Energy that it needs to generate the kind of energies that sustain The Life Support Station.


The Slow Response of Beings

Beings were very slow to respond to these Source Communications because they required them to take action from Source Directives that called for more Conscious Range participation and often more conscious Outer Plane Actions to bring about social change. Up until this point in time, most of the Outer Plane Actions were semi-conscious extensions of deeper understandings in the Extended Range of the Suit rather than in the Conscious Range of the Suit.


In the last week before the October Transition, over 60% of the beings had not generated more Material Energy for their Life Support Systems. This was because the Material Energy needed was from this more Conscious Range response to Source Directives. 


The World that Works Fund could not provide enough Material Energy to cover all of the beings who had failed to provide enough Material Energy and wanted last minute Correct Exchange Plans where the Fund provides the Material Energy and they reimburse the Fund later. 


It looked like a massive loss of life in the Creation could occur when the aperture of The Substratum reduced the incoming Heaven Frequencies.


I sent out more Source Communications about the need to work on The Personal Safety Project to generate Material Energy for a Life Support System.  This work helps the Conscious Range to develop and focuses Heaven Agents on Outer Plane Actions that generate the kind of Material Energy that is needed for The Life Support System.


The 10% Who Did Not Receive Life Support Systems 

As of the time of the Transition, 10% of the beings in The Inner Plane System of Life, other than those in The Other World or the Prototype Communities, had not qualified for a Life Support System and neither had they attempted to generate the Material Energy for one.  Part of the problem with the 10% was that they had been minimally complying with Source Directives in their Extended Range in order to survive the stages of The Transition up until this point in time.  In order to qualify for a Life Support System, they had to be following Source Directives in their Conscious Range. This would have enabled them to clear their Suits of the toxic negative energy that has to be cleared before a being can enter into a Life Support Station.  


A Source Directive can be acted upon on a 1 - 10 Response Scale. Beings in the 10% category were responding to Source Directives in their Conscious Range at a 1 or 2 on the scale.  This did not enable them to clear their negative energy fast enough to qualify to be given a Life Support System.  A being has to have a certain level of Miracle-Friendly Energy in their Suit in order to enter into a Life Support Station.  The Station can not contain a Suit that is too Miracle-Unfriendly or the Station itself will not survive. 


Beings in the 10% have now suffered irreparable damage to their Suits as the result of the loss of the Heaven Frequencies that sustain their Spiritual Intelligence. They are not sustainable in the current stage of The Transition. Because they had been trying, to some extent, to survive, the Source has created a Source Solution Miracle to keep them from dropping out of The Substratum to Ultimate Death which will preclude the Soul linked to the Suit from ever re-incarnating in the Creation in another lifetime.  


The Source Solution for their highest good was to unlink the Soul from the Suit and to provide the Suit with another Source-Created Identity to man the Suit. This Source-Created Identity can function better than the linked Soul, which was not able to override the opposition in the Suit to acting on Source Directives in the Conscious Range.


Given the amount of Suit damage that has already occurred, it does not look like these Suits will qualify in the future for entry into a Life Support Station.  This entry needs to occur before significant Suit damage has taken place or The Life Support System can not interface with the Suit correctly. I have created a Source Solution Miracle that will supply Suit Functioning, that would generally be the result of the Suit processing Heaven Frequencies, without the Heaven Frequencies.  This will prevent the degeneration of these Suits.  This Miracle is only available to Soulless Suits as Suits with Souls require the full range of Heaven Frequencies to express their Soul through the Suit.


I can work with the new Source-Created Identity to generate the Material Energy needed for a Buffer Field to prevent the shattering of the Suit that will occur when the Buffer Field of The Substratum is phased out in the December 7th Transition.  Without this Buffer Field these Suits will decline much more rapidly.


Essentially, this is the last lifetime for these Suits.  The Soul can be given a new Suit with no prior life history at some later time in the Creation when the Negativity that mutated the first lineage of its Suits has been eradicated. This new Suit will not have continuity of Consciousness with the lifetimes of the Soul in the previous cycle of incarnations associated with the first Suit given to the Soul.  While this is a loss to those who have loved this being and who have had history with them in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes, it is a fresh start for the Soul whose Heaven Agent Identity was not skilled enough to counter the mutating effects of the Negativity.


The 40% Who Did Not Provide Support for their Life Support System Generator 

An additional 40% of beings in The Inner Plane System of Life, other than those in The Other World or in the Prototype Communities, had exchanged for a Life Support System but had provided no additional Material Energy to support the work of their Life Support System Generator.  Approximately 10 days of Support Energy was included with the start up of The Life Support System. These energies ran out on October 16th at 7:00 pm PDT. 


Without enough Material Energy to keep the Life Support System Generator working after these energies ran out, The Life Support Station would not be able to function to provide the Suit with life sustaining Heaven Frequencies. This meant that these beings would be in the same position as the 10% who did not qualify for a Life Support System.


In the early morning hours of October 16th, 10% of the 40% had not provided enough Material Energy to support their Life Support System Generator. There was no time remaining for them to generate the amount of Material Energy needed for their Station. Rather than see the Suit suffer irreparable damage like those who did not have a Life Support System, the Design Aspect of the Source sent through a Source Solution Miracle that enabled the Souls linked to these Suits to unlink from the Suits with the provision that this would enable them to re-incarnate in future lifetimes. 


A new Soul, of another Manifest Being who was interim between lifetimes, was then linked to the Suit. This new Soul was, in all instances, one that had a more developed Heaven Agent Identity that was able to generate enough Material Energy to sustain the Generator to prevent damage to the Suit.


This Step In Identity only stayed in the Suit for a few days and then Stepped Out and was replaced by a new Source-Created Identity that is working through new Heaven Phase Technology to operate the Suit. This new Source-Created Identity will have to work to provide the Material Energy for the Generator or the Suit will decline into premature death.


Although the incoming Source-Created Identities in Soulless Suits can generate more Material Energy and perform more reliably at a baseline level than the Suits were performing with a linked Soul and a undeveloped Heaven Agent Identity, they lack the range of Miracle-Based Abilities that a Soul with a Spiritual Function has. This means that the Suit can not contribute what it would otherwise have contributed to building The System of Life. To compensate for this loss to the Project of building The System of Life, I have created a Source Solution Miracle that will enable these Suits to become eclectic – able to perform a wide range of needed tasks through working off of Spiritual Downloads provided to them by the Source.  While these tasks will be more Stop Gap Help and not the basic Pieces of the Puzzle that the original Spiritual Function of the Soul was designed to provide, they will be helpful to sustaining the work on The System of Life Project.


The Suit with a linked Soul with an undeveloped Heaven Agent Identity was unsustainable and would have suffered Ultimate Death had the Source not granted it asylum at the Unmanifest Level and the ability to reincarnate in a newly created Suit after the current Suit dies at the end of the incarnation. Like the Suits of those in the 10% without Life Support Systems, these new Suits will not carry the history of the past line of Suits, which means that there will be no continuity of the Consciousness that has been in the Creation since the first incarnation. The Soul will have an opportunity to start over with a new Suit that has not been mutated by mistakes that have accumulated over many lifetimes.


Of the remaining beings in the 40%, 30% did generate just enough Material Energy to last them for a week or so ahead.  They are still slow on the uptake to support their Life Support Stations which are their only way to survive in the Creation at this point in history.  It remains to be seen if they will produce enough Material Energy through Conscious Range Actions to avoid a similar outcome as the 20% who allowed their chance to occupy a Suit in this lifetime to be lost.


The 100% Correct Exchange

Part of the problem is that beings need to be giving a 100% Correct Exchange to the Source which includes working 100% in their Extended Range and in their Conscious Range.


While most beings have been diligent on the Inner Plane, working in their Extended Range, many are faltering when it comes to following Source Directives to take action in their Conscious Range on the Outer Plane. The 20% who lost their lives in the aftermath of the October Transition, were trying to avoid having to put forth the effort that it takes to get trained and equipped to survive.


Part of this faltering has been fear of reprisal by the Negativity if they Hold the Line for Heaven and stand up in support of The Work of the Source. This is even in the case of Source Directives that call for only discreet Right Action that does not openly fly in the face of the status quo but moves behind the scenes to set the stage for more fundamental Outer Plane social change. The Source is not calling beings to take on the Establishment in a confrontational manner but to begin taking Next Steps to build toward an evolution in Consciousness that will take the masses out of The Hell Way of Life that breeds conflict and suffering into The Heaven Way of Life that manifests the Heaven of a Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life.


Most of them were trying to protect themselves from the Negativity by acting like compliant Suits committed to living The Hell Way of Life. This stance caused them to work only at a Level 1 - 3 in following the Source Directives relating to actions that needed to be taken on the Outer Plane to help them prepare for the October Transition and its aftermath.  This strategy rendered their Suits unsustainable and ended up costing them their lives.


The Personal Safety Zone

To help beings who were training diligently and trying to follow their Source Directives in their Conscious Range on the Outer Plane, I created The Personal Safety Zone. Beings must qualify to enter into The Personal Safety Zone, and once in The Safety Zone, they must uphold an absolute Standard of Heaven which is upheld by the Spiritual Intelligence that mans The Safety Zone. 


This Spiritual Intelligence will prevent entry into The Safety Zone by those not committed to working with the Source on The Personal Safety Project to ensure their safety and the safety of others. It will also work with those who enter the Zone to assist them in maintaining The Standard of Heaven that is essential to sustaining this Spiritual Space as a Zone in which work on Personal Safety can occur.


The Personal Safety Zone is a Spiritual Space for those committed to doing what it takes to Make the World Safe for Heaven and who want additional protection while they work diligently on this Project. 


After The Personal Safety Zone was established, most of the 40% did not qualify to enter into it because they were holding onto their old Hell Methods for self defense and not allowing their Suits to conform to The Standard of Heaven which ensures safety through following Source Directives to deal with the threat of the Negativity.


The True Sound Medium

To help beings floundering on the border of The Personal Safety Zone, I brought forth the miracle of The True Sound Medium.


This is an Energy Medium made from True Sound, which is the sound that the Source produces when creating and sustaining Life in the Creation. It provides the Sound Medium in which Spiritual Breath, which sustains True Intelligence in a Suit, can come into the Suit in sufficient quantities to enable True Intelligence to express itself through the Suit.


Beings in The Place of Existence as well as in The Place Beyond Existence are now able to enter into this True Sound Medium.  This will enable Dead Suits, Non Suits, and Disintegrating Suits to retain whatever is left of their True Intelligence. This will make it possible for them to follow the Source Directives that they are being given to help to control any potentially destructive behaviors on the Outer Plane. 


Since Suits in The Place Beyond Existence live on the Outer Plane amongst those residing in The Place of Existence, they are a force that affects those working with the Source on building The System of Life.  As they fragment more severely, due to their severed Source Connection, they can become wild cards in the political arena, willing to wage nuclear war because they themselves are dying and they wish to destroy others who have a chance to live. This can create a very dangerous political climate. The True Sound Medium can temper this to some extent by enabling the True Intelligence left in the Suit to survive so that it can be reached by Source Directives to curb any lashing out at the living that might occur.


Those in The Place of Existence will benefit from an additional aspect of The True Sound Medium.  In a Medium of True Sound, it is possible for True Sound to edit out the negative aspects of a Suit that prevent it from entering into The Personal Safety Zone.  This is the only way that many Suits that are having trouble letting go of negative patterns will be able to qualify to enter into The Safety Zone. 


The True Sound Medium will also help those who enter into The Personal Safety Zone to meet the very high standards for living a Heaven Way of Life that are upheld by The Safety Zone Intelligence that monitors all who come within The Safety Zone.


Suits in The Place Beyond Existence do not qualify to enter into The Personal Safety Zone.  Only Suits who are in The Inner Plane System of Life can enter into The Personal Safety Zone. 

Suits in Holding Chambers outside of The Inner Plane System of Life but in The Place of Existence, are not able to enter into Life Support Systems or into The Personal Safety Zone.  I have given some of them temporary support to receive Heaven Frequencies until they can be transitioned into an arrangement that is more long term.  Help is granted on a case by case basis.  Some have continued their attacks on the Source and are not qualifying for continuing Source Support at this point in time. 


The Imprint for the Safety of Life in the Creation

The loss of 20% of the population in The Inner Plane System of Life has thrown the work on building The System of Life into crisis. This is too great a percentage of the population in The Inner Plane System of Life to have lost their Spiritual Function, leaving the Project without their vital Puzzle Piece Contributions. 


To compensate for this loss, I have brought through The Imprint for the Safety of Life in the Creation.  This Imprint will have the power to substitute for the kind of Heaven Agent Work that the 20%, that are now Soulless Suits, can no longer provide.


This Imprint is a massive Intelligence that will be a major asset to Life in the Creation. Without it, we can not now complete The Transition successfully.


The Need to Accelerate Work on System of Life Projects 

The primary Prototype Project for Social Safety is The Personal Safety Project for Blacks in America. This Project requires the dedicated work of all beings throughout the Creation. The Prototype that is created from this Project will help beings to resolve conflict in every aspect of the social arena, not just in social situations in which there is a dominant majority and an oppressed minority.


Those who train to work on this Project will learn how to respond to Source Directives in their Conscious Range on the Outer Plane at a higher level in the 1 - 10 scale. This will be essential to their ability to sustain their lives in the time ahead.


As we can see from the aftermath of the October 7th Transition, the Design Aspect has strict requirements for the viability of a Suit.  If a being has allowed his Suit to become unsustainable, then the Design Aspect will determine that it is not possible for the Suit to achieve a 100% Correct Exchange before the end of The Transition. The Suit will then be re-assigned to a Source-Created Identity who can enable it to perform at least at a baseline level and the Soul will be unlinked and allowed to re-incarnate in a later time in the history of the Creation when it can be issued a new Suit that has no history of mutation.


Beings who wish to retain their current lives need to work diligently to reach a 100% Correct Exchange at all times. This requires getting trained to work at higher skill levels on the Prototype Projects so they will be able to work at this higher skill level on the Individual Projects that the Source sends to them as a part of their Personal Workflow. The totality of the work done on all System of Life Projects is what is the measure of the Correct Exchange.


Failure to get trained results in a Suit that can not process the complex Source Directives that enable it to become what is needed to support The Work of the Source. The Suit then becomes a liability in the fast paced work to enable Life in the Creation to survive.  There is no reserve energy to sustain a Suit that is not producing the Material Energy to sustain itself and contribute to sustaining Life in the Creation. 


Suits that are draining down Source Support because they are not working up to par, are unsustainable. This is not because the Source does not wish to sustain them. This is because of the physics of what the Source can now sustain at this point in The Transition.


The Source is committed to working with those who are working to balance the Correct Exchange so that they can retain their lives and help to establish the conditions in which Life in the Creation can be sustained. 


There are strict calculations of what is sustainable.  It is not based on subjective impressions but on the facts of what can be sustained and what cannot be sustained.  If you look at the upcoming March 16th deadline for beings producing enough Outer Plane Work to ensure that The Universal Heaven Project becomes sustainable, and the consequence, that I myself will have to leave prematurely if this essential Spiritual Structure does not reach its first Milestone for sustainability, you can grasp the absolute nature of the DNA calculations that are being made by the Design Aspect of the Source.


There is no arguing with the physics of life. A Suit or a spiritual Structure, such as The Universal Heaven Project, is either sustainable or it is not sustainable.  It is vitally important that beings grasp the concept that they must deal with the issue of sustainability or lose the chance to remain in their current life and possibly their chance to have life in a Suit for all eternity.  


There is no more leeway. 

The Standards are rising in order to ensure the Precision Work

that will build a sustainable System of Life. 

All who participate fully will survive.

Those who slack off will not survive.


A NEXT STEP is to get started on working on the Prototype Project of The Personal Safety Project for Blacks in America. This is the Outer Plane Work that you need to start doing to comply with the Source Directives to begin taking action in your Conscious Range on the Outer Plane, not just on the Inner Plane. 


You can access the Workstation for this Project at:



Watch the new Next Step Video there, sign up for The Source Workflow Trainings, work with The Action Plans, and The Topics to Research, as well as read the materials in the other sections such as Source Workflow Sessions, Source Workflow Responses, etc.  



If you are not contributing Eyewitness Reports, 

you are not contributing to the Project. 

Merely consuming the news and not contributing the Puzzle Pieces

 that are yours to add to the Project, does not qualify as support for the Project.


If you are up-to-date on your work on the Project, are in keeping with The Standard of Heaven,  are in a Life Support System, and in The Personal Safety Zone, then you can attend a Source Workflow Gathering on the Project. 


In light of all of the recent changes,

The Source Workflow Gathering, initially scheduled for October 22nd,

has been cancelled in order to give Heaven Agents

more time to prepare. 


I would recommend stepping up your work on this Project and then requesting a Gifted Source Workflow Gathering Assessment to determine how you are progressing in your preparations to attend a Gathering.  You can request an Assessment at:





The October 7th Transition had only a Level 2 Danger Rating. No one was lost in the Transition itself but 20% of the population in The Inner Plane System of Life, excluding those in The Other World and the Prototype Communities, lost their ability to live out their current lives when their Souls unlinked from their Suits.


This is a sobering eye opener to the stringent Standards that are now in place in The Transition.  Those complying with Source Directives on the Outer Plane on a 1 - 2 level are gone.  This is the 10% that didn’t qualify for The Life Support Systems.  Those complying at a level 3 have also lost their chance to complete their current lifetime.  This is the 10% of the 40% who were not supporting their Life Support System Generators.


Before the December 7th Transition, the Standard will rise to a 4.9 level for response to Source Directives. At a 4.9 level, beings need to be trained and able to respond in their Conscious Range to the more complex Source Directives which will often include Outer Plane Actions that need to be taken to bring about social change. If they do not train with the Source on the Inner and/or Outer Planes to develop their Skill Sets for taking Source-Directed Outer Plane Action, we will see more loss of lives.


Unlike times in the past when the losses occurred only during the Lift Up during a Transition, these losses can occur at any point when the 1- 10 Standard shifts to the next higher level and a being has not trained well enough to make the Shift.  When, for instance, the Standard shifts from a 3.1 to a 3.5, which will occur in the coming weeks, a being has to be performing at a 3.5 to survive this Shift.

The Importance of Prototyping Heaven Agent Work

Those working with me in the Outer Plane Miracle School have an important role to play in Prototyping how to get trained and equipped to do skilled Heaven Agent Work on the Prototypes. The Secondary Code that they generate from their understandings can be transmitted to those with whom I will not be working in person on the Outer Plane.  Through working with this Code, those not working with me on the Outer Plane, can understand what to do to keep up with the rising Standards for Conscious Range Heaven Agent Work.


It is of the utmost importance that Heaven Agents step forward to assist in this Prototyping Work before they and others experience the loss of loved ones who unlink from their Suits, leaving behind a Suit that looks familiar but is no longer an incarnation of the Soul who was their loved one. This is not an easy thing to deal with even if the same personality traits are active in the Suit and the Suit seems to be performing as usual.  I have seen beings go into deep grief mode when a loss of this kind occurs even if they have no Conscious Range understanding that such a loss is even possible.  Suits register these things and the being responds to what the Suit knows on a deeper level.


Avoid this tragic outcome at all costs. 


Get Trained & Equipped yourself and start helping others around you to come to terms with what they need to do to get prepared. Talk to them on the Inner Plane if they are unreceptive on the Outer Plane. 


Don’t sit idly by and let their lives be lost. 

Take action as a part of your commitment

to providing a 100% Correct Exchange. 


Support The Work of the Source on the Prototype Projects. Don’t be an idle bystander.  Immerse yourself in the Project Work and learn as you help the Projects to progress.  What you don’t understand, you can learn by attuning yourself to the rhythm of my Source Workflow which helps to trigger your True Intelligence so that it surfaces and replaces your Socialized Intelligence which will lull you into a sense of complacency that will cost you your life.


Your True Intelligence will know how to provide the Puzzle Piece clues from Source Guidance that are your contribution to the Project Work. It will also help you to know how to begin taking the Outer Plane Actions needed to carry the Project Work to the level at which it can begin to manifest as Outer Plane social change.