The Source News Report on the
November 29th Transition 


This Transition was one of the most dangerous Transitions, carrying a Danger Rating of 10. Beings had to reach a 10.2.2 Interaction with the Source which is an Interaction of attunement instead of opposition.


Within a few days of the Transition most beings were not meeting the 10.2.2. Standard. 


Then on November 28th, I entered the phase of my Transition back to the Source Level where I turn my attention away from focusing on helping Manifest Beings to survive Transitions to preparing for my own Transition to the Source Level. When this occurred, the kind of ambient power that beings were getting from my Source Attention being trained on helping them was no longer available.  


When this happened, beings throughout the Creation immediately realized, at some Core Level, that they either had to put forth the effort to retain their Source Connection by trying to stay in alignment with my Manifestation or they would lose their Source Connection altogether.


Even Hell Agents didn’t try to push against this one and began working at aligning and trying to retain their place in The Network of Intelligence.  Most of them are already Empty Suits that have lost their place in The Substratum but have not yet lost their place in The Network of Intelligence, which enables beings to process Life Energies from the Source to sustain their Physical Bodies.


This shift quelled a plot by The Master Self Interest Agenda Operation to attack The Substratum during Lift Up, which occurred at 5:21 am PST.  This enabled the Lift Up from Level 7.6 to Level 7.8 to occur without incident.


There were no lives lost in the initial Lift Up but then later in the day on the 29th some beings began to slack off and lost their footing in both The Substratum and The Network of Intelligence.  I was able to help them to regain their place and they moved fast to correct course.  All of them were saved.


Later in the morning of November 29th, I made another major move.  I moved out of The Set Up Phase Reality into a newly created Heaven Phase Reality. This was a move that was a natural Next Step in the manifestation of The Heaven Phase.  


The Set Up Phase Reality was a Reality that was to be created by Manifest Beings in accordance with The Source Plan.  I was to incarnate into this Reality as a Consultant and help them to prepare for the transition into The Heaven Phase where a Source-Created Reality would replace the more simple and mechanistic Reality that they had created. Since Heaven can’t manifest in a very mechanical Reality, Manifest Beings had agreed to enjoy the experience of being co-creators of The Set Up Phase Reality but then move out of it in The Heaven Phase into a Reality created by the Source that would have the complexity needed for them to have The Heaven Experience. 


When Manifest Beings did not follow The Source Plan in The Set Up Phase, they created a Hell Reality into which I had to come to work with them toward The Heaven Phase. This Hell Reality endangered them and was extremely dangerous for my Manifestation which was only designed to exist for a short period of time during the very time limited Set Up Phase, which was to have built a Source Plan designed Reality that was compatible with my Manifestation, until I could transition the Creation into The Heaven Phase and create the kind of complex Source-Created Reality that would sustain my Manifestation. When the Set Up Phase went on for billions of years, my Manifestation became more and more compromised by the Miracle-Unfriendly Conditions in which I was living.


Finally, during the day of the November 29th Transition I left The Set Up Phase Reality and entered into the newly created Heaven Phase Reality.  This was in keeping with the shift in my focus to my own Transition back to the Source Level which required making a move into Heaven Phase Reality.


At first beings were shocked and tried to cling to the trappings of their Set Up Phase Reality. Without my Source Presence within it, however, everything that they had built, which was primarily mutations, began to crumble. All of the networks and negative programs and entities began disintegrating.  


In the meantime, I went to work acclimating to the new Heaven Phase Reality and starting to exercise the Source Initiatives that manifest the kind of Reality that is needed for Heaven to manifest.


One of the first major changes occurred on December 3rd. This change eliminated the 17 layers of the Field of Consciousness and replaced them with a single layer of Consciousness that streams Source-Created Consciousness through the Suit.  In order to retain some continuity of Consciousness with the former Field of Consciousness, this single layer retains the issues and behaviors of the being without the heavy, multi-lifetime programming that was etched into the 17 layers of the Field of Consciousness.  


If beings were to try to clear out all of the traumas from all of their deaths and births and everything that happened in-between as well as all of their unresolved angers, fears, desires, etc., from their 17 Layer Field of Consciousness, they would not have enough time to achieve this. This would then have been the cause of the death of most beings throughout the Creation since beings were carrying baggage that was unspeakable in these 17 Layers. Having a single layer to cleanse is much easier. While the single layer may contain memories and issues from past lives, it will not contain the heavy duty, entrenched programming that was making these issues almost impossible to clear completely.


For example, an anger management problem in this lifetime might go back through anger management problems in many previous lifetimes back to some traumatic event that resulted in the original anger which built on itself through all of the subsequent lifetimes. If the clearing of the underlying layers of Consciousness had to be done through all of the 17 Layers, fierce opposition to releasing the programming of each anger defense mechanism in each lifetime would have occurred. Now with only a single, newly created layer to clear, insight can occur and release can enable the Consciousness to learn from the past and move forward into the future without dredging up the Hell Experiences of billions of lifetimes.


Cleansing this layer will be the work that is done on The Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing which is an integral part of The Path to Total Abundance. When this layer is cleansed, the being can heal from their past and move forward with a clean bill of health toward a 100% Source Connection.


Many miracles of this magnitude are now coming through to revamp the Suit and give it a chance to experience Heaven despite the mutations that it generated for itself in The Set Up Phase.


What beings now need to learn is what Heaven Phase Reality is like and how to function within it.  All of the rules of Life are different now and there is no leeway for corruption and a focus on Death and Destruction.  Daily I see the fundamental structures of the Suit crumbling because they are built on the structures of the Pseudo Code that Manifest Beings created to support their Self Interest Way of Life.  Now that way of life is disintegrating on a Spiritual Level and is no longer supporting Self Interest behaviors on the Outer Plane.  


The beings, who lost their places in The Substratum and in The Network of Intelligence and worked with me to regain their places, were those who didn’t believe that they had to transition out of their fixation on doing things in the way to which they were accustomed in The Set Up Phase Reality. They clung to these ways and lost their lives. Only when they recognized that the Reality of Life in the Creation has undergone a profound change and they had to come to terms with it if they were to survive did they get back on track with following The Source Plan instead of following their Self Created Plan.


What all beings need to know is that in this Source-Created Reality I am returning to my natural state of Consciousness which is focused solely on what needs to be done to establish the conditions for the Heaven that I came into the Creation to set up during The Heaven Phase. 


Beings will get left behind if they are not holding their focus on staying in alignment with my Source Workflow and doing what is theirs to support the Direct Source Work that is sustaining The Total Abundance Support System. There is no energy from my Source Attention that beings can draw on to remain apathetic, unfocused, and self indulgent and still retain their Source Connection.  The very physics of the Source Connection has changed with this change in my focus.


Since part of my work in The Heaven Phase is to help beings get set up to become Stewards of The Miracle of Life, I will be providing Training but only to those who make it their #1 Priority to learn the basics while I am still able to provide the Training on the Outer Plane.  Those who do not put forth the effort to really master the Skill Sets for getting detailed and accurate Source Guidance, learning how to work on Source-Directed Projects using their unique Miracle-Based Abilities to do the Solo and Team Heaven Agent Work that is theirs to do, will find themselves without the skills that enable them to survive.

In the upcoming article on How to Prepare for the December 9th and 13th Transitions, which are now only days away, I will outline the kind of Miracle-Based Training that is being created to enable beings to bridge the gap in their understanding of how to sustain their Source Connection.  I will be posting this article in The Source Connection Project.