The Source News Report on
the November 2018 Transitions


These Transitions, particularly the Turning Point Transition on November 15th, were very difficult for Suits to survive.  Many survived but sustained considerable damage to their Suits.  Others lost their footing and experienced Spiritual Death but managed to prevent a decline into Physical Death. Some casualties on both Spiritual and Physical Levels occurred but they were less than 1% of the total population of the Creation.



The November 7th Transition

In the November 7th Transition, 97% of the human population that was in The Substratum managed to retain their place within it during the Lift Up from Level 10.10.9 to Level 10.12.  Spiritual Death occurred for 3% of the human population and 1% of the beings outside of the Earth Plane. This occurred when they fell out of The Substratum.


Those falling out of The Substratum not only experienced Spiritual Death but lost the support of The Network of Intelligence that sustains their physical lives. The Network of Intelligence was terminated in this Transition and replaced by a new System of Life for beings in The Substratum. Those outside of The Substratum were given a temporary System of Life which sustained them until the November 15th Transition when it became a permanent replacement for The Network of Intelligence.

The temporary System of Life for Empty Suits enabled the 3% of the human population that fell out of The Substratum to revive enough to get back into The Substratum and restore their Soul Link. Of this group only 2% worked to restore their place in The Substratum. Of the beings outside of the Earth Plane who had also lost their place in The Substratum, only 50% of them worked to restore their Soul Link by getting back into The Substratum.  The Suits of those who currently are outside of The Substratum at this time have now become too damaged for the Soul to be relinked and have become Empty Suits with no future incarnations possible. Empty Suits are retired after their current incarnation is over.


Of the 97% that stayed in The Substratum during the Lift Up, 90% failed to retain their place in The Substratum after the Lift Up due to non compliance with the correct Working Relationship which has very precise Standards in the new System of Life for The Substratum. These humans fell out of The Substratum and lost their Soul Link and then worked to get back into The Substratum. These Suits have sustained damage to the Mid-Brain and to their memory of their original connection to the Source when they entered into the Manifest World in their first incarnation.  This memory is an important part of their Source Connection.


I have been able to restore the memory of their initial Source Connection but they are having to generate the Material Energy needed for the Tranquility Energy that is required to repair the damage to the Mid-Brain.  


Mid-Brain Fragmentation endangers the Suit because it disconnects thoughts from emotions and disrupts the ability of the Suit to hear and respond correctly to Source Directives. I have countered this with support for the Third Eye but the Mid-Brain damage has to be repaired as quickly as possible or damaged Suits could become unsustainable in the December 5th Transition. Tranquility Energy in sufficient quantities is central to the repair process.



The November 15th Turning Point Transition 

When The Substratum lifted up to level 11.2.5, 20% of the human population and 2% of the population outside the Earth Plane did not stay onboard.  This was not due to a failure to meet the Standard but to a lack of Source Power to boost Suits up to the higher level. 


I have been drawing for the Lift Up on the left over ambient energies generated by Source Power from The Universal Source Connection Channel that was the repository of Source Power and the home of all of life in the Creation before it was destroyed by the Negativity in 2011. Due to a fierce attack by The Hell Being during this Lift Up, a considerable amount of this reserve energy went to protecting the Suits from the attack. This did not leave enough power for all of the Suits to rise up to the higher level. The Suits weighed down with the most materialized energies from their onboard negative patterns were the ones that did not make the shift. 


I was able to draw on World that Works Fund reserves of Material Energy to ground additional Source Power to provide a boost of energy to those who did not travel with The Substratum initially.  This saved most of those who had failed to ascend at the time of the Lift Up. The boost of Source Power reached them before they lost their Link to their Soul and experienced Spiritual Death.  


About 2% of the human population that didn't make the Lift Up were too weighed down by negative energies to make it with this additional boost. There was not enough Source Power to work against the heavy load of overly materialized energy in their Suits to effect the Lift Up.  They have experienced Spiritual Death and become Empty Suits.


In the December 5th Transition, all of the reserves from the ambient energies surrounding the place where The Universal Source Connection Channel used to exist will be used up and beings may find that there is a shortage of Source Power to enable them to rise up with The Substratum.  This shortage could become more acute if there is another attack by the Negativity that draws on these reserves.  For this reason, I am recommending a Source Power Intervention to ensure that beings have additional power to compensate for a potential shortage of Source Power for the Lift Up. I discuss this and other forms of Source Support in the article on how to prepare for the December Transition. 



The Aftermath of the November Transitions

After the rough Lift Up on the 15th with so many not making it initially, 90% of those who made it continued to fail to meet the Standard for the Working Relationship and continued the pattern of falling out of The Substratum, sustaining considerable damage, and then managing to correct course and get back into The Substratum.


As a result of repeated Unlinking and Re-Linkings of the Soul to the Suit, 9% of the human population has experienced Partial Spiritual Death with some of the Soul Link in place but most of the Link destroyed. This situation can lead to ultimate Spiritual Death or could result in a complete Re-Link if the beings work hard to restore the correct Working Relationship with the Source.  This is a phenomenon that has occurred for a rare few in previous Transitions but it is more prevalent after the November 15th Transition.


Some Empty Suits have dropped out of the System of Life that I created for them and are on a downward spiral to Physical Death.  Many of the beings in The Substratum are in a precarious position because of the extensive damage to the Suit caused by falling out of The Substratum repeatedly.


The Turning Point on November 27th

On November 25th I could see that most beings were going to fall out of the new System of Life and die physically as well as spiritually in a Transition that was to occur at 2:00 am PST on November 27th.  I requested that the Design Aspect create a Source Intervention to remedy the situation.


The Design Aspect initiated an Intervention that helped Suits to become more attentive to Source Directives. They were missing most of the Inner Plane Source Guidance being sent to them to help them to know what to do to survive and they were not following through enough on the Source Directives that they did receive.  They were also almost never taking the initiative to do their part in Stewarding Life.  As a result there was an increasing Disconnect with the Source which was reaching lethal levels.


Those who had provided Material Energy for The Personal Working Relationship Intervention were performing adequately but most beings had not provided the Material Energy for this Intervention and their Third Eyes were continuing to work against them in sustaining the correct Working Relationship. They will need to provide the Material Energy for the Working Relationship Intervention in order to ensure that their Third Eye is working to support their intent of maintaining the correct Working Relationship with the Source which will become more and more central to their sustainability in the time ahead.


After this Emergency Intervention the Suits started following Source Directives sufficiently to sustain their lives in the Transition on the 27th which was one of the many significant Turning Points that are now occurring in-between the major scheduled Transitions such as the November and December Transitions.  Many are now working to produce the Material Energy needed for the Working Relationship Intervention rather than just winging it and falling out of The Substratum repeatedly.

As I have mentioned in previous Source Communications, the danger for survival in The Transition doesn’t occur only during major stages of The Transition. It can occur in many of the minor Turning Points in-between Transitions.  All beings need to be very attentive to Source Guidance 24/7 to prepare adequately for all of these Turning Points.  



The Upcoming December 5th Transition

The Death Toll in the December 5th Transition and its aftermath could be significant if beings do not prepare carefully for this Transition.


I have written an article on how to prepare which can be accessed at:



The November Transitions led to significant loss of life and to severe damage to 90% of the Suits who managed to sustain their place in the Lift Up but who fell out of The Substratum repeatedly after the Lift Up.


Beings must get their Third Eyes in gear to ignore Negative Programming in the Suit and to take action only on the Action Codes and Action Templates provided by the Source.  An aberrant Third Eye will cause ultimate death through all of the decisions it will make to continue to work with Negative Programming and not establish and sustain the correct Working Relationship with the Source.


The December 5th Transition will be an even greater challenge, one that no being should enter lightly without attending carefully to the individualized Source Guidance that is given on the Inner Plane.


I also recommend a Gifted December Transition Assessment which can be accessed at the link for the article on how to prepare that is noted above.