The Source News Report on the
May 2017 Transitions and their Aftermath


The four May Transitions on May 9th, 10th, 12th, and 15th required the highest Standard for Survival of any Transitions to date. Beings had to achieve the correct Awakening and Perfection Indexes in order to be capable of doing their parts to support The Total Abundance Support System.


The Total Abundance Support System is based on beings providing the support that my Manifestation needs to do the Direct Source Work that manifests the Total Abundance that they need.  It also includes the Heaven Agent Work that they need to do to receive the Total Abundance Miracles that are manifested and to work with them effectively to sustain the conditions in which The Total Abundance Support System can thrive.


Those seeking Total Abundance for themselves without providing what was theirs to provide to support The Total Abundance Support System were unable to survive these Transitions.  Those actively opposing the Total Abundance Movement and trying to work covertly to seize power for themselves in the Creation were also unable to survive.


When it became apparent that more than 20% of the population of the Creation was likely to lose their lives in these Transitions, I asked the Design Aspect of my Source Identity for a miracle that would prevent this tragedy. 


The Design Aspect made the decision to radically change the essential technical structure of the Suit at a Spiritual Level. The Original Suit structure was replaced by Unit Suit structure.  A Unit Suit operates outside of the range of the Negativity and can be Formatted to function at levels that enable Perfection to be achieved. There is still an evolution in consciousness and behavior that must occur, but it is driven by Unit Formatting that is perfected.


The shift to Unit Suits prevented the loss of 20% of the population but there were, unfortunately, still losses. More than 59,000 beings lost their lives in the May 9th Transition and 40,000 more lost their Spiritual lives in the May 15th Turning Point Transition and its aftermath.  This was due to the Suits failing to do their parts in supporting The Total Abundance Support System.


On May 29th I was able to clear out a negative implant in the majority of these beings and relink their Souls to their Suits. This has saved 85,000 lives of the more than 100,000 lives that were lost. The Suits that could not have their Souls relinked to their Suit had too much Ill Intent to become Unit Suits initially and could not, therefore, meet the Standards for supporting The Total Abundance Support System.

As of May 30th, however, it looked like 25% of the Suits that had survived the May Transitions were likely to fail to uphold the Standard for supporting The Total Abundance Support System.  It was then that I worked with the Design Aspect to create a miracle that would enable Suits to Awaken themselves as rapidly as it is possible for them to do so.  This is greatly increasing the likelihood that the Suits will meet The Standard for Survival of supporting The Total Abundance Support System. Those who are Awakened are more likely to realize that action to support The Total Abundance Support System is needed on both the Inner and Outer Planes. While this measure will not ensure that these Suits will take action, they are currently moving more rapidly into alignment with the need to provide the support that is theirs to provide.


The Unit Suits will still have to work hard to reach the 26% Awakening Index that is needed for the June 15th Turning Point Transition.  It will be important for Heaven Agents to Prototype how to Awaken to this level for the sake of those working with me At-a-Distance.


Lift Ups

In terms of the Lift Ups, one of the most serious attempts by the Negativity to abort a Lift Up occurred prior to the May 9th Lift Up. The Negativity tried to split The Substratum into two layers and prevent the lower layer from lifting up with the higher layer. This would have destroyed The Substratum and plummeted all beings into Spiritual Death. The Negativity reasoned that this would make for better Harvesting for them because the dying Suits would not be able to defend themselves, having lost their Source Connection.  


I was able to prevent this disaster and have transformed The Substratum into a Unit. This will prevent any further attempts of this sort.


The Substratum’s Role in Maintaining The Standard

The Substratum is now an Intelligence that carefully screens every being that it supports. Those not supporting The Total Abundance Support System to the degree that they are needing to support it have been expelled by The Substratum or are in danger of being expelled.  The Substratum can not compromise this Standard without putting itself at risk and endangering all of life in the Creation.  


Countering the Negativity

I have stepped up the work on The Making the World Safe for Heaven Project, effectively eliminating some of the deepest veins of negativity in the Creation.


The Negativity is countering by working through the Dead Suits, Non Suits, and Disintegrating Suits that were not eligible to become Unit Suits.  (A Unit Suit must have a Soul or be an object or place or event that has not been mutated by Ill Intent toward Life. All Empty Suits had Ill Intent toward the Source and Life.  Some had it spliced onto their Good Intent, contrary to their will. They died because of the invading level of Ill Intent. Most of the Empty Suits, however, gave their full approval to the Ill Intent that cost them their lives.)


Empty Suits now have Replacement Intelligences that are working with the Source to govern the Suit. While every effort will be made to curb the malevolent activities of Empty Suits, it is still very challenging for the Replacement to get a Suit that chose to die rather than to love and support Life as Heaven to start contributing to the good of all. 


Many of these Empty Suits are working with the Negativity to stage global conflict. Dangerous political forces are developing that need to be countered by Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism if this outcome is to be averted.


It is a time when Unit Suits need to Awaken fully and begin to work with the Source on both the Inner and Outer Planes to lay the foundation for World Peace by working with The Total Abundance Support System to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance for all.




The May Transitions led to the most massive, profound, and far reaching Universal Change in the technical nature of Suits since the beginning of the Creation.  Without this change, massive death would have occurred.  Death on this scale could have resulted in Death Energies in the Creation that could have destroyed those who survived.


The May Transitions have taken life in the Creation to a level that was never intended in the original Source Plan.  Changing Suits into Unit Suits changes the fundamental technical nature of Spiritual Reality.  There will be massive adjustments at every level of reality because of this change.


While this measure has yielded good results thus far, it remains to be seen how the Negativity will react to it overtime and what will be needed to enable this technology to prevent the loss of lives in future Transitions.

The Upcoming June Transitions

There is now very little time to prepare for the June Transitions.  The June 7th Transition carries a Danger Rating of 8 and the June 15th Turning Point Transition carries a Danger Rating of a 15.  


I have written an article to help you prepare for these Transitions.  To access this article you can go to: