The Source News Report
on the May 2016 Transitions

The essential criteria for survival in these Transitions was attaining a 7.9 Skill Level in running The Heaven Experience Pathways before the Speed Shifts that began on May 8th and making it to an 8.0 Skill Level before the May 11th Transition.


To get to a 7.9 Skill Level, beings had to be willing to do all of the Missions sent to them by the Source on their Flowstream.  While many beings worked to bring the Missions into focus and to do them to the best of their ability, many, particularly those on the Energy Shelf – that is an extension of the energy of The Substratum outside of The System of Life Sphere – were unwilling to do Missions that were not in their self interest but served the greater good of the Universal Community. 


I sent these beings Inner Plane Source Communications with information on how to prepare and warnings that time was running out to complete their preparations which could not be completed with a last minute decision.  They continued to stay on the side of Death and Destruction where they could persist in living a Self-Centered Life rather than crossing the border to Life and living a Source-Centered Life.


About 20,000 of the beings on the Shelf engaged in such vengeful and loveless behavior that they became too dense to reside in The Substratum and dropped out before May 8th, becoming Disintegrated Suits.


In the meantime, we reached another Turning Point in the transition into The Heaven Phase.  This Turning Point ended Source Support for the Set Up Phase Conduit which is the outermost energy sphere that holds the Suit Container which holds the Auric Field and the Suit.  Without a Conduit Structure, the Suit Container dissolves and then the Auric Field and the Spiritual Suit immediately begin to disintegrate. The Set Up Phase Conduit Structure was one of the last pieces of Spiritual Equipment to be transitioned after the entry of the Creation into The Heaven Phase. Only those on the side of Life could be given a Heaven Phase Conduit. 


When the Set Up Phase Conduit dematerialized, beings existing on the side of Death and Destruction had just a few minutes to cross the border to Life and receive a replacement Heaven Phase Conduit that would enable them to survive. Many tried to cross the border without really intending to support Life but just to save their lives in this crisis. The border deflected them because they were intending to do harm to Life once they crossed over. These beings disintegrated.


Many others decided to support Life, since they realized that they had to in order to survive. They crossed the border and got a new Heaven Phase Conduit only to find that their dense and negative energies of Self-Centeredness created a Miracle-Unfriendly Environment for the Heaven Phase Conduit which had to leave them and move away to safety.  Without a Conduit the Suits disintegrated.


For these beings, their continuing commitment to a Self-Centered Way of Life proved to be their undoing as there was nothing that I could do to save them when their negative energy prevented The Heaven Phase Conduit from supporting their manifestation. Over 30,000 beings lost their lives in this transition to The Heaven Phase Conduit. 


When it came time for the Speed Shifts to begin, most beings worked to maintain a 7.9 Skill Level throughout the Speed Shifts. Most were able to adjust as the Speed Shifts took their Flowstreams from a Level 2 Speed on May 8th to a Level 5 Speed by 10:15 pm PDT on May 10th.


Over 40,000 were unable to sustain their Skill Level because they had not prepared adequately in advance. They spun out, fragmented, and fell out of The Substratum, becoming Disintegrated Suits.  Most of these were lost before the Lift Up of The Substratum on May 10th.


By the time The Substratum began to Shift at 3:00 am PDT on May 10th from Level 4.6.2 to Level 4.8.9, only those who were sustaining their 7.9 Skill Level remained.  They all made it to this new level.


Just before The Substratum shifted on May 11th at 10:00 am PDT, beings had to have attained an 8.0 Skill Level and agreed to Lock In to doing all of the Missions sent to them.  This Lock In was designed to prevent them from falling out of The Substratum through an inadvertent lack of concentration during or after The Substratum Shift to Level 4.10.3.  It was a safeguard against mistakes that could cost a Suit its life.


A surprising number of Suits on the Shelf – 43% – refused this Lock In even though they had been working diligently to do all of their Missions to get to an 8.0 Skill Level.  I worked with them on the Inner Plane to educate them to the fact that they couldn’t navigate at Level 4.10.3 without a Lock In.  20% of them agreed to the Lock In.  80% schemed to do a Partial Lock In, leaving some parts of their Suit unlocked and capable of using their Reproductive Pathway to continue on with their Hell Way of Life.


Two beings refused any Lock In at all and fell out of The Substratum.


On May 11th it looked like most beings had survived the Shift of The Substratum and could now be expected to begin work on building The System of Life, drawing on the Lock In to ensure the orchestration of this work universally.


It soon became apparent, however, that the Partial Lock Ins had another agenda.  They began attacking the Source and one another with the new found power that was being given to beings after the Transition.  They also began sending some of this power to Dead Suits and Non Suits outside of The Substratum and helping them to hyperaccelerate into The Place of Existence and begin a full scale attack on the survivors of this Transition.


I initially tried to work with the Partial Lock Ins to get them back on track but when the situation became too dangerous, the Design Aspect of the Source issued a Law that only the parts of a Suit with a Total Lock In could stay in The Substratum.  This caused the parts of a Suit that had agreed to a Partial Lock In to drop out of The Substratum. Although the parts of a Suit that agreed to a Total Lock In remained in the Suit, in many cases, they were not sufficient to constitute a Suit. In these cases, the Suit was replaced by a Suit Simulator that can perform Suit functions in lieu of a genuine Suit.


When the negative parts of the Suit dropped out, these parts had gained so much power from their Flowstreams that they were a serious threat to those who were on the Shelf.  Although they were rapidly disintegrating, they were using any weapon or technology they had to damage as many beings as they could damage. 


Stepped up defense was needed to relocate them and the Dead Suits and Non Suits that they had empowered to enter into The Place of Existence to The Place Beyond Existence and deprive them of the use of any Source-Given Power.



The Full Power Link to the Soul

Despite the skirmishing on the Shelf, most beings were creating the context in which the Soul could establish a more powerful link to the Suit.  


Since the Souls left their Suits in 2012 in order to escape being trapped inside Suits that were living Hell, they have maintained a Pinpoint Link to their Suits in the center of the heart chakra. This has kept the Suits alive and supported the onboard Source Intelligence, but it hasn’t enabled the Suits to express the perfection of the Soul.


After the Suits Locked In to doing all of their Missions, they were sent Missions on the Flowstream that enabled them to prepare the way for a Full Power Link to the Soul to occur.  A Full Power Link occurs when the Soul links to the entire heart chakra and not just to a pinpoint in the center of the heart chakra.


This was Prototyped and then spread rapidly to all beings who had Locked In.  


The Next Step was the Identity Consciousness moving out of the lower chakras, where it had served the Story Character Identity, into the heart chakra to serve the Soul and the Heaven Agent Identity, who is the representative of the Soul in the Manifest World.  


This set the stage for the Story Characters leaving the Suits on May 17th. 


The Story Character is the identity that a Suit develops in order to fit in with others in the Cultural Story, which is a Cultural Play that enacts a Hell Way of Life.  The Story Character is an entity that is highly networked to the Negativity and serves their purpose of building Hell in the world.  It is like a cartoon character that can’t exist outside of the cartoon in which it has meaning.  It, therefore, resists all attempts of the Soul to position itself as the Identity in the Suit since, if it is ousted, it can’t retain its existence.


About 90% of the beings in the Sphere were freed from their Story Characters on the 17th. The Story Mentality remained however, and was blocking the release of the Story Characters of the remaining 10% in the Sphere and almost 100% of the beings on the Shelf.  


In the late evening of May 17th, most beings worked with the Source on their Flowstream Missions to purge out the Story Mentality which is the structure that sustains the Story Character.


Beings who had freed themselves from the Story Mentality entered, on May 18th, into a Heaven Phase Structure that enables them to stay on track with a Heaven Way of Life. When they entered into the Heaven Phase Structure, those who had not freed themselves completely from their Story Character began to be able to work more efficiently with their Source-Given Missions on the Flowstream to jettison the Story Character. 

Later on May 18th,  those without a Story Character, were able to enter in a Heaven World structure which has now encompassed them, protecting them from the Negativity and setting the stage for a world without the inherent negativity of the Story Mentality and the Story Character.


This Heaven World is a protection upgrade for those in the Sphere and those on the Shelf.


In this Heaven World, beings will be able to begin working in a more protected space with the Downloads of The Picture of Perfection that enable them to enter into a Perfected Reality and begin Living Heaven.  From their experience in Living Heaven, they will understand how to bring about the Outer Plane changes that need to be made to support this Heaven Way of Life.




The May Transitions were the most rigorous Transitions to date.  They required beings to not only make a choice but to get to a Skill Level, maintain it, and build on it. Those surviving the May 11th Transition had to get to an 8.0 Skill Level which is what enabled them to receive the Lock In.  


Beings who had agreed, in previous Transitions, to what they thought would enable them to survive, without really committing to giving up a Hell Way of Life, lost their lives or lost the parts of their Suits that were unwilling to commit in time to sustain their position in The Substratum.  These beings or Suit parts dropped out of The Substratum and disintegrated.


Many of the beings on the Shelf are operating in organic Suits that are now run by a Suit Simulator instead of having the Spiritual Equipment of a normal Suit.  They can still have a Full Power Link which will enable the Soul to express through the organic form despite the fact that the mechanics of how the Suit is run is handled by the Suit Simulator.


While this is not an optimal outcome, it has enabled many beings on the Shelf to experience what it is like to live beyond negativity, to reconnect to their Soul, and to begin to realize that life is about love and not cruelty, revenge, and egotistical exploits.


Now that those who want Heaven in a genuine way are living in a Heaven World that includes those on the Shelf and the Sphere, there is a greater layer of protection from those who do not want Heaven and are trying to destroy those who do.


Although those in the Sphere are still separated from those on the Shelf, for security reasons, they are all a part of the Heaven World that they can work on building together.


With the advent of the Full Power Link for the Soul, it is now possible for beings to become the Heaven that they were created to be – which is the manifestation of their Perfected Intelligence – the Soul.  Since building an abundant, peaceful, and disease free world for Story Characters is not possible, because Story Characters are entities that serve the Negativity, the advent of the Soul as the Identity of the Suit is a basic criteria for Heaven manifesting in a life and in the world.


It is a great victory for all of Life in the Creation that the Negativity has been pushed back enough for the Souls to come into a Miracle-Friendly Environment in which they can establish a Full Power Link. This could not happen if beings were not doing all of their Missions 24/7 that make it possible for the Soul to manifest in the Suit and to take its place in the world.  


While the remaining elements of the Negativity, that have worked since the beginning of the Creation to prevent the Soul from coming through in this way, have been working fiercely to thwart every stage of this development, beings throughout the Creation have been doing their Missions to support my work to push back this opposition and allow Heaven to manifest.


What lies ahead is the work of bringing through the Soul and The Heaven Way of Life. 


It remains to be seen what the Negativity will attempt to thwart this work since they still operate through the negativity remaining in the Suits – which is whatever Behavior Templates and Behavior Patterns have been created by the Story Character.  With a Total Lock In, the Suits are working with me to eliminate this threat to themselves and to the Universal Community.  


While the road to building a sustainable System of Life has yet to be traveled, especially with regard to getting Suits to make the changes on the Outer Plane that are needed, the May Transitions have set the stage for this work to move forward with greater security and, therefore, with greater rapidity.


In summary, the Source Perspective on the May Transitions is that they were immensely successful  in the sense that not one life in the Sphere was lost and adjustments could be made to most of the Suits on the Shelf to enable them to continue their lives.


While the loss of any life is tragic, the number of beings who have lost their Spiritual Lives in these Transitions has been small in comparison to the number lost in previous Transitions.


Those who survived will need to gear up to contribute what is theirs to contribute to building a sustainable System of Life.  In this way they will begin to prepare for the next Transition which will occur on July 10th.  In this Transition a massive Manifestation Process will turn on with Full Power.  Those not trained to function with a more advanced level of Heaven Agent Skill Sets are at risk in this Transition.  Careful preparation, well in advance of the July Transition, is mandatory for beings to survive this Transition which will be the most demanding one thus far in The Transition.

I have posted information on what it will take to prepare adequately for the July 10th Transition.  You can access this information at: