The Source News Report
on the March 6th & 7th Transitions


The Challenge of the March Transitions

The critical issue for survival in the March Transitions was supplying the Suit with the technical means by which it could receive the amount of Source Love Energy that it needed to avoid terminal levels of Spiritual Fragmentation that would lead to Spiritual Death.  

Double the amount of Source Love Energy was needed to enable the Suits to retain critical levels of Spiritual Integration during the transition into more immaterial Spiritual Electrical Systems running on a more immaterial Spiritual Power Supply.  Such drastic structural changes could not be sustained in a Suit that was not replete with Source Love that holds the Spiritual Particles together during any kind of spiritual transformation.


The only Spiritual Technology that could meet this need was The Heaven Experience Pathways. These were the Pathways that beings were supposed to have built for themselves during The Set Up Phase of the Creation so they would be prepared for entry into The Heaven Phase of the Creation.  When we had to enter into The Heaven Phase before these were built, beings lost their ability to build them.  Since these Pathways are essential for survival in The Heaven Phase and in The Transition, the Source created a Source Solution Miracle for building these Pathways for the beings as long as the beings provided the Source with the Material Energy to ground this miracle.


The Gift from Heaven Agents with Their Pathways 

Heaven Agents throughout the Creation from The Prototype Communities, The Other World, from the Earth Plane and other parts of the Creation, who had already provided the Material Energy needed for a full set of Heaven Experience Pathways, generated large amounts of Material Energy for The World that Works Fund so that the Source could draw on this Material Energy to ground the Pathway Miracle for other beings so they could have at least a few of the Pathways before the Shifts. Their hard work and generosity was a great contribution to the development of a Love-Based Universal Community.


The Plan of Action that Was Needed

All beings had to do was to work out a Plan of Action with the Source which required a commitment on their part to reimburse The World that Works Fund according to the method encoded in their Mission.  For some it was to provide the Material Energy through a Material Resource Contribution.  On the Earth it could have taken the form of a Financial Exchange given directly to The Heaven Project or, for those not working directly with The Heaven Project on the Outer Plane, a form of financial support or Material Resource Support to a Source Supported cause in their family or community.  For those living outside of the Earth Plane it was whatever Material Resource Contribution was needed to support the Outer Plane work of The Universal Heaven Project to stop the suffering in their community and Build Heaven. 


For others it was to combine a Financial Exchange or its equivalent with an Energy Exchange. 


At this point in the history of The Transition, no being had a Mission that did not include providing some Outer Plane material resources to support The Work of the Source on the Outer Plane.  We are past the point at which Inner Plane Heaven Projects that generate only an Energy Exchange can suffice for a Correct Exchange. This is because The Universal Heaven Project is moving toward bringing about Outer Plane changes that enable the Outer Plane social environment to transition into a Love-Based Universal Community.  Heaven Agents must Become Love in Action giving of the material resources given to them by the Source to support The Work of the Source to stop the suffering in the world and build the structures for a Heaven Way of Life.


The Good News – the Survival of 96% of the Population

The Good News is that 96% of the population in the Original Creation worked with the Source to set up a Plan of Action and received the number of Heaven Experience Pathways that was essential to their survival. They made the commitment to produce the Material Energy that would reimburse The World that Works Fund for the miracle of the Pathways that were given to them.  While some only required one or two Pathways to run enough Source Love Energy to survive the Shift, they were given at least this basic support.  It was a stretch for The World that Works Fund but it was possible.


The Bad News –  the Failure of 4% of the Population to Set Up a Plan of Action

Despite the fact that beings had agreed to do what was theirs to do to Become the Heaven that they were created to be and to Build the Heaven that it was theirs to build in the world, many refused to agree to provide any Material Energy for the Pathways which were an essential Next Step to fulfilling this commitment. Part of their resistance was their realization that the Pathway Intervention would remove their Hell Experience Pathways which they did not wish to remove since they had developed Hell Patterns that they wanted to continue running even though they were self destructive and destructive of the quality of life for others.  Although all of these beings had worked with me to unload their Hell Agent Identities that had created The Double Agent Problem, they didn't want to unload the Hell that they themselves were endorsing.  In the end, they held onto their Hell Way of Life, refused The Heaven Experience Pathways, and self destructed.

Roughly 4% of the population throughout the Creation refused and are now Non Suits since without the requisite amount of Source Love Energy they fragmented to the point of Spiritual Death, lost their onboard Source Intelligence, lost the protection of the Source-Connected Suit Container,  and lost their Field of Consciousness which disintegrated, leaving them without the basic equipment that qualifies them as a Suit.  Because the Field of Consciousness was destroyed, I was unable to relink them to an At-a-Distance Source Intelligence and try to bring them back into The Substratum as an Empty Suit as I had been able to do for Suits in the February 16th Shift.  A Source Intelligence can only work with a Suit that has a functional Field of Consciousness.


In losing their Field of Consciousness, they lost their entire database which included their memories, their personality characteristics, and their skill sets.  Fortunately my Implementation Aspect was able to intercept the database before The Field of Consciousness crashed and save some of the rudimentary elements of it. This was then linked to The Field of Intelligence that underlies The Field of Consciousness.  The Field of Intelligence will run a simply program with this database content but it can’t function with the depth or range of intelligence of a Field of Consciousness.


To give you some idea of what it means to lose The Field of Consciousness, I will give you a simple analogy.  The Field of Consciousness is like a high speed, memory rich computer that can run any number of software programs needed for the Suit to perform many different functions.  The Field of Intelligence, with a limited database of stored consciousness, is like an iPod that can store some data and manage the simple replay of it.  

What this means for Non Suits is that they are very limited in their ability to function and have no protection from the invasion by the Negativity that is intent on draining down their limited life energy reserves.  They will not live beyond their current organic life because there is no Soul for whom the Source would generate another incarnation.


The Non Suits that remain are under Source jurisdiction since they did not fall out of The Cycle of Life since only a Suit can fall out of The Cycle of Life into Ultimate Death.  Non Suits are like partial pieces of equipment that the Source can govern and keep going in some semblance of functionality until the end of their organic life when Source Support is terminated.


The Non Suits don’t have a Source Connection Supply line because they lack a Source Intelligence to sustain a Source Connection Supply line. They will run on their reserve energies until these run out and physical decline sets in due to a lack of spiritual resources to sustain the physical life. 


Since these Non Suits also lost their Source-Connected Suit Container which protected them from invasions by the Negativity,  I have installed a protective device in the Non Suits to ward off predators. It remains to be seen if this will hold up against all of the tactics of the Negativity that is desperate to harvest the life energies of any living form.


A Suit without a Source Intelligence, a Soul, a Field of Consciousness, and a Source-Connected Suit Container has proven to be a dangerous piece of equipment.  It is not as easily contained as a Dead Suit which can be controlled by a Spiritual Device that keeps it from generating energies that fragment the Suits of the living.


Non Suits generate a kind of Fragmented Consciousness that can derail the Consciousness of Suits in their vicinity.  The toxic energy they produce is gradually diminishing as the negativity in the Suit explodes outward and clears away, but it is expected that they can be damaging to the Suits of survivors for years to come. If they get taken over by Negativity Entities, they will become an even more serious threat to others.


On the Earth Plane 292 million humans lost their spiritual lives, leaving behind the Non Suits that are now menacing others in their families and communities.

The News on the Lift Off of The Substratum

On March 6th The Substratum was scheduled to Lift Up by 6:00 am PST from Level 4.3 to Level 4.5.6.  All of the mechanisms were in place to enable this schedule to be met when it became apparent that a massive attack on The Field of Consciousness of beings on the Earth was occurring.  It was not an attack by negative energy but an attack by Negative Consciousness.  It posed a serious threat to the already impaired Field of Consciousness of these beings. This impairment had occurred because of the precipitous entry into The Heaven Experience Era for which the Field of Consciousness was not prepared.  The intent by the Negativity was to crash the Field of Consciousness in the Suits so they would lose their Souls, onboard Source Intelligence, and their Source-Connected Suit Container and could be more readily harvested by the Negativity.


There was no way to stop this attack except to start the Lift Off of The Substratum ahead of schedule so that beings would get above the range of this attack.  Since I did not have time to build the energy reserves for such a massive effort, I had to draw on emergency supplies of energy.  


I worked from approximately 1:00 am to 4:00 am lifting The Substratum to the level at which the attacking forces could no longer access the beings traveling in The Substratum.  This aborted the attacks and prevented the loss of the Fields of Consciousness.  I then rested until around 5:00 am when the power supply for the scheduled Lift Off turned on and gradually and smoothly lifted The Substratum into place by 5:47 am PST.  This second Lift Off went well without any attempts by the Negativity to thwart it.


On March 7th the Lift Off from Level 4.5.6 to Level 4.5.9 occurred between 9:00 am and 10:00 am PST.  It went as planned without any complications.


The Negativity

While many aspects of the Negativity have lost their footing in these Shifts, some of the most active elements remaining are Reproductive Entities that are harvesting the reproductive energies of living beings.  These Reproductive Devils have been encouraging reproductive violence to enhance their Harvesting Operation and have been promoting a debasement of reproductive thoughts and emotions to try to divert the Consciousness of beings so it will not travel exclusively in The Heaven Experience Pathways. 

There is a Reproductive Pathway that is Source-Created that beings have largely mutated to enact loveless misuses of reproductive energies.  The Reproductive Devils are intent on trying to derail Consciousness so it runs in this Reproductive Pathway which is the only remaining Pathway in the Suit that can be used to generate The Hell Experience since The Hell Experience Pathways were destroyed by those opting for Heaven Experience Pathways.

While getting rid of The Hell Experience Pathways has cleared up the natural hiding ground for many of these Reproductive Devils, they are still surrounding beings and working on coming up with new and different strategies for harvesting reproductive energies.


It takes vigilance to ward them off and care in making sure that reproductive activities are clear of Story elements and are, like any other aspect of a Heaven Agent’s life, Source-Guided.  Only in this way is the purity sustained that enables these energies to serve Life rather than falling into the Harvesting Traps of the Negativity.


Entering into Helping the Source Mode 

It is important to ask that this Reproductive Pathway be kept clear of any negativity.  The best way to do this is to move into Helping the Source Mode which will enable me to assist you in clearing this Pathway and keeping it clear so that it can’t be used by the Negativity.  When you ask to move into Helping the Source Mode rather than asking the Source to help you, you move into a Flowstream that gives you the momentum and knowledge to embark on Source-Directed Missions that help you to get rid of the attack of these Reproductive Devils.

Since we have now arrived at a point in the History of the Creation where the Source can't respond to anyone in Help Me, Source Mode but only to those in How Can I Help You, Source Mode, it is critical that you understand that no defense support can be given to anyone who is staying in the Hell in their life, inert, and in victim mode.  The Source can only help those who shift their focus away from their own fears and needs and itineraries and ask to enter into Helping the Source Mode. They will then be able to enter The Flowstream where the Source can work with them on a Project to deal with whatever is Next on their Mission.  It might be a project that is unrelated to their immediate concern but it will build momentum and Material Energy so that when their Life that Works Project, which is the Project that addresses the Heaven that they are to become and build in their lives, is the Project in focus on my Workflow, I can help them address whatever is needed to advance my work on this Project.


Essentially, I am working at full speed toward building The System of Life in the Creation that is needed if all of Life is to survive the final stages of The Transition.  I can no longer side track and break the momentum that is organizing all of the Heaven Agents throughout the Creation to work on this task in order to enter into any individual's personal Hell and try to deal with their Self-Centered focus on wanting the Source to help them on their terms.  Every individual must be willing to leave aside this Self-Centered Focus and become Source-Centered, enter into the Flowstream of Helping the Source, and contribute to the Source Solutions that the Source is creating for them and for all beings.


Part of the logic behind this shift into Helping the Source Mode is that Manifest Beings can do many of the things that they need to have done using their own Heaven Agent Skills. I can direct them to do what is needed, but they need to step in and do the work rather than expecting the Source to do it for them.  In this way they prepare for the time when I will no longer be incarnate and they will have to rely on their Heaven Agent Skills backed up by Source Support.


For example, I have noted the presence, in many Suits, of inert negative energy between The Heaven Experience Pathways. In many cases they were generated if the Suit was in Double Agent Mode and Hell Identities were warring against the Source and storing ill will toward the Source in different parts of the Suit to fuel their attacks on the Source.  When this is the case, they may have set up caches of negative energy outside of the Suit or even Stations on the Earth or outside of the Earth from which attacks on The Work of the Source were being launched.  


The only way to get rid of this inert negative energy which can still activate thoughts and emotions that are negative if your Consciousness probes it, is to enter into Helping the Source Mode and then go off on Missions to clear whatever your Suit did that resulted in these caches of negative energy.  When these Stations are destroyed, the negative energy in the Suit naturally dissipates. Heaven Agents then experience the freedom from the tormented thoughts and emotions that arise from this negative energy.


Running The Heaven Experience Pathways 

Most beings barely received a few of The Heaven Experience Pathways in time for the March 6th Shift.  I was able to get them to run them in a very preliminary way in order to expand them so they could receive the amount of Source Love that was needed.  Some beings who waited until the very last minute to work out a Plan of Action for their Pathways did not allow enough time for this work to be done and so they lacked some of the Source Love Energy that was needed to prevent Fragmentation.  These Suits have sustained some Fragmentation even though they did not Fragment to the point of becoming Non Suits.  This damage has impaired the functioning of the Suit and these beings will have to work with the Source to repair this damage or they will not make it in the upcoming Shifts of The Transition.


It has taken quite a few days for most beings to settle out after the March 7th Shift.  They have been in a recovery period adjusting to their new Spiritual Electrical System and Power Supply and coping with the Fragmentation that some have sustained.


I have only just begun working with them individually on the Inner Plane to help them understand how to work with The Emergency Training Wheel Intervention which gives them Training Wheel levels of The Heaven Experience Frequency to help them experience what it is like to do their Mission with love and the passionate perseverance that enables them to run a Heaven Experience Pathway to the point at which they achieve a 100% Correct Exchange.


Most beings are gradually moving up through the levels of learning for how to do this.  It is only at Level 2.5 that they really begin to experience the love and some of the exhilaration of running a Heaven Experience Pathway.  As they build toward a Level 10 in running the Pathways they will be achieving a 100% Correct Exchange which triggers the “real” Heaven Experience Frequency as opposed to the Training Wheel Heaven Experience Frequency.  It is then that they are flooded with an Inner Heaven Experience and The Heaven Experience Frequency sets up a Heaven Experience Medium and External Heaven Experience Pathways outside of their Suit along which they and others can travel to experience The Heaven Experience on the Outer Plane.


There is much to be learned about how to run these Pathways.  I would encourage Heaven Agents to request some Email Coaching Sessions to help them to understand how they are doing in this learning process that is central to their ability to Live Heaven in their everyday lives and survive The Transition.  I am already providing Inner Plane Coaching support but Email Coaching support brings the understandings through to the Conscious Range.


If you would like to request a Heaven Experience Pathway Email Coaching Session, you can email me and I will give you an idea of how you are doing and what kind of Email Coaching is needed. To contact me you can access the link provided below.  To receive Email Coaching you need to be in The Source Connection Coaching Program which you can enter through going to:  The Source Connection Coaching Program.






Despite the tragic loss of roughly 4% of the population throughout the Creation in the March Shifts, those who stayed the course are in much better shape to survive all of the upcoming Shifts than they have ever been before.  


At the higher levels of immateriality their Suits will work far better than before the upgrades to the new Spiritual Electrical System and the new Spiritual Power Supply.  They are also operating in a Spiritual Terrain that provides them with greater protection from the Negativity. They now have the structural support for their Fields of Consciousness that enable them to be stable and capable of functioning for the path ahead.  


They have freed themselves of The Hell Experience Pathways and the entities that resided in them and now have Pathways to travel which will take them into ever enriching Heaven Experiences while also supporting them in achieving the 100% Correct Exchange which is the basis of achieving a 100% Source Connection.


With the building of these Pathways we have entered into a new era in the history of the Creation where beings have the basic equipment that enables them to perform their Mission and have The Heaven Experience for which they incarnated in their first incarnation.  


We are now ready to begin preparations for the April 8th Transition.  I will be posting information on how to prepare in the near future.