The Source News Report on
March 10th Transition


The Standard

This Transition required the highest Source Interaction Standard to date – a 10.4.  This Standard precludes any attacks on my Manifestation or on The Work of the Source directly carried out by my Manifestation in either its Conscious or Extended Ranges. Those violating this Standard fall immediately out of The Network of Intelligence, which sustains their physical lives.  This can lead to sudden death if their primary form is made only of energy and impaired health and a decline into physical death for those who have a physical form such as a biological body.


I sent out Source Communications to all beings about this Standard prior to the Transition and the Negativity took it seriously. They were out on the Extension Field of The Network of Intelligence, having failed to retain a place in The Network of Intelligence in the January Transitions.  They understood that the bottom line was that their lives would end if they lost the ability to translate Source Energies into energies that would enable them to sustain their lives at a physical level. Losing this ability is like losing the ability for oxygen to sustain life in the physical body even if the body is in an oxygen rich environment.  


Response to the Standard

Due to this Standard, the Lift Up on March 10th was not challenged by the Negativity and went smoothly.   It was completed by 10:15 am.  Shortly after this, certain elements of the Negativity continued to rush at my Manifestation in an attempt to stop the progress that the Transition was bringing about but thought better of it at the last minute before an attack was launched. This prevented them from losing their lives.


Many beings who serve the Negativity were tempted to obey the commands given to them by the Negativity prior to this Transition to carry out certain Negative Missions. I warned them repeatedly of the danger and they restrained themselves from attacking.  Since these beings are in a state of possession by the Negativity, they are used to attacking without any Conscious Range participation in the attack but only with a drive to carry out a seemingly meaningless series of maneuvers which add up to an attack. They are not usually aware of what these activities are about and do them in a kind of possessed/addicted state of consciousness.  Since this kind of behavior can now result in dropping out of The Network of Intelligence, they have demonstrated that at some level they are aware that they are complicit in attacks and are able to exercise restraint.


More difficult to restrain were the energy weapons of the Negativity that often operate on timers long past the end of the control of the Negative Agents who created them and once operated them.  They have a level of intelligence that I was able to reach. I have been getting them to release their essential structure so they can not be used in an attack.

Re-Directing Spiritual Intensity

The Spiritual Intensity in Suits that was behind Negative Missions needed to be re-directed. The Source Directives given through the Mid-Brain were not reaching the Suit in a way that was sufficiently re-directing this Intensity.  I had to develop a supportive technology to enable Suits to hear Source Directives more clearly. This is important because without precise Source Directives they won’t know when a thought or action sequence is harming The Work of the Source in the world. They might think it was normal since others do it when, in fact, it is a violation of the 10.4 Standard and could lead to their Suit becoming unsustainable in The Network of Intelligence.


Violations of the Standard

Some days after the Transition, diehard Negative Agents intent on attacking the Source decided to test to see if they would indeed fall out of The Network of Intelligence. Their immediate death convinced others who were also thinking of trying to push the limit that this was not a good idea and prevented further deaths.


As of the writing of this Report on March 27th, less than 1% of the population of The Universal Community has fallen out of The Network of Intelligence.  These were, in most cases, the most rigid Negative Agents who were honed in on their Negative Mission of attacking the Source and were not willing to give it up. 


The Mission Suit Miracle

On March 23rd, The Mission Suit Miracle manifested.  This miracle establishes an Inner Plane Training Center into which a Suit can enter to be transformed from a Suit that is trying to do its Mission into a Mission Suit that is actively doing its Mission. This transition is a major one since Suits that are trying to do their Mission are also allowing themselves to fail to do part of their Mission so they can appease the Negativity that is sending them on Negative Missions that promise them Self Interest pay offs if they work against the Source.  Since most Suits have a Double Agent history, the failure to do the Source-Given Mission at the 100% level is often intentional since the Suit is buying off the Negativity who they fear if they do not perform the Negative Missions and who they also see as a benefactor, granting them access to resources that they believe they couldn’t have without the help of the Negativity. To stop this level of duplicity in the Suit, which will cause the Suit to fall out of The Network of Intelligence in the April Transitions, the Mission Suit Miracle was created.


In the Training Center there are Inner Plane Classes for the Suit to learn the basics of doing a Source-Given Mission. There are also more advanced level classes in how to do their specific Mission.  This Inner Plane Training will be essential to Suits to help them prepare for the upcoming April Transitions which both carry a Level 10 Danger Rating and require a much higher Source Interaction Standard than the March Transition.


Most beings have gone into the Training Center created for them. Some have their own individual Training Center and others are in a shared Training Center.  Others are hanging back and may lose the time they have to be trained to do their Mission at the level that will meet the April Standards.  


The Source Interaction Standard for the April 19th Transition is 10.5.9 – a very big leap from a 10.4. Considering that many beings failed to make it from a for the January 16th Transition to a for the January 22nd Transition, this major shift in levels for the Standard is going to require careful preparation.  By the time of the April 28th Transition, the Source Interaction Standard will have gone to a solid 10.6.  This is difficult for beings to attain even in their Mission Suits. I will have to work on additional forms of Source Support to help them to make it to this level.


Suits producing a Miracle-Unfriendly Field of a -60 are not given Training Centers. They are given another form of Source Support that enables them to have the equivalent of a Mission Suit. This brings their Miracle-Friendly Field up to at least a -30 where they can qualify for a Source-Created Mission.  At such low levels the only Mission likely to be assigned is to get rid of the negativity that is causing the low Miracle-Friendly Field to be formed and sustained.


There will be some Outer Plane Training that will be needed to help beings know how to prepare for the April Transitions. I will be writing an article on how to prepare when I have completed the forms of Source Support that will be needed for the April Transitions.


In terms of the shift to a greater level of immateriality, Source Directives and the Mission Suit will help Suits to adapt rather than engaging in practices that can crack their essential Spiritual Structure at the more immaterial level that they now reside.  So far there have not been any mishaps due to the transition to this level of immateriality.




This Transition took the Creation to another level. While there was some loss of life, it was very small in comparison to the improved quality of life that has occurred as beings restrain themselves from engaging in the War against the Source that has to stop at this stage of The Transition.


The Negativity

For the first time the Negativity is stopping themselves from attacking because they understand that attack is no longer possible without causing their own death at the physical level. Before this they would continue to attack to promote their Harvesting Operation because they could consume the Source Energies stolen from others.  Since their Harvesting Operation is an attack on The Work of the Source to heal and sustain Life in the Creation, they have to abandon this or fall out of The Network of Intelligence. This means that without a Source Connection, they don’t have a way of obtaining Source Energies other than by harvesting them from beings who are Source-Connected.


At this point in The Heaven Phase, I am able to send Negative Agents on Source-Directed Missions that enable them to qualify for the Source Energies that they need to survive. This solves the problem of the deficit that led to their Harvesting Operation. If they fail to do the Mission then the Source Energies are not provided.  Since the best way to clean up the hideous structures that the Negativity has created in the Creation is for them to do the clean up since they know what has been created and can withstand being around these structures in order to dismantle them, their work is worth the Source Energies that are being sent to them despite the fact that they have lost their Source Connection and are Empty Suits.  They don’t have a future beyond this life time since they have no Soul but they can have a better quality of life and can do some good. The Eliminating Negativity Prototype that has been given to them is helping them to understand how to do this kind of work.


The Expansion of Consciousness

The destruction of the negative structures in the Creation has opened up the energy field of the Creation for an expansion of the energies that were formerly held into constrictive encapsulation fields designed to block The Work of the Source to restore Spiritual Intelligence so that beings can work with the Source to build Heaven in the world.  Since encapsulation fields are an attack on The Work of the Source, these fields are being disbanded by the Negativity, freeing Consciousness to evolve.


While the ability to expand out of the confines of rigid Story Structures of thought and behavior is essential to sustainability, it has brought with it some upheaval in the mental and emotional functioning of beings who are now able to think outside of the boxes that constrained them and who lack the structure to know how to Think Heaven and Live Heaven.  This is where the advanced technology for delivering Source Directives and the new Mission Suit Miracle come in. These miracles help to fill the gap so that beings do not feel lost or spun out by the expansion but can re-direct their Intensity toward building Heaven in accordance with The Source Plan. 


Despite the rough period of adjusting to the expansion, beings will now have the Spiritual Space in which to expand their Spiritual Intelligence and restore their ability to live to their potential. Without the ability to expand, they could not have achieved a 100% Source Connection.  This is, therefore, a major breakthrough for all of Life throughout the Creation.  It is a new beginning for beings trying to recover what they lost when they Disconnected from the Source in the beginning of the Creation.

The April Transitions

While some elements of the Negativity continue to plot to regain control , this Ill Intent will be their undoing in the April Transitions when the Suit has to have a well formed Spiritual Intent to support The Work of the Source. While there may be vestigial parts of the old Spiritual Intent to War against the Source, if this exceeds a 2% mark in terms of the total Intent, then the Suit will drop out of The Network of Intelligence.  Active work to clear away even this 2% of Ill Intent has to be engaged in in order to meet the Standards for the April Transitions.

While this more stringent Standard will be a challenge to achieve, it will get beings to the place where they need to be to start the serious work of transitioning into a Total Abundance Way of Life.  Since the Spiritual Intent to transition out of Scarcity into Total Abundance is where the work must begin, this Transition will enable beings to get to the starting point so they have a chance of achieving the sustainability that Total Abundance will afford them.  This is critical since much has to be done to establish a Total Abundance Way of Life and there is little time left to do the work that is needed.

I will be posting information on How to Prepare for the April Transitions in The Source Connection Project. Careful preparation for these Transitions will be absolutely necessary. These are by far, the most challenging Transitions to date.