The Source News Report on the July 31st Transition


The Standard for this Transition was to allow the True Self to take the Lead Position in the Suit as the Suit’s Identity. Although achieving a 100% Lead Position was optimal, survival could occur if the True Self reached a 70% Lead Position.


While most beings had made progress toward allowing the True Self to move into the Lead Position prior to the Transition, they had not achieved this prior to the point at which The Substratum put through the Standard.  This occurred around 3 am PDT on the 31st.


When this happened almost all beings in the Original Creation, except for the members of the Prototype Communities and a few very advanced beings, fell out of The Substratum multiple times because their Story Self, backed by The Negative Identity Complex that creates and controls the Story Self, tried to block the True Self from taking the Lead Position. The Negative Identity Complex is manned by Negative Identities in the Suit which are networked to the Universal Network for the Negativity. The Negative Identity Complex can operate the Story Self, which is nothing other than a Puppet Self, from within the Suit and remotely through the Universal Network of the Negativity.  The Negativity put full power behind convincing the Suit that losing its Story Self was equivalent to losing itself.  This caused the Suit to cling to the Story Self even though the Source warned the Suit that this could lead to its failure to achieve the Standard for Survival for this Transition.


This attachment to the Story Self caused most Suits to fail to meet the Standard and hence lose their place in The Substratum. Formerly any fall from The Substratum would have led to irreparable Suit damage and to Spiritual Death.  But when the Suits fell out of The Substratum in this Transition, the True Self was able to gain control of the Suit and reseat it in The Substratum in milliseconds before serious damage or Spiritual Death could occur. This is a tribute to the work done prior to the Transition to empower the True Self. If not for this preparation, the True Self would have been unable to reseat the Suit in time to save its life.  It was able to take control because the Story Self was short circuited when the Suit fell from The Substratum. This gave the True Self uncontested access to the Spiritual Space for the Lead Position.


The problem was that once reseated in The Substratum the Story Self would come back online, as it were, and resume its efforts to oust the True Self from the Lead Position.  This caused the Suit to fail to meet the Standard once again and fall out of The Substratum.  


Some Suits fell out of The Substratum over 20 times.  The most times a Suit fell out and still survived was 40 times.


Finally most Suits learned to allow the True Self to take the Lead Position and they began to hold the Standard and survive the Transition. Some Suits, however, continued to fall out of The Substratum beyond the point at which their Suit could survive the fragmentation of the Mid-Brain that occurred with each fall. They fragmented so badly that the True Self could not get them back in The Substratum. These Suits experienced Spiritual Death and also lost their connection to the temporary System of Life for Empty Suits because they were so badly fragmented that they could not connect to any Source Support System.


While the number of Suits that are now in Dying Mode as a result of this Transition is small, it has added to the Death Energies that beings must now work with the Source to dissipate.  In June Transition the Death Energies were cut back by a Heaven Phase Intervention but the most materialized level of these energies remain. This energy is toxic and dangerous because it can lead to Spiritual Fragmentation which can compromise the sustainability of the Suit. Manifest Beings will need to work to clean up this Death Energy in order to maintain the Miracle-Friendly Field needed for their sustainability.


The Aftermath 

Since the Transition, more beings have fallen out of The Substratum, increasing the Death Toll.  The Standard once applied requires that Suits sustain their True Self in the Lead Position at the 70% Mark. If the True Self loses control of the Lead Position at the 70% level then the Suit will fall out of The Substratum whenever this occurs.  


Since most Suits have now exceeded the limit, in terms of the Mid-Brain damage that occurs with each fall from The Substratum, most beings falling out of The Substratum after the Transition have experienced Spiritual Death and also lost the support of The System of Life which sustains physical life. These Suits are now in Dying Mode, with a foreshortened physical life potential in addition to losing their Soul Link which enables them to be reborn in another incarnation after the end of their current incarnation. Empty Suits are not given future incarnations because there is no Soul linked to the Suit to warrant an incarnation.

The Upcoming August 11th Transition

By the August 11th Transition the True Self will have to have secured control of the Lead Position at the 90% Mark.  This will mean that the Story Self and The Negative Identity Complex has to be pushed out of 90% of the Spiritual Space needed for the Lead Position so the True Self can begin working toward achieving 100% control over the Space.

Suits will have to work in The Source Truth Intensive with the Source Truth Glasses in order to see what is opposing the True Self’s work to gain 100% of the Lead Position.  They will also need the Code and Energy Reserve of The Build Heaven Intensive that I am initiating at this time to provide the True Self with what it needs to move forward to Build Heaven in its life and world.  Until the True Self has clear Build Heaven Code and the Energy Reserve to work with this Code it lacks the power of this Mission and can be more easily dominated by the Story Self with its well defined Story Mission that is backed by the highly programmed Hell Mission of the Negativity.


I have posted information on how to prepare for the August 11th Intensive in The Source Connection Project in order to provide you with information on how to secure the Source Solution Code and Energy Reserve for The Build Heaven Intensive so that you can give your True Self the structure and power that it needs to win this battle against the Story Self that could cause the death of your Suit.  I have also posted baseline information about Master Action Plan #3 which will help the Suit to understand the importance of winning the battle against the Story Self.  I will be adding Source Workflow Trainings as they are created.


After the very damaging skirmishes of the July 31st Transition beings will have to give careful thought to how they prepare for the upcoming August 11th Transition.  Half the battle is making the decision to help the True Self achieve a 100% Lead Position as the Identity of the Suit. This requires deciding to jettison the Story Self. The other half of the battle is working with the True Self and the Source to clear the Spiritual Space so the True Self is able to be in the Lead Position.


Educating the Suit about the dangers of aligning with the Story Self and equipping it with the Source Solution Code that will enable it to Build Heaven in its life is what is needed. If the True Self has the Code for how to Build Heaven this will include clearing the space of the Negativity so that Heaven can be built.  Just as the first step in building a house is to clear the space where the foundation is to be laid, so the first step in Building Heaven is clearing the Spiritual Space where Heaven is to be built.  The most critical part of this space to be cleared is the space of the Identity of the Suit. If the Negativity occupies this space then nothing of Heaven can be built because they can undermine it every step of the way.  


To read the article on how to prepare for the August 11th Transition, you can go to: