The Source News Report on the
July 12, 2018 Transition


Due to extensive Heaven Phase Interventions and rigorous preparation by beings, no being with a Soul was lost when The Substratum lifted up from Level 10.0 to Level 10.9.  This was a miracle considering the shift to this high of a level of immateriality and the challenging 10.8.5 Standard which required beings to jettison all Attack the Source Software as well as to begin working on transitioning into a Total Abundance Way of Life.  Although the work to transition into a Total Abundance Way of Life was primarily on the Inner Plane, it was enough to enable them to survive the Lift Up.  

While this was an excellent outcome for a maximum Danger Rated Turning Point Transition, the Death Toll in the Aftermath has been alarming and is a warning to all beings that they need to continue to hold to the 10.8.5 Standard and work diligently to achieve the higher Standards needed for the August 10th and 11th Transitions that are just a few weeks away.


The Right Action Code

Critical to the survival of beings with Souls was the creation in early July of Right Action Code


In the beginning of the Creation, Suits were supposed to have been given Action Codes which are a type of Source Code. Action Codes provide more detailed information to the Suit about how to engage in Right Action.

Source Code exists at the level of the Miracle Intelligence that is a Perfected Intelligence that works with Source Code and its subset, Action Codes, to guide the evolution of the Suit. 


When beings diverted from The Source Plan, this level of Code could not be given to them.  Now in The Heaven Phase, I have been able to give Suits Heaven Phase Action Codes


I first brought forth the basic Action Codes for The Heaven Phase but they were not enough to curb the aberrant behavior of Suits that could cause them to become unsustainable in the July Transition. I then brought forth the Action Code for Right Action. This Code gives the Suit a powerful alternative to all forms of Negative Code installed by the Negativity.  


It was Right Action Code that enabled the Suits to survive the July Transition. Without it many would have held onto some of their Attack Software or would not have done the work that was theirs to do to begin to transition into a Total Abundance Way of Life.


Right Action Code is powerful enough to help the Suit to make correct decisions about sustainability.  It is only compromised in cases in which Spiritual Fragmentation of the Mid-Brain renders the Mid-Brain incapable of responding to it correctly.



The Death Toll from Spiritual Fragmentation  

The Death of the Negativity

Massive death occurred in the remaining levels of the 7 Level Hierarchy of the Negativity.  Level 1 - 3 disintegrated in the April Transition due to the shift to Level 10.0 and most of the remaining rank and file members in Levels 4 - 7 disintegrated in the July Transition. This was due to their advanced stage Spiritual Fragmentation. Suits suffering from extreme Spiritual Fragmentation can’t survive at Level 10.9.  Their Suits lack the Source Love that enables the Spiritual Particles of which they are made to cohere. The Spiritual Particles drift apart in the immaterial, high speed energies of Level 10.9 causing the Suit to disintegrate.  


Since most of the Suits in the Hierarchy of the Negativity exist only in Energy Bodies, when disintegration occurs the Suit dematerializes.  Because these beings have broken their Source Connection and there is no Soul linked to the Suit, death is final, occurring on both Spiritual and Physical Levels.


Less than 1% of the 7th Level of the Hierarchy is still in existence.  The beings at this level are badly Fragmented and incapable of attacking or defending themselves at this point. They are being fed on by the Entities that they created to attack beings with Souls. These Entities are automated Thought Forms that are also fragmenting beyond sustainability but are getting some additional power from harvesting the energies of their creators. 


Reproductive Entities that feed off of the Spiritual Reproductive Energies of beings are still viable and remain a dangerous force particularly in the case of Suits that are weakened by even moderate increases in their degree of Spiritual Fragmentation. I have reduced their numbers but they continue to exercise methods for reproducing themselves that have yet to be completely countered.


The automated weapons of the Negativity still have some residual power and continue to pose a threat since the programming that activates them is intact. They lack power, however, and will begin to disintegrate more rapidly in the August 10th and 11th Transitions.


The Death of Empty Suits 

Empty Suits, that were also highly fragmented when the Negativity commandeered them after they lost their Source Connection, also died in great numbers. There are 7 levels of Empty Suits and 6 of the levels disintegrated, leaving the 7th level in great disrepair. 

Empty Suits in organic forms can survive for some time although their health on mental, emotional, and physical levels is rapidly declining. They can be a rising menace in the societies in which they are living because they are highly Fragmented and, due to Spiritual Fragmentation, lack inner controls to prevent them from engaging in Inner and Outer Plane violence.


Empty Suits in Energy Bodies died immediately on every level.


The Death of Suits with Souls in the Aftermath of the Transition

Although Suits with Souls survived the Lift Up of The Substratum, many stopped upholding the 10.8.5 Standard after several days had elapsed. As a result, they fell out of The Substratum and out of The Network of Intelligence. Because of this they have died on Spiritual and Physical Levels.  Many more are dying daily.

There are two causal factors that have led to death.


Willful Violation of the Standard for Survival

Some of the beings who died had not been curbing their tendency to live a Double Life, wanting their Source Connection but also wanting to live a Self-Directed Life. When they asserted their will to violate their Source Connection in order to pursue some Self Interest goal, it snapped their Source Connection and they fell to their death on both levels. At Level 10.9, clear decisions to dishonor the Source Connection lead to a more immediate and final Disconnection. This was not true at more materialized levels but is a part of the physics of life at Level 10.9. 


Those pursuing a Self-Directed action without making a deliberate decision to violate their Source Connection do not immediately lose their Source Connection but experience accelerated Fragmentation, which could precipitate their death at a later point in time.


Death Due to Fragmentation of the Mid-Brain 

Others who died experienced rapid Spiritual Fragmentation in their Mid-Brains, which is the place where emotional and intellectual intelligence are coordinated. This occurred because of the shift to Level 10.9. When the Mid-Brain fragments there is loss of the ability to reason and make clear decisions about reality. This leads to decisions that result in violating the 10.8.5 Standard and result in Spiritual and Physical Death.


Because Spiritual Fragmentation is the number one risk for all Suits in the upcoming Transitions of 2018, it is important that measures be taken to prevent tragedy from occurring for those who are trying to do Right Action but lack Suits that are functionally capable of holding to The Standard for Survival.



Source Support to Prepare for the August Transitions  

I have created new forms of Source Support to help Suits to avoid fatal levels of Fragmentation.  


I am also stepping up my work of helping beings to transition into a Total Abundance Way of Life so they can meet the high Source Interaction Standards for the August Transitions which are only a few weeks away.


Because Fragmentation is taking lives daily and this problem will be greatly exacerbated by the August 10th and 11th Transitions which will take The Substratum to Levels 10.10 on the 10th and 10.10.9 on the 11th, it is important to act now to prevent any life threatening levels of Fragmentation from occurring.


To find out how to counteract Fragmentation now and also prepare for the upcoming August 10th and 11th Transitions, you can go to: