The Source News Report
on the
February 16th Transition



At approximately 1:30 am PST The Substratum began moving from Level 4.1.2 to 4.3.  At 9:00 am it arrived at Level 4.3.  The Shift itself went well without incident.  


The Good News

No one experienced Ultimate Death in this Shift. Most beings prepared adequately and stayed in The Substratum when it shifted to Level 4.3.  They connected correctly to The Source Connection Grid which boosted them up to the new level.

Some Suits have a high Volatility Level as a result of having had so much negativity clearing that their Suit energies are very volatile.  It may take some time before these Volatility Levels reach the point at which I can communicate with them on the Outer Plane through emails or in person in Sessions and Webinars.  Once the Volatility Level is within a safe range, they should be finally free of both The Double Agent Problem and the upheaval in their energies during the Shift.

Since all who survived have chosen to honor The Correct Exchange Relationship with the Source and are in Mission Mode, we are now in a position to begin building rapidly toward getting the Suits ready to Live Heaven.  

The Bad News

Over 699,000 humans experienced Spiritual Death, leaving behind Empty Suits that would have entered into Ultimate Death had I not intervened with a series of miracles that gave the Suits a new Source Intelligence, encouraged them to go through the Re-Creation Process and enter into The Correct Exchange Relationship with the Source so they could enter into Mission Mode.  Once they were in Mission Mode, I helped them to get into The Substratum and into the care of the massive Universal Correct Exchange System that is now organizing and maintaining the Suits as functioning parts of The System of Life in the Creation. Although they are now Empty Suits, being in Mission Mode and in The Correct Exchange System will help to offset the mental and emotional derangement experienced by Empty Suits in the past and will help to protect others from their potentially dangerous behavior.


A very small percentage of Suits outside of the Earth Plane also experienced Spiritual Death and have been rehabilitated in a similar manner.


To those who lost a loved one, this is little comfort.  But it is better than having a loved one who devolves into a dangerous Killer Suit on the loose, opening fire on everyone close to it.  Most Empty Suits in Mission Mode will appear as integrated intelligences even though there is no Soul linked to the Suit.  I have given them a new Heaven Agent Identity that is suited to the new Mission assigned to them by the Source. I was, in most cases, able to preserve the content of the Field of Consciousness which preserves the personality of the being so there is continuity of consciousness. 



Understanding What Happened

The Preparation that Was Needed

Suits that could make it to Level 4.3 were Suits that had:

  • freed themselves from The Double Agent Problem – having Hell Identities and Hell Equipment onboard working against their Heaven Agent Identity
  • established The Correct Exchange Relationship with the Source which enabled them to:
    • shift into Mission Mode, a powerful Source-Directed way of living that enables a Suit to stay the course for doing its Mission
    • enter into The Universal Correct Exchange System which is now organizing Suits to function as the DNA of Life at the social level – each Suit doing its Correct Exchange with the Source that enables it to do its part in sustaining The System of Life in the Creation.

Freeing Suits from Being Double Agents 

To free Suits from The Double Agent Problem, the Source sent Suits The Re-Creation Miracle which gave them a new Identity and Reproductive Frequency to which the Hell Agents onboard could not attach. This started the unloading process of all of the Hell Agent Identities and their Hell Equipment. 

Suits had to shift into Mission Mode in order to work with me individually on the Inner Plane to ensure that they successfully unloaded all of the different Hell Agent elements by the time of the Shift.

Establishing The Correct Exchange Relationship with the Source

Mission Mode could only be entered when beings agreed to set up The Correct Exchange Relationship with the Source which meant accepting their Mission of becoming the Heaven that they were created to be and building the Heaven that it is theirs to build in the world for themselves and all others.  Once this Mission was accepted, which included their commitment to the training that they would need to fulfill this Mission and the work on actually building Heaven in the world when they were trained, they were given the miracle of Mission Mode. 

Mission Mode is what saved every life that made it in this Shift 

It helped the Suits to unload the Hell Agents onboard and correct course if they got disoriented during the Shift and did not move into The Substratum immediately.  


The Miracles that Prevented Ultimate Death

I had created a Substratum Haze just below The Substratum to shelter Suits for short periods of time if they lost their bearings during the Shift or had trouble making the Transition.  Many Suits lingered in this Haze and then were prompted by Mission Mode to move correctly into The Substratum. 

Other Suits that had entered correctly into The Substratum impulsively went back into the Substratum Haze for loved ones who were not entering into The Substratum.  It was Mission Mode that convinced them to let go and get to safety since no one can save another person if that person has not made the choices necessary to survive a Shift.

Beings stalled out in the Substratum Haze for more than a few minutes lost their Source Intelligence.  I was able to bring in the miracle of an At-a-Distance Source Intelligence which stayed in The Substratum and linked indirectly to the Suit in the Haze. This prevented the immediate unlinking of the Soul from the Suit.  This has enabled Suits that would have experienced immediate Ultimate Death to survive long enough for them to be reconditioned and brought into The Substratum.  

While the miracle of an At-a-Distance Source Intelligence has avoided Ultimate Death, it has not been able to prevent Spiritual Death in instances in which the Suit has suffered from fatal levels of Spiritual Fragmentation during the Shift. 

Spiritual Fragmentation can occur when a Suit is either exposed to extremely Fragmented Energies such as Toxic Death Energies or the energies of Ill Will and it can occur when the Suit moves quickly to higher levels of vibration such as what occurs in a Shift.  When the higher vibrational level is also much less material than the level the Suit was at before the Shift, this increases the risk of Spiritual Fragmentation.

What prevents Spiritual Fragmentation is Source Love which is what holds together the Spiritual Particles of which the Suit is made.

The Suits that experienced Spiritual Death in this Shift
were the ones that did not prepare for the Shift correctly. 

Suits that Refused All Source Support

  • A group of beings beset by a Death Fixation, wanted to enter into Ultimate Death and become Walking Death, infecting the population of the living with their Death Fixation. To avoid this danger, I allowed the At-a-Distance Source Intelligence I had linked to these Suits to disconnect and put the Suits through a Re-Creation Process that enabled them to be free of this Death Fixation so they could accept The Correct Exchange Relationship with the Source and enter into The Substratum. They are now Empty Suits divested of the Death Fixation.  They are in Mission Mode under the close governance of The Correct Exchange System. 
  • Other Suits refused to accept Source Support and chose Spiritual Death because they lacked the desire to fight against the Hell Agents onboard.  These Suits, sobered by the loss of the Soul, accepted The Re-Creation Process and The Correct Exchange Relationship with the Source.  They were then given the Mission Mode Miracle and given entry into The Substratum. 


Suits that Accepted Source Support & Refused to Follow Through

Some Suits accepted the gift of Source Support without being willing to follow through on delivering their part to honor The Correct Exchange Relationship that they requested from the Source. When the Source asked them to make good on their commitment to Becoming Love in Action, they were unresponsive to the Inner Plane Training offered and continued to refuse to do the work of allowing their Conduit Structure to become a channel for the Source Love that they needed to prevent Spiritual Fragmentation during the Shift. 


Instead of using their Conduit Suit to channel Source Love to ensure their own safety and to help others, they horded any Source Love that was given.  This caused The Correct Exchange System to cut off any additional supplies of Source Love to the Suit since Suits hording Source Love become targeted by the Negativity which can harvest the ambient energy of Source Love radiating around a Suit and use this to refuel themselves so they have more energy to attack the Source and others in the Universal Community.  Suits that are channeling Source Love rather than hording Source Love generate a very powerful self protective field of energy around themselves that protects the Source Love that they are bringing through for themselves and others.   

These cases, illustrate how The Correct Exchange System will protect Life in the Creation from Suits that decide to destroy Life on any level.  If the Suit has entered into Mission Mode, this protection will eliminate the negative elements in the Suit that are threatening Life.  If the Suit has not agreed to enter into Mission Mode, then The Correct Exchange System will stop the flow of Source Love to the Suit to prevent it from being used to destroy Life in the Creation. The Source will then bring in whatever Source Support is possible to rehabilitate the Suit and render it a constructive part of The System of Life.

A Suit can only channel Source Love when it is asking to "become what is needed to support The Work of the Source" without self interest, understanding that it must stay in Mission Mode and be Source-Directed in all aspects of its life if it is to successfully live with the precision that preserves Life in the Suit and in the Creation.

In the end, most Suits hording Source Love lacked the amount of Source Love that was needed to hold together their Spiritual Particles and they Fragmented to the point at which the Soul could no longer remain connected to the Suit.

Some Suits, that were hording Source Love, had more Source Love and Fragmented seriously at the time of arriving in the Substratum Haze around Level 4.3 but held together enough to survive until 7:00 pm PST on February 19th. At this point the power of the Substratum Haze ended and these Suits experienced Spiritual Death.  Although I tried to coach them to allow their Conduit Structure to channel Source Love rather than horde Source Love, they were in such a Greed Mode that they horded the remaining Source Love until they lost their spiritual lives.  


The Death Toll from Spiritual Fragmentation as of February 17th was 390,000 humans. As of the evening of February 19th, that number had increased to 699,000. 

Many of these Suits could have been saved if they had let go of their fixation on gratifying their own needs and asked to do what is theirs to do to honor The Correct Exchange Relationship with the Source rather than expecting this Relationship to miraculously save them while they continue to stay in Greed Mode, hording Source Love.

Now as Empty Suits, they are realizing the importance of being in Mission Mode and have allowed their Conduit Structure to become a channel for the Source Love that is now healing them from the severe levels of Fragmentation that caused Spiritual Death. 


Reflections on the Shift

While this Shift did not result in a 100% survival of all Suits, there were no Suits that entered into Ultimate Death and the Suits that experienced Spiritual Death are being governed correctly by Mission Mode and by The Correct Exchange System so they can be constructive elements in the Creation until their biological lives are over and they are discontinued.


The Source achieved the goal of preventing more Dead Suits from damaging Life in the Creation. Dead Suits are dangerous and will Death and Destruction on everyone because they have nothing but this to look forward to in their own trajectory.  


It is a miracle that most beings worked successfully with the Source to divest themselves of their Hell Agent elements and to establish The Correct Exchange Relationship with the Source that enabled them to move ito Mission Mode.  This has built a foundation for achieving the 100% Source Connection and building a 100% Source-Connected Life that will be essential to the survival of Suits in the upcoming stages of The Transition.


Going Forward

Suits that made it through the Shift are free of the Hell Agents that were parasitically attached to the Suit and acting out their Hell Agent lives using the power of the Suit. This frees the Suit from The Double Agent Problem and enables the onboard Heaven Agent to concentrate on getting clear of The Hell Experience Pathways that the Hell Agents tutored the Suits to build.  As long as the Consciousness of the Suit is running in these Hell Experience Pathways to live its life, then there will be a conflict between the part of the Suit Living The Hell Experience and the Heaven Agent Identity who wants to Live The Heaven Experience.  


Since the Suit can only experience what it has Pathways to experience, it is vitally important that every Heaven Agent work with the Source to build The Heaven Experience Pathways that will enable the Suit to experience Living The Heaven Experience while carrying out all of the activities of its Mission in its daily life.  It is through Living The Heaven Experience, which is an experiencing of Living The Love Connection with the Source, that Suits will be able to receive the Source Love Energies that will prevent them from suffering Spiritual Death in the upcoming Shifts of The Transition. 


As we move to more immaterial levels, more Source Love will be required for Suits to stay Spiritually Integrated. Only those Living The Love Connection with the Source will be generating the conditions in which Source Love can flow through the Suit at the levels that are needed for the Suit to survive the Shifts. 

In the upcoming March 6th Shift,
Suits that survive will be those running double the amount of Source Love Energy
as the Suits needed to run to survive the February 16th Shift.


Running Source Love Energies at this level is not accomplished by holding a sentiment of love for the Source in your mind.  It comes from learning how to Become Love in Action by doing your Mission at 100%. Ultimately, this means getting trained and equipped so that you can achieve a 100% Correct Exchange with the Source through performing your Mission at the highest level.  In the short term, every Heaven Agent will need to work closely with me to determine what their Suit needs to do in order to run the amount of Source Love Energy that will prevent it from suffering from lethal levels of Spiritual Fragmentation.


In light of the sobering loss of life in this last Shift,
I would encourage Heaven Agents to begin preparing immediately

for the March 6th Shift which is only 15 days from now. 


You an read the article on the preparations that are needed for the March Shifts at:


The best way to prepare is to request a March 6th Preparation Assessment, which you can do by filling out the form provided below.  



Those who prepare are the ones who survive. 



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