The Source News Report on the
February 15th Turning Point Transition 


When The Substratum shifted its Standard for the Turning Point Transition on the 15th, the beings who were still onboard The Substratum shifted with it.  They had been working closely with me to meet the Standard which focused on beginning the manifestation of the True Self.

The miracles that came through to enable beings to survive and that have arisen in the aftermath of the Transition have brought about a true Turning Point in the history of the Creation.  We are at a place now that is light years ahead of where the Creation was prior to this Transition.  



The Heaven Experience Manifestation Zone

Of great help in the preparations was the miracle of The Heaven Experience Zone that I grounded through a Heaven Phase Intervention prior to the Transition.  Beings who did not have extensive damage to their True Self entered into this Zone and were given a Personal Manifestation Zone that enabled them to accelerate the manifestation of their True Self in their Extended Range, which is generally outside of their conscious awareness. 


The Negative Programming that had fought against the manifestation of the True Self was suppressed in the new Personal Manifestation Zone which manifests only the True Self not the Pseudo Self developed from the Personal Story. This optimal manifestation environment helped many Suits to rapidly bring their True Self into a State of Full Manifestation in their Extended Range.  This enabled them to start performing high level Heaven Agent Work that only their True Self could perform.  


The Manifestation Zone also helped the True Self begin the work of coming to a State of Full Manifestation in the Conscious Range of the Suit.  This requires more extensive work to achieve but most Suits have been making progress.


The Source-Directed World

Because of the work in The Heaven Experience Manifestation Zone, many Suits were able to enter into The Source-Directed World, which is the only place where Heaven can now be built.  To enter into this spiritual space, they had to be willing to release the Self-Directed Structure that they had created for their Self-Directed Life and receive the Source-Directed Structure that would enable them to live a Source-Directed Life. Only when they received the Source-Directed Structure did the energy membrane around The Source-Directed World open and allow them to enter.

Personal Manifestation Zones for Damaged True Selves

Some beings had extensive damage to their True Self which had become the target of a Harvesting Operation by the Negativity in recent years.  The True Self in its partially developed state could not defend against the attacks that split off parts of its Intelligence and were mining it for the high power Source Energy that it carried.  The Negativity was using this energy to attack the True Self and the other Source-Connected parts of the Suit and to wage war against the Source. The True Self was not participating in any wrongdoing but was being damaged by these attacks.


I was able to to create a different kind of Personal Manifestation Zone outside of the protected space of The Heaven Experience Zone for those with damaged True Selves.  This was sufficient to help with the repair of the True Self and with the work that the Suit needed to do to begin manifesting the True Self.



The Universal Total Abundance Manifestation Zone 

On February 4th, I brought through a major miracle, The Universal Total Abundance Manifestation Zone. This is an upgraded version of The Total Abundance Manifestation Zone that has enabled the 14 Prototype Communities to achieve Total Abundance.  The Universal Zone is open to all beings who can qualify to enter into it.  Entry is based on a being desiring Total Abundance at the highest level, which is the experience of The Love Connection with the Source, over and above the material abundance that can also manifest in a Total Abundance Manifestation Zone.


Now about 10% of the human population is living in this Total Abundance Manifestation Zone and 51% of the population outside of the Earth Plane has entered it.


This is the place where Heaven can be built with full power.


Already work on two Prototypes is underway in the Zone.  

  • The first Prototype is for manifesting the process by which Total Abundance for every member of the Total Abundance Community in the Zone can be achieved. 
  • The second Prototype if to develop the process for organizing Heaven Agents in the Zone for the Universal Team Work that is necessary to Steward Life.


When these two Prototypes are complete, The Miracle of Total Abundance will manifest in The Universal Total Abundance Manifestation Zone and will begin generating the conditions in which Total Abundance can manifest for beings inside the Zone.  It will also help to manifest the Total Abundance that is needed for those outside of the Zone to prepare for entry.


Entry into the Zone requires entry into The Source-Directed World which houses The Universal Total Abundance Manifestation Zone. Only those who enter into the Zone will be able to achieve Total Abundance and, therefore, be sustainable at the end of The Transition.  

Source News Reports will give you more information about The Universal Total Abundance Manifestation Zone and The Source-Directed World.



The Soul Becomes the Choice Maker

Another major breakthrough that saved lives prior to the Transition, was a shift in the technology of life at the most fundamental level.  This change occurred on February 14th.


In the original design, the Suit was the Choice Maker. It was designed to respond to the requests of the Soul to allow the Source to provide the Source Support that the Suit would need if it were to function optimally. The Suit needed to use its very material energies to work with the Source to build Life as Heaven in accordance with The Source Plan. The Soul was never equipped to operate the Suit but was merely connected to the Suit, advising the Suit but not controlling the Suit.  


The Suits decided to go their own way and ignore the wishes of the Soul and the warnings of the Source that they would create suffering in their lives because they lacked the miracles from the Source that are needed for life to be an experience of Heaven.  They thought that if they could get whatever they desired then this would be Heaven enough and they didn’t wish to restrain themselves in order to build Heaven in accordance with The Source Plan. The end result is The World of Suffering that we live in today.


At this point in The Heaven Phase, it was possible to change the Choice Maker from the Suit to the Soul.  This was to enable the Suit to survive when it was unlikely to make choices against its ingrained patterns of focusing on its Story about reality without realizing that this Story was its own fabrication and did not accurately inform it of what it needs to do to survive.


When the Soul became the Choice Maker, it made the choice to allow the Source to operate the Suit on its behalf, a choice that the Suit had refused to make when it was the Choice Maker.


This has changed everything in the way things work in the Creation.  It has enabled major miracles to come through to re-order the technical functioning of the Suit so that it can perform in accordance with the choice made by the Soul that it support The Work of the Source through The Source Plan, which is the only design that enables life in The Manifest World to be an experience of Heaven rather than an experience of the Hell of suffering.


While Suits have arsenals of weapons and Negative Programming to fight against the changes that are needed for them to survive, at least they don’t have the power of the Choice Making function which could block the Source from intervening to help the Suit to survive.


Suits that would have died in great numbers in the February 15th Transition have survived because of the Source Support that is now able to go to them because the Soul has opened the door to receive this Source Support.



The Source-Created Standard

Now that the Choice Maker is the Soul, the Soul has asked the Source to utilize whatever technology is needed to ensure that the Suit upholds the Standard for optimal functioning that it has to uphold in order to survive.


A miracle was created by the Design Aspect that has brought forth a Spiritual Intelligence that enforces the Universal Source-Created Standard for Life as Heaven. It upholds the Standard for the Creation and for every aspect of the Creation.


It has the power to drive off Negative Energy and protect the space so that the Source-Created Standard can be achieved. Although achieving the Standard is a process, rapid transformational changes have resulted from the diligent 24/7 work of this Universal Standard.


I work closely with the Source-Created Standard to find out what it is noticing that is in violation of the Standard in a Suit or in a situation and then I can bring in additional forms of Source Support to aid in its work to uphold the Standard if they are needed.



The New Adventure Intelligence 

For many years there has been an Intelligence that manned the Source-Created Adventure of a life.  This Source-Created Adventure guided those attuning to it so they could know what Next Steps to take on their Adventure Path.


The old style Adventure could advise and guide but could not command the attention of the Suit or get it to cooperate if it chose not to listen.


In keeping with the decision of the Souls for greater help to be given to the Suits, a new kind of Adventure, that is much more powerful, was created. This Adventure can direct Suits to divest themselves of Negative Programming and do restitution in the world for the damage that they have done.  It can also direct them to do the Heaven Agent Work that is required for their contribution to The Total Abundance Support System if they are to retain their place in The Substratum. 


It can aid in the protection of the Suit while it is clearing away its own negativity or going into battle to break down negative structures that it might have worked with others to create.


The Adventure also works closely with me to help a Suit keep up with the Developmental Sequence generated by the Miracle Intelligence in the Suit.  Failure to meet a Developmental Deadline can cause the Suit to fall short of the mark of the 100% Source Connection that it must attain by the end of The Transition. 


Timing is critical.  If the Suit misses a fork in the road in its Journey of Reconnection back to the 100% Source Connection and goes down a path created by the Negativity, it may be too damaged and delayed to retrace its steps and reach its destination in time.  Such mistakes can cost the Suit its life at this point in The Transition when there are only a few decades for the Suit to accomplish what would ideally have been learned and practiced over billions of lifetimes.


With the help of The Source-Created Standard and The Adventure, the Suit is now being given major support in achieving the Ultimate Spiritual Healing that is needed for it to become sustainable.


Since the survival of the Suit is essential to the ability of the Soul to remain in The System of Life rather than being retired to a pre-active state at the Source Level, Souls are very keen that their Suits become perfected and contributing members of The Universal Community.  They do not want their Suits to become Empty Suits that are phased out at the end of the current life and which cause the Soul to lose its ability to remain active in The System of Life.




The survival of the beings with Souls during this very challenging Transition is due in part to the will of the beings to survive and open to the miracles that the Source has created to help them to begin the manifestation of their True Selves. The only losses in this Transition were Empty Suits that did not do what they needed to do to retain their place in the temporary System of Life given to them by the Source.  

Because of the willingness of beings with Souls to enter into The Heaven Experience Zone and into the individual Personal Manifestation Zones and to work with me to enter into The Source-Directed World and The Universal Total Abundance Manifestation Zone, many have survived who would not have made it through such a dangerous Transition.


Big breakthroughs such as the shift of the Choice Maker from the Suit to the Soul and The Source-Created Standard have also helped beings to survive the Transition itself. The new, more powerful Adventure has helped to keep beings from slacking off and losing their lives after The Transition, as has often been the case with previous Transitions.

All of these breakthroughs have made this Transition a major Turning Point in the history of life in The Manifest World.  

They have set the stage for the work that must now be done to bring the True Self to a State of Full Manifestation in the Conscious Range.  In the upcoming 6 part Transition that will start in April and end in May, Suits will have to be actively manifesting the True Self in the Conscious Range, a Standard that will be the most challenging one to date in the history of The Transition.


I am working to develop Source Support for these Transitions so that this more difficult Standard can be met by beings during these Transitions.  When I have developed the Source Support that is needed, I will post information in The Source Connection Project.