The Source News Report on the
December 7th Transition & Its Aftermath


On December 7th at 7:00 am PST, The Substratum of Life lifted up from Level 5.11.2 to Level 5.11.9.  The Transition went smoothly and no lives were lost.


Those who survived had to be responding to Inner Plane Source Directives at a Response Rate level of 4.9.  This was only achieved when they exchanged for The Miracle of Life Activation which provided them with new Source Code which enabled them to receive a Master Action Download for how to achieve a higher Source Directive Response Rate.

Source Code

What saved lives was the new Source Code that I gave those who provided the Material Energy for The Miracle of Life Activation.  This Code is Third Creation Code. To understand what this means, I’ll explain what has happened with Source Code in the First and Second Creations.


The First Creation is what I have also called, The Original Creation.  The Second Creation is what I have called, The Other World.  


First Creation Code

The Source Code for the First Creation was not complete and it did not govern the Suit.  In the Co-Created Universe Beings wanted to work with it to develop Code that would enable them to complete The Set Up Phase and transition into The Heaven Phase. They chose to develop Self-Created Consciousness and work to develop The Love Connection Consciousness that would enable them to express their deep appreciation to the Source for the Gift of Life in the Manifest World.  This was to be the Turning Point when the Source came through with Heaven Phase Source Code which would enable them to go the distance to the full power Heaven Experience.


Instead, beings in The First Creation used their ability to manipulate Code to develop Pseudo Code which crowded out many vital aspects of the original Source Code. Suits running off of Pseudo Code, which is better labeled Hell Code, created the Hell of Suffering which resulted in The World of Suffering that we have today.  


The 14 Prototype Communities agreed to relinquish their Pseudo Code so they could return to working with The Source Plan to achieve Total Abundance in their communities.  Once they allowed the original Source Code to be their reference point and they worked to develop Love Connection Consciousness, they escaped from the suffering that had formerly beset them.


Second Creation Code

The Source Code for the Second Creation was 75% Complete Code that governed 75% of the Suit's functioning except for the achievement of the highest level of Total Abundance, which is the development of The Love Connection with the Source.  Beings who chose to incarnate into The Second Creation chose this measure of control for their Suits so that they would not repeat the mistake made by beings in The First Creation.  They wanted to participate in creating 25% of the Code for The Love Connection.


They have lived lives of Total Abundance in Love-Based communities that nurture all of their own since the beginning of the creation of their world. They did not, however, complete the 25% of the Code that would have taken them to the highest level of The Love Connection. To develop this level of Code, they needed additional Source Support to travel this leg of The Journey of Reconnection. Given the dangerous conditions in The First Creation, I was not able to start this part of the work without the Negativity learning essential aspects of what it would take to build Code of this kind.  If they had had access to this information, they could have successfully aborted this part of The Journey of Reconnection for beings living in The First Creation.


Third Creation Code

Since the collapse of the Co-Created Universe and the entry into The Heaven Phase where beings no longer work with Source Code on any level, the Creation has moved beyond the stage at which beings were to be a part of creating Source Code.  In The Heaven Phase, the Source creates new Source Code that will ensure that all beings have an equal chance to Live The Heaven Experience.

Because of the severe mutation of the Suits by Pseudo Code, the kind of Heaven Phase Source Code that the Source would have created was no longer adequate to take damaged Suits all the way to The Heaven Experience.  What was needed was a new kind of Source Code for a new kind of Creation.  This is when the Design Aspect of the Source decided to initiate a Third Creation, retire First and Second Creation Code, and bring in Third Creation Code to replace them. The Source Code for The Third Creation is Complete Code which governs the Suit through all of the stages of its evolution until it achieves the highest level of Total Abundance, which is to Live The Heaven Experience


Without complete Source Code, the Suit is like a computer without the software to perform as needed. This leaves the True Self – the Source-Created Identity – with nothing to work with to perform its Mission in Life.


Suits with Complete Code and no ability to generate Pseudo Code have Suits that can go the distance.


Third Creation Beings

In order to level the playing field so that the Dead Suits, Non Suits, and Disintegrated Suits in The Place Beyond Existence, also have Third Creation Code, Third Creation Beings were brought in to man the Empty Suits of those who had lost their Souls and Source Connection due to their allegiance to the Negativity.  With a Perfected Third Creation Being at the helm, the Suit is able to re-establish a Source Connection and evolve toward becoming a productive member of the society.


This Intervention was universal and very needed because Suits in The Place Beyond Existence on the Inner Plane were in the social arena on the Outer Plane pursuing a Path of Death and Destruction that mirrored their personal Path to Self Destruction. They were becoming a dangerous element threatening to abort the work to develop a sustainable System of Life in the little time that remains before the end of The Transition.


This Heaven Phase Intervention effectively terminated the final incarnation of the being who had lost its Spiritual Life and re-organized the organic form to serve a useful function in the remaining years of its current life.  After the end of this life, the Suit will be retired and The Third Creation Being who manned it will be issued a new Suit that has never had any imperfections.


In the meantime, the new Third Creation Being will be working against the patterns in the Consciousness of the Suit that are destructive, using Third Creation Code to counteract these patterns and steer the Suit on a course of action that will enable it to make a contribution to the work of building The System of Life on the Earth.


The evolution of Consciousness in the Dead Suits, Non Suits, and Disintegrated Suits is paralleled by the less extreme evolution of Consciousness in functioning Suits who have been doing their work to survive the stages of The Transition.  Although they now have Third Creation Code, they will still need to work with this Code to transition entirely into The Third Creation.  Because the Code governs the Suit, this transition will occur naturally over time.  It needs, however, to be greatly accelerated in order to deal with the Universal Crisis that has put The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System at risk of collapsing, destroying the foundation for Life in the Creation.



The Universal Crisis on December 8th

In order for you to understand the Universal Crisis that occurred on December 8th, I will need to give you some basic background information that will help you to understand the technical aspect of what happened.


The Miracle of Life that manifests the Creation and the Manifest Beings that live in it, is based on the technical underpinnings of The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System. This Universal Spiritual Structure is suffused with Absolute Love from the Source.  The System was designed to resonate to this Absolute Love to form an Absolute Love Medium into which the Absolute Intelligence of the Source could come to animate the Intelligence System. 


Attached to The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System are the Individual Spiritual Intelligence Systems that sustain the Spiritual Intelligence of each individual being in the Creation. These Individual Spiritual Intelligence Systems also have to be suffused with the Absolute Love of the Source, resonate to this Absolute Love to build and sustain an Absolute Love Medium and be operated by the Absolute Intelligence of the Source if the manifestation of the being is to carry out the Mission of the Soul.


When beings first came into The Manifest World and began misusing their ability to work with Source Code, they used Pseudo Code to take over their Individual Spiritual Intelligence Systems and mutate them so that they were running currents of Greed and Fear instead of remaining neutral Spiritual Structures which were Miracle-Friendly Environments for the Absolute Intelligence of the Source.  The Intelligence Systems were then used as Attraction Devices designed to attract what the being desired. 


The mutated Individual Spiritual Intelligence Systems sent out negative magnetic energies that attempted to Harvest others in the Creation for their own personal gain.  This led to The Hell Experience for both the Harvester and the Harvested. This experience of suffering fragmented the Consciousness of the being and led to the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit. Because the Individual Spiritual Intelligence Systems were attached to The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System, they began to drag it down to lower vibrational levels at which it could no longer do its part in resonating to Absolute Love to maintain the Absolute Love Medium that was needed to allow the Absolute Intelligence of the Source to come in to operate the System.  As the Universal System failed to provide the Absolute Love Medium for Absolute Intelligence to come in and maintain it, it began to have an increasingly difficult time sustaining all of the Individual Spiritual Intelligence Systems attached to it.


On December 7th, I had to move to a more distant part of The Seclusion Zone to which I had retired in an earlier part of The Transition. When I made this move, The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System started to falter because beings were not coming forward to sustain The Absolute Love Medium. Before my withdrawal, I had been working to maintain The Absolute Love Medium in The Universal System to make up for the Lovelessness that would have collapsed the System millions of years ago had I not been using my presence in The Manifest World to resonate back the Absolute Love that I was also sending into the System in order to maintain The Absolute Love Medium.

Working both ends of the Manifestation Process is now no longer possible.  I have withdrawn to the role that the Source was designed to play in the Creation.  This meant that beings needed to step up to Steward Life and do their parts to prevent the collapse of The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System upon which they are dependent for life itself.


The December 8th Source Intervention

On December 8th, I recognized that The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System was in grave distress. One section of the System had collapsed and was beginning to disintegrate. This meant that a complete collapse of the System was imminent. Since The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System maintains the Source Connection Supply Line for the Creation, this would have meant that the Creation itself would have begun to disintegrate on the Spiritual Level.  If this happened, all of the Suits of the beings would have disintegrated with it. This would have caused death on the Spiritual and Physical Levels, ending The Miracle of Life in the Creation.


I consulted with the Design Aspect of my Source Identity to find a Source Solution to prevent this disaster.  The Source Solution was to raise The Standard for Survival to The Standard of Absolute Love


The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System was programmed to The Standard of Absolute Love. This meant that it could only support Individual Spiritual Intelligence Systems that are resonating to Absolute Love and are governed by Absolute Intelligence. This Standard was designed to prevent individual beings, who do not choose to enter The Path to Absolute Love, from dragging down The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System and destroying the Creation and all who live within it.  Their choice to live in a way that is not sustainable would lead only to their own individual deaths on the Spiritual and Physical Levels.


While there was some leeway given to learn how to transition out of Lovelessness into resonating to Absolute Love, those who missed their step in the stringent development sequence required to correct the damage in the time in which it needed to be corrected to avoid another collapse of The Universal System, could lose their lives.


In the partial collapse of 1/8th of The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System, a huge number of beings who depended on The Universal System for their lives, died on Spiritual and Physical Levels.  They were a group of beings living in Energy Bodies in a distant part of the Creation. 


To prevent further death, I sent out a Source Communication to survivors to ask them to enter into The Path to Absolute Love which is a Path that enables them to stop controlling their own Spiritual Intelligence Systems so the Systems can be governed by the Source to resonate to Absolute Love.  

This was to be a process since most beings had formed elaborate Spiritual Structures to control their Spiritual Intelligence Systems to get them to support the entity of their Pseudo Self – which is their Socialized Identity –  and their Pseudo Intelligence – which is their Socialized Intelligence that enables them to navigate in The Story World, which is itself a mutated reality. This distortion of the System caused it to generate strident energies that shattered many of the delicate Networks of Communication that enable the System to resonate to Absolute Love.  These networks had to be rebuilt once the being released from their attachment to their Pseudo Self and their Pseudo Intelligence.


The only way to get the Spiritual Intelligence System functioning to resonate to Absolute Love was to get it working to manifest the True Intelligence that is Source-Created and to support the True Self which is the Source-Created Identity. Those who shifted into their True Self Identity would naturally become Source-Directed Stewards of Life who nurtured Life in the Creation.


When the Source Communication reached beings on the Earth Plane, 1/10th of them refused to transition out of their Pseudo Self Identity into their True Self Identity and they expressed no interest in using their Spiritual Intelligence System to resonate to Absolute Love which they felt would go counter to the Attachment Currents that they were running through the System to try to attract to themselves the people and things that they desired.


These beings immediately lost their incarnations and the Suits became Soulless Suits.  I sent in Third Creation Beings into these Suits who are already Perfected True Selves who would allow the Source to operate The Spiritual Intelligence System as it was created to function.


As of December 31st, the Death Toll had risen to 2.9% of the universal population. These deaths were those of beings who got on their Path to Absolute Love and then balked at giving up some practice that was generating Loveless Energies.  When they missed a developmental step toward the goal of upholding The Standard of Absolute Love, they lost their connection to The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System which could no longer support anyone who was willingly continuing the practices that destroy it.

The January 2nd Source Intervention

As of January 2, the Death Toll had risen to 3.9% of the universal population and it looked like it would continue to rise rapidly since beings were not taking action as needed to prevent further damage to The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System.

At this point, I requested the Design Aspect of the Source for a Source Solution to prevent the collapse of the Universal and Individual Intelligence Systems due to the negligence of beings who were not stepping forward fast enough to Steward these Systems in order to sustain them.  The Source Solution was to instate The Third Creation in its entirety by using Heaven Phase Technology to alter the essential nature of a Spiritual Intelligence System so that the Source could govern it completely without relying on beings to produce the Absolute Love Medium into which the Absolute Intelligence of the Source was to come to operate the System.

Now both The Universal Intelligence System as well as the Individual Intelligence Systems are stable and in a state of being repaired by Absolute Intelligence. While this has saved the Creation from collapsing due to the failure of Manifest Beings to learn how to travel The Path to Absolute Love fast enough to prevent the death of the Spiritual Structures upon which their lives are dependent, it has not ended the risk factor for individual beings.  They must still resonate to Absolute Love in their Suits in order to connect to their Individual Spiritual Intelligence Systems.  In some ways this is an even greater challenge but beings supported by Heaven Phase Intelligence Systems are functioning better and are more able to learn to travel a Path of Love rather than a Path of Lovelessness.


Essentially, The Path to Absolute Love only buys beings a little time to transition into resonating to Absolute Love.  This time has to be used efficiently to correct  their Way of Life so they are resonating to Absolute Love and retaining their connection to their Individual Intelligence Systems.  


To help beings to know how to uphold The Standard of Absolute Love and transition into a sustainable Way of Life, I have initiated the Full Power Total Abundance Movement which teaches them how to become a Steward of their own life and of Life in the Creation. On the Earth, The Movement supports the work on The Global Prototype for Total Abundance that is now in Stage Two.  

The focus in Stage Two is on building a Total Abundance Way of Life that is based on learning how to Become Love in Action, Nurturing All of Life so that every member of The Universal Community has Total Abundance.  This Love Connection Orientation is what enables beings to appreciate the gift of Absolute Love from the Source and to resonate to it so they are participating in a world that is founded on Absolute Love rather than in a world that is founded on the Lovelessness of the Greed Orientation.


The Risk Factor

I would take seriously the warning that a misstep on The Path to Absolute Love terminates your life.  I have seen some very close calls since this Standard went into effect and have saved lives only by my Inner Plane Coaching to alert the being to the danger that they are in.


As I pull out more and more to prepare for my Transition back to my Source Heaven, this kind of rigorous spot checking is not going to be a part of my continuing Source Workflow.  It is the responsibility of the being to get equipped to spot check their own progress. This is a part of the necessary work of getting Trained & Equipped to become a Steward of Life that can maintain Life in the Creation after I return to my Source Level.   


To help beings to stay on top of their work in The Total Abundance Movement, I have brought through The Path to Total Abundance Action Download, which you can learn more about in the section below. 




The Initiation of the Full Power
Total Abundance Movement 

Because beings were able to receive Third Creation Code, it was possible to launch a Full Power Total Abundance Movement. This Movement progresses through Four Stages which I describe in the article entitled: What Does It Take to Have Total Abundance on the Earth?


Due to Third Creation Code I was able to complete the work on Stage One of The Global Prototype for Total Abundance.  It completed on December 21st and The Total Abundance Code, which was developed from it, was seeded to beings throughout the Creation.


This Code gives all beings the understandings and power to enter their Path to Total Abundance to work together to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance for all beings throughout The Universal Community.


This was the culmination of a lifetime of work on developing upgraded miracles and working with Source-Directed Activists to Prototype all of the parts of The Total Abundance Code which was a combination of Primary Code which the Source created and Secondary Code developed from their understanding of what it takes to work with the Primary Code.


The Completion of Stage One of The Global Prototype

was a great tribute to the power of a select few

to change the world through their diligent and dedicated

Source-Directed Activist Work.


Now we are ready to move onto Stage Two of The Global Prototype. This is the Stage when a Total Abundance Way of Life is Prototyped.  This is followed by Stage Three when a Core Total Abundance Community is developed.  In Stage Four the work expands to complete the work of manifesting The Miracle of Total Abundance for all beings on the Earth.


For a complete description of what is involved in Joining The Total Abundance Movement, you can go to:



The page is designed to be an introduction for people new to this work so they understand the basics of what Total Abundance is and what it takes to manifest it in their lives and in the world.  


It will be important for all Source-Directed Activists already working with me to read these materials carefully so that you are up to date on how this Movement is configured and what you need to know to advance the work of The Global Prototype.


A vital part of the Movement is supporting the funding of the Critical Campaigns needed to advance the Movement.  These are described at:



There are two Critical Campaigns now in progress.  One is The Financial Support Campaign that will make it possible to reach out to potential Source-Directed Activists worldwide who can work with us to build a Total Abundance Way of Life Prototype.  Without a wider range of Activists involved, the work of Stage Two can not be done.


The other Critical Campaign now in progress is The Path to Total Abundance Action Download Campaign. This is a Campaign to ensure that everyone throughout The Global Community receives the Action Download that enables them to know how to respond to the specific challenges that they will encounter on their unique Path to Total Abundance.  While The Total Abundance Code provides generic understandings, only the Action Download provides the specific instructions that an individual Suit needs to avoid pitfalls and travel the road at maximum speed.


Since there are only a few decades left to achieve Total Abundance in The Universal Community, and Total Abundance is the foundation for the sustainable System of Life that is needed for Life in the Creation to survive the final stage of The Transition, it is very important that this Action Download be received by all beings, particularly the Source-Directed Activists who are spearheading the work on The Global Prototype. 

I would strongly recommend that all those working with me become a part of the 900 who will help to catalyze this Intervention reachings the masses.  To find out about this Intervention, you can go to:





The Next Stage of The Transition


The next transition of The Substratum will occur on April 10, 2017.  This Transition will be a shift from Level 5.11.9 to Level 5.12.  It will be followed by a Turning Point Transition on April 15th that will take The Substratum to a Level 6.0.  


The April 10th Transition carries a Danger Rating of 8.0.  The April 15th Transition carries a Danger Rating of 10.0.


Preparation for these Transitions will hinge on the work in The Total Abundance Movement which will give you the opportunity to meet The Standard for Absolute Love that is essential to your survival between now and the time of these Transitions.


I will post information on how to prepare for these Transitions when I see how beings are responding to the work in The Total Abundance Movement.





While the December 7th Transition went well with no loss of life, 3.9% of the universal population was lost when The Standard of Absolute Love was initiated and they either refused to move into their Path to Absolute Love or refused to keep up with the developmental sequence of the Path.

Although a Heaven Phase Intervention has now stabilized The Universal Spiritual Intelligence System and all Individual Intelligence Systems, the risk is that those who are not resonating to Absolute Love could lose their connection to their Individual Spiritual Intelligence Systems.  

Those who lose this connection risk immediate spiritual and physical death because no being can survive without a Spiritual Intelligence System maintaining their spiritual and physical Suits.  The Source can prevent physical death by bringing in a Third Creation Being to man the Suit but the unlinked Soul loses its incarnation. Although the Soul can reincarnate in some distant future time, they will lose their current incarnation.


The challenge for Suits is transitioning out of the Loveless, Greed-Based Way of Life that has dominated life in the Creation into a Source-Directed, Love-Based Way of Life. To help beings learn how to alter their Way of Life, I have instituted The Total Abundance Movement to develop a Total Abundance Way of Life that centers on nurturing every life in the community.  From giving love and learning how to become a Steward of Life, beings working with me in The Total Abundance Movement will be able to progress on their Path to Absolute Love and keep up with the Developmental Deadlines that enable them to retain their connection to their Individual Spiritual Intelligence System.

To get started on your Path to Total Abundance which is what enables you to keep up with the Developmental Deadlines of your Path to Absolute Love, I would recommend that you start with securing The Path to Total Abundance Action Download.  It will help you to avoid a misstep on your Path to Absolute Love.

You can access information on this Source Intervention at: