The Source News Report on the
 December 5th Transition and Its Aftermath


The Transition

The Lift Up of The Substratum from Level 11.2.5 to 11.6.5 occurred at 1:15 am PST.  There was no opposition from the Negativity. The energy deficit that had been a potential threat to the ability of beings to travel with The Substratum was lessened by the number of beings who prepared in advance by providing the Material Energy for The December 5th Source Power Intervention and because energy did not have to be diverted to fight off an attack by the Negativity.


Level 11.6.5 is the level that The Substratum will remain at until it moves to Level 12 at the final stage of The Transition. From this point on, the stages of The Transition will not be about The Substratum lifting up to higher levels but about achieving the Stewarding Life Standards set for each upcoming Transition.  As the Stewarding Life Standard rises, The Substratum will reset itself to supply Life Support only to those who are meeting the Standard.  Those failing to meet the Standard will fall out of The Substratum that sustains their Spiritual Life and out of the new System of Life that sustains their Physical Life.


In the December 5th Transition, most beings were successful in traveling with The Substratum.  There were some who failed to meet the Standard but they were less than 1/10th of 1% universally. 

The problem in this Transition was not with the Lift Up but with the Negative Energy stored in the Suits from their historical Disconnection from the Source. This Negative Energy blocked their ability to link to The Substratum at Level 11.6.5.  Almost 100% of the beings failed to ground in The Substratum until 10:59 pm. They were hovering in the vicinity of The Substratum but not connecting to their specific place in The Substratum which supplies them with Life Support Energies. They were without power for over 21 hours. Two hours without power is enough to lose essential levels of baseline formatting. 


Fortunately, the Souls did not unlink from the Suits at Level 11.6.5 but the Suits sustained considerable damage to their baseline formatting which begins to disintegrate when there is a complete loss of power.  The Suits have sustained damage to their Mid-Brains and Third Eyes because of the loss of certain levels of their basic formatting.


The Negative Energy of the Disconnection began to dissipate at the high vibrational level to which Suits had traveled. When enough Negative Energy had dissipated, the Suit could reconnect to its place in The Substratum and power could be restored.  Those who had provided the Material Energy for The Awakening Intervention grounded first and sustained less damage.  This is because their Suits were awakened enough to follow the precise Source Direction given for how to cope this crisis.  


Since grounding, the Suits have been in a healing mode and the Material Energy that they are generating by their Heaven Agent Work is being used to repair the damage.  Many still have significant Suit damage, however, and need to continue to supply the Material Energy needed for the repair work. 

The Aftermath

The Training Module

On December 7th I sent Suits a Training Module to help them to continue to meet the Standard. Some had begun to slack off, a pattern noted in previous Transitions. They would have fallen permanently out of The Substratum if the slacking off had continued. With this Transition, the possibility of failing to uphold a Standard for Survival, falling out of The Substratum, and getting back in is no longer possible. Suits are very delicately constituted at this level of Spiritual Immateriality.  When a Suit falls out of The Substratum, it breaks and can’t be put back together again.  The Suit becomes like a shattered light bulb that can no longer carry the Light of Life within it.


With the majority of the Suits there was strong opposition to this Training Module from the Negative Programming in the Root Chakra and the Solar Plexus Power Center.  It was so strong that the Suits initially scoffed at the Training Module and refused to work with it even though their Third Eyes were willing to do the work. I alerted the Suits to the fatal error that they were making. This rallied the Source-Connected part of the Suits to override the oppositional parts that could have terminated the life of the Suit at that point in time.


Since the Training Module began directing their learning process, things have gone more smoothly.  There is less resistance and this has freed up my energies to put toward advancing the work of The Total Abundance Movement. 



The Source-Directed World

On December 21st I was able to bring through a major miracle – The Source-Directed World.  This Inner Plane World will be the Heaven Habitat for all those in the First and Second Creations until they must transition from it into The Source Perfected World after the final stage of The Transition.  The Source Perfected World exists at another location in the Creation and is the only Heaven Habitat that will be sustainable several days after my Implementation Aspect returns to the Source Level.  After my departure, The Source-Directed World will begin to disintegrate and only those in it who have mastered the training available to them in this World will qualify for entry into The Source Perfected World where their Suits will be sustainable. 


[For more information on The Source Perfected World, you can reference the the Next Step Video: The Source Plan for Transitioning into The Source Perfected World. This video is available for members of Connecting. If you are not yet a member of Connecting, which offers you Gifted Miracle-Based Source-Directed Activism Trainings, you can sign up at: Connecting.]


The Source-Directed World is, essentially, a Training Facility for how to build and Live Heaven at the highest level. It provides beings with the baseline Miracle-Friendly Field in which Heaven can now be built. It is no longer feasible at Level 11.6.5 to try to build Heaven amidst the low vibrational mutations of the world outside of The Source-Directed World.


To enter into The Source-Directed World, beings must release from the Self-Directed Structure that they have created to live a Self-Directed Life and receive the Source-Directed Structure that enables them to live a Source-Directed Life. Once in the World, they must be actively engaged in learning how to live a Source-Directed Life if they are to retain their place in this World.  If they refuse to give up some Self-Directed pattern of coping or securing what they desire then they will fall out of The Source-Directed World and will not be able to re-enter it.


The Source will only be able to sustain those residing in The Source-Directed World at the end of The Transition. Those who either refuse to enter or enter and fail to uphold the Standard for living in this World will become unsustainable and will lose their place in the Creation.


While some mistakes can be made in the course of learning how to live a Source-Directed Life, if a being makes a mistake twice and is not on top of correcting course to never make the mistake again, they start to rebuild a Self-Directed Structure.  This damages the Source-Directed Structure that enables them to live in The Source-Directed World.  The Source-Directed Structure can only be created once for a Suit.  It if is  damaged or destroyed by the efforts of a Suit to rebuild a Self-Directed Structure, then the Suit becomes unsustainable in The Source-Directed World.  They not only drop out of the World but lack the Source-Directed Structure that enables them to re-enter The Source-Directed World.   


There are two levels in The Source-Directed World. There is an upper level where I reside and a lower level where Manifest Beings reside.  Each being has a particular place that is theirs where they are in their perfect Heaven Habitat surrounded by the energies that are most conducive to their well being.



Achieving the Standard for
Entry into The Source Perfected World

Thus far all of the beings in the 14 Prototype Communities and all of the beings in the Second Creation have entered into The Source-Directed World. They are doing well but are still struggling to meet the Standard for transitioning into The Source Perfected World. The issue is a focus on valuing life in the Suit at the expense of sustaining the life of the Soul. 


A Suit fears the loss of its life but the Soul doesn’t fear the end of life in The Manifest World. It wants the Suit to which it is linked to perform in accordance with The Source Plan and to contribute to Life as Heaven for itself and all others.  It has no attachment to having a Suit if, for any reason, the Suit is unable to be a contributing aspect of Life in The Manifest World.  Its deepest desire is to not be linked to a Suit that is Self-Directed and causing damage to itself and others and to The System of Life in the Creation. It wants its Suit to be Source-Directed so that it fulfills the Mission that the Soul, in conjunction with the Source, chose for the Suit prior to its birth into its current incarnation.


The Souls are Perfected Intelligences who have never strayed from their clear understanding that what is most important is their Love Connection with the Source. They wanted to experience The Love Connection when in a form/Suit and express their love for the Source through a form. When this didn’t happen and their Suits became mutated machines generating hatred for the Source and warring against the Source, they suffered immensely.  They felt like they were trapped in machines that were doing the opposite of what they wanted them to do and were also endangering them.


In the Universal Crisis of 2012, the Souls petitioned the Source to return to the Source Level in order to escape the suffering that they were enduring from residing in the Self-Directed Suits that were creating Hell and not Heaven in the world. The Source was able to retain a Soul Link to the Suits from the Souls that had returned to the Source Level so that the Souls could still experience through the Suits but were not trapped in the Suit and a target for the advances of the Negativity. At that time, the Negativity saw the immense power source in each Soul and was developing technologies to crack into the Soul and dismember it to get at its power reserve.  This is when the Source decided to re-locate the Souls to the safety of the Source Level and rely on the Soul Link for them to continue to work through their Suits that remained in The Manifest World.


The problem for beings who identify with their Suits is that they fear that The Source Plan might recall their Suits because their Spiritual Function is no longer needed in the Creation or they have to transition into another kind of Suit and return to perform another aspect of their Spiritual Function which might not fit with the Ego/Story Character that they have developed.


Some Souls have Spiritual Functions that are appropriate only for a particular time in The Manifest World. After the end of their time in the Creation, the Suit Consciousness returns to live in Heaven Communities at the Source Level. In these communities they have Suits made of Source Level Intelligence instead of energy or organic matter. Others drop the Suit and the Soul exists in a state of blissful communion with the Source and does not desire to interact with others in a Source Level Community. They are more solitary but very content because this way of life is what is in keeping with their Spiritual Function.  


Others retire from their initial series of incarnations and return in a new kind of Suit that is designed to carry out other facets of their Spiritual Function that are needed at other points in the history of the Creation.  This was the Source Design for the Immune System Specialists who were to help with the early part of the Set Up Phase of the Creation and then return to the Source Level and be born into The Manifest World in different kinds of Suits that would enable them to help with the Quality Controls of the Creation but not from a lead position. 


When they thought of this return as a death and a loss of status and power and vowed to create Hell in the world so that the Heaven that would mandate their return could never be built, they imprinted Manifest Beings with the idea that what is valuable about life in The Manifest World is staying alive and getting to do what you want to do through engaging in a Self-Directed Way of Life. They taught Manifest Beings that listening to the Source and following a Source-Directed Way of Life would lead to the loss of what they wanted and to conforming to The Source Plan which could be contrary to their Self Interest Agenda.


This mentality was what led to the birth of the Ego and to the work to develop Hell in the Creation so that Heaven could never manifest.  While the Immune System Specialists suffered from the Hell they created, they considered this preferable to losing the power and control they had from their role in the initial part of the Set Up Phase of the Creation. As a result of their pitched battle against the advent of The Heaven Phase, none of them have survived the early stages of The Transition when their Souls unlinked from their Suits, leading to Spiritual Death. None of them will ever be able to return to the Creation in another type of Suit, as was previously planned, because this would re-activate the Negative Programming that they have proliferated throughout the Creation. 


Suits that have become Empty Suits, which are Suits that have unlinked from their Soul, have built up such a history of wrongdoing that if their Soul was to be re-issued another kind of Suit, the negativity of the first series of incarnations would receive a new allotment of power from the Soul and could then resume its attack on Life in the Creation. In these cases, the Soul is unable to transition into a Heaven Community at the Source Level, if this was to have been part of the original design or remain in a active state of communion with the Source, or return in another incarnation. This is because any activation of the Soul will result in power going to any Negative Programming that was ever created by the Suit. 

Souls that are fully retired and can’t re-manifest at any level return to a semi-conscious state similar to the one they were in before they started on their path into a manifest form. This is not a desirable outcome for the Soul but is the only method currently in place for containing the damage done by the decisions made by the Suit in defiance of the wishes of the Soul and in violation of the Principles that sustain Life in the Creation. The Soul still exists in a state of blissful awareness but any activation of its Spiritual Function endangers life.  A Soul that has been retired exists at the level of Pre-Life where it is self aware but unable to take action.  


It was to be able to participate in Life that Souls initially petitioned the Source to create a System of Life for them in which they could actively perform their Spiritual Functions and experience the joy of celebrating their ability to be a part of the Life that the Source created. A return to Pre-Life takes the Soul out of The System of Life, terminating its ability to be sustained as a part of Life.

This is the ultimate loss that all beings need to work to avoid.  It is  a loss that is far greater than the loss of the Suit which is just a mechanical device through which the Soul can express its Perfection. 


Placing the life of the Suit above the ability of the Soul to remain in The System of Life defeats, at the most profound level, the desire for Life itself.  Trying to preserve the Suit at the expense of the Soul leads to Ultimate Death – to the complete departure of every aspect of a being – including the Soul – from The System of Life. 


Only those who understand this and accept the essential conditions in which the Soul can be protected will be able to transition into The Source Perfected World where they will be given a chance to build Life as Heaven for both the Suit and the Soul.  Those who desire Source Direction in order to secure the comfort of their Suit at the expense of their Soul and who are willing to war against the Source if the Suit has ended its time in the Creation and the Soul needs to live a different kind of life at the Source Level, will not be able to enter into The Source Perfected World where those putting their Souls at risk are not granted entry.


As we move further into The Heaven Phase, many beings will find that their Spiritual Functions will change and some beings will no longer reside in The Manifest World because their Spiritual Function is no longer needed.  This is not a tragedy to the Soul but is in harmony with the complex manifestation of Life.  The transition for the Soul is a happy one with which it is very content. The Suit is just a vehicle through which it manifests while in The Manifest World.  If the Suit is no longer able to serve the purpose for which it was created, the Soul doesn’t want to remain linked to it because it knows that this will only lead to suffering since the life is not blessed and watched over by the Source.


As a result of the Imprints of the Immune System Specialists, beings in the Original Creation have bought into the idea that resisting the wise counsel of their Soul and the Source is what they need to do to secure the life of their Suits.  As we can see from what happened with the Immune System Specialists, who were some of the most powerful beings in the Original Creation, this strategy has led to Ultimate Death.  Those influenced by their ethic of trying to sustain life in the Creation on terms that are not ultimately sustainable must reject this ethic or lose their ability to enjoy life on any level, even at the level of the Soul.


Beings in the Second Creation were never imprinted by the Immune System Specialists but they have lacked a Role Model for how to see life not as the life of the Suit but life as the ability to retain their Soul in a state of viability in The System of Life at either the Manifest World level and/or at the Source Level. Once they see the life that they are trying to preserve as the ability of their Soul to retain a place in The System of Life and not be returned to Pre-Life where it can’t take action, then they will be willing to put forth the effort to follow the Source Guidance that will enable them to take the complex steps needed to achieve this goal. 


Hanging onto the physical life of the Suit at the expense of unlinking from the Soul and becoming an Empty Suit, that will terminate the Soul’s ability to be a part of Life even at the Source Level, is a goal that is shortsighted and ultimately undermines the intent to nurture one’s own life.  Every being has to understand what life is and preserve it at its core level – which is the level of the Soul. If this is not understood and if the complex path that must be traveled to achieve this goal is not followed exactly, then the Soul’s ability to retain its place in The System of Life will be lost.


Suits that think that the Source wants to control them like a potentate and deprive them of what they want to do have to rethink this paradigm created for them by the Immune System Specialists.  The Source wants beings to understand the nature of Life and what they need to do to Steward the Miracle of Life in themselves and others. The Source is concerned with their ultimate survival and their ability to experience Life as Heaven and has no interest in control for its own sake.  


Suits fighting the Source over control of their destiny have taken themselves to the brink of unsustainability.  Now that the Suit has to relinguish all Self-Directed control in order to survive the final stage of The Transition and particularly to enter into The Source Perfected World, the misinformation given to them by the Immune System Specialists must be finally discarded. They need to turn to the Source for the Source Truth that will enable them to become sustainable. 



The Advent of a New Race of Manifest Beings 

To help beings learn how to become truly Source-Centered, the Design Aspect of the Source has created a race of Manifest Beings that are Perfected and who have come into The Manifest World only to help existing Manifest Beings to learn how to prepare for the Transition into The Source Perfected World.  These beings are here to generate Material Energy for the larger scale Stewarding Work that I need to complete before I go and to help train Manifest Beings so they can Steward Life when I have gone.  They will return to the Source Level when I return at the final stage of The Transition.  At that time, they will transition into Source Level Intelligence Suits and interact with me in the Source Level Community that I have established.


They outnumber Manifest Beings 10 to 1 and operate on an unseen level to support The Work of the Source.  On some occasions a Manifest Being may become aware of their presence, if this is allowed by the Source, but for the most part they will be working with me and providing support to Manifest Beings to help them evolve.

I call these beings, Celebration Beings, because they truly celebrate The Miracle of Life and cherish it at the Soul Level and at the Suit Level.  They do not cling to the life of their Suit but value The Gift of Life that is given in many different ways to them by the Source. They are quintessentially Source-Centered and value The Love Connection above all else. If the Source terminates one version of their Suit or recalls them to the Source Level they are happy to go wherever they are needed. They don’t attach to other beings or to possessions and only celebrate The Miracle of Life as it unfolds.  They live in the wonder of the intricate Source Plan that enables Life as Heaven to manifest and they are full of the joy of doing their part to support The Work of the Source on every level.

They will be good Role Models for Manifest Beings and will help them to see how a Manifest Being can evolve to a state of Perfection and live beyond the fear of loss of the Suit. They live in a state of well being that comes from trusting in Source Care and being willing to Become What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source no matter how challenging the Mission Work is that they are given.


They have already provided the Material Energy for major miracles to come through that will help Manifest Beings to achieve Ultimate Spiritual Healing.  



The Stages of The Transition in 2019

There will be 10 stages of The Transition in 2019.  One of the stages will span a series of 6 substages in the months of April and May.


I have posted the dates of the upcoming Transitions in The Source Connection Project and will be providing articles on how to prepare as we near each of these Transitions.


To see the dates, you can go to:




The Stewarding Life Project

Now that Suits are at a level where they will be ready to begin the serious training for how to Steward The Miracle of Life and they will also have The Source-Directed World to begin learning how to build and Live Heaven, I will be launching The Stewarding Life Project. I have waited until this time because Suits were not ready previously to work effectively with this level of the Training. I will be posting the materials for The Stewarding Life Project in January and will alert you via a Connecting email when they are available online.  




The December 5th Transition has been one of the most successful Transitions in the sense that beings are at a place now to begin learning how to Steward The Miracle of Life through Living Heaven in the new Source-Directed World.  With the help of the new Celebration Beings they can start to heal their Suits and learn from these beings what it means to value The Miracle of Life and celebrate all of the phases of its manifestation.