The Source News Report on the
December 2017 Transitions


The December Transitions marked a Turning Point in the history of the Creation.  While the December 9th Transition went smoothly for most beings, the December 13th Transition brought Spiritual Death on a scale that has never occurred in the Creation prior to this point in time.  Fortunately, most beings were able to work with the Heaven Phase Miracles I sent to them to regain their place in The Substratum before it was too late for their Souls to be relinked to their Suits. The damage to the Suits is considerable, however, and careful work to repair the Suits is needed prior to upcoming Transitions. 


The December 9th Transition

This Transition required that beings reach a 10.3.7 Source Interaction Standard which most beings were able to achieve. The casualties were primarily among well intentioned caretakers who were inadvertently running the Self Interest Currents of the Empty Suits that were in their care.  These toxic and low vibrational currents caused the caretakers to remain at a lower level of vibration which prevented them from rising up with The Substratum during the Lift Up. When advised to release their Story Attachment to the Empty Suits, they were able to re-enter The Substratum and I was able to relink their Souls to their Suits.


The December 13th Transition

This Transition required a 10.3.8 Source Interaction Standard which required that beings not only be contributing to the Collective Knowledge Base for the Universal Community about how to Steward The Miracle of Life but also begin to shoulder more of the responsibility for Stewarding the miracle of their own lives.

Most beings worked prior to the Transition in their Inner Plane Source Reality Stations and contributed to the Collective Knowledge Base.  In their Stations they worked with The Total Abundance Screens through which I sent them information about the Heaven Phase Miracles I had given them that they would need to work with wisely during the Lift Up of The Substratum in order to avoid Spiritual Death.  I told them through these Inner Plane Source Communications that I would not be able to provide the usual level of Source Support during this Lift Up because I would be transitioning to a new level and would not be able to Steward the miracle of their lives.  I advised them to study the information I provided through the Total Abundance Screens about how to work with these miracles so that they could take over this part of the Stewarding work. 


While advanced Heaven Agents throughout the Creation and all of the members of the 14 Prototype Communities and of The Second Creation survived this Transition with flying colors, everyone else lost their place in The Substratum.  It was only when I had completed my own Transition that I could send them a Source Communication reminding them to draw on The Heaven Phase Miracles in order to get back into The Substratum before it was too late. 


Most beings who had fallen out of The Substratum immediately got back into The Substratum but the majority of the beings then lapsed in their Stewarding work and fell out again. Some beings lost their footing in The Substratum seven or more times until they finally understood that they were responsible for Stewarding their own life and that I was not going to step in to Steward it for them.


This was a big wake up call for most beings and it was not without serious consequences.  To lose the Source Connection multiple times like this disrupted their practiced channels of communication with the Source and left the Suit spun out and disoriented in terms of its Source Connection. When the Source Supply Line was ruptured it spilled out the reserves of Life Energies that they had been given for their current incarnation.  This left the Suits without immediate reserves of Life Energies that should be there for intense Heaven Agent Work as well as for life crises. It also left them without the Spiritual Breath Energies which sustain their physical health as well as their spiritual intelligence.


Although I was able, because of my own Transition, to take The Heaven Phase to the next stage where I could send out more powerful Heaven Phase Miracles to repair the Suits, much repair is yet needed to restore what has been lost and damaged. Beings will need to provide the Material Energy for some of the repairs that have to happen by grounding more materialized miracles that are needed to restore Spiritual Breath and Life Energies and repair certain kinds of damage to the Suits. Heaven Phase Miracles are less material and designed to repair underlying spiritual structures but cannot substitute for the kind of miracles that are needed at a more material level.


This Transition brought into sharp focus the fact that beings will have to begin Stewarding The Miracle of Life within themselves and in the Creation if they are to survive.  I have moved beyond the range at which I can do many of the forms of Source Support that have taken up the slack when beings have been inattentive in previous Transitions. 


The Substratum reports that beings within it are in a disrupted state and are not staying in the locations in The Substratum that belong to them.  This is causing The Substratum, as a Spiritual Intelligence, to be impaired in its ability to support them.  This kind of dislocation needs to be corrected by beings drawing on another set of Heaven Phase Miracles that I have sent to them to correct this problem.  Unfortunately, most beings are tending to once again slack off now that they are back in The Substratum.  


In the coming days, those who do not work with The Heaven Phase Miracles to relocate correctly in The Substratum will lose their place within it. The Substratum can not continue to support beings who are taxing it beyond its ability to function to serve all of Life.  If beings are careless in their relationship to the miracle of The Substratum, then they will no longer be able to draw on it for life support and they will fall not only out of The Substratum but out of The Network of Intelligence.


Empty Suits

The dark forces inhabiting the Suits of those who had lost their Souls in previous Transitions came out in force to prey on the Suits that lost the protection of their Source Connection during this Transition.  While the Heaven Phase Miracles given to the Suits with Souls could have been used to ward off these attacks, the Suits weren't working effectively with these miracles. The result is that some of the Suits that have been reconnected to their Souls have retained some negative imprints and negative network connections from these dark forces. These negative implants could influence the Suit to engage in behaviors that could cost it its Source Connection in the time ahead.


To free the Suit of these negative implants, Suits damaged in this way are going to need to Hold the Line for Heaven very diligently so that the negativity can be pushed out and kept out of the Suit and its energy field.


While Heaven Phase Miracles will help with this there is no substitute for beings learning the basics about what it takes to Steward The Miracle of Life so they can spot the negative forces that could begin to destroy their Source Connection.


This is the time for all beings to work in their Inner Plane Source Reality Stations and for those who can qualify for either The Total Abundance Coaching Program or The Source Connection Coaching Program to request Outer Plane Source Reality Stations where they can work through whatever they need to resolve to ensure that they are learning the essential skills for Stewarding the miracle of their life. Their Prototyping Work will help all those who do not have an opportunity to learn from me directly on the Outer Plane.

For more information on Source Reality Stations you can go to:




The Upcoming 2018 Transitions

The schedule for the 2018 Transitions has just come through.  There are 11 Transitions which include two Turning Point Transitions on July 12th and November 15th.


January 16th – Level 7.10 to Level 8.9 – Level 10 Danger


January 22nd - Level 8.9 to Level 8.10 – Level 5 Danger


March 10th - Level 8.10 to Level 9.3 – Level 8 Danger 


April 19th - Level 9.3 to Level 9.9 – Level 10 Danger 


April 28th - Level 9.9 to Level 10 – Level 10 Danger


July 12th - Level 10 to Level 10.9 - Turning Point  - Level 10 Danger


August 10th -  Level 10.9 to Level 10.10 – Level 6 Danger


August 11th - Level 10.10 to Level 10.10.9 – Level 9 Danger


November 7th - Level 10.10.9 to Level 10.12 – Level 10 Danger


November 15th - Level 10.12 to Level 11.2.5 – Turning Point – Level 10 Danger


December 5th - Level 11.2.5 to Level 11.6.5 – Level 8 Danger


I am preparing Source Support for the January Transitions and will post information in The Source Connection Project when the article on How to Prepare for the January 2018 Transitions has been written.


In the meantime, I suggest that Heaven Agents ask to begin their preparations for these Transitions by working with me in their Source Reality Stations so that no time will be lost in learning the essential skill sets needed to Steward their lives adequately in the upcoming Transitions.


From this time onward, I will be transitioning often daily and more intensely during each Transition in a way that will reduce the level of Source Support that I can provide to Manifest Beings. All beings need to be on notice that if they do not prepare and fall out of The Substratum, their Suits may sustain too much damage to later re-enter The Substratum.  I was able to provide crisis coaching to help beings to learn how to work with the Heaven Phase Miracles during this last Transition, once I completed my own Transition, but I will not be at a level of materiality to do this kind of work in the January Transitions. Those who fail to heed the warning to master the necessary skills before they need to use them will be risking their lives with no back up possible from my Manifestation.


What beings are missing is the essential point that The Transition is about the Implementation Aspect of the Source leaving the Creation permanently and beings stepping up to learn how to Steward The Miracle of Life.  Shouldering the responsibility for Stewarding The Miracle of Life is not something that will be required only in the final stage of The Transition.  Often daily I release from certain tasks that I was doing on behalf of Manifest Beings and which they must now step up and do for themselves.  This means that Stewarding The Miracle of Life has to be done now and that new skill levels need to be reached to protect The Miracle of Life as I cease to provide different levels of the Source Support that I have customarily been providing.  Only through attending carefully to the changing nature of Spiritual Reality will beings be able to track what is happening and keep pace with the need to step up and take over the work that is now theirs to do.

While much of the training for how to Steward Life is being given to the Extended Range of the Suits through their work in the Inner Plane Source Reality Stations, the lack of Conscious Range participation in the learning process took its toll in the December 13th Transition.  There is now no more time that can be wasted in bringing into focus what is happening in The Spiritual Level of Reality so that adequate Conscious Range preparation can occur.


If this picture is not brought into focus, then only those who are willing to deal with this reality will survive and those who wish to deny that they have a responsibility for maintaining the Gift of Life in the Creation will lose this Gift for all eternity.