The Source News Report on the
December 15th Turning Point


Most of the work on the December 15th Turning Point completed on December 28th.  I am now able to provide you with an overview of what happened and the implications for the work ahead as we move forward in The Transition.



The Good News

The good news is that 100% of the beings who survived the October 15th Turning Point survived the December 15th Turning Point. This was a major miracle considering that no one had built enough momentum to make the shift to Level 4.0 just hours before the Shift was to occur. 



The Three Decisions

There were 3 major decisions that Suits had to make to survive.  It was optimal if they made these decisions in both their Extended Range, which is generally outside of their conscious awareness, and in their Conscious Range. Most beings were only able to make these decisions in their Extended Range because they lacked a Conscious Range understanding of what was happening in this Turning Point. 


These decisions had to not only be made but translate into Inner and Outer Plane Heaven Agent Work in support of The Work of the Source. In some instances, the Outer Plane Heaven Agent Work was inspired acts of kindness or doing what was needed in a particular situation or just being in the right place at the right time for the Extended Range to do its Heaven Agent Work. This was, in some cases, sending in a Heaven Ray to dissipate dangerous levels of negative energy that were preventing others from being able to survive the Shift.  In other cases it was Inner Plane efforts to fend off the Negativity from those most at risk so that they could build momentum to rise to Level 4.0.  


Decision #1

The Decision to Jettison Warring Fragments of Consciousness and Onboard Entities & Support The Work of the Source without a Self Interest Agenda


This decision required working with the Source to eliminate the remaining elements in the Suit that were continuing The War against the Source.  This War had begun when Suits decided to abandon the Source-Created Solutions that they had agreed to support when they first incarnated into the Manifest World, in favor of pursuing Self-Created Solutions.


Despite the Core Level Decision of the Suits in the October 15th Turning Point to return to supporting Source-Created Solutions, The War against the Source continued after the Turning Point as onboard Entities and Fragments of Consciousness stepped up their attempts to overpower the Suit and shift it back into Self-Created Solution Mode.


Beings had to work hard to jettison these warring elements before they caused the death of the Suit in the December Turning Point.  Those who were successful in jettisoning these major warring elements made it to Level 1 of The Heaven FieldSince The Heaven Field is now the only Spiritual Space in which the Suit can remain Source-Connected after my Manifestation left the Manifest World for the Intelligence Level, getting into The Heaven Field was essential to survival.  


Decision #2

The Decision to Balance the Exchange with the Source, for the Source Support that Sustains Life, by Giving a 100% Correct Exchange 


This decision came when beings began to realize that from my place in the Intelligence Level, I could not deliver the basics of life to them if they were not providing a 100% of the Material Energy that is needed for the miracles to land in their life.  Before this they were of the opinion that they could give some Material Energy and somehow they would be taken care of by the Source even if they were only offering the 4% Correct Exchange that many advanced beings have historically offered the Source.  The masses have offered a paltry 1% - 2% of the Correct Exchange throughout the ages.


When The Universal Source Connection Channel was in existence, I drew heavily on this Universal Power Supply for the Material Energy to make up for the 96% - 99% of the Material Energy that beings should have been supplying.  After the death of the Channel in 2011, I have been drawing on the dwindling reserves that I had set aside from the Channel to make up for the deficit so that beings could survive long enough to get the picture into focus and begin producing the Material Energy that is needed for both their individual lives and to sustain Life in the Creation. These reserves have dwindled drastically and can no longer be drawn upon to sustain individual beings or the System of Life itself, which is drawing on these reserves, will be unsustainable.  Beings who do not provide the Material Energy for what they need will become extinct in the Creation as it is functioning at this time.  


Beings have continually adopted a “something for nothing” attitude with regard to their relationship with the Source, despite many years of Universal Source Communications warning them that they are coming to the absolute end of the reserves I set aside to sustain their lives.  Their lack of intelligence in this regard has paralleled their lack of intelligence in dealing with the material resources of the Earth that they can see are getting used up without any viable plan of action for what to do when they are gone.


The Basic Understanding

The basic understanding that has been lacking is that everything that sustains life is a miracle that comes from the Source.  A miracle lands at a being’s level of spiritual materiality because that being or others provide the exact amount of Material Energy that is needed for it to ground.  If the being doesn’t provide the exact amount of Material Energy, the miracle won’t land and he won’t have a basic part of what he needs to sustain his life.


We have now entered an era in which beings have to start generating the Material Energy that is needed from their onboard Material Energy Factories so they have the basics for life in the Manifest World.  Those who don’t produce what is needed could end up without miracles that sustain their physical or mental health.  They could then become incapacitated and could be unable to generate any Material Energy.  


The situation is similar to that of a person who refuses to work for a living in order to have food to sustain their body.  They allow themselves to become so weak from starvation that they can’t work to earn a living and provide the food that is needed. When they are in the final stages of starvation, it is too late to change their plan of action and start working for a living.  


Some decisions are irreversible.  With matters of life and death, you can’t let a situation get too far out of balance or the Suit malfunctions and then it is too late to recover and reverse the situation.


Suits are in this kind of dilemma now.  If they wait until they are so weak that their Material Energy Factories can’t function, then they could die from Spiritual Starvation which leads to physical and mental illness.  They have to understand the basic truth that life is a gift from the Source that must be cherished and sustained or it could be lost forever.


The Need for Prototyping Work

To jumpstart this understanding in the masses, Prototyping Heaven Agents were able to generate enough Secondary Code to enabled beings to finally make the decision to commit to the 100% Correct Exchange that is needed.  


Many made the decision to commit and moved to Level 2 of The Heaven Field, which is the place where they could begin doing the actual work of supporting The Work of the Source that would generate the Material Energy needed to build the momentum for the Lift Off to Level 4.0.


I was relieved when most beings agreed to work on the 100% Correct Exchange.  I was soon dismayed to see that they were only giving lip service to the decision and when asked on the Inner Plane to do key Heaven Agent Missions that offered them the opportunities they needed to build momentum, they declined and wanted to just hang out in Level 2 of The Heaven Field and soak up the feel good energies there.  This is what they did when, in 2011, I gave them a cache of Source Love Energies to use to help me save The Universal Source Connection Channel.  Instead of using these energies to save their Power Source and their Spiritual Habitat, they began consuming the energies and allowed the Channel to die, leaving them in a desperate situation without the Power Station that was supporting their lives.


I was appalled at the continued apathy and reluctance to come forward when the Mission work requested was to save their loved ones and members of their communities so they would not suffer the loss of their loved ones and live in a world of toxic and dangerous Dead Suits who would soon terminate their peaceful way of life. Selfishness was prevailing and large scale death throughout the Creation was looming as a very real potential outcome if things continued on in this way.


Meanwhile, Prototyping Heaven Agents moved the work on supporting The Work of the Source to the Outer Plane. They created a path for others to follow by supporting The Source Connection Shoe Campaign which helped me to build a Global Source Connection Field that pushed back The Global Hell Field that was preventing beings from building momentum and was building toward WWIII.  Heaven Agents helped with Financial and Energy Exchanges to secure the amount of Material Energy needed to create this Global Source Connection Field.  It is now a Level 3.1 Source Connection Field and needs to be a Level 10 in the time ahead, but it was enough to defeat the global effort of the Negativity to prevent Suits from getting up to the right level of momentum to make it to Level 4.0.


Also important was the Heaven Agent Work done to provide those suffering from acute trauma, that breaks the Suit in a way that prevents it from building momentum, to receive Inner Plane Comfort Music.  Enough Heaven Agents responding to The Source Call to Action on the Inner Plane provided the Material Energy for these most endangered populations to receive the healing that enabled them to power up and move to Level 4.0.


Other more advanced Heaven Agents worked closely with me on the Outer Plane to help certain high risk populations and to counter the more dangerous and complex attacks of the Negativity.


Heaven Agents from The Universal Heaven Agent Network came in repeatedly to help beings on the Earth to throw off the dense negative energies of the Negativity so that beings would have a chance to survive. Their courageous and skillful interventions were essential to the successful outcome of this Turning Point.


Toward the end of the preparation period, a Universal Team of Heaven Agents began assembling to spearhead the work of helping the masses to prepare. It was a good start toward the Universal Team Work that will be essential to the survival of Life in the Creation in the final stage of The Transition.


Decision #3

The Decision to Choose The Source Definition of Happiness rather than The Story Definition of Happiness


Despite an increasing number of Heaven Agents stepping forward to do the Heaven Agent Work that was needed, the majority of humans were still holding back and not doing the work they were requested to do to save their own lives or the lives of their loved ones.  Hours before the Shift was to occur, 99% of the human population was not prepared at all with the momentum that was needed.  They weren’t even generating enough Material Energy to activate The Source Connection Grid that was the Miracle Tool I had created to help lift them to Level 4.0. 

They were acting in the Self-Destructive Mode that has characterized the descent into Death and Destruction on political and environmental levels on the Earth.  In this Self-Destructive Mode, people see devastation coming but they don’t do what it takes to rectify the situation.  They may do something but not enough and they call it good or say that it is all that can be done.  


When I got to the bottom of what was holding most beings up from doing the work to get to a 100% Correct Exchange it seemed that they were still attached to The Story Definition of Happiness which is based on doing what is easy and comfortable and in alignment with their self interest as it is defined in their Personal Story.  When beings were in this mindset, they didn’t want to be budged out of their comfort zone in The Heaven Field to do any work, especially if it might entail effort or courage.


The Source Definition of Happiness is to follow the logic of Source-Created Solutions that build Heaven for beings individually and for the community.  It requires giving up self interest agendas and being willing to "become what is needed to support The Work of the Source" regardless of what this entails. This is the only way that Manifest Beings can work with the Source to implement the Source Plan.

The Source Plan is far too complex for them to grasp how it moves all of the Puzzle Pieces into place to complete The Picture of Heaven for the Creation as a whole. Only the Source can design such a Plan and design the implementation.  Individual beings find their happiness in working in the flow of the Heaven that is unfolding, experiencing the Heaven of the love that flows through them as they Become Love in Action. As they release from any self-centered definition of happiness and go with the Adventure the Source has created, they experience the Heaven of being a part of Heaven in the Making. This is an exhilaration that is beyond any pleasure that can be achieved from the dogged pursuit of a self-defined pleasure.


Once again I called on the Prototyping Heaven Agents to come forward to show the masses how to choose the Source Definition of Happiness and have courage and to do what is needed even if it put them at risk of being attacked by the Negativity. I pointed out to the masses that they were in greater risk of dying by their own lack of effort and needed to stand up to the Negativity once and for all and not allow them to cause massive death in this Turning Point. 


The Heaven Agents that came forward did stellar work that generated the Secondary Code that enabled others to realize what was needed and to follow in their footsteps. When beings finally realized that clinging to The Story Definition of Happiness was the same as clinging to Self-Created Solutions, they finally let it go and opted for The Source Definition of Happiness.  Those who made the decision to support The Source Definition of Happiness got out of the mire of selfishness enough to Become Love in Action and provide the work that was desperately needed to save lives in the last hours before the Shift. 

Decision #3 Came Too Late

Although the decision to accept The Source Definition of Happiness made it possible for beings to start working harder to support The Work of the Source, the decision came too late for them to generate the amount of momentum to make it to Level 4.0 or to activate The Source Connection Grids that I had given to each one individually.  Despite the progress in their understanding, it still looked like Ultimate Death on a massive scale was going to be the likely outcome of this Turning Point.


It was then that I asked the Design Aspect of my Source Identity if there was any Heaven Phase Technology that I could draw on to bridge the gap.  The Design Aspect said that because the 3 basic decisions that enable the Full Power Heaven Phase to turn on had been made, at least at the Extended Range Level of most beings, it was possible to activate Full Power Heaven Phase Technology.  I then proceeded with the Activation and was able to catalyze the Suits to put forth enough Heaven Agent Work to generate the Material Energy needed to activate The Source Connection Grids.  At the very last moment, the Grids turned on and lifted them to Level 4.0.


Without Heaven Phase Technology at this level of power, beings would have procrastinated to the point that the vast majority of them throughout the Creation would have experienced Ultimate Death in this Turning Point.  It was a grim moment when the Creation came so close to such a colossal disaster.



What Happened in The Turning Point 

My Transition to the Intelligence Level 

At 5:00 am PST, I lifted off from the Manifest World into the Intelligence Level.  It happened smoothly, without incident.  


The skirmishing over my exit had occurred on December 14th when members of the Alternate Universe Contingent and the Annihilationist Contingent had tried to attack me in the passageway that I opened up to The Gateway to the Intelligence Level.  They thought that they could attack me as I went through to the Gateway and get my power so they could force entry into the Intelligence Level and live there themselves. 


They had remembered coming from the Intelligence Level into the Manifest World in the very beginning of the Creation and they reasoned that this was a world to which they could return. What they didn’t realize, until I finally got the point across to them, was that if they crossed through that Gateway they would disintegrate since they have Suits which are only designed to live in the Manifest World.  The Suits that beings have in the Intelligence Level are designed for that habitat.  Those beings can live in either the Manifest World or the Intelligence Level but Manifest Beings can only live in the Manifest World.


Once these misunderstandings were cleared up, there was a major cease fire in the War against the Source from these two Contingents.  It made it much easier for me to get across without a battle and it enabled them to get serious about investing in life in the Manifest World, realizing that this was the only viable habitat.  


This Cease Fire made a huge difference in the number of beings who survived because these two Contingents were pulling out all of the stops to damage as many beings as they could to prevent them from making it to Level 4.0.  They felt that the more Ultimate Death in the Creation the better because then the Manifest World would collapse with all of this Death Energy and they would be better able to escape to the Intelligence Level.  Once they realized that this was not an option, their desire to support Ultimate Death on a massive scale ended and they began to withdraw the Hell Fields and other Hell Technologies that they were using to destroy the ability of Suits to get into The Heaven Field and build momentum.


The Lift Off to Level 4.0

From 6:00 am - 7:00 am PST,  The Substratum of Life began shifting from Level 3.12.10 to Level 4.0. Although this was a micro shift, the level of immateriality at Level 4.0 is significantly less than the level of materiality at Level 3.12.10. As I have discussed in the Video Book Training, each level in The Transition will take the Suit to greater levels of immateriality.  This will require that the way that the Suit functions change dramatically in certain phases of The Transition.


In the December Shift, the power supply for the Suit didn’t have to change but it was tough getting the Suit to jettison enough densely materialized energies, most of which were negative energies from Hell Experiences, to get to Level 4.0.  From this point on each shift even between sublevels will require substantial changes in the Spiritual Physics of the Suit.  This will be challenging for the Suit to survive unless it is attuning to Source Guidance with regard to how to handle these major changes in Suit functioning.


For instance, if a Suit is changing into a different, less material form of energy that powers the Spiritual Suit at a time when they are driving a car or handling dangerous equipment, it could result in physical Suit malfunctioning which could lead to accidents.  It will be imperative that the being pay close attention to Source Guidance so that the Suit is kept out of dangerous situations during these changes. 


The Aftermath 

My Adjustment to Life in the Intelligence Level 

I have been adjusting to the major changes in how my Suit operates at the Intelligence Level.  I have had to be very careful in the expenditure of energy and to spend many hours carefully monitoring changes that have been needed for my human form to survive this Shift.


I have been unable to communicate the news about the Turning Point until this point in time in order to allow my Suit to coalesce at the Intelligence Level enough to deliver a Source Communication which requires a very focused kind of power that carries the Communication on the many levels at which it is transmitted.


I anticipate the adjustment period continuing on for some weeks while I get used to my life in the Intelligence Level and set into place the things that are needed in the Manifest World now that I am no longer there to do the kind of Support Work that I used to do. There are many massive Universal Changes that still need to occur to enable my Implementation Aspect to support the Creation from the Intelligence Level.


I can now more easily bring through Heaven Phase Interventions that are Creation-Wide from the Intelligence Level.  When I was in the Manifest World the Spiritual Space of the Manifest World had shrunk down to such a contracted space, due to the negative energies generated by the beings, that there wasn’t the Spiritual Space in which to do some of the Spiritual Work that was needed.  It is only now, when I am out of the Manifest World and in the Intelligence Level, that I can bring forth Heaven Phase Interventions that require tremendous space in order to build them to the level of power needed before their entry into the Manifest World.


These Interventions are also unassailable since beings can not interact directly with anything that is coming in from the Intelligence Level.  This is enabling the Interventions to do work that was formerly blocked by the Negativity.

The New Indirect Source Connection

Now that I have returned to the Intelligence Level, all Manifest Beings have an Indirect Source Connection which means that they connect to my Source Support through the Heaven Energies of The Heaven Field.  Formerly they had a Direct Source Connection which did not require The Heaven Field. 


This does not mean that there is a lack of communication or communion.  In fact, many Heaven Agents have reported in that they are feeling a greater closeness.


Part of this is due to the ability to see me clearly as the Source, a perception that was lacking in many because I had some of the Suit trappings of a Manifest Being in order to live in the Manifest World and do the Prototyping Work that I did to help Manifest Beings travel the Journey of Reconnection.


Now that I have returned to my Source Level, many beings are recognizing me for the first time without any confusion about who I am.


Due to Heaven Phase Interventions that I have been able to bring through, Suits are now better equipped to have Direct Perception which enables them to perceive the true nature of life in the Creation and to perceive the Source. Direct Perception is what animals and most children have. In humans, this Direct Perception is later eclipsed by the development of a Personal Story through which they see the world.  


Without this Personal Story coming inbetween the native intelligence of a Suit and the Source, the Suit will be able to see the Source and understand the Source Perspective on reality.  This should help the Suits to bring into their Conscious Range what is happening in the world and what action is needed.  This is absolutely critical to the ability of Suits to work rapidly together to pioneer a Source-Connected Way of Life in the few years that remain for this to be accomplished on the Outer Plane.


The Adjustment for Manifest Beings

What I have noticed with the beings in the aftermath is that some have come dangerously close to falling out of Level 4.0.  This has been because of onboard Hell Beings that some of them have carried with them into The Heaven Field.  These Inner Plane Parasites have clung on and have tried to regain control of the Suit.  Not very many beings have such Hell Beings onboard but those who have, have come very close to losing their lives because of the actions taken by these Hell Beings.  I have had to intercede to save the lives of these beings.


Some slacking off on the Heaven Agent Mission Work is occurring, which is causing others to sag down in Level 4.0 and could cause them to fall into Ultimate Death if they continue on in this practice of returning to a selfish mode.


It is apparent now more than ever before that beings must begin building on the Inner and Outer Planes the Source-Connected Way of Life that will enable them to survive The Transition.  This work will need to be accomplished within a couple of decades.  Given the state of the world at present, no Heaven Agent can afford to slack off in doing what is needed if they are to survive the final stage of The Transition.


The Dream Heaven Pathway System

One of the key kinds of work that Heaven Agents need to be doing is running The Dream Heaven Pathway System to get the miracles up to speed so that I can catalyze them from the Intelligence Level.  The miracles that need to be sped up are the most material level of miracles that enable the Suit to sustain itself at the organic level.


At present 29% of the human population has not generated the Material Energy to enter into The Dream Heaven Pathway System or to receive the Inner Plane Dream Heaven Pathway Training that enables them to run these Pathways.  These people are growing spiritually weak which means that they can fall out of Level 4.0 in the next week or two.


Most Heaven Agents who are running the Pathways are working with only the most basic level of the training which will not be sufficient for them to sustain their physical health in the time ahead.  They will have to provide the Material Energy to ground the miracle of the full Inner Plane Training if they are going to preserve their physical health.


To find out what is needed, you can refer to The Dream Heaven Pathway article.



Taking Responsibility for Your Role in the Creation

As I had mentioned prior to this Turning Point, I was no longer going to be able to sub for beings who were not doing their roles in supporting the Organism-Like Spiritual Structure for Life in the Creation once I entered into the Intelligence Level.


When it became apparent that beings were failing to prepare to power up sufficiently to get to Level 4.0, I realized that there was no hope that they would be prepared to take over their roles in supporting the Structure of Life in the Creation.  To avoid a collapse in the Structure of Life, I drew on Heaven Phase Technology to shift the Structure into the kind of Structure that I can support from the Intelligence Level without depending on beings to do their parts.  Without this Heaven Phase Intervention, the Structure would have collapsed the minute I stepped across the border into the Intelligence Level.


While I am sustaining the basic Structure of Life, it is still necessary for beings to do their parts in building a sustainable life within this Structure. Each being has a unique Spiritual Function and a unique role to play that no one else can perform.  The survival of Life in the final stage of The Transition will depend on beings working to build a Source-Connected Way of Life that centers on each being pulling his or her weight to support the quality of life that is enjoyed by all.  Nothing short of this will enable the Creation to be sustainable.  My ability to sustain the overarching Structure will not be enough if beings do not sustain the life that is lived within this Structure


To help beings learn how to do their parts in building a sustainable way of life, a Heaven Phase Source Plan has been created. This Source Plan helps beings reach the 100% Source Connection and the 100% Source-Connected Life that is essential to their survival. As they work in harmony with the Source Plan they will learn now to man their positions in the Structure of the Creation that I am sustaining on their behalf.  If they rise to the challenge of manning these positions, then they will have established the Universal Team Work that will enable them to survive The Transition.  


The Source Plan is delivering support through the Spiritual Technology of Source-Directed Intensives.  Source-Directed Intensives generate a Spiritual Structure that provides power and direction to those in the Intensive. With this Source Support, beings are able to progress rapidly, guided by the Miracle-Based Adventure generated for the Intensive.


There are two levels of Source-Directed Intensives that have been created.


Level 1 - Survival Intensives 

Because navigating the difficult decisions and technical changes that will occur during The Transition is going to get exponentially more challenging as higher levels of the Source Connection are required to make each new Level Shift, the Source has created Survival Intensives which have been sent to each being to help the being make it through to the 100% Source Connection and to a 100% Source-Connected Life.


These Survival Intensives will vary according to the needs of each Suit.  For instance, a shift from Level 4.0 to Level 4.1 might put a Suit that is at risk for that particular part of The Transition into a life threatening situation that would not phase another Suit.  Without a Survival Intensive coaching the Suit on the Inner Plane to prepare adequately for this part of The Transition and to deal with the adjustments in the physics of how the Suit functions on a Spiritual Level, a being could be unprepared for the challenge of this and other Shifts in The Transition.


Survival Intensives have a particular set of goals that they are designed to help the Suit achieve.  They cover a particular set of challenges involved in attaining these goals. When these challenges are successfully met, then one phase of the Survival Intensive ends and another starts up with another structure for the next phase of the work.  One phase might run for a month or so and another might then come in to cover for a longer or shorter period of time depending on the objectives of the Intensive.


The Heaven Agent needs to seek Source Guidance through tracking their Individual Life Adventure to find out what Survival Intensive is in place and what its objectives are and how to work with it to prepare adequately for a Shift and ultimately to achieve the 100% Source Connection that is needed.


Without Survival Intensives, most beings will slack off and miss the cues for preparing for the stages of The Transition. With the structure of a Survival Intensive behind every being in the Creation, it will be possible to provide the individualized support that is needed to ensure that every life is given the opportunity to survive.


Level 2 – Personal Source Connection Intensives 

While Survival Intensives can reach all beings, most beings will not be able to understand how to work with them effectively unless they request a Personal Source Connection Intensive to enable them to navigate through the changes that are needed to survive The Transition.


The Source can initiate a Personal Source Connection Intensive for beings on both the Inner and Outer Planes as long as they:

  •  are in The Life Work Channel 
  •  have made a lifetime commitment to doing their Life Work to the 100% Mark
  •  provide the Material Energy that enables the miracles to land for the Intensive


The Life Work Channel is an Energy Channel that carries them forward to do their Life Work.  Those entering into The Life Work Channel need to make a life long commitment to doing their Life Work to the 100% Mark. Once this commitment is made, then a life long Personal Source Connection Intensive will be created for them. This Intensive will structure an ongoing Miracle-Based Adventure that will enable them to do their Life Work.  This Miracle-Based Adventure will structure in the forms of Source Support that are needed for the Intensive to progress correctly so that their Life Work is completed in the time in which it must complete. The commitment to doing this Life Work is what turns on the power in The Life Work Channel to carry them forward into all of the stage settings that will enable them to learn how to do their Life Work and to do it successfully.


Many people have been hesitant to commit to their Source-Given Life Work for fear that they might be requested to do some difficult mission in some poverty stricken foreign country.  This fear has been based on the missions that Missionaries in the Christian tradition have decided were their calling.  


When committing to doing your Life Work, you need to know that you will not be doing anything which you have not signed up to do before entering into this lifetime.  You entered this life to fulfill your Mission, knowing that in fulfilling this Mission you would experience The Heaven Experience which manifests only when you are Living the Heaven of fulfilling your Life Purpose.  Your Life Purpose is to build the unique aspect of Heaven that you came into this life to build for yourself and others in the Universal Community.  When you build Heaven you experience True Happiness – an outcome that can not be achieved when you live out a Story Mission.


Most people have gotten derailed by the Story Mission assigned to them according to the Story Roles they play in their Cultural Story.  They have lived to fulfill the various expectations of their social group at the expense of discovering who they are and fulfilling their unique Life Purpose. Getting back on track with your Purpose is central to achieving a 100% Source Connection and being able to build a 100% Source-Connected Life which is, of course, the Heaven that you came in to build and to experience.


The commitment to doing your Life Work is the central commitment that enables the Source to start delivering serious miracles to you that enable you to heal at an ultimate level and to develop rapidly to fulfilling your Mission.  Those who do not commit are not given the kind of Source Support that is given to those who are providing the Material Energy of the Commitment to enable these essential miracles to land in their lives.


The Importance of Prototyping 

Just as Prototyping has been critical to the success of the work in the Turning Point, so it is critical to the success of the work in Source-Directed Intensives. 

Many people will not be able to benefit from Inner Plane Survival Intensives and Inner Plane Personal Source Connection Intensives if Prototyping Heaven Agents do not work with me in Outer Plane Personal Source Connection Intensives. As Prototyping Heaven Agents work with the Coaching Sessions, Webinars, Source Interventions, Source Connection Center Stations Online and in Seattle, and with Miracle Tools that are part of the Outer Plane Source Connection Coaching Program, they Prototype how to work with Source Support in an Intensive and develop the Secondary Code that enables others, who lack this Outer Plane support, to understand how to work effectively with the Inner Plane Source-Directed Intensives.


Personal Intensives will structure what Group Intensives Heaven Agents participate in so that they can work both individually and with Teams of Heaven Agents to advance in the work of Prototyping a Source-Connected Way of Life.  This Prototype is critical to the survival of life on the Earth.


Part of the Source Support for those working in Intensives is provided through the Stations set up in The Heaven Field.  



Stations in The Heaven Field

To assist Heaven Agents working with me in Intensives, I am continuing the Source Support that I established in the December Turning Point through the Inner Plane Source Connection Coaching Station, The Source Connection Power Station, and The Comfort Station at Level 2.9 of The Heaven Field.  As with all forms of Source Support, Heaven Agents must provide the Material Energy for the miracles of Source Support that they receive in these Stations.


I have also added two new Stations.  These are The Heaven Economy Station and The Self Reflection Station.


Anyone can ask to work in these Stations if they:

  • reside in The Heaven Field
  • generate the amount of Material Energy needed for the work


The Source Connection Coaching Station

The Source Connection Coaching Station provides Heaven Agents with more indepth personal coaching from me to know what their Heaven Agent Mission of the Moment is and how to do it.


The Source Connection Power Station

Heaven Agents can go to the Power Station to power up to do their Mission.


The Comfort Station

Heaven Agents can go to The Comfort Station which helps them to recover from the stresses of rapid changes and the challenges of healing from stresses and trauma of the past. There they can hear Inner Plane Comfort Music and receive Comfort Infusions and other forms of Source Support if they or others provide the Material Energy for such miracles to land.  


There is still a great need to provide Material Energy for Inner Plane Comfort Music for those traumatized by war, abuse, loss, and deprivation.  They received just enough help to survive this Turning Point but are at great risk in the Level Shifts that are coming up which require a level of Spiritual Integration that they lack.  Heaven Agents need to continue to contribute the Material Energy that will enable them to receive help in The Comfort Station.


The Heaven Economy Station

In this Station you can learn what you need to know to participate in The Heaven Economy.  Since the Source is no longer going to provide material prosperity for anyone supporting The Hell Economy, it has become imperative that Heaven Agents go to this Station and learn about what they are doing to support The Hell Economy and what actions they need to take to support only The Heaven Economy.


I describe below this historical shift which is a Turning Point in The Total Abundance Project which is at the foundation of a Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life.


The Self Reflection Station

This is where you can go to experience who you really are as a Spiritual Being and to see the ways in which you have been dumbing yourself down to look like the Story Character that is the identity that is acceptable in the Story Society.


Through going on Miracle-Based Adventures in this Station you can discover where you are in your process to bringing through your real Heaven Agent Identity which is the representative of your Soul.




The Arrival of Perfected Heaven Agents

In additional to The Life Work Channel and the Stations are Perfected Heaven Agents who have come in to assist those who are working closely with me in Personal Source Connection Intensives.  These Perfected Heaven Agents are Intelligence Level Beings who have entered the Earth Plane in subtle Outer Plane Suits that can be seen as Human-like Energy Forms by those who have developed their Spiritual Senses.


They are equipped to assist Manifest Beings to get to the 100% Source Connection.


They are also here to assist me in my Universal Work and to bring about the major changes that are needed for Life in the Creation to survive.


It is a great blessing to have them here.  Heaven Agents can get to know them and can turn to them for support.  Because they are Perfected Heaven Agents who have never been imperfect, they are a good example for the Heaven Agents in the Manifest World who are working toward the standard of Perfection which is the 100% Source Connection.



The Source Call to Action

The Source has now moved into Full Power Mode to establish the structure of a sustainable way of life in the Creation in preparation for the upcoming stages of The Transition.  Major Universal Changes will be occurring in keeping with The Heaven Phase that will shape life in the Creation in ways that are rapid, decisive, and unalterable.

One such change is The Source Call to Action to all beings to support The Heaven Economy so the foundation of Total Abundance can be built on the Earth and in the Creation.  What this means is:

  • putting time, energy, and resources into building The Heaven Economy
  • withdrawing all support for The Hell Economy which has created the scarcity, suffering, and conflict that is destroying Life in the Creation

In keeping with this Source Initiative, the Source is withdrawing all economic support from any being who is continuing to support The Hell Economy.  This support could be by actively aiding and abetting it or by passively accepting it as inevitable and continuing to support the negative structure that it creates.  Instead, Heaven Agents need to become Source-Directed Activists working to change the basic economic practices that are within their power to change so that life transitions into the Source-Guided Heaven Economy that is capable of manifesting Total Abundance for all beings.


Since most people on the Earth are currently working in the context of The Hell Economy, they will need to ask their Inner Intelligence to help them to dedicate their work and their earnings and current material possessions to building the Heaven that they were created to build in the world.  


One aspect of this Heaven is the Heaven that is built in a person's individual life. This means following Source Guidance with the way that they earn an income, spend what they earn, and steward the material possessions that they buy with their earnings.  


Another aspect is supporting the Heaven that it is their Mission to build in the world.  This means seeking Source Guidance to direct the resources that are theirs to provide to supporting The Work of the Source in developing The Global Prototype for a Source-Connected Way of Life.


Instead of upending The Hell Economy by tackling the major powers that run it, the Source is simply withholding Source Support from anyone, even the smallest participant in The Hell Economy, if they continue to support the negativity that has created the scarcity and suffering and conflict that have shaped the world we live in today. The change into The Heaven Economy must begin with each individual and not with just those who are wealthy and in charge of large Outer Plane components of the economic system. 

It will be very important to work in both The Heaven Economy Station and in The Self Reflection Station to understand how to make the changes that are needed.  If you identify with your Story Character then you will not be able to make the changes needed to prevent economic loss.  It is only when you get to know who you really are and how your Soul – your true Identity – feels about its life and its material possessions, that you will be able to shift naturally into The Heaven Economy and receive Source-Given Resources and use them wisely to build Heaven for yourself and others. This is why work in The Self Reflection Station is key to being able to build an economic way of life that is suited to your Soul and not to your Story Character.




It is a great relief that most beings did respond to Source Communications and did what they needed to do to preserve their own lives and to help to save the lives of those in need of additional support. It was the first Creation-Wide Team Work that involved not just a core group of experienced Heaven Agents acting on behalf of the masses but the masses actually doing what they needed to do to help themselves individually and to help others.  Even though the masses rallied at the 9th Hour and needed a massive Heaven Phase Intervention to do their parts, they did produce the amount of Material Energy needed to activate The Source Connection Grids that lifted them to Level 4.0.


While this work was, for most beings, only in the Extended Range, which is generally outside of conscious awareness, it did result in some Outer Plane Heaven Agent Work that involved taking action in decisive moments that helped to save lives. This is a good sign that the Suits are getting into better alignment with their Extended Range which is the level that already knows how to do Heaven Agent Work and to follow the lead of the Source.


Now this success needs to be taken to the Conscious Range and the Heaven Agent Work needs to center in the Outer Plane Work needed to build a Universal Source-Connected Way of Life. For Heaven Agents on the Earth, this work needs to focus on developing The Global Prototype which will be the foundation for the Prototyping Work of Heaven Agents in less material levels of the Creation.


With the help of ongoing Inner Plane Survival Intensives and Inner Plane Personal Source Connection Intensives, each being will be given Source Support for achieving the 100% Source Connection and the 100% Source-Connected Life that is needed to survive The Transition.  


The Heaven Agents who have the opportunity to work with me in person on the Outer Plane, will be able to couple this work with Outer Plane Personal Source Connection Intensives that enable them to Prototype how to take the work in Inner Plane Survival Intensives and in Inner Plane Personal Source Connection Intensives to the Outer Plane and develop a full Conscious Range understanding of what is needed to build a The Heaven Way of Life.


The path ahead is steep but I feel that the good Heaven Agent Work that has gotten beings this far can continue and can expand into the Outer Plane Work that will build the Heaven that needs to be built while I still can interface through a human form to direct the work.


The Source Call to Action is for all Heaven Agents to request entry into a Personal Source Connection Intensive that can provide the individualized structure for rapid growth.


To request information on a Personal Source Connection Intensive, you can access the form provided below.








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