The Source News Report on the April 2018 Transitions


The April 19th Transition 

On April 19th at 3:10 pm PDT, the The Substratum lifted up from Level 9.3 to Level 9.9. This Transition carried a Level 10 Danger Rating because of the difficulty in:

  • transitioning to a much greater level of spiritual immateriality at Level 9.9
  • the 10.5.9 Source Interaction Standard which required that beings begin to shift their Spiritual Intent, which exists in their Subconscious Range, to supporting The Work of the Source rather than supporting the Negativity


The Shift in Immateriality

Because of the danger of shifting to the new level of spiritual immateriality, I had begun the adjustments for most beings 5 days in advance of the Lift Up.  This was the earliest that changes of this sort could be begun. This was not enough time for over 1.5 billion beings residing primarily in the Earth Plane.  These beings could not travel with The Substratum at the time of the Lift Up but were connected by a cord which pumped vital support energies to them from The Substratum to prevent them from experiencing Spiritual Death.


The collective weight of the beings hanging suspended from The Substratum by their cords was such that The Substratum did not have enough energy to lock into Level 9.9 after the Lift Up.  I had to request additional energy from the Design Aspect of the Source in order to provide The Substratum with enough energy to lock in.

The weight of the beings hanging by cords caused the center of The Substratum, which is a energy disc, to sag, tumbling those on The Substratum toward the center of the disc.  When beings lost their appointed places on The Substratum, they lost the ability to draw on Substratum energies. This put all of them at risk as well as The Substratum itself which was in danger of dropping down to lower levels because of the weight of the beings on cords suspended below it.


I instructed beings who had managed to Lift Up with The Substratum to return to their places on The Substratum disc so that they could receive life sustaining energies.  I then worked with those who had not managed to shift to the right level of spiritual immateriality to transition rapidly to reduce the pull on The Substratum. Most managed to transition to the correct level of immateriality within an hour or two of the Lift Up. This eliminated the sag in The Substratum. Days later a few had still not made the transition and I had to work with them individually since they were continuing to jeopardize the ability of The Substratum to support all of the beings dependent on it. Finally every being who was depending on a cord managed to assume their rightful place in The Substratum.


The Source Interaction Standard

Most beings had shifted their Spiritual Intent toward supporting The Work of the Source in order to survive this Transition.  They were well on their way to achieving the Standard for the April 28th Transition, which was to have 98% of their Spiritual Intent supporting The Work of the Source with diligent effort moving their Spiritual Intent toward the 100% Mark. 



The April 28th Transition

This Transition was very different technically than the Transition on April 19th.  The Lift Up of The Substratum actually occurred on April 27th at 11:00 pm PDT. This was an unanticipated time for the Lift Up but because everything was in order, it went forward earlier than expected.


All but one of the beings residing in The Substratum traveled with it without incident. The one who died opted to support the Negativity and lost his place in both The Substratum and in The Network of Intelligence.


Unlike the Transition on the 19th when most beings had already begun to shift to the greater level of immateriality before the Lift Up, the shift to a greater level of immateriality only began for The Substratum and its inhabitants at 6:00 am on the 28th. Although the shift in immateriality was only from a 9.9 to a 10.0, it was a very difficult adjustment for beings.  This was particularly true of those suffering from the most severe Spiritual Fragmentation.

NOTE: Spiritual Fragmentation occurs when the Source Love Energies in a Suit fall below the level at which Source Love can hold the Spiritual Particles, of which the Suit is made, in an integrated configuration that sustains Integrated Intelligence, which is the foundation for Life.  The Disease of Fragmentation has been rampant throughout the Creation since beings began to Disconnect from the Source and lose the high levels of Source Love that come from a strong Source Connection. All Manifest Beings are suffering from varying degrees of Spiritual Fragmentation.  Only those who work with the Source to increase the levels of Source Love in their Suits will be able to survive the high speed energies as The Substratum continues to rise up toward Level 12.


The most Spiritually Fragmented beings were the leadership of the Negativity, the criminal element that operates on the Inner Plane.  Even though many of them had recently agreed to support The Work of the Source by eradicating the structures of their Harvesting Operation and earning Life Energies because of this work, it was too late for them to heal from the extreme levels of Spiritual Fragmentation that had come from Disconnecting from the Source, becoming Empty Suits, and pursuing lifetimes of criminal behavior that fragmented them as well as the victims of their Harvesting Operation.


Since the leadership of the Negativity existed in Energy Suits/Bodies rather than in Organic Suits, such as the human body, death occurred immediately once the Spiritual Particles drifted apart, destroying the structure of the Energy Body.  By the end of the day on April 30th, the two top levels of the leadership of the Negativity had died. Their Henchmen who resided on Level 3 of the 7 Levels of the Negativity's hierarchical structure, lived on but began to disintegrate in the days that followed.  By 12:37 am PDT on May 6th, they had also lost their lives.  


Empty Suits that had lost their Souls in previous stages of The Transition also died in great numbers.  Some of these were not hardcore members of the Negativity but were beings who had made choices that had accelerated Spiritual Fragmentation beyond the point at which they could survive.  About 9% of the Empty Suits in this category have died and more are disintegrating at Level 10.0.


It is anticipated that Empty Suits will continue to lose their lives as the stages of The Transition take The Substratum to greater levels of immateriality.  Even some Suits with Souls may find it difficult to survive if they do not embrace the Source Love which is what holds the Spiritual Particles together. Those leading loveless lives will not have enough Source Love to survive in the time ahead.


Entities have disintegrated in large numbers.  Entities constituted the armies of the Negativity. They are automated Thought Forms that carry out certain tasks for which they had been programmed by the Negativity.  Not all of them have died, however, since they are parasitic and can continue to survive off of the energies of the beings to which they attach.


The most resilient Entities are Reproductive Devils which run on the spiritual reproductive energies of their hosts.  Reproductive Devils have the most power and are the most fierce and dangerous of Entities.  I had a major showdown with a Master Reproductive Devil shortly after the April 28th Transition. When he was defeated, I was able to take down a huge network of Reproductive Devils cloned from the Master Reproductive Devil. While there may be other lineages of Reproductive Devils still in existence that have yet to show themselves, this effort appears to have eliminated the vast majority of them that were visibly active in The Manifest World.

The Making the World Safe for Heaven Project

The April 28th Transition has eliminated the stiffest opposition of the Negativity. With the death of the leadership and their Henchmen, who operationalized what was ordered by the leadership, most of the Negative Agents in the remaining 4 levels of the 7 hierarchical levels were willing to negotiate a ceasefire. 


They have agreed to support The Work of the Source in return for the Life Energies that they would otherwise try to obtain through continuing their Harvesting Operation. Since the Harvesting Operation would drop them immediately out of The Network of Intelligence to their physical death, they have no other option to survive except to delay their death by Fragmentation by supporting The Work of the Source.  


They were willing to agree to this arrangement because they are without their army of Entities and their weapons of destruction that are also beginning to disintegrate in the high speed energies of Level 10.  They have also lost their supporters who were the Empty Suits who carried out many of their Missions from within the societies of the Creation, setting up those Source-Connected for attack by the Negativity.


What this means for the Project for Making the World Safe for Heaven, is that it is now time for Heaven Agents to move in to support my Direct Source Work to dismantle the social practices and institutions created by the Negativity to foment the social conflict that damaged Suits and made them ripe for the Harvest of their Life Energies by the Negativity.  Suits are carriers of the essential mentality of Death and Destruction that has been destroying the fabric of Life throughout the Creation. Without the power of the organized effort of the Negativity driving the Energy Imprints carried by beings and staging the circumstances in which Suits will fight with one another and damage one another, the carnage will be reduced. But until every Suit is free of any programming put into it by the Negativity to participate in The Hell Experience, the World will not be safe for Heaven.


To assist beings in working to free their Suits of all of this negative programming and to work with the Source to rebuild the social practices and institutions so that they support Life as Heaven, I have brought forth the miracle of The Seed of Heaven.


The Seed of Heaven

The Seed of Heaven contains within it the Heaven of a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life. It is now manifesting, like clockwork, the foundational Inner and Outer Plane changes that are needed for Total Abundance at the highest level to manifest. The highest level of Total Abundance occurs when beings have achieved the Total Abundance of a 100% Source Connection and a 100% Source-Connected Way of Life that leads to the joy of The Heaven Experience. 


I will soon be publishing The Seed of Heaven Project online and posting Seed Reports on what the Seed is manifesting and how you can support the Total Abundance Miracles that the Seed is working with my Direct Source Support to bring into manifest form.  The Project will also focus on providing Seed Trainings which will show you how to translate Source-Given Understandings into the practical actions that are needed to manifest Total Abundance in your life and in the world.


The Seed of Heaven Project will become the Hub of the work on Total Abundance Way of Life Projects.


The Risk In-Between Transitions

It is also important to note that although there were many deaths following the April 28th Transition, hundreds of thousands of beings on the Earth lost Source Support for their physical lives between the March 10th and April 19th Transition because they did not maintain the Source Interaction Standard that was required to retain their place in The Network of Intelligence or its Extension Field.

Unlike The Substratum, The Network of Intelligence moves toward greater levels of immateriality in-between Lift Ups of The Substratum.  Those who are not maintaining the correct Source Interaction Standard to stay connected to The Network of Intelligence when it becomes more immaterial, lose their ability to receive the Life Energies supplied by The Network of Intelligence. These Life Energies sustain their physical lives. 

While many in organic forms who lost their connection to The Network of Intelligence have not died immediately, they are running on whatever reserves of processed Life Energies they had before they lost their place in The Network of Intelligence. When those pre-processed energies are used up, they can't process any more Life Energies because they have lost the part of their Spiritual Equipment that enables them to process Life Energies.  Even if they stole the Life Energies of another being this would do them no good since they can’t process Life Energies through their Suit to sustain their lives.

Given the high Death Toll of those falling out of The Network of Intelligence and its Extension Field, it has become apparent that it is vitally important to follow Inner Source Directives at all times in order to remain sustainable. 

Spiritual Electrical Waves

One of the risk factors in the April Transitions and in all of the Transitions upcoming is the danger of imbalanced Suits producing Spiritual Electrical Waves coming from their inability to adjust rapidly enough to the changing levels of immateriality.  These Waves can trigger Spiritual Fragmentation in the Suit producing them and in the Suits of those in the vicinity of the Wave.  

The Negativity died not only because of their extreme levels of Fragmentation but because the Spiritual Electrical Waves that they produced shattered them further and shattered those in close proximity to them, which were usually other members of the Negativity.

I was able to contain the Waves in some instances to prevent them from sweeping through large populations but to date the only effective counter to this kind of risk is The Personal Shield.  In the Turning Point Transition of July 12th there will not be any containment that I will be able to do to stop the fragmenting power of Spiritual Electrical Waves.

Beings will need to prepare to Steward their own lives and the lives of others by contributing to The Personal Shield Campaign to provide all beings with the Personal Shields that are needed.  Generating Material Energy for this Campaign will be essential.  This energy can be generated, in part, through an Energy Exchange through participating in The Seed of Heaven Project which provides you with training in how to join in the Prototyping Work for transitioning into a Total Abundance Way of Life.



The Upcomimg July 12th Turning Point Transition

It will be vitally important to begin working with The Seed of Heaven Projects in order to transition into a Total Abundance Way of Life. This is the preparation that you will need for the Turning Point Transition on July 12th when The Substratum will lift up to Level 10.9.  This Transition also carries a Level 10 Danger Rating and will require careful preparation to ensure survival. I will be posting information on how to prepare as the Source Support for this Transition is created.


I am still working on setting up The Seed of Heaven Project and will email members of Connecting when the Project has been launched.  If you are not yet a member of Connecting and wish to stay abreast of the work on The Seed Project as well as all other aspects of The Total Abundance Movement, you can sign up for Connecting.