The Source News Report on
The October 15th Turning Point

It is now October 22nd, and I have just completed the work on the October 15th Transition.  This work included helping beings to prepare for the shift to Level 3.12 as well as helping them with the aftermath of the shift.  It also included working through all of the major changes in my Manifestation that occurred as a result of completing this stage in the Transition. I will address here the highlights of what has happened and provide some preliminary insights into what lies ahead in the next Turning Point which will occur on December 15th.

The Stages of the Shift

At 3:00 am PDT on October 15th, 2015, The Substratum of Life shifted from spanning Levels 1 – 3.11 to residing only at Level 3.11.  Fortunately, most beings had already made it to Level 3.11 and were preparing for the shift of The Substratum to Level 3.12.  This shift was to occur at 11:15 pm PDT.


Between 4:00 am and 8:00 am The Substratum moved from Level 3.11.1 to 3.11.6.  (Note: There are 10 sublevels between Level 3.11 and 3.12.)  These incremental moves were to help beings get to a level where they could more easily build momentum for the move to Level 3.12.


At Level 3.11.6 beings were less encumbered by their own negative energy baggage and less beset by the Negativity which had dropped off prior to this except for the aspects of the Negativity that were parasitically deriving energy from beings who had moved to Level 3.11.6 or Negative Intelligences or Negative Energy Devices that had their own reserve power supply.


Over the intervening hours, I worked with beings to prepare to shift solidly from Self-Created Solution Mode into Source-Created Solution Mode in order to make the final shift.  Some had made a partial shift into this Mode but not a complete shift and were, therefore, not able to direct all of their energy to building the requisite amount of momentum.


Once beings not only made a complete shift to Source-Created Solution Mode but also began to respond to Source Support to develop the correct levels of The Love Connection with the Source that would enable the Source to send power through their Suits to lift them to 3.12, then they were able to make the shift at 11:15 pm to Level 3.12.


By 11:30 pm The Substratum of Life had settled into its new location. By 4:00 am The Substratum had moved to Level 3.12.10 which is the highest sublevel before the shift to 4.0 which will occur in the December 15th Turning Point.  This additional shift was to ensure that the momentum built was used to the best advantage to prepare beings to move to Level 4.0 on December 15th.



The Aftermath

At the end of all of these shifts, 21% of the human population had failed to transition with The Substratum and had experienced Ultimate Death which occurs when the Source Intelligence leaves for the Unmanifest Level, the Soul unlinks from the Suit, leaving an Empty Suit, and the Suit drops out of The Cycle of Life, becoming a Dead Suit, in the sense that it lacks the element of Life which is present only when there is an onboard Source Intelligence linking back to the Source to sustain The Source Connection.


Heaven Agents throughout the Creation responded to the crisis by contributing the Material Energy to ground a major miracle that has enabled Dead Suits throughout the Creation to receive Source Support Devices that can counter the dangerous toxic energies that Dead Suits generate. This toxic energy could have fragmented the Suits of those who survived the shift.


These Devices will also help to hold some Dead Suits on a path of positive behavior so they don’t become inhabited by entities and become deranged and dangerous.  Others may not be able to be contained and could turn into dangerous killers on the Inner and Outer Planes. If a Suit has had a history of Inner and/or Outer Plane criminal behavior, they have Energy Pathways for violence already in place.  It remains to be seen what the Source Support Device is capable of countering.  Heaven Agents may need to provide more Material Energy for more substantial interventions to control the violence.  We will be able to determine how severe this will be in the weeks ahead.


The Source Support Device is also designed to help them to handle the disintegration that occurs on the Spiritual Level in a way that enables them to decline into death on a Physical Level in a more balanced and peaceful manner. While many Suits may have energy reserves that they can run on for extended periods of time, they will eventually run out of these reserves and will begin to experience physical degeneration.


More than 99.7% of the people on the Earth were striving to make it to Level 3.12 but some of them were imprisoned in Hell Entrapments that prevented them from escaping to shift with The Substratum. These Hell Entrapments continued to run on stored energy and remained a danger to Life even though the Hell Agents and entities that manned them had lost their lives in the earlier stages of the shift. 


I asked the Design Aspect of my Source Function if there was anything that could be done to rescue these beings before their Suits became so mutated by the loss of their Source Intelligence that they could not be rehabilitated. Its response was that the only way to do this was if I was willing to enter into these Hell Entrapments and break the technology on a Universal Level.  


I spent the 16th and the 17th countering the major forms of Hell Entrapments in order to break the technology universally.  By the end of the 17th, I had successfully freed all those who had tried to make it but were imprisoned by the Negativity. By drawing on the power of The Heaven Phase, which the Creation had transitioned into fully during the Turning Point, I was then able to bring in new Source Intelligences into the Suits and relink the Souls.  This brought the Suits back into The Cycle of Life. They then generated the momentum to enter into Level 3.12. This lowered the Death Toll in the human population from 21% to a little more than 1/3rd of 1% with approximately 99.7% surviving. 


In a few instances, the Soul of a Suit made the choice not to relink to their Suit in the Manifest World due to the trauma that they had experienced in their life.  In these cases, I was able to bring in a new Source Intelligence and a new Soul into the Suit of the being to prevent the loss of life of the organic form. 


The only beings who experienced Ultimate Death who could not be rehabilitated were those who either didn’t put forth enough effort to make it or fully endorsed The Hell Way of Life and were unwilling to accept any form of Source Support to ascend with The Substratum.  Many of these were the Immune System Specialists who had fought against the advent of The Heaven Phase and who chose not to transition into it. 


While Dead Suits represent a small percentage of the overall population, the impact of over 24 million declining and potentially deranged and dangerous Suits in the population remains to be seen.  


The number of beings surviving in parts of the Creation outside of the Earth Plane varied from one community to another.  On the average, the survival rate was close to 99.8%.  Beings in less densely material environments are clearer about what is happening on the Inner Plane and were more aware of the reality of the risk than humans who have been largely tuned out in their Conscious Range to what is happening on the Inner Plane.


The Suits that survived are by no means enlightened in their Outer Plane behaviors.  The part of the Consciousness of the Suit that wanted to sustain the Source Connection managed to win out over the Consciousness in the Suit that wanted to Disconnect in order to pursue Self-Created Solutions.  The Source-Connected aspect of the Consciousness of the Suit made the decision to work hard to generate the Material Energy that I worked with to ground the miracles that enabled the Suit to make the shift. This part worked with the Individual Source Plan created for it to correct what needed to be corrected in time to transition with The Substratum and sustain the Source Connection. This part of the Suit responded to my Inner Plane Coaching and worked well with the suggestions that I made that enabled it to sustain its life.

While this was an excellent indication of the power of the Source-Connected part of the Consciousness to work to sustain the Source Connection, the part of the Consciousness that worked well with me was largely outside of the Conscious Range of most humans.  Most humans, in their Conscious Range turned a deaf ear to Source Communications reaching them at Subconscious Levels.  Many also continued the pattern of ignoring Outer Plane Source Communications and continuing on in their Personal Spiritual Stories.

What this means for the Turning Points up ahead that require more conscious awareness in order for the Suit to survive the shifts, is that a lot of additional work needs to be done to bring the Source Connection into focus in the Conscious Range.  This means that an active Truth Campaign needs to be supported by Heaven Agents who have a knowledge of what is happening in The Transition to help those who are tuned out in their Conscious Range and are not taking the steps needed to achieve the 100% Source-Connected Way of Life that will be necessary for survival when The Transition is completed a few decades from now.


What it takes to achieve a 100% Source-Connected Life is:

  • becoming aware of what the Source Connection is and what it takes to strengthen and preserve it  
  • making the social changes that eliminate anything that endangers the Source Connection.  This is a cultural overhaul that requires Team Work and Outer Plane change.


I will be providing assistance in thinking through what needs to change in the time ahead.  I will be posting information in Written Communications from the Source and providing other forms of training so that Heaven Agents will have the understandings they need to have to establish a 100% Source-Connected Way of Life.



 What Made this Success Possible

 There are six major parts of the preparatory work that helped beings throughout the Creation to get to Level 3.12.

  • The first was the Prototyping for how to prepare that was done by Heaven Agents, particularly those working with me on the Earth Plane. The Prototype was sent to beings throughout the Creation to help them to learn how to prepare.  This enabled them to rapidly follow in the footsteps of those who had prepared adequately.
  • The second was the work of Heaven Agents throughout the Creation to provide Material Energy to The World that Works Fund. I was able to use this Material Energy to ground Major Miracles that helped beings to evolve. 
  • The third was a series of Major Universal Miracles that guided beings to begin producing the Material Energy that enabled them to enter into The Miracle Reality and begin to prepare themselves to move into The Heaven Phase Source Connection which requires a Love Connection with the Source that has reached a certain level and a willingness to transition completely into Source-Created Solution Mode.  While most Suits made these changes only in the Subconscious Range of their Suit and not in their Conscious Range, it was enough to enable them to survive this Turning Point.
  • The fourth was the Team Work of Heaven Agents working to support my work to shift The Substratum and to do the rescue work that followed the shift. This was essential Heaven Agent Work in support of the Direct Source Work that I alone was able to do.
  • The fifth was the completion of the transition into The Heaven Phase.  When a being sought Source Support to survive the Turning Point, they were instructed by the Source on the Inner Plane to “"become what is needed to support The Work of the Source”.  When they agreed to do this, then their Source Connection transitioned from a Co-Created Universe Set Up Phase Source Connection to a Heaven Phase Source Connection.  When this occurred, the Suits began to function as conduits through which the Source could work to get them to safety and to enable their consciousness to evolve enough to transition into Source-Created Solution Mode and to foster The Love Connection with the Source.  Without the ability of the Source to work through the conduit function of the Suit using Heaven Phase technology, very few beings would have survived this Turning Point. 
  • The sixth was the willingness of beings throughout the Creation to stand up to the Negativity and fight for their Source Connection.  Their willingness to work with my Inner Plane Coaching to release from their bondage to the Negativity working within their Suits and to work with me to clear away the major forces of the Negativity trying to prevent my Source Support from reaching beings and trying to delude beings so they would not receive this Source Support, was critical to the success of this Turning Point.  Had beings remained passive and not worked very hard to produce the Material Energy they needed individually to enter into The Miracle Reality to get to safety from the Negativity and to help others to do so as well, this Turning Point could have resulted in a colossal loss of life throughout the Creation. This is the first time since the beginning of the Creation that beings have stood up for Life and valued their Source Connection enough to fight against the Negativity to preserve it.  


Looking Forward

While this Turning Point is a major milestone in The Transition since beings had to 1) shift into a Heaven Phase Source Connection and 2) learn how to shift levels to keep up with The Substratum, it is by no means the most challenging of the Turning Points that lie ahead.


The challenge of the December 15th Turning Point is to stay Connected when my manifestation shifts out of being made from Sound to being made of Manifest Intelligence.  Already beings have had to struggle to stay Connected when my Manifestation shifted, in the October 15th Turning Point, out of being made of Light – the Colors of the Spectrum and White Light – into being constituted of Sound only.  Beings were used to my Manifestation appearing like a Manifest Being which is made of Sound that translates into White Light and then into the Colors of the Spectrum. 


The shift to Manifest Intelligence will require Suits to have Sensory Source Intelligences onboard that can track the Manifestation and keep the Connection.


I will post detailed information on the technical aspect of this Turning Point and what you need to know and do in order to be adequately prepared.


I will be posting more information about the December 15th Turning Point in The Source Connection Project at:






I would like to thank all of the Heaven Agents Creation-Wide who stepped forward to Prototype the correct preparations and provide the Material Energy needed to help others to prepare.  By Becoming Love in Action you have saved your own life and the lives of many others.


It is very heartening to see the beginnings of Universal Team Work in this first Turning Point.  This Team Work will be essential to re-activating The Substratum of Life when I leave for the Unmanifest Level and beings have to shoulder the responsibility for sustaining The Substratum in the Manifest World.

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