Inner Plane Training

Since the July Transition, I have opened up The Action Center which is located in the center of the heart chakra. This Center is a neutral place where your Action Consciousness can go to understand and engage in Source-Directed Action.  I am now able to send into The Action Center, Inner Plane Trainings that provide the decision making parts of your Suit, that reside outside of your Conscious Range, with training in how to build The System of Life.  This training fills the gap in socialization created by Story Culture which has discouraged beings from learning directly from the Source.


Through working with Inner Plane Trainings, beings will learn how to implement the Vision that they are understanding and living in The Vision Center.


Basic Inner Plane Trainings are given to all beings for the baseline knowledge that they need to know to build The System of Life for themselves and others.  Special Request Inner Plane Trainings are also possible but require Material Energy to ground. The Basic Inner Plane Trainings are coming through on Heaven Phase Technology that is supported by the Spiritual Structure of The Heaven Phase.


Inner Plane Trainings are taking social change to the next level.  For instance, Inner Plane Trainings for abusers are coupled with Inner Plane Trainings for victims. This is reaching both parts of a dysfunctional social relationship that results in violence on the Outer Plane.


The Trainings give beings the precise information of how to work with my Manifestation as well as how to cope with the changes that they need to bring about in their lives in order to build The System of Life.  Since social change is often feared and most beings lack the ability to know how to go about initiating a change, these Inner Plane Trainings are providing the missing understandings and skill sets that must be in place for social change to go smoothly and end up with building a sustainable System of Life.


While beings can choose to ignore the opportunity that the Inner Plane Trainings provide, they do so at the risk of being unable to perform at the level that will enable them to sustain their Source Connection.  Since no being of any age can sit on the sidelines and hope to survive, most beings are welcoming the Inner Plane Trainings and moving forward to make the changes that are needed to support their Source Connection.


If you are facing a difficult situation in your personal life that may not be covered by one of the general Heaven Phase Inner Plane Trainings, you can request an Assessment for a Special Request Inner Plane Training.  I will review your situation and inform you if there is a Heaven Phase Inner Plane Training that can meet your specific need or if there is a need to ground a Special Request Inner Plane Training for your situation.  You can request an Inner Plane Training Assessment by accessing the link provided below.



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