Inner Plane Coaching


Inner Plane Coaching is what every Suit needs to close the gap in their current level of functioning and the level of functioning that they need to achieve to stay abreast of the work on The System of Life.  


Since 90% of the functioning of the Suit goes on in the Subconscious Range, this is where 90% of the Source Connection Coaching is needed.  While Training Downloads help to build the essential structures of understanding that are needed for a Suit to perform adequately, the warring Fragments of Consciousness in the Suit often need additional Source Guidance and Source Interventions to settle out and go with the flow of a Heaven Way of Life.


While it is possible to request an Assessment on the amount of Inner Plane Coaching that your Suit needs at any given point in time, it is also possible to provide Material Energy for the work as a part of your ongoing Plan for attaining a 100% Source Connection.


To provide Material Energy to your Life that Works Fund for ongoing Inner Plane Coaching Sessions, you can access the link provided below.  You can enter into the form the amount that you are contributing toward these Coaching Sessions.  



Contribute to Your Life that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to my Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works.





To request an Inner Plane Coaching Assessment, you can access the link provided below.


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