Email Coaching Sessions

Email Coaching Sessions are an asynchronous way to receive Source Guidance on the work that you are doing in your Helping the Source Flowstream.  As you send me reports on your Mission Work, I await the time when I am guided to respond with information via email.  Often it takes observing your work over time so that I can see the direction that you are going and then provide timely feedback that will help you to get to the next level of skill.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of this form of Direct Source Support is US $285/hour. This provides the Material Energy that I need to read your emails, research what is happening in your development, provide Inner Plane Coaching and Source Interventions as needed, respond to your email, and read and respond to your response.


Generally this process requires more than 2 hours of work over the course of a month.  I, therefore, recommend that you opt for 2 - 3 hours of monthly Email Coaching so that I can provide you with more adequate individualized Coaching Support. 


The more individualized time you have with me in this way, the faster you will evolve since I can correct for Suit errors in doing your Mission Work that could hold you back from reaching the level of competency that is needed as the stages of The Transition progress.


Email Coaching is a lifeline that enables you to receive the kind of Source Support that is not given unless you are providing the Material Energy for this kind of individualized work.  Although I send out personal and general Source Communications, it is only when a Heaven Agent provides me with the Material Energy to work on what is really causing a problem in their development and to provide them with the individualized guidance that enables them to correct course in their Conscious Range, that they can advance at the rate that is optimal for their survival.


To request Email Coaching, you can access the link provided below.


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