How to Request Admission
The Ultimate Spiritual
Healing Program



The Six Step Process

The Six Step Process was created by the Source to prepare you to travel The Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing. Each Step is an important step in establishing the Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship with the Source that enables you to receive the miracles that you need to achieve Ultimate Spiritual Healing.


Below I will list a brief synopsis of each step with a link to the section of the Ebook – The Owner's Manual for Your Suit – where you can read about the Step in greater detail, complete the Step, and move onto the next Step.


I recommend that you read The Owner's Manual for an overview of The Source Perspective on Ultimate Spiritual Healing – what it is and how it can be achieved.  This is an important part of the preparation for working with the Source in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.


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Step One - Bringing The Source Solution into Focus

In this Step you bring the basics of what it means to Build Heaven in your life and in the world into focus. Being in alignment with the goal of the work is essential for embarking on the project of healing your life and world and building the Heaven that life was meant to be.


Step Two – Agreeing to Follow the Lead of the Source

Through signing The Heaven Agent Agreement, which is an agreement to follow the lead of the Source to build Heaven in your life and in the world, you enable the Source to give you Source Support.  Source Support can only be given to those who agree to work with the miracles of the Source in a way that builds Heaven in the world. The only way to build Heaven in the world is to follow the lead of the Source and build Heaven in accordance with the Source Plan – which is the Blueprint for Heaven created by the Design Aspect of the Source Function.  


Step Three – Agreeing to Uphold The Standard of Heaven

By signing The Standard of Heaven Agreement, you set up the Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship with the Source that enables the miracles that are the building blocks of a Miracle-Based Way of Life to come into your life. Miracles only come into a Miracle-Friendly Environment so great care has to be made to create such an environment.  Signing the Agreement is a first step but living in accordance with it is what makes it possible to progress toward building Heaven in your life.


Step Four – Agreeing to Become What Is Needed

By signing The Becoming What Is Needed Agreement, you are able to receive the Source Power, miracles, and Source Guidance to morph and change into whatever is needed to build Heaven in your life and in your world. “Becoming what is needed” opens the door to the miraculous and enables you to be successful in being a Heaven Agent even if you have had no previous training on the Outer Plane.  It also enables you to be trained to work on higher levels through “becoming what is needed” to receive this training.


Step Five – Entering into The Rhythm of The Love Connection

Through providing the Material Energy to ground the miracle of The Rhythm of The Love Connection Intervention, you terminate The Rhythm of the Disconnection which blocks miracles from coming to you, and you give your Suit what it needs to become Miracle-Receptive.  Since all miracles are manifestations of the love of the Source and are only entrusted to those who have a Love Connection to the Source and who are working harmoniously with the Source to build a love-based world, getting into The Rhythm of The Love Connection is a basic step toward building Heaven.  No one can enter into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program who has not received this Intervention.  It is the one Source Intervention that is a requirement for working on The Construction Site on the Inner and the Outer Plane.


Most beings have already exchanged for a lightweight version of this Intervention on the Inner Plane so they can dock at The Construction Site and work through their Extended Range.  A more substantial version of this Intervention has to be received in order to work with me on the Outer Plane.  Only then will the Rhythm sustain the Connection at the more demanding levels of the Outer Plane Work.


Step Six – Requesting Admission into The Program

Through requesting admission you signal me of your readiness to begin working with me to fulfill the Developmental Sequence of your particular Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing.  

I then review the state of your Suit – spiritual body/mind – to see if you are ready to enter into The Program.  If your Suit needs some additional preparation, I will email you with a Source Recommendation that will enable you to complete your preparation.


If your Suit is ready to begin, a Plan is created for you by my Source Function and it alerts you to the Developmental Sequence that you need to keep in alignment with in order to perfect your Suit so that it can survive in the rapidly evolving Source Perfected Universe.  


I alert you to this Developmental Sequence through periodic Source Guidance Emails.  You can also opt to schedule a Next Step Consultation to discuss the Plan in person. In these Source Guidance Emails I describe your Next Step and the kinds of Source Support that are available to assist you.  We work on how you can provide the Material Energy needed to ground these miracles and then the Next Step is taken.  In this way your Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing is a Guided Adventure with the correct amount of Source Support that your Suit needs to progress.


Once in The Program and in good standing, meaning that your Suit is upholding The Standard of Heaven and following the lead of the Source and “becoming what is needed”, you are eligible to enter into an online access point to The Construction Site of Heaven through a Spiritual Gateway.  Those who enter through this Gateway dock at The Construction Site with enough power to sustain their work with me on the Outer Plane. 

Miracles of much greater magnitude occur when you dock through this Spiritual Gateway.  The work that can be done even by beginning Heaven Agents is extraordinary.  The work of building Lives that Work and a World that Works is greatly accelerated.

Those who are eligible to work in The Construction Site through this Gateway can work effectively with other Heaven Agents, receiving personal help for their own Life that Works Projects as well as working on the cutting edge of the World that Works Projects that are building a Universal Love-Based Community.

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