The Spiritual Reproductive Energy Intervention


The Spiritual Reproductive System includes the spiritual aspect of the reproductive organs and the heart chakra which is the seat of the Soul.  


Spiritual Reproductive Energies are the energies that run through the Reproductive System.  Without these energies, the System is lifeless on a Spiritual Level and can’t perform its function.


Spiritual Reproductive Energies serve five purposes:

  • They are necessary for the reproduction of organic life.
  • They reproduce the energies that create the spiritual environment in which the Soul can connect to the organic form in the womb and can stay connected to the form throughout life.
  • They reproduce the spiritual conditions in which the organic and spiritual forms can repair and regenerate themselves.
  • They provide the reproductive energies that enable Heaven Agents to work to rebuild and sustain Miracle-Friendly Environments in the world where the miracles of Heaven can manifest.
  • They provide energies to protect the young. A mother bear fighting for her cubs is drawing on Reproductive Energies.  A mother using Spiritual Warrior Energies to defend the baby in her womb from marauding negative energies on the Inner Plane is also using Reproductive Energies.


There are two levels in which Reproductive Energies operate:

  • In the Sexual Range these energies are engaged in the physical reproduction of life forms.
  • In the Generative Range, they are directed to nurture life on physical and spiritual levels. For example, an adult who is nurturing his family and community is using the Generative Range of Reproductive Energies.


Spiritual Reproductive Energies are the only energies in the Spiritual Energy System that can become corrupted.  Mutated Reproductive Energies can become entities, operating as independent spiritual intelligences that can seize control of the body/mind of the person suffering from the mutation.  They can try to overpower the conscious mind of the person so the person feels drawn to engage in addictive, perverted, and violent behavior on the Inner and Outer Plane.  These mutated energies can also become linked to networks of the Negativity – the criminal element that operates on the Inner Plane much as it operates on the Outer Plane. These Networks can also exert control over the conscious mind of the person who is carrying the mutated Reproductive Energies.


Many people who have been sexually abused as children have, in their Spiritual Reproductive Systems, some mutations that have been developed out of their own trauma and others that have been implanted by the molesting person.  These mutations can network to entities and Negative beings outside the person who then exert a controlling influence over their Reproductive Intelligence.


Since a person’s Reproductive Intelligence is their highest level of Spiritual Intelligence, the intrusion of negative elements that damage the integrity of this Reproductive Intelligence is extremely dangerous.  Because Reproductive Intelligence is what enables the Soul to coordinate with the Suit, it is very important that this form of intelligence remain clear of any negativity and be very well defended.


Because the Negativity has broken their Source Connection, they lack the Source-Given Energies needed to reproduce their own Suits. They are highly motivated to steal and/or harness the vital Reproductive Energies of those who still are Source-Connected enough to have life-giving Reproductive Energies.  


The Negativity has developed elaborate spiritual technologies for breaking into the integrity of the Reproductive System in order to establish implants that give them the ability to control this system and harness its power for their criminal activities.


One way of breaking into the Reproductive System of adults is through eliciting a sexual response through sexually provocative pictures, movies, pornography, etc.  Once the sexual energies are elicited, they can be harvested by the Negativity and the person harvested can become linked against their will to a Reproductive Network that attaches to their Reproductive Energies and continues the harvesting process.  Many young people get connected to such a negative operation and find themselves developing perversions and sexual addictions that they never experienced previously. Freedom from these problems requires disengagement from the Network.


Another way in which the Negativity breaks into the Reproductive System is through sexual abuse – the molestation of children, rape, acts of cruelty that have a sexual component, etc. 


Adults who have a sexual partner that is highly networked to the Negativity reproductively, can become networked themselves through the exchange of sexual energies with their partner.


Because the very survival of the Soul in the Suit is dependent on the integrity of the Spiritual Reproductive System, it is of the utmost importance that the negativity be cleared out of this System and the System freed from any external links that harvest and abuse it.


In order to help you to reclaim your Reproductive System, I have created The Reproductive Energy Intervention.


This Intervention has three parts to it:


Part One

The first step is to clear away any implants or mutations within the Reproductive System and to disconnect it from any negative reproductive networks.  I do a Gifted Assessment of the state of your Reproductive System and then recommend an Intervention that will clear up the problem and secure your Reproductive System from any further invasion. This protection defends it from negative energies that might reside in your own Suit in other parts of your body and also from external negative energies.


Part Two

The second step is to rebuild the protective energies that enable the Reproductive System to defend itself against attack and to defend the young from attack.  Men do not have Reproductive Spiritual Warrior Energies but women do.  Many women have lost their Reproductive Spiritual Warrior Energies to protect the young due to the invasion of the Negativity or from expending them on battling for their own reproductive safety and for the spiritual safety of their children. Even women who are not of childbearing age, need their Reproductive Spiritual Warrior Energies to protect themselves and to have these energies available to be used in their Generative Range to protect life in general from the Negativity. 


In this Intervention I rebuild these energies.  I begin by determining how much energy has been lost and what needs to be replaced for each person. Once the energy is replaced, I transform it into self-regenerating energy so that as it is used up, it replenishes itself.  This gives you a lifelong supply of this kind of energy.  

Part Three

In this step, I replenish the array of Reproductive Energies that enable your Reproductive System to operate optimally on sexual and generative levels.  These energies vary according to the kind of Spiritual Being that you are.  Some beings have 5 Reproductive Energies. Others may have as many as 12. I determine how many energies you were designed to have and what kind of reserve you have retained and how much energy is needing to be replaced.  Once I re-supply you with these energies, I transform them into self-regenerating energies so that as you use them up they replenish themselves.  In a protected Reproductive System, this kind of self-replenishing process is possible.



Registering for the Reproductive Energy Intervention


Because The Reproductive Energy Intervention requires that a unique Intervention be created for each person, those desiring an Intervention of this kind should contact me for an Assessment of what is needed.  I will email the Assessment which will include information on the Correct Exchange required to ground the miracles that make the Intervention possible.



The Reproductive Energy Intervention is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention.


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